Is RegalCoin a Scam? – Possible Good Cryptocurrency Investment?

regalcoinWelcome to my review of RegalCoin.

If you are looking to invest in this new cryptocurrency but are hesitant to do so then you should read this first. Maybe you are wondering is RegalCoin a scam, is this a legit cryptocurrency, is it safe to invest in… etc???? Whatever the case I hope you find my review helpful. I’ll be going over a few important things to know about this coin that everyone should know beforehand.

RegalCoin Review

RegalCoin is said to be very similar to bitcoin, which we all have come to know and love. It was created to basically be an alternative or substitute for bitcoin. You can send RegalCoin peer to peer easily, transfer fees are low, transactions are anonymous, its unregulated by the government, and the amount of coins are limited.

RegalCoin was pretty much made to be a copy cat of bitcoin. Even on their official website they tell you that there is no difference other than the price. But of course there is one MAJOR other difference between the two…. and that is that bitcoin has been around for years and has proven its legitimacy whereas RegalCoin has not and many people are still suspecting it might be a scam.

How Much They Say You Can Make?

There are several different ways to profit from your investment in RegalCoin (so they say). These include trading of course which is when you buy REC at low prices and sell it at higher prices, there is staking where you deposit your REC to a wallet they give you and just let it sit there collecting interest, there is lending where you lend your REC back to the company, and then of course there is the affiliate program where you can earn money by getting others to invest in this cryptocurrency.

They tell you that with staking you can earn as much as 10% interest a year, which is very reasonable and nothing suspicious. But when it comes to lending they tell you that you can earn as much as 45% per month and 540% per year, which is pretty darn high. But then again…. look what happened to bitcoin.

The Affiliate Program

This affiliate opportunity is what you call mlm, or multi-level marketing. This means that you can recruit new investors in and earn commissions off of what they invest, as well as what those recruiting in my them invest, and what those recruited in by them invest.

Their is a unilevel compensation plan that is 3 levels deep. You will earn from your recruits (level 1), their recruits (level 2), and level 2’s recruits (level 3). The amount you will earn per level is…

  • Level 1 – 7%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Level 3 – 1%

In addition to this they also pay out with a binary compensation plan. In a binary plan there are 2 spots below each position. So with each level there are double the amount of positions, as shown in this diagram to the right…

The positions are filled by recruitment from you or others in the structure.

You can earn up to 5% commissions depending on the amount invested on each side of the binary structure.

Can You Trust This Place?

Having a pyramid-like mlm structure like this place has certainly adds a little more concern to the mix and makes you worry that maybe its just a ponzi scheme… after all there are a lot of those going around in the cryptocurrency world right now. There are a lot of places like Crypto Cash Pool, EthConnect, and plenty others popping up everywhere that you can’t really trust.

But who knows this place might also be legit and a great investment opportunity.

One of the problems however is that there is no information on the people behind RegalCoin. I wasn’t able to find anything on the developers behind this and this makes me wonder. Usually legitimate opportunities give all the background you need about the company or individuals behind it… but not this one.

However you should also know that the creator of bitcoin is also unknown. He/she goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto, which is an alias. There has been people claiming to be him but no one really knows. And bitcoin is doing just fine.

Conclusion on RegalCoin – Good Opportunity?

Whether or not RegalCoin is a scam or a good investment opportunity is still up in the air for me. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a better answer for this but I’m just still very unsure. The bottom line is that there is a lot of risk involved in a lot of these new cryptocurrencies. It is very difficult to determine which is legit and which isn’t.

I am very skeptical of RegalCoin and apparently from reading through the forum, so is pretty much everyone in the crypto world.

Whether you invest or not is ultimately up to you. I will not be doing so as I do not trust REC enough, but if you are going to at least do your own research first.

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Questions or comments? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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