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Rewardable App Review – Is It Even Worth Your Time?

Rewardable App Review

The Rewardable App is promoted as a way to easily earn extra money online, but is earning money with this app really as easy as it is said to be? Is this actually worth your time? Or is the Rewardable App just another stupid scam that is going to leave you frustrated and disappointed at the end of the day?

In this review I’ll be going over what you need to know about this app before hand. This is definitely not for everyone and the majority of people out there probably are going to find it worth their time.

Rewardable App Review

Rewardable is a rewards app that is available for both android and iOS devices. I have seen advertised as a way to “complete simple tasks to earn money” and on their website they even say “play games, when big, retire early!”.

Now can you complete simple tasks to earn money? Yes. But can you win big and retire early? Heck no! This is a very misleading statement that is going to just give people the wrong idea about this app.

While you can make money, it is very little and this is one of the main reasons why I say most people are not going to see this as a good use of time.

But anyways… There are a variety of ways to earn the money within this app, such as by completing surveys, watching videos, and completing various offers.

How It Works

The app has a point system in place in which you earn acorns which can later be exchanged for real money. Most reward programs like this you some sort of point system, so this is nothing new. As long as the points can be redeemed for something of real value, such as money, then it is fine with me.

Completing Offers

There are a bunch of different offers that you can complete to earn acorns, definitely no shortage here. You can do things like sign up for free trials, paid trials, take surveys, buy something, and more.

Because the offers very so much, so does the reward. For one offer you might only be able to earn 100 acorns whereas another might pay you 2000 or more. This just all depends.

And just to give you an example of what you’re looking at here: right now there is an offer to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime Video where you will earn 1000 acorns and then there are some surveys where you will earn 100-150 acorns.

Watching Videos

You you can also get paid to watch videos. Now you may be wondering… How can they possibly pay you to watch videos? Well, it is all about advertising. There are ads displayed that you will also have to watch and these advertisers pay them, just as on TV.

The potential earnings for watching videos is incredibly low. Usually you will have to watch hours of videos just to earn a couple hundred acorns which is not even close to being worth it in my opinion.

Store & Product Feedback

Another way that you can earn is by offering store and product feedback. This could be to leave feedback for some new food at a restaurant, some product, customer service at some store, etc.

And apparently you also can get paid a very small amount just for going into stores, without actually leaving feedback for anything. You will only earn around one cent though.

Getting Paid

Unfortunately this app only gives you the ability to get paid via PayPal. Don’t get me wrong, PayPal is great. In fact, PayPal is my payment method of choice for pretty much everything. That said, it would still be nice to be able to redeem your acorns for gift cards or something like that.

This limits the users of the app because PayPal is not available in every country. Hopefully they will have more payment methods in the future.

Is It Really Worth It?

The big question… Is it really worth your time?

Well… Let’s talk about this. The first thing that you should know is that 1000 acorns = $1. Yes you read that right. 10 acorns equals only one cent.

So that 100 acorns survey that you might have been thinking about taking… Yeah that will only earn you $0.10. And that free trial you’re thinking about signing up for that was going to reward you with a whopping 1000 acorns… Well, that is only one dollar.

Those videos you are planning on watching all day to earn 200 acorns… Yeah will have fun making $0.20 and wasting all that time.

The bottom line here is that you just can’t earn much of anything with this app, which is why I only recommend it to people who are looking to earn a little extra pocket change.

Rewardable App Hacks

One potential hack that is worth mentioning is to use a fake GPS app along with the Rewardable app to make it appear as if you are going to a bunch of stores. This will give you the ability to earn more money and according to one user it is worth it.

That said, I’ve never actually done this and can’t speak on it for myself. And… Even if it does work I doubt it would be hardly worth the extra effort.


Low Pay

The low pay is going to be the biggest complaint you will find on this app. No one likes to sit through 6+ hours of videos, thinking that they are earning all this easy money, making 200 or so acorns and then doing the math only to find out that they just earned $0.20.

As I said above… This app is only for people looking to earn a small amount of pocket change in their spare time. I would also only recommended to people who are patient because if you are not patient, you will likely get very frustrated and let’s hope you have insurance on your phone.

Not Getting Credit

I’ve scam the through hundreds of reviews about this app on the App Store and Google Play. One common complaints that I have found is from people saying they did not get credit for an offer they completed, a video they watched, etc. There are also a lot of complaints from people saying that they have gone paid, but were not rewarded the amount they were supposed to be rewarded… Such as completing a 1000 acorn offer and only receiving 500 acorns.

Only Paypal Payment Option

And of course another complaint is that they don’t offer any payment methods other than PayPal. This means that a lot of people looking to use this app aren’t going to be able to. Some people might download the app and find out after the fact that they aren’t going to be able to get paid.

Other Options

There are a heck of a lot of reward-type apps out there, or reward programs that don’t offer apps.

What you need to know is that none of these reward programs that pay you to complete simple tasks are going to pay very much. They just can’t afford to. That said, I would recommend FusionCash or Swagbucks over this app. You can earn money with both of these places by completing surveys, playing games, completing offers, watching videos, etc.… And they have much better reviews from users along with having been around for a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts – Scam

I don’t think I would go as far as to call this app a scam, but I do have a lot of complaints about it and definitely don’t see it really being worth many people’s time. A lot of people are calling it a scam as though and they do seem to be getting ripped off by it, so it is what it is. This depends on what your opinion of what a scam is. The people complaining about not getting credit for the tasks they have completed maybe have glitches to blame… It is not necessarily the Rewardable app actively trying to scam people.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. If you are going to download this app keep realistic expectations. Don’t think that you’re going to make anything substantial by any means or else you will just end up very disappointed.

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Comments or questions? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, if you have your own review about Rewardable you should leave it down below. I am sure other readers of my blog here will find it helpful.

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