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Is Ripple Code a Scam? – You Bet It Is!

Ripple Code ScamThe Ripple Code is claimed to be able to make you $7,000 per day on autopilot… but is this really true or is this just a fraud. Is Ripple Code a scam that is just going to leave you with less money than when you started?

The truth is that Ripple Code is indeed a scam. I’m guessing you were probably already suspicious of this…. after all, you did search around and you are reading my review of it right now. In this short review I’ll be going over why its a scam and why you definitely cannot trust it at all.

James White’s Ripple Code Review

The Ripple Code has all the makings of your typical get rich quick scheme. They promise people who use this system $7,000 in profit per day. That is insane. On top of this of course it requires no work on your part. Its all completely automated and just dumps money into your bank account on autopilot.

Whenever you come across systems like this that claim to make you massive amounts of money with little to know work they are more than likely scams. You can read more about 10 ways to spot cryptocurrency scams in the post I wrote but basically just use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.


On top of everything you are supposed to believe that Ripple Code is 100% free and that James White is pretty much just giving it away from the kindness of his heart. He says that it is mutually beneficial for him but nothing about this crap makes any sense.


How This Makes You Money

The Ripple Code supposedly makes you money by flipping ads. James White claims that cryptocurrency advertising is the new big thing and its not too late to become a millionaire in the realm of cryptocurrency. But what the heck does “flipping ads” really mean?

The answer to this is I have no idea and I don’t think anyone really knows. James never really explains it at all. He keeps things very vague and pretty much you are just supposed to trust that the system works even though it makes no sense at all.

Can You Trust James White?

James White is the guy who claims to have created this amazing Ripple Code software. But can you trust him? Who is this guy really?

I mean he claims to have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other big business magazines so he must be the real deal right? Well….. actually he is a fake. You can go to and try searching for his name and you will not find anything related. Its all a lie and in the next section you will see this even more…

Old Scam System, Fancy New Name

Ripple Code is really nothing more than a re-hash of a couple older scams named Bitcoin Code, Ethereum Code, Bitcoin Millionaire Club and probably some others that I’m not aware of.

Everything is the same in the sales presentation and the website is pretty much identical with the exception of the name change and a few other minor changes.

At one point in the presentation video the guy, “James White”, tells you that he is going to log into his account and show you how the ad flipping software works. When he does this it shows you the Bitcoin Millionaire Club website…

This Ripple Code scam is so poorly put together that they couldn’t even create a new scam video to try to scam people. But hey…. its good for people like us because it makes it easier to realize that its a scam.

The guy “James White” also has went by several other names in the other scams he has been featured in. For example, in Bitcoin Code he went by the name Steve McKay as you can see here…. which also goes to show how fake this person really is.Ripple Code James White

All these scams are the same darn thing. They all talk about some stupid ad flipping software that the guy was forced to create from his boss and once he saw how good it worked he started using it for himself. And now of course he is spreading the love by helping others become millionaires.

How They Scam You Out Of Your Money

So the system is free right? That is true but how they get you is with your investment. You are going to have to invest a minimum of $250 to fund your ad flipping account. They will likely refer you to some unregulated broker that no one has ever heard of and that cannot be trusted.

If you do invest money good luck in seeing it every again. You could always use a service like MyChargeBack but I really don’t know how successful attempts to get funds back really are.

Conclusion on Ripple Code – Scam

There are some systems that I am unsure of and will tell people that they might or might not be a scam but this one I am certain on. It IS A SCAM. There is no doubt about it. This scam has been around for a while and will likely keep changing names as the cryptocurrency market evolves and grows. So just be careful out there. There are lots of scams in this area.

Ripple Code is a typical get cryptocurrency rich quick scam that preys upon those that are looking to get involved in the great opportunities that have come with cryptocurrency. It is vague, makes no sense, has plenty of lies in the presentation video, and is a scam.. plain and simple. There are a thousand other scams like it and I review them all the time. In fact, I just reviewed Bitcoin Bonanza and Bitcoin Focus Group recently which are pretty much the same deal.

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If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll try to get back to you soon ?

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