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Is “Real Profits Online” a Scam? – Fake Work-at-Home Job EXPOSED!

Real Profits Online is supposedly some amazing new work at home opportunity that has opened up in “your area”… Or at least that is what you are told. But is it really? Can you really make easy money with a free website that they give you? Can you really make up to $500 or more per day? Or is Real Profits Online a scam that you need to avoid?

Unfortunately this opportunity is not as it is claimed to be. If you are thinking about buying into this, you are definitely going to want to read over my review here and reevaluate… This is not something I would recommend anyone getting into and you will see why I am saying this.

In short, Yes Real Profits Online is a scam. While you may be able to make some money with this system, it certainly is not the fairytale money making system that is promoted as.

What Is Real Profits Online?

I first came across this “Real Profits Online” system after landing on some news article claiming that Amazon has just released a new work at home program in my area and that people are making tons of money with it.

The news article was somewhat confusing, but what I got from that was that Real Profits Online is some work at home kit that you can buy for this particular opportunity. Basically Amazon is opening up the new work at home opportunity and Real Profits Online is a business kit that allows you to capitalize on this opportunity.

With Real Profits Online, or RPO as I will be referring to it as for short, you supposedly get set up with a “free” website that is going to allow you to make money day and night, selling “real products online”. But is there really any truth to this… Any truth at all? Or is this just a bunch of baloney used to lure unsuspecting individuals into a trap?

Is There Any Truth To This Opportunity?

The sad truth is that there is absolutely no truth to this “new” work at home opportunity from Amazon. You can look at all the legitimate new sources out there and you will find no information regarding a new work at home opportunity that has just opened up from this e-commerce giant. In fact, you can even search for information on this on the Washington Post, which the owner of Amazon also owns, but you will find no information because it simply is not true.

There are ways in which an individual can legitimately make money with Amazon, such as by drop shipping via Amazon and by affiliate marketing (which I actually make a living doing), but there is no “new” opportunity. This is just all a bunch of BS used to lure people into this scam

The Website Is a Fake!

There are probably multiple ways that people are lured into this scam, but I was funneled and by this fake news site… Which as I just explained claims there is some new work at home opportunity from Amazon in my area.

However, this new opportunity does not exist in the entire website is actually completely fake. The news site is a fake news site and not legitimate by any means…

Everything about this website is fake. In fact, it is just a single page site that was thrown together in no time, and is absolutely covered with links that all point to the same scam.

And if you came across this website you probably read that “Chris J Peters” has been making $14,000 per month with this new work at home opportunity. You are shown a picture of this guy and his family as you can see below…

But it turns out that this picture is completely fake and the entire story behind it is completely fake as well. Below you can see this same picture available for purchase on the stock photo website called Shutterstock, which I was able to find after doing a reverse Google image search…

Old Scam, Different Name

This same scam has actually been around for a while and I wrote a review on it in the past. However, it has undergone some changing and has evolved a bit.

The older version of this scam was called  Amazon Cash Websites and funneled people into a different scam. Now, with the new name change and some rebranding efforts, it funnels people into this new RPO scam. But both scams use the same fake news story about Amazon opening up some new program opportunity.

What You Are Actually Buying Into

So you are probably wondering, what what are you actually buying into here? If the story about Amazon opening up some new program that you can make money from home with is completely fake, then what are you actually getting into?

Well if you click any of the thousands of links on the fake news site, you are directed to a video about some “weird online trick discovered by mistake” that is supposedly making up to $500 per day…

This “weird online trick” has been used to create this Real Profits Online system that you can supposedly make easy money with. You are told that you can make $500 per day with this easily online from some simple website, selling real products. And best of all… You can get this for “completely free”, or at least that is what you are told.

However, thing sound a bit too good to be true and I am definitely very hesitant to believe anything that this place tells me after arriving here from a completely fake news site that was filled with lies and deceptive information.

Furthermore, in the video presentation there are testimonials displayed from people claiming that they have been making tons of money with this awesome system. However, I recognized right away that these testimonial videos are completely fake. These people are paid actors from the digital freelance marketplace called Fiverr. They are just saying what they are getting paid to say and the reason I recognized them right away because I have seen their fake testimonial videos promoting other scam products in the past, such as Digital Formula and Easy Insta Profits

Moving on…. You are told that you don’t have to do practically anything at all… You don’t have to sell anything and that the system does pretty much all of the work for you… Running on autopilot.

And again… It is really stressed that this is “free” and that you can get your money making website for “completely free”, but then later in the video it is mentioned that there is some catch to this. And of course the catch is that this really isn’t free and that the whole time the guy has been lying to you, which was expected.

When you go to get your free website you will have to pay $47, as you can see below…

What You Actually Get With This Scam – My Prediction

Unfortunately there is no information on what you are actually getting into with this system. You have to buy into it before finding out any real details, which is a very common sign of a scam. Before buying in, all you know is that this system supposedly set you up with some website that is going to make you money selling real products online… That is all you know.

That said, I have a prediction for what is likely going to happen after you buy in. Now I have not personally bought into this, but I have reviewed dozens of similar scams online and have a good idea of what is going on here.

After buying into this, you will likely receive the website that you are told you will get… I guess you could say it is not a “complete” scam. You also likely get some training on how you can make money with this website. HOWEVER, the website will be some cookie-cutter website that is worth next to nothing in the training provided will be very basic and will not provide clear guidance and leave you lost, eventually leading to you giving up.

Again, this is just a prediction, but it is an educated prediction based on my experience. I have been involved in online marketing since 2015 and have come across numerous similar programs/systems.

Conclusion = Avoid

You can absolutely buy into this for yourself and tested out if you want to, but this is definitely not something I am going to be recommending. Everything about this place points to it being one massive scam. It all starts out with the proven fake news story that lures people in with false information, then you are presented with some video about how you will get some “free” website that turns out to not be free, and then you are pushed to buy into this thing without knowing anything on how it is actually going to help you make money.

The more I look into it… The more it seems like a scam.

Personal Recommendation:

If you are a beginner looking to make money online then my personal recommendation would be to start off like I did back in 2015. Why? Well… Because I now make a living working online so I know that what I have done, and what I am doing works.

I make 95+ percent of my money online via affiliate marketing, which is when you promote products online and earn commissions when you help make sales. This is actually one of the ways that you can make money from home as an individual with Amazon… Promoting products on Amazon through their affiliate program (Amazon Associates). It is particularly a great way for beginners to get started making money online because of the fact that you do not have to deal with selling your and products… You simply promote products that already exist.

However you can’t just go out there and start trying to promote products, thinking that you will make money doing so. I mean you could, but you will probably fail. What I suggest is taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6000 per month working online with affiliate marketing. I’ll go over how it all works and the best way to get started so that you can actually have a chance at success in this business.

Questions or comments? Just leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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