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Is Quidco a Scam or Do Members Really Earn £​300/yr on Average? – [Review]

Quidco is self proclaimed as “the UK’s number one cashback site”, but how good is this site really? Is this a cashback site that you can trust and make some decent money with? Or is this all just going to be a waste of time… A scam that isn’t going to pay you the cashback you deserve?

The last thing you want to get involved with is some sketchy cashback program that makes it very difficult for you to actually get your cash back. There are plenty of cashback programs out there so you are by no means limited with your choices. It is not like it is Quidco or nothing… You have options.

The question is… Is Quidco a good option? In this review I plan on answering exactly this. I’ll be going over what exactly this place is, how it works, the different cashback offers that they provide, how much money you can make in cashback, complaints and more.

Quidco Review

While I don’t know how true the statement of them being “the UK’s number one cashback site” is, they definitely are one of the bigger and more popular cashback sites in the UK out there, with over 7 million members and offers from over 4500 brands.

They have a lot of different cashback offers in all sorts of categories, some of which include…

  • Travel
    • Includes car rentals, flights, trains, parking, etc.
  • Electrical
    • This category includs a range of things going from TV’s, to computers, tablets, accesories, laptops, gadgets, and more.
  • Fashion
    • Here you can find cashback deals on clothing, bags, watches, sunglasses, etc.
  • Telecoms
    • Can get cashback on monthly cellular service, SIM cards, phone accessories, etc.
  • Insurance
    • Everyone needs some type of insurance and here you can find deals on health, life, car, home, pet, rental and other insurances.
  • Finance
    • This category has deals on bank accounts, credit ratings, credit cards, loans, etc.
  • Other categories include cars, food and drink, utilities, sports and fitness, supermarkets, pets, health and beauty, and more.

It it is common to see cashback offers for clothing, groceries, and so on, but seeing offers like this for insurance and telecom services is pretty cool.

As far as payments go, you can choose to receive your cashback via direct deposit, PayPal, or with an Amazon gift card.

They claim that their members earn an average of around £300 per year, but I have no idea how true that statement actually is. And I will admit it seems like a heck of a lot. I have reviewed many different cashback programs, including TopCashBack, Mr Rebates, Ibotta, DOSH, etc, and this seems a very high based on what I have seen.

How It Works

If you are unfamiliar with cashback programs, you may be wondering how these things work… How they are able to pay you money for buying things.

Well… The process is pretty simple. Basically Quidco and other cashback programs get paid to promote offers. They receive a commission when they help refer buyers, just like affiliate marketing, and then they give you a portion of this commission as an incentive to take the offer in the first place.

It is pretty much a win/win for all parties. The sellers are getting increased traffic from Quidco promoting their offers, Quidco is getting paid by the sellers for helping drive traffic there, and we (the customers) get cashback for things that we are going to pay for regardless.


The Process of Getting Cashback..

You are able to get cashback on offers by using their app or by logging in on a desktop computer, either way it is pretty self-explanatory.

You can browse “today’s hottest offers” which features some of the best offers currently available…

Or you can browse by category or even search in the search box for something you are looking for in particular.

They also have a list of the top offers this week that is displayed below the main menu. And currently, as I’m writing this, I see that there is a really good 22% cashback offer for Groupon…

Now if I wanted to take advantage of this offer I would simply click on it and then would be directed to another page which would basically give me more details about the offer, which you can see here…

Then all I would have to do is simply click on the “Get cashback” button next to the particular offer I want to get in it would then direct me to Groupon, or wherever it is that you want to shop, to make your purchase.

There is for you to do anything on your own to get your cashback. Your pay will automatically be tracked and the cashback will be credited into your account once the purchase is verified, which can take a while depending on what you bought.


How Much Money Can You Make In Cashback?

As I mentioned earlier, they claim that the average member who is active earns about £300 per year, which I’m hesitant to believe. What makes me even more hesitant to believe this number is that on their website they are saying two different things. As you can see below, in one spot they say that the average active member earns £300 a year and in another spot they say £280 a year…

Now there really isn’t too much of a difference between 300 and 280, but in my opinion both seem pretty darn high.

Unfortunately there are no statistics provided or any way for me to verify these numbers, or to try to figure out how much people are earning on average independently. That said, the amount you can earn with cashback programs is going to vary greatly depending on the person. Of course it all depends on what you are buying and how much you buy.

Someone who is getting cashback on expensive travel services is going to make a heck of a lot more cashback than someone who is just getting small amounts of cash back from grocery shopping or something like that.

I will say that they do offer some pretty high cashback percentages based on what I see and what I know from using and reviewing other cashback programs.


Referral Program

And of course, like all of these sorts of programs, they also have a referral program in place where you can earn a referral bonus for referring someone to join.

How it works is you get your own unique referral link and can share it with friends, or really wherever you want. Someone clicks on your link enjoins, you get credit for referring them. And after they earn £5 in cashback you will get your bonus.

I wasn’t able to find any information on how big of a bonus you actually get. I assume it is not much, but if anyone who is reading this knows, I would appreciate it if you would let me know in the comment section below this post.



Overall the ratings this place receives from users are incredibly good. As you can see on Google Play it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with around 10,000 reviews left…

And then on the site Trustpilot it has been over 55,000 reviews with an average of 4 out of 5 stars…

The ratings are so good in fact, that it makes me question whether or not they are legitimate. I have never reviewed a cashback program like this that has even come close to receiving the sheer amount of ratings that this place does… Not even close.

When I was looking on the Trustpilot website there were new reviews being left pretty much every minute…

Are these real reviews? Are they fake? Are people getting paid to leave them? Who knows… But it is strange and I thought it was worth mentioning.

But anyways… Even with all the good reviews there are always complaints. Some of the more common complaints that I came across include the following…


App Can’t Access Store

If you are using the app, some of the stores you may want to shop on are not fully compatible. So what you have to do is exit out of the app and go into the normal Internet browser to make your purchases. This can be annoying and there are some complaints I came across about it… However it is not that big of a deal.

Doesn’t Track Cashback

And then there is the common complaint about the cashback not being given out as it should have been. This is usually due to problems tracking your purchase and you will find this complaint with any cashback program out there.

It doesn’t happen often, but unfortunately sometimes there are problems with the tracking code and people don’t get credited for their purchases as they should. However, the good thing is that you can contact the support team and get your cashback manually if this happens.


This is one of the most common problems and complaints I came across when skimming through the reviews from users. Apparently sometimes people purchase things what they should get a certain amount of cashback, but end up receiving a lesser amount.

I don’t know exactly what goes on these particular situations, but it does seem that the support team is good at getting contact with these people who are complaining and helping them out.


Conclusion: Scam or Not?

I don’t see any reason to call Quidco a scam. The only people that are calling it a scam or the ones who have been underpaid, or maybe haven’t been credited with the cashback that they deserved, and instead of contacting support they started calling a scam instead.

This particular program has been around for a while and is one of the larger what is out there. They are pretty well trusted and they do pay, although there are some legitimate complaints about them. But all in all, they are pretty good.

Since you are interested in getting cashback, you might also want to look into Ibotta and DOSH. Ibotta is an app that is particularly good for getting cashback when grocery shopping and DOSH is a good cashback app for finding deals in your area.


But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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