Is Neolife a Scam? My Review of this Business Opportunity

NeoLifeNeolife has what can potentially be a pretty lucrative business opportunity. But is this really as great as some people claim? Is this the home-based job you have been waiting for? Or is Neolife a scam that is going to lead you on and on struggling with no hopes of making good money?

I decided to sit down and write this review because I know there are a lot of questions swirling all over. I’ll be going over how this business operates, how you make money, the downside to it, and more.

Neolife Overview

Neolife is a direct sales company that sells health supplements and “health packs” of all kinds. I’m not writing this review to talk about the products but for what it is worth it seems that they are pretty good and of good quality.

The purpose of this review is for me to talk about the business opportunity at hand. When I say this is a direct sales company this means that they rely on independent distributors (aka promoters) to do all the marketing and selling. They don’t sell in stores and this is what creates the business opportunity because anyone can join as a promoter and make money.

This is also what you call a mlm company. There are multiple levels within the compensation structure and you can also make money by recruiting in other promoters beneath you.

Cost To Join

In order to join you will have to buy a kit to start promoting this business. These range in price from $49 to over $1,500. These kits will include business tools that are necessary for promoting NeoLife to others and the more expensive kits will come with product samples and more.

How You Make Money

As a promoter you will be able to make money in two ways with the compensation plan that NeoLife has in place… off of your own sales and off of the sales from people you recruit, and people that they recruit, and so on.

You will have your own NeoLife website that you can get customers to sign up through. When it comes to selling products to the general public your goal is to get them to sign up as “Club Members”. And what this means is that they sign up to buy products automatically each month, which means that you earn commissions automatically each month from these sales.

The big part of this business relies on recruitment. If you want to make good money and you want to move up in the ranks, which is necessary for making as much as possible, then you need to recruit in other promoters beneath you.

I’ll give the rank of Director as an example. Achieving Director status is a big goal if you are a promoter. And in order to achieve this status you will need to have 12 Club Members that are signed up under you, along with 3 promoters that you recruited into the business, each of which have 12 Club Members of their own. These are the minimum requirements.

Also you must have a 4,000 QPV (qualified point value) to achieve Director status. This is a point system that keeps track of the amount of products that you and your downline sell. 

The Reality Of This Business Opportunity

I have reviewed dozens and dozens of mlm business opportunities over the years, doTERRA & Tempo Wireless recently, and this is your fairly typical mlm. Most mlm’s have their own confusing compensation plan that has tons of potential for you to make money but the problem is that it is very difficult for people to make money with them because recruitment is such a big part of it.

The bottom line is that you pretty much need to be recruiting new promoters in consistently in order to make good money. You need to grow your downline and take advantage of the mlm structure which allows you to earn money from the efforts of those beneath you.

The problem here is that with a pyramid-type mlm structure like this there are always going to be much more people at the bottom struggling to make money then those at the top, which are the ones that make the majority of the money. This is why most people fail with mlm’s…. because for people to make good money they need to have those beneath them struggling.

Conclusion on NeoLife – Scam?

NeoLife is definitely not a scam. They do sell legitimate products that are at the very least “decent” products. Their business opportunity is also legitimate.

I just don’t particularly care for mlm’s though because of their extremely high failure rates and how they are set up so that it is always going to be like this… with most people failing. Only those that are really good at talking to people and have that salesperson type personality seem to succeed with these businesses and unfortunately most people don’t have this.

If are going to pursue this opportunity just know the reality of it. There is a lot of potential to make a lot of money here… but it is not easy and most people fail.

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