MoolaVine Review

MoolaVine Scam or Can You Make Money? – Such a Dumb System

You are told that you can “build an easy income with MoolaVine”, but can you really? Is this really an easy system for making money online or is this just another scam that is going to be nothing more than a waste of your time?

The system was created by a guy named Bryan Winters, who claims to have made millions online, and may sound pretty exciting when you watch the video presentation for it.

He talks about how the system is going to allow you to create a “vine” of 100’s or 1000’s of people buying products through you and it all sounds really simple. HOWEVER, there are some serious downsides to this system and in this review you will see what I mean.

So don’t buy in yet! Please read this first…

MoolaVine Review

  • Name: MoolaVine
  • Website:
  • Creator: Bryan Winters
  • Price: Free (but not really)
  • Recommended?: No – horrible and stupid way to make money in my opinion

As mentioned, MoolaVine is the creation of Bryan Winters. And by the way, I do believe that he has made millions online because he has created other systems in the past that have received a good bit of attention, such as Zippo Pay. What he is most known for is creating rather unusual and clever systems to make money online that most people would never think of.

While MoolaVine is another one of these clever systems to make money online, it really isn’t something that I’m going to recommend and for good reason.

In a nutshell, this system uses “affiliate marketing but in reverse” to help you build an online income.

If you our new to this all then you probably have no idea what the heck that means, and I didn’t at first either. But don’t worry, I’ll explain it all now…

How It Works – Explained

So affiliate marketing is when you use affiliate links to promote products online and earn commissions when you help make sales. This “affiliate marketing but in reverse” isn’t really an exact reverse of normal affiliate marketing, but I guess that is one way to describe it.

Basically you will be making money by people purchasing products with your affiliate link, as normal, HOWEVER where it differs is that people won’t just be clicking on your affiliate link and purchasing products. Instead, they (your referrals) will be requesting to purchase products through MoolaVine and you will share your affiliate link with them.

MoolaVine works with ClickBank and JVZoo products. How it works is you will first have to refer other people to join MoolaVine and after they join they will be forced to purchase products on ClickBank and JVZoo if they want to activate their account so that they can make money as well. And when they purchase these products, you will earn a commission because they will be using your affiliate link.

  1. You join and get your affiliate link
  2. You then get others to join through your link
  3. They purchase products with your link and earn you commissions

But as you imagine you will have to make purchases just as the people you refer in have to make purchases.

You Have to Make Purchase Requests Too!

It is a “give and take” type of system. When you join you will also have to “activate” your account by purchasing products.

You will want to keep what is called “green status”, and you achieve this status by purchasing products as mentioned.

What you will do is fill out one of these purchase request forms by simply entering the product name and the link to the sales page…


The cost to keep your account active so that you can make money from other people doing this is at least one dollar a day. But it isn’t like you are spending one dollar every day. Instead, every dollar spent equals one day that you maintain green status.

So for example… If you purchase a product on ClickBank for $37 after filling out one of the “purchase request forms” shown above, you will then maintain green status for 37 days from that purchase.

They also have what is called the Unlimited Green Day Plan which is $20/mo. With this you simply pay for your green status and don’t have to purchase a bunch of products that you don’t want.

What’s The Point?

So as I just mentioned, they also have the Unlimited Green Day Plan that you can purchase for $20 a month to keep your account active, however the main thing that is pushed upon people is to purchase through ClickBank or JVZoo to keep their account active.

But what the heck is the point of this? Why wouldn’t people just go directly to the source… Purchase directly from ClickBank or JVZoo?

The answer to the question is that there isn’t really any point. The only point is to keep your account active. So what this means is that people are going to feel forced to purchase products that they don’t even want. And in my opinion this is a pretty stupid way to make money… Making money by people purchasing products they don’t want just to keep their account active so that they can make money from other people doing the same thing.

I Don’t See This Working Out

You definitely can make money with this and it is a very clever way to do so, but I just don’t really see this working out.

There isn’t any real value in this and when businesses don’t provide real value they almost always fail.

In addition to that, I just don’t see many people joining. I’ve been involved in online marketing since 2015 and currently make a living online, and I just don’t see much potential here. I imagine myself promoting the heck out of this program and really not getting much in return. People are going to be very hesitant to join, as you probably are right now.

It just doesn’t make much sense. It seems like the creator just tried to think of the craziest way to make money and came up with this system. It serves no real purpose.

It Will Cost More Than You Think

One thing that definitely needs to be talked about is that it WILL cost more than you think.

The system is free, but you are going to need traffic and unfortunately traffic generation is one of the most difficult and tricky part of online marketing.

Sure, you can get free traffic from Google and social media, but the overwhelming majority of people out there are not going to have the means to do this. Do you have an established website that you can use to promote this opportunity? Do you have a massive social media following that you can use? Probably not.

The solution: If you join you will be pushed to purchase “shares” of traffic, which cost $40 apiece. This is called the MoolaVine Traffc Co-Op, and this is how Bryan Winters suggests that you drive in new referrals. This is how he is making a lot of his money I’m assuming.

But there is definitely no guarantee with this type of traffic. There is no telling how far a $40 “share” of traffic will get you. Will get you one sign up? Will get you 5 sign-ups? Will get you zero? Who knows…

Paying for traffic as a complete newbie can be a dangerous game and an easy way to blow through a heck of a lot of money really fast if you don’t know what you are doing. And like I said, I just don’t see many people signing up for this type of opportunity.

Final Verdict – I’m Definitely Not Doing This

MoolaVine is not a scam and you can make money with it, it just isn’t my cup of tea and I’m not going to be recommending it because I don’t see it as a good way to make money online and don’t think too many people will have success with it.

Something else that you should think about is the longevity of systems like this. I really don’t think this is going to last too long. I mean why would it? It doesn’t provide any real value. Systems like this come and go all the time.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it somewhat helpful. If you are looking to make money online and once something that I do actually recommend, check this out. This is how I make a living online and have been doing so for years. It’s beginner friendly and definitely more legit way to make money online than this MoolaVine place.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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