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Will PayPerMails Scam You? – [ Review]

paypermails.comPayPerMails (at is a PTC/ paid to read emails site that claims to pay a heck of a lot of money just for reading emails and clicking on ads. They actually say that they pay $50 per PTC and $100 per email, which is boarderline insane…. actually that is totally insane.

These insanely high claims lead people to ask the question of.. will PayPerMails scam me? The claims made sound way too good to be true and this only makes this site come off as more suspicious. In this review I’ll be going over what everyone needs to know about this place before they do anything.

PayPerMails Review

There are legitimate PTC site and sites that pay you to read emails, like DonkeyMails for example, but the reason I am so suspicious of this PayPerMails place is because of how much they claim to pay. With legit sites that are similar to this you will make around 1 cent or less for each ad you click. PTC sites just don’t pay much at all and this is because they can’t with their business model. But PayPerMails claims to pay out $50 for each PTC (paid to click)…. are you kidding me?

On top of all of this they also claim to pay a $500 sign up bonus….. All I can say here is wow… How can they possibly pay out $500 to everyone just for signing up? Its free to do and anyone can go and sign up so this sounds crazy. But there is a catch and I’ll go over this shortly.

First I think its important for me to go over how PTC sites actually work though…

How These Sites Work

PTC sites like this are advertising platforms basically. Small advertisers (usually) pay them to post their ads on their site and then they go and pay ordinary people like you and I to click on their ads. So it is kind-of a win/win for everyone but not as great as you may think.

Usually PTC sites like this attract very scammy advertisements, usually being “make money online” ads. The reason for this is because these sites are horrible for advertising. No professional advertiser is going to use sites like this because they suck.

PTC sites are horrible for advertising because the people that are clicking the ads are just people that are trying to make money for clicking on them…. they don’t care about the actual ad. They just click and then leave when they get credit for it.

PTC sites like this do offer a legitimate service but they of often very scammy and just do not work out well for anyone.

The Reason PayPerMails Cannot Work

PayPerMails claims to pay $50 for each ad that you click on. This is the most far-fetched load of BS I have ever heard from a PTC site like this.

Even sites like Two Dollar Click & 1 Dollar Adz are scams and they don’t even claim to pay out nearly as much as PayPerMails.

On legitimate PTC sites you will make less than $0.01 per click. This is because it is cheap advertising and advertisers don’t pay much for the services. But PayPerMails claims to pay $50 per click. This would mean that advertisers are paying a killing for this advertising service. But I know they are not because no one is going to pay much for ads on a PTC site.

This just makes no sense. You would be paying way more to advertise in PayPerMails than legitimate ad programs like Bing Ads or Google Adwords.

And Good Luck Getting to $25,000

Something else that is crazy about this site is that they have a $25,000 cash out minimum, meaning that you need to have $25,000 in your account before you can cash out your money. This is insane. What legitimate program would ever make a cash out limit this high?

You can click ads all you want to and make it all the way to $25,000 but you will find out that it was all a waste of time because you will never see that money.

Conclusion on – Scam

This is the most over-the-top, scammiest, fakest PTC site I have ever come across. Unfortunately there are gullible people out there that will fall for it however. Luckily you aren’t one of them and you had the smarts to do a little extra research and come across my review here.

There are legit PTC sites out there as I said… but they are all wastes of time in my opinion. With any real PTC site you will have to click hundreds of ads just to make $1.

If you are looking to make good money online in your free time then I would suggest taking a look at this program. I have been a member since 2015 and make a heck of a lot more money with it then any PTC site could ever make me.

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