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Is NorthAmeriCorp a Scam? – Avoid Avoid Avoid!

NorthAmeriCorp ScamNorthAmeriCorp claims that their online processor jobs are in huge demand and that anyone can easily make between $12.33 and $27.90 doing so. But is this really the case? Or is NorthAmeriCorp a scam that is going to leave you high and dry.

In this review I’ll be going to point out a few things that  you should know about this place. What they tell you isn’t all that true…. its mostly a bunch of hoopla that is intended to lure people into joining in.

NorthAmeriCorp Review

Earn up to $27.90 per hour just copying and pasting…. who wouldn’t want to do that. This is what they tell you about this job. Apparently they work with Fortune 500 companies and process worksheets for them. This is where you come in.

They tell you that the demand for these worksheets needing processed is huge and you can work as much or as little as you want. Just follow their step-by-step training and you can start making money as a processor in as little as 24 hours.

Seriously… who wouldn’t want to do this based on what they tell you. It sounds like an amazing job. You just copy and paste, work whenever and however much you want, and get paid up to $27.90 per hour…. sounds amazing.


I have seen “worksheet processing” scams like this before that are virtually the same in the way they tell you everything works. They are not going to give you these awesome worksheet jobs that they tell you. Instead they are going to find a way to suck money out of you, which is what scams do.

I’ll go over a few red-flags that I came across which you should be aware of before I get into what is really going on.

Red Flags

#1 No Information About Them

One thing that you should always do is take a look into the company behind whatever opportunity you are looking at. In this case there is no information on NorthAmeriCorp. They really don’t tell you anything about the actual company.

If you go to the “About Us” page all they tell you is how they help 1000’s of people around the world work from home and how they work with Fortune 500 companies.

They don’t actually tell you anything about the company. Who are they? Where are their headquarters? Who is running the show? When were they founded?

There are so many questions that need to be answered and they don’t answer any of them.

Just think about it…. any legitimate opportunity would provide answers to simple questions like this that you could then look up on your own and verify.

#2 No Information About The Fortune 500 Companies 

What they tell you is that they work with “fortune 500 companies you already know and trust”…. ok but who?

We are just supposed to trust what they say? We are just supposed to assume that we know and trust these companies that they work for even though we don’t know if the NorthAmeriCorp company itself is legitimate or not?

There is no way I am trusting what they tell you here. Why don’t they just tell use what companies they are partnered with? It makes no sense at all. This is yet another major red flag for me and a tell-tale sign of a scam operation.

#3 The Name of a SCAM!!!!

I found something very interesting when I was going throughout the website. When I went to the “About Us” page I found that the name that appeared in the browser tab changed to “Legit Flex Jobs” as you can see here…NorthAmeriCorp Legit Flex Jobs

Why is this something I am telling you? Well because I have reviewed Legit Flex Job before and they are not legit at all. A better name for this place would be Scam Flex Job.

They are also the place behind another worksheet processing scam called Federal Account Recovery, which I have not written a review of but I have briefly looked at it.

This leads me to believe that the same group of people are behind this as the other scam. It makes sense. They tell you pretty much the same load of BS and everything. And there is no other logical reason that the “Legit Flex Job” name would appear in the browser tab like this.

What This Work From Home Opportunity REALLY Is

Its nothing like they say. Instead of providing you with some worksheet processing job for you to make money they just suck the money out of you.

The purpose as far as I see is to get people to buy into an antivirus program. They tell you that they need you to install some antivirus program because they don’t want to give you access to the members area if you don’t have it. They tell you this is for security reasons and lead you to believe you will somehow bring a virus onto their system if you don’t get it.

They tell you that you will get re-reimbursed for this cost of the antivirus program 100% but I am very hesitant to believe that this is actually true.

First off, they already tell you nothing about anything… so why would you trust them in the first place?

And second… it just makes no darn sense. Why are they making you pay for the antivirus program and then reimbursing you once you get inside the members training area? Why not just give it to you for free from the start?

They have already accepted you at this point and all you have to do is download this software so it really make no sense not to just give it to you for free right then and there. This is an unnecessary transaction that just plain makes no darn sense.

After I got to this point I stopped looking into this opportunity any further. I’m not willing to pay for some antivirus program that could possibly put malware on my computer. But I’m pretty convinced this is all a scam. I have reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of online scams over the years and this one has many common signs of being one.

Conclusion on North Ameri Corp – Scam

When I’m looking into an opportunity like this I often go in with the mindset that they have to prove that they aren’t a scam. I need to be convinced that it isn’t… not the other way around.

When looking for signs that this actually might be a legitimate opportunity I came up short. There is nothing about this that seems legitimate and for that reason I’m confident that it is a scam.

I would avoid this at all costs… unless you like malware and losing money of course.

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