Plexus, Pyramid Scheme Scam or Not? – Review of The Business Opportunity

PlexusPlexus, aka Plexus Worldwide, offers what many people claim to be a very profitable business opportunity. But you can you really trust all that you hear out there? After all it seems to me that many of those promoting this biz opp are doing it just to make money off of you. Now there is nothing wrong with promoting something that actually works…. but does Plexus really “work”?

Or is Plexus a pyramid scheme that you should stay far away from? This is a question I have seen a lot of people ask so I decided to sit down and address it in this review. If you are thinking about joining this biz opp you are going to want to read this over first. And by the way I am not affiliate with this company in any way so this review is going to be unbiased.

Plexus Worldwide Review

Plexus Worldwide is a mlm company that sells products in the health and wellness niche. I’m not really going to get into the products in this review but just to give you a bit of information on them… they mostly have to do with weightloss and weight management. They seem good to me but I’m no expert on these kinds of things and I’ll save a review of them for another day.

In a mlm company like this anyone can join as an independent distributor and make money selling products as well as recruiting in other people. The recruitment part of this all is what causes most of the controversy and is why this is called a pyramid scheme many times. But in order to really see if its a pyramid scheme you have to take a look at how they pay their distributors…. their compensation plan.

The Comp Plan

Ok, so in order to participate in the compensation plan you will need to pay your annual membership fee of $34.95 and have a 100PV minimum each month.

PV stands for “personal volume” and this is the volume of products that you or your customers purchase. The best way to achieve 100PV would be of course to sell products to customers so you can make money but you can also buy products for your own use to satisfy this requirement.

If you meet these requirements then you can potentially earn down to 7 levels deep in this mlm.

You can earn 4 levels deep just from new distributors being recruited in. You see when you are recruited in you are pushed to buy a Welcome Pack, which costs either $99 or $199. When you recruit people in and they buy these you will earn a commission. And if someone that you recruited in goes out and recruits someone in that buys one you will also earn a commission. And if that new recruit goes out and recruits someone in that buys one you will earn another commission…. and you get the point. This goes 4 levels deep.

There are several other ways to earn via recruitment but the farthest down this mlm goes is 7 levels. But being able to earn down all 7 levels depends on your rank.

Moving up the ranks is all about recruitment. At each rank the 100PV requirement stays the same. The difference is that you need more recruits and a bigger downline.

Pyramid Scheme?

Legitimate mlm’s become product based pyramid schemes when they focus too much on recruitment. And honestly… Plexus focuses on recruitment too much for my liking. This is definitely one of the “shadier” compensation plans I have come across.

Of course there is the 100PV requirement which is good. But in order to move up the rank its entirely about recruitment. Also you can satisfy this requirement by buying products yourself which I’m sure many people do just to participate in the compensation plan.

Overall I would like to see more focus on retail sales to the general public here.

However… although this place is obviously really focused on recruitment I still don’t know if its enough to call it a pyramid scheme. They have been operating in the US for while now and the US is home to some pretty strict laws against pyramid schemes…. so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here.

Easy to Make Money With? Eh…. No

One thing that I do know for sure is that making money with Plexus will not be easy. I have reviewed tons of mlm’s with similar compensation structures to this, even some in the same health and wellness niche such as Total Life Changes & Ariix. With a a mlm like this its going to be difficult because of the amount the compensation plan focuses on recruitment.

Pretty much if you want to make good money here then recruiting in tons of people and building up your downline is a must. And because of the pyramid-like structure this has, most people will be at the bottom where they will struggle to make money. Only the top few % will make good money because they will be making commissions from all those beneath them.

This is the reason mlm’s like this have massively high turnover rates. Most people fail and that is because of the way they are set up.

Conclusion on Plexus – Good Opportunity?

Whether this is a good opportunity or not really depends on you. If you think you have what it takes to recruit in lots of people and you like the products sold here then this is something worth considering. But if you are unsure of this then it might not be.

Just know the reality and know that it isn’t easy. It is harder than a lot of people out there claim it is. Many people out there are in the business and are just trying to recruit you into their downline.

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