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Is Profitable Morrows a Scam? – A Few Red Flags

Profitable MorrowsProfitable Morrows is a wealth management company that claims to provide very high returns on investments… as much as 4.5% daily. But is this the real deal? Or is Profitable Morrows a scam that you need to avoid?

In this review I want to go over a few things that everyone should be made aware of beforehand. This is not exactly the type of place that you can trust. Things just don’t add up or make sense to me and for that reason I’m led to believe that it more than likely is a scam.

Profitable Morrows Review

Profitable Morrows is a wealth management company that offers exciting global investment opportunities run by the CEO Aaron Cooper. The company is registered in Australia but there is something strange about this that I’ll be going over.

The investment opportunity that Profitable Morrows provides is promoted as being a sure way of making tons of money. They claim that its as easy as registering, investing money and making profits.

Investment Plans

There are only 2 investment plans that you are able to choose from, the Daily Plan and the Fixed Plan.

The Daily Plan runs for 34 days and claims to provide a massive 4.5% interest daily. After the 34 days are up you will supposedly have a total ROI of 153%.

The Fixed Plan runs for 12 days and promises a 112% ROI.

Let those numbers sink in for a second. How can this possibly be real? These are insane returns and to be able to promise fixed rates of return like this is something that you normally see in Ponzi scheme investment programs or things like this.

What Do They Invest Your Money In?

For them to be able to provide investors with such massive returns they must be investing in something magical wouldn’t you say? What could this possibly be?

They tell you that their financial portfolios consist of investments in strategic assortments of high yield assets. Ok this is all fine and dandy but what are these “high yield assets”?

The only thing they tell you on their site is that one of their most profitable areas of investment is in Australia’s tourist sector. They tell you that tourism is booming and about how Australia is ranked as the 8th most popular tourist destination.

I don’t doubt that tourism is a big business in Australia and that the industry is booming…. but 4.5% daily??? Come on now. There is absolutely no way that you are going to make even close to this much investing in the tourism sector.

Referral Program

You can earn up to 15% commissions by recruiting in new investors.

Their commission structure goes down 3 levels and the amount you will earn depends on your rank, which are either a standard affiliate or a representative.

Standard Affiliate

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 – 1%
  • Level 3 – 1%


  • Level 1 – 15%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Level 3 – 1%

What this all means is that you can recruit people in and earn money from what they invest (level 1), then you can earn money from the investments of the people that they recruit in (level 2), and then you can earn money from the investments of the people that they recruit in (level 3).

There is nothing wrong with having a referral program like this. However, this is a necessary characteristic of a Ponzi scheme, which this has the potential to be.

Who Is The CEO Aaron Cooper?

The CEO’s name is Aaron Cooper, or at least that’s what they tell you.

Profitable Morrows Aaron Cooper

The problem I’m having here is that there is no information on this guy whatsoever. All you know is what they tell you his name is, his picture, and that small quote they show you…. that’s it.

I tried searching for more info on this guy but came up short. There is nothing on Google or anywhere that I can find on this particular Aaron Cooper. I also tried doing a reverse Google image search to see if this same picture was being used elsewhere, because scams will often take images from other places online and use them as their own, but I found nothing here either.

So pretty much there is nothing known about the CEO here. And after reading over some other reviews it seems that no on knows anything about him.

So the question is how can you trust this place if the guy in charge is a complete ghost?

Something Strange I found

One thing that I found very strange has to do with their company registration. On the website they tell you that they are a registered financial company in Australia. I went to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s website and looked it up. Everything looked good here as you can see.

However, when I went to look up the ACN number, which is the Australian Company Number, I could not find anything. 

I really don’t know what to make of all of this. Its very strange and things aren’t adding up. At the very least this is a red warning flag for me that something strange might be going on.

Ponzi Scheme or Not?

The question of whether or not its a Ponzi scheme is debatable but very likely in my opinion. Things just don’t add up.

First they tell you that you can earn 4.5% daily, which any veteran investor knows is absolutely insanely high. Then they tell you that one of their most profitable investments is in the tourism sector, which doesn’t add up. Then there is no information about the CEO that is supposedly running this company, which is common sign of a scam. And lastly their ACN number can’t even be found in the system.

So what the heck is going on here?

The bottom line is that you just cannot trust this place, especially with all the similar ponzi schemes floating around out there like Ryna Holdings & Resonance Capital.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, you cannot trust this place. They are holding big secrets because what they tell you does not make sense. Because of this lack of transparency you cannot trust what they say.

If this is in fact a Ponzi scheme then I would advise that you avoid it. With Ponzi’s only those at the top of the pyramid make money while the majority of investors lose money. This is how it always works and how it has to work due to their structure. So while some people might make money with this it is not a smart investment.

But if you do decide to invest just make sure you don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

As always, leave any comments or questions below. One more thing: You might be interested in taking a look at how I make money online. If so you can read my guide to making money online here. In it I go over what I do, how it all works and how others can get started doing the same.

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