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My Cash Flow Secret Scam by Trevor Harris – You Will NOT Make Money

My Cashflow Secret ScamMy Cash Flow Secret is a program that was created by a guy named Trevor Harris that you can supposedly make a bunch of money with by processing worksheets. He claims that he is making $1726 per day doing what he will be teaching you how to do, which honestly seems too good to be true.

Is this all a scam program? Or is this My Cash Flow Secret the real deal? Since you are reading my review here I’m guessing you probably watched some of the instructional videos by Trevor and are suspicious of the whole thing. And you are right to be. There are some serious concerns that I have with this program and I’m about 99% sure it’s a scam. In this review I’ll be going over the claims made along with some things that don’t add up and why I think it’s a scam.

What Is My Cash Flow Secret?

My Cash Flow Secret is supposedly a program that Trevor Harris put together to teach other people how to make money online processing worksheets. He claims that this can be done from anywhere in the world and that you can start making money as soon as today doing this.

I came across it after finding some ridiculous ad that I took a screenshot of here:My Cashflow Secret

He claims to be showing people how to do all of this for free because the company he is processing worksheets for is supposedly holding some contest where you can win a “dream vacation” for referring the most new worksheet processors to them since they are in such need of new workers. Sounds a bit fishy though right?

The reason I am reviewing this program in the first place is because it was brought to my attention by someone who contacted me wondering if it’s a scam or not. Trevor has a way of talking in a very calm and collected manner that makes things seem legitimate, but as you will see things aren’t always as they seem.

What You (Allegedly) Do To Make Money

What you will supposedly be doing is finding unclaimed balances using national databases, such as NAUPA and the Bank of Canada, and filling out an “unclaimed money worksheet processor form” so that you can help these people with unclaimed balances get their money back.

Trevor keeps referring in the videos to some company that he is working for that does the work of actually getting the unclaimed money back for people. All you do is find these unclaimed balances and filling the worksheets, then the company that he is working for does all the rest… Well at least that’s what he tells you.

He tells you that the company that you will be sending these worksheets to will get an average fee of about 30% of the funds that were unclaimed once they help return them to the rightful owners. Then you will get 75% of that fee. So this means if there is in unclaimed balance of $10,000 that you fill out the worksheet for and send it in, the company will get 30% of that which equals $3,333, and you will get 75% of that fee which would be $2,499.… All for processing some simple worksheet.

Sounds a little bit too good to be true doesn’t it? Why isn’t everyone doing this type of thing if it is this easy and you can make this much money doing so?

Well… probably because it’s a SCAM.

What Is This Company You Will Be Working With?

The company that Trevor is working for which he finally reveals after leading you on and on is named Federal Account Recovery, which I actually talked about in a post I wrote specifically about worksheet processor job scams. But in that post I didn’t really go into any detail about the company or look into it that much.

However, this time I did look into it and what I found this quite alarming.

The address that he gives you for this company is as follows…

c/o Akkers Global LLC

6666 Odana Rd

Suite 283

Madison, Wisconsin 53719

…and when I looked up this company I found it is actually listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website although it is not accredited. I took a screenshot from what I found because you are definitely going to want to read some of the reviews people have left on it. There are literally no positive reviews about this company, every single one being negative complaining about how it’s a scam…

Akkers Global scam

On the left-hand side of the screenshot you can also see that alternative business names that are associated with this Akkers Global company include a company called Legit Flex Job. This is actually a place I have reviewed on my site here before and it promotes the same type of worksheet processing scams. This type of scam is also associated with the fake NorthAmeriCorp company.

How They Scam You

Well if you watch some of the instructional videos that Trevor provides for you in the My Cash Flow Secret members area you will find that you have to pay five dollars for every worksheet you send in. This is how they scam you. They collect your money that you send in with them and do not provide anything in return.

Just think about it. It doesn’t even make any sense. Why would they be charging you five dollars to send in a worksheet? I know they tell you that this $5 goes towards the processing of the worksheet and to pay for shipping when they send you your check, but this really makes no sense. Why don’t they just take some money out of the massive checks they’re going to be giving you?

Conclusion on My Cash Flow Secret – Completely FAKE!

This entire system is completely fake and made up. There are no worksheets being processed when you send them in. This is all just a ploy to make this business model seem legitimate and I’ll be honest… This is one heck of a sneaky way to trick people. It seems like it could actually be legitimate for a second.

The only thing that’s happening when you send in your worksheets you fought out along with the $5 bill for each worksheet is they are stealing your money. You are going to get a check in return and you aren’t going to get your money back. As far as I see it you are going to be pretty much completely screwed out of the money you sent and because there is no way of getting a chargeback or anything like that since it is cash.

In closing, I hope you found my review helpful and I hope it saves you from this nasty scam. If you did end up sending money in to this I really don’t know what to tell you. You might want to talk to your local law enforcement office but I’m not sure how much they are going to be able to do either

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