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Millionaire Middleman – Scam or Amazing Opportunity? [Review]

Welcome to my review of Millionaire Middleman!

I’ve being getting some requests to look into this training program and have finally gotten around to it. Is this place a scam? Is this the real deal? Are you going to be able to make $10,000+ a month like some of the successful students that they have shown in testimonial videos?

When it comes to a high-priced program like this one, there is always some worry and suspicion. The high price tag makes it seem like a top-notch program, but at the same time you are wondering if it is just some massive scam.

In this quick review I am going to get my personal opinion of it and whether or not I think it is something worth buying into.

And by the way, I am not promoting this program trying to make money, so this review is as unbiased as possible, unlike many of the other ones you will see out there.

Millionaire Middleman Review


In a nutshell, Millionaire Middleman it is basically a training program (also provide you with some tools) that helps you make money online by creating an online ad agency and getting paid by businesses…. working as a middleman.

The focuses on running local Google ads for clients, doing it better than they were doing themselves. This program will show you how to set up your agency without doing any tech work, pick up clients that are willing to pay you good money, and outsource most of the work so that you are basically the head of the whole thing and keeping it running, but really not doing much to get your hands dirty.

The program is created by 2 people named Chance and Abdul, which I want to talk a little bit more about…

Who are Chance and Abdul?

Both Chance and Abdul our people who actually do what they teach. This is a great sign because you see a lot of crappy “make money online” programs where the creators don’t even know what the heck they are teaching. These guys make a living doing what they are teaching you and they know how it all works.
Chance and Abdul Millionaire Middleman

I’ve watched several different videos with these guys and one thing that I’ve noticed is that they seem very normal, and very relaxed. They aren’t running their mouth talking about how you’re going to become a millionaire in the next week or anything like that.

They take a realistic approach and aren’t trying to sucker people into buying the program. This is the type of ethics I like to see.

Abdul is supposedly making somewhere around $2 million a year off of only around 20 clients and Chance is doing over $70,000 a month.

How Millionaire Middleman Works

So what you will be doing is looking for clients that are spending money running ads for their business but aren’t doing a great job. That is where you step in and show them how you can make them more money, and where they hire you to take over the work.

Like I said… You are running an ad agency.

  1. Find clients
  2. Get high quality leads for them
  3. Be the middleman – outsource all the tech work 


What exactly you will be doing I’m sure you have seen quite a bit but maybe just never really realized it. You know when you are searching for some sort of product or service online in your area and there are ads that appear at the top of Google search?

For example, I typed in “plumber Pittsburgh”, as if I am living in Pittsburgh and in need of a plumber, and as you can see there are several ads for different plumbing services…

This is what you are doing…. You are helping businesses run ads more effectively and efficiently. And if you do this, making them more money, they will gladly pay you.

But how do you go about finding such clients?

In the program much of the focus on finding clients is on using LinkedIn. They have all their tips and advice for getting in contact and closing a deal with high-paying clients.

Are Online Agencies Really The Next Big Thing?

One thing that I definitely noticed over the past several years is that there seems to be a trend in online agency creation. This isn’t the first online agency training program that I have come across.

Sam Ovens Consulting is another training program that I reviewed which is focused on creating your own digital consulting firm, which is actually pretty similar to this… But I’ll get into that.

Do I think there’s opportunity here?

Definitely… I think there is a time of opportunity making money from clients like this, and so many different ways to go about it. There are many brick-and-mortar businesses advertising their services, but not really doing that good. These are the opportunities that you can swoop in on.

How Much Money Can You Make?

I’m just going to address this question real fast because I know everyone is wondering.

The answer isn’t a good answer however. The results can vary a time, as you can imagine.

They tell you that you should give it at least 30 to 90 days to see results, but of course some people make money even within a week or less, while others take much much longer.

Just like any online business, I am sure there are a heck of a lot of people that fail to make any money, and give up, and then there are those that go on to see great success.


When you buy into a program like this getting good support is always a big deal.

Based on the limited amount of information that I have been able to find, the support seems pretty good. They have a helpful community that you can easily get help from in a timely manner.

It seems that they let a very limited number of people into this program, which is probably why their support is of such good quality… They simply don’t have tons and tons of people to be supporting. 

The fact that they do just let anyone buy into this program is evident by the 1 on 1 call that you have to book with them if you want to get in.

What Members Are Saying

Honestly, there is very limited information on this. There really not many reviews in this could very well be because there just aren’t tons of members out there.

I did come across some obvious fake reviews online trying to push people to buy into the program, but not many at all that seem to be actually real.

That said, there our quite a bit of video testimonials out there where Abdul has chatted with students that have been a success and they do seem to be legitimate and genuine.

Final Thoughts

Something I also want to mention is that Millionaire Middleman is partnered with The HOTH, which is a reputable SEO agency that has been around for years and has helped many small and large Fortune 500 companies grow their businesses online.

Why is this important? Well… It’s not really. However, I just wanted to point this out because I am very familiar with The HOTH and know that they would not jeopardize their reputation by partnering with some scammy system, which goes to show that Millionaire Middleman is the real deal.

I’ve reviewed a heck of a lot of scams online and this does not seem to be one of them by any means.

I know this review didn’t provide all that much insight into the training program and what exactly it provides you with, however I hope I gave you a good overview of how it all works and whether or not it is a scam.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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