Is Reward Bee a scam
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Is Reward Bee a Scam? – I’m Disappointed

Is Reward Bee a scam

Reward Bee is a paid survey site that supposedly provides you with the opportunity to make $30 in reward points today… Or at least that is what it tells you. But doesn’t this sound too good to be true when it comes to survey sites? After all with the typical paid survey site you are not going to make even close to $30 per day. Is Reward Bee a scam somehow that you should avoid?

In this review I will be showing you inside the site, going over how it works and giving my opinion of whether or not it is a scam. If things aren’t as good as they seem so if you are thinking about joining I would probably take a few minutes to read this over before doing so.

Reward Bee Review

What Reward Bee tells you is that you can “earn $30 or more in reward points you can spend today”… But what do they mean by this? Do they mean you’ll be able to sign up today, take a survey or surveys and earn $30 worth of rewards? Because that’s what it sounds like they are saying but this seems like a crazy high amount of rewards to be giving out.

What they also tell you is that there are no qualifying questions. Now if you are familiar with paid survey sites then this is a pretty big deal. Qualifying questions are questions that are asked at the beginning of a survey that determine whether or not you fit the demographic of survey takers they are looking for. So what often happens is you will start taking a survey, waste five minutes or so of time, and then get disqualified which can be very frustrating and really annoying. But with this site there should be none of this problem.

A Look Inside The Site – Is What They Tell You True?

Signing up for the site is really easy and takes about five seconds. All you do is enter your name, email and create a password. Once you are inside you will see a dashboard that looks like the screenshot I took below. It will show your balance, list surveys that you can take, all of which supposedly pay $30 in reward points… And that’s pretty much it. All you have to do is click on the “TAKE THIS SURVEY” link beside any of the surveys you want to take and it will take you to the survey page. As an example I clicked on the music survey which was the first on the list for me.

And know they were not lying when they said there are no qualification questions. You will be taken directly to the survey and what is nice about them is that they are very short and can be done in about one minute of time. As you can see from the screenshot below it is also nice that they are laid out with all of the questions on a single page. This means that you do not have to click next after each question which takes a lot more time to do. Here you just answer all the questions on one page and that is it. This is different from most paid survey sites like Pinecone Research, VIP Voice, etc.

I clicked on a few other surveys just to see if they were the same deal and they were. They all are laid out the same and are about the same length.

The Big Downside to RewardBee

Okay… So there has got to be a catch somewhere right? I mean you just can’t take a short surveys like this that it may take one minute to complete and be rewarded with $30 worth of points… Can you?

The answer is no you cannot. The disappointing side to the site is that the rewards stink, or at least I think they do. At the end of each survey there will be a rewards section where you can redeem your points for. You will be able to select up to $30 in rewards points. And as you can see pretty much every reward is for some sort of magazine…

There are a few cashback offers or coupons available that you can redeem your points for, which are nice, but overall I am very disappointed in the rewards available. I guess if the rewards were any good it would be too good to be true though.

So You Really Can Get Magazines This Easily?

I guess if you like magazines then this might be a good survey site for you.

However I’m still a bit suspicious of what is going on here. How can they possibly give you all these magazines for taking these little short surveys that only take one minute to complete and don’t require you to provide much information at all? Survey sites conduct market research and with short little crappy surveys like this there is not much research you can possibly conduct. So how is a business model like this possibly sustainable?

I just can’t imagine all of these different magazine companies sending out 10+ copies of magazines for little to no helpful information. Why would they do this? Seems a bit odd and like it might possibly be some sort of scam right?

It seems a bit fishy to me, but anyway I signed up some magazines and I guess I will see for myself if this is a legitimate paid survey site or not.

Conclusion on Reward Bee – Should You Join?

Overall I’m pretty disappointed with RewardBee. There is not much going on with the site at all and for most people it is just going to be a waste of time. There were a few good coupon offers and cashback offers that I saw on the site but even with those only a small amount of people were going to actually be interested. They don’t offer any rewards that everyone will be interested in, such as Amazon gift cards, cash via PayPal, checks in the mail, etc.

I am personally more of a fan of paid survey sites like Swagbucks, but in general I’m not really much of a fan of paid survey sites at all. Why? Well because they reward you very little for your time. With the way things are nowadays, with the Internet and all, it is very easy for the sites to collect people’s opinions and because of this the have no need to pay much money or give out much in rewards. So in general paid survey sites just are not that great and offered no ability to make any sort of substantial money with.

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