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Is Regular Dollars a Scam or Can You Really Make $1,500 Per Week? – [Honest Review]

Regular DollarsRegular Dollars claims that you will be able to make $1,500 in your first week of working for them completing simple tasks online. But is this really true? After all… I’ve heard claims like this before that turn out to be untrue more times than not and I’m sure you have too.

So is Regular Dollars a scam or is this place actually legit and a great opportunity as they say it is? Well if you are wondering this then you are going to want to keep reading. I reviewed this program and what I’ll tell you right now is that they are NOT what they claim to be.

Regular Dollars Review

Regular Dollars is a site that claims to pay you to refer other people to their site. When you first come to their site, which was probably due to someone telling you to click their link, you receive a $25 sign up bonus. This is to get you to join right away because its free money right? Well its not actually that great.

You will have to reach a $300 minimum balance in your account before you are actually able to cash out that money. And after reading this you will see that the likelihood of ever seeing that money is slim to none.

How You Make Money

Well as I said, you will have to refer other people to join and you will get paid every time you get someone to.

They make it sound very easy. They tell you to promote your link on forums, chats, Facebook, Twitter, etc as if all you have to do is go post your link everywhere and people are going to click it.

Well let me tell you that online marketing is not quite this simple although it may seem that it is. I’ve been working online since 2015 and traffic generation is the hardest part of it all. Sure you might be able to get some people to click your link by doing what they say but it won’t be much unless you somehow have some massive social media following or something like that.

One thing is for sure… you sure as heck will not make $1,500 per week doing what they say.

How This All Works… Doesn’t Make Sense

So I went to the FAQ section of their site and found that they claim to get paid from advertisers that advertise on their site. This is how they say that they make their money. And the reason they pay people like you to refer people is because the more members they have the more advertisers pay them.

This all makes sense and could work but there is one major problem here….. THERE ARE NOT ADVERTISEMENTS on their site. They don’t advertise at all and I don’t what what they are talking about. So pretty much everything they are telling you here is a lie.

My guess is that they are making money by selling your personal information. When you sign up you have to enter your email and I’m guessing they sell this. Emails have a lot of value in the online world because people can use them to market to you and make money off of you.

So after you sign up for Regular Dollars get prepared to receive spam emails from places you have never heard of. This is what is going to happen. I have reviewed programs that are nearly identical to this and this is always what happens. Fix Monthly Income is the same type of scam program.

The Reality Here

When it comes to making money online the reality is that there are plenty of scams out there. And as a good rule of thumb if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. This Regular Dollars program sounds way too good to be true. Making a quick $1,500 a week isn’t quite this easy.

My guess is that you were suspicious of this program and figured it was too good to be true in the first place, which is why you decided to read my review. But I just thought I’d say this because you would be surprised how many scams you can spot just by giving them a second thought and wondering if they could possibly be true.

Conclusion on Regular Dollars – Scam

This place is a scam. Don’t count on ever getting that $25 bonus or any money from it. They are not what they claim to be and you cannot trust them. The only thing that is going to happen if you join is you will start getting some spam emails because your email address you entered will be sold.

So if you do still want to sign up for some reason make sure to use an email address that you don’t care about.

When it comes to making money online there are a lot more scams out there than legit opportunities that I can recommend. However…. gun to my head, what is the best program out there? This is it. I have been a member since 2015 and it took me from nothing at all to making a living online.

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