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Are Opinion Bureau Surveys Worth Your Time? – Must Read Review

Opinion Bureau SurveysOpinion Bureau offers the ability to make money online by taking surveys and participating in online polls. But there are a lot of different sites out there that do this so are Opinion Bureau surveys really worth your time? Or would you be better of spending your time elsewhere?

In this review I’ll be going over how this site works, how much money you can make, how it compares to other similar sites and more.

Opinion Bureau Review

Opinion Bureau collects people’s opinions in the name of market research. Market research is a big deal and companies are willing to pay a lot of money for places like Opinion Bureau to gather information on how people think and feel about things. They get paid by companies and they pay people like you and I a small amount as incentive to participate in the first place.

How It Works

Well after you sign up, which is free to do by the way, the first thing you are going to want to do is fill out all the profile information. This is important because they will use this information to match you up with surveys and polls that are a good fit for you.

From what I have read most people are receiving anywhere from 2-10 surveys per month…. so there really isn’t all that much opportunity here.

When you start to take a survey there will be a screener portion which determines whether or not you qualify to take the survey. Don’t be alarmed if you get screened out of many of the surveys. This happens all the time.

Surveys will generally take 10 – 30 minutes to complete and after you complete a survey or participate in a poll your account will be credited.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The answer is very little. First off… this site doesn’t offer all that many surveys. As I said, you will only get 2 -10 per month, and probably on the lesser side from what I have read from others that are members.

They tell you that these surveys can pay up to $5 but what you should know is that this is extremely rare. Making $5 on a single survey is definitely not something that you should expect by any means. I would say that you can generally expect to make $0.50 – $2 per survey, which is the norm when it comes to paid survey sites like this one.


The complaints I have found on this site are nothing crazy. You have your typical complaints about being screened out of surveys, having account troubles, terrible support, low pay, etc.

My biggest complaint here is probably the overall lack of surveys here though. They just don’t give you the opportunity to take many surveys, thus they don’t give you the opportunity to make much.

How Does Opinion Bureau Compare to Others?

My top picks for online survey sites are Swagbucks and PaidViewPoint and believe me when I say that Opinion Bureau is not replacing these.

Opinion Bureau just doesn’t have the opportunity that others have. Swagbucks for example gives you a heck of a lot more surveys and they provide other ways to earn other than just this… such as by playing games, watching videos etc. And what I like about PaidViewPoint is that they offer nice quick surveys and treat their members very well.

Opinion Bureau just doesn’t really bring anything that good to the table. There is nothing that is very attractive about this place.

Conclusion on Opinion Bureau – Good Opportunity?

Opinion Bureau isn’t a scam or anything like that but I’m just not too into this place. I think there are a lot better options out there such as Swagbucks and PaidViewPoint as I just went over. But if you do think you would like this place then go for it.

One thing that you have to be aware of when it comes to any paid survey site is that you will not make much at all. Even the two that I recommend don’t pay much. This is just the reality when it comes to paid survey sites these days…. you don’t make much. And this is why I don’t much see the point in participating on these sites at all.

I mean, sure its nice that you can take surveys at anytime you want and that it is a completely brainless and easy way to earn money…. but you are just earning pocket change here.

If you are looking to make money online I would suggest taking a look at the program I use here. I joined in 2015 and make a living with it. Its also something you can do in your spare time which is nice.

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Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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