PaidSocialMediaJobs Scam
Work At Home Jobs, Scam or Legit? – Depends On What Your Definition of a Scam Is…

PaidSocialMediaJobs Scam it supposedly a website that will help you “get paid to mess around on Facebook”. They tell you that you will be able to make money doing the things you already do on social media. But is this place really is great as it sounds? Or is it a scam in one way or another that is just going to be a waste of your time and money?

In this review I’ll be answering exactly that. You are going to want to read what I have to say if you’re thinking about buying into this. It is not as good as it seems and there are some concerns that I will address. Review

Paid Social Media Jobs is a site that was created by a woman named “Annie Jones” who was supposedly at one point a single mother who had lost her job and was struggling to make ends meet. Then she supposedly was introduced to this whole paid to social media thing by another mom and after that her life turned around.

What her site,, does is provides some training and a database for different ages social.

On the website she talks about how big businesses like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, and small businesses all are trying to gain popularity on social media, however, they are too busy and often outsource this type of social media management work to other people… which is where you come in.

She claims that with no experience can make up to $25-$35/hr doing simple tasks such as post Facebook status updates, uploading Youtube videos, Tweeting, etc.

Supposedly you don’t need any experience and it is “easy to get started”.

Sounds a little bit too good to be true doesn’t it? Well yeah… That’s because she does make it sound much easier than it really is. This is the reason I’m writing this review because I want people to know the truth of it before buying in and finding out for themselves.

Can You Really Make Money Doing This?

The answer is yes. There are many different paid social where you can earn money tweeting, liking Facebook posts, creating pages, uploading YouTube videos, etc. However, it is not as easy as she tells you it is.

It’s not like is the only place that you can find these social media jobs like she kind of leads you to believe. There are many different freelance sites out there, such as Fiverr, Truelancer, Upwork, or even Picoworkers, where you can find freelance paid social like this. And believe me when I say there is a lot of competition. It’s not like you just go out and start getting jobs that are paying $25-$35 per hour right out of the gate. This is incredibly misleading and just won’t happen.

You are going to be in the freelance market and while it is possible to make $25-$35 per hour at some points, there is a very very slim chance that this will happen early on due to competition and even if it does happen it will not be sustainable. It’s not like you’re going to find a contract position paying this amount of money. Most paid social that you will find are “gigs” where you just complete something and get paid for that one job.

I also saw that there was a calculator where could calculate your expected income from these jobs. What you would do is determine how many social media jobs you are planning on doing a day, the average amount you would earn per job, and how many days a week you would be working, then it would spit out the amount of money you’d be making. However this thing is absolutely ridiculous because you have no idea how many jobs you will be able to get and you have no idea how much you will be making an average…

Should You Pay $37 to Join?

Like I said, there are plenty of other sites out there we can find these paid social. is nothing special when it comes to this. In reality, it’s worse when it comes to this. The database that they provide is not very “lively”. On much more popular sites, such as Fiverr as I mentioned above, there is a lot more opportunity… A lot more people looking to pay freelancers for these kind of jobs.

Sure, if you join them pay the $37 you will receive some training on how to establish a reputable presence in the freelance market with social media jobs like this, but from what I have seen and know the training is very basic and can easily be found for free on Google, YouTube, etc.

So not only are other freelance sites much better for finding paid social media jobs because they have much larger databases and are much more popular, but they are also free to use. In addition you can also find everything in the training for free online. So what is the point of paying $37 for it? There is no point in my opinion.

Misleading Information & Lies

Not only does “Annie Jones” lure people in with the idea that they can make easy money doing this, which is deceptive and very misleading, but there is also a good chance that this lady doesn’t even exist.

I ran a reverse Google images search of her photo and found that it is actually a stock photo that anyone can buy online and use as they wish. The lady in the photo is not “Annie Jones”. This is all a lie that was put together for the purpose of promoting this program.

So now I don’t know what to believe. Does Annie Jones actually exist and this is just a fake image? Or is the whole thing completely made up? This is the type of behavior that really destroys this program’s credibility. Annie Jones

Conclusion on – Scam?

I do not consider PaidSocialMediaJobs a full-blown scam but I guess whether you do or not depends on your definition of a scam. There is no doubt that is a good bit of “scammy” activity going on with it. Overall they really just make the opportunity sound much easier and much better than it really is and they sell you stuff that can easily be had for free online. And of course there is the whole thing about the fake “Annie Jones” image.

Overall this is definitely not a place I recommend buying into. I just don’t see the value in it and don’t like being lied to and misled.

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