Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review – Scam Exposed? [READ FIRST]

Sam Ovens is doing quite a bit to promote his Consulting Accelerator training program and there are a lot of people claiming that this is the real deal, but is it really? Can you really trust what you year or is the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator a scam that is just going to be a massive money pit?

After all… A cost $2000 and that is a heck of a lot of money to lose… You have to make sure something like this is worth it.

There is a lot of marketing material out there for this course. I am guessing that you probably came across it after watching one of the YouTube videos, maybe you made it to the webinar, or maybe you just saw someone that you know recommending it online. But... Instead of diving rate and you took the smart route and decided to do a little bit of extra research, eventually leading you to my review here.

It's no wonder, I am familiar with some of the promotional material out there, such as the Youtube video and the webinar, which both come across as promoting your pretty typical over-hyped shady online marketing courses being sold for too much money.

The YouTube video is filled with a bunch of fluff. There's lots of talk about all the money that you can make and much of the video is about how rich and successful Sam has made it…

You might also have been concerned by the incredible number of interviews that the video has received in the high number of dislikes… More dislikes than likes.

Or maybe you are concerned by the fact that he has disabled the ability to leave comments below the video. What explanation could this possibly happen? Usually when comments are disabled it means that the video was receiving a lot of negative comments that the creator doesn't want people to see.

And as far as the webinar goes… It is also a bit of a shady creation. It is claimed to be "live" when it is obviously prerecorded… A common trick that is becoming very popular among online marketers these days, such as John Crestani of Internet Jetset and Dave Sharpe of Legendary Marketer. The purpose to make things seem a little more urgent and real to the viewer, to hopefully get them to buy in.

And if it wasn't any of these things that made you hesitant to purchase this program, and had you questioning whether or not it is a scam, and maybe it was the Facebook page that is dedicated to calling a scam.

But what can you believe?

Should you believe the people that claim they are making tons of money from this program and are praising it in every way or should you believe the people calling it a scam?

Well… In this review this is the question I seek to answer. Upon doing my research I took an unbiased approach and really looked into what Sam offers with this program. I'll be going over what exactly Consulting Accelerator is, details about Sam Ovens, the six week training program, the cost, reviews from people who have actually went through the training, and ultimately whether or not I think it is a scam.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review

Program: Consulting Accelerator

Creator: Sam Ovens

Type: Consulting business startup training

Price: $1,997

Recommended?: For some; more on this

Consulting Accelerator

What Is Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator?

In a nutshell, the Consulting Accelerator program is an online educational training program for starting your own consulting business. The idea behind it is that this training can help you quit your job and follow in Sam's footsteps.

The entire course will take six weeks to complete, if you are consistent with your work of course, and is said to be good for people of all levels of experience. Whether you are a complete newbie with no experience or are a consultant that just wants to step up their game, this course provides value.

According to Sam in some of the promotional material, if you follow along and implement the training, take action, and do what you are supposed to do, you will be able to get your first client within 42 days.

All in all I would say that this is a good training program and I like a lot of what I see. However, whether or not it is worth the $2000 price tag is a question you might have to answer for yourself. But there is a refund policy which is nice and I will talk more about this a bit later on.

Before I get into all that, who the heck is this Sam Ovens guy? Can you trust him?

Who Is Sam Ovens?

Is Sam Ovens a scam? Should we be calling him Scam Ovens?

Luckily there is a good amount of information out there about him so I was able to do a fair amount of research. I found a couple different articles written about him on Forbes as well as a short biography (also on Forbes) about himself.

If you watched the YouTube video you may have already heard this, but basically what happened is that he dropped out of college and left the corporate world to start his own consulting business, which he did in his parents' garage. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. According to this article, his first three businesses failed and it wasn't until the fourth one that he got it right.

He claims that growing up he was a very introverted person. He did a lot of observing and thinking, but not all that much talking. This led him to taking the typical path of going to college and ending up at a corporate job. But this all changed when he was able to break out of his shell and turn over a new life… A life with more freedom.

At the age of 26 years old he was able to grow his consulting company to over $10 million and he apparently has a net worth of $65 million. 

But can you trust him or is he just getting rich off of selling some overpriced scam?

We can all form our own opinions on this, and I do agree with the people that say he is a bit misleading with his over-the-top sales pages and marketing tactics, but I definitely do not think this is a scam and I do think you can trust them. He seems like a down-to-earth guy that really does want to help people.

Reading about this guy through interviews and biographies I came across, he just seems like someone that you can trust and that cares.

A Look at the 6-Week Course

As mentioned, the course is a six-week course and does not require any sort of special skills to get started with. It doesn't matter your background… It starts off with the basics and is laid out in a step-by-step manner.

Below as a look at the training on a week by week basis in the focus of the different lessons…

Week 1 - Fundamentals and Foundations

setting foundations, overview of different consultant services, picking a niche and more

Week one starts off with setting the foundations for your future consulting business. Here you get a good overview of everything and learn about the different sort of consulting services. You also pick your niche in the first week of training.

The different lessons for this week are as follows…

Week 2 - New Paradigm and World View

Week 2 includes a lot of motivational content. As I mentioned in the previous section, Sam claims to have been an introvert all his life but he was eventually able to change this, which was necessary for him to be successful with his online business.

The training here is not your typical online business training. There is a lot of talk about mindset and being able to change it to better your chances of success. He wants to help you redefine who you are, if necessary.

Week 3 - Alchemy of Client Conversion

It's all about increasing conversions and with week 3 the focus is on this. It doesn't matter if you have never made a sale in your life, Sam is going to help guide you along so that you can.

Some of the training included in this week teaches you how to come across as a big-shot so that you can convert your clients. Of course clients are not looking for some newbie... They want someone who knows what they're doing and coming across as someone who does is important.

Week 4 - Alchemy of Client Attraction

As the name suggests, the focus in week 4 is on attracting new clients. This is obviously very important. You can have the greatest consulting business in the world, but if you do not have a good marketing strategy and are not able to attract clients that are targeted and interested, you are not going to make much money or be very successful.

Week 5 - Fractal Facebook Evaluation

In week 5's training the focus is on running Facebook ads. The goal here is to be able to target the right audience and ultimately run successful ad campaigns.

Now if you have ever run Facebook ads before, which I have, then you are probably well aware that they can be incredibly successful or incredibly big failures. The great thing about Facebook is that you have the ability to really target specific niches of people to a great degree… But of course it is easier said than done.

Week 6 - Minimal Viable Service Delivery

And lastly, week 6 his focused on delivering to your clients only what you have to deliver. You want your clients to be happy with your services and you do want to over-deliver to some extent, but you do not want to provide too much because than that is just going to cut into your profits.

There is also a focus here on scaling your business while doing less work in the process.

In addition to the core training you also get access to the Facebook community and Q&A sessions that are held weekly.

As far as I have seen the training is professional and well-rounded. He takes you through everything, as if you are starting from nothing.... But is it really worth the price?

The Cost: Too Much?

Is it really worth a whopping $2000? That is a heck of a lot of money to lose if it isn't.

First off, let me just say that it is very hard to put a price tag on something like this, as it is for any sort of "make money online" training.

If you end up walking away with a successful consulting business that is making you a ton of money, then heck yeah it was worth it. But if you don't… Then I assume you would consider it to be a waste of money.

He claims that over 3500 students have been able to quit their jobs after going through this training. So for these 3500 students I would bet they would say is well worth the money. But what about those who fail? Maybe some of them just aren't cut out for it or maybe some of them fail to really put in the effort and take action… There are lots of variables that play and reasons why people might fail.

I agree that it is very expensive, but I also see that Sam isn't one of those sleazy online marketers that keeps you hooked and keeps reeling you in, shoving more and more products/programs down your throat. As I mentioned earlier, I do agree with the people saying that his sales pitches and marketing tactics are a bit misleading, but other than that I see a lot of good.

He does offer to other higher level programs after Consulting Accelerator, which you could say are upsells (Uplevel Consulting and Quantum Mastermind), but he does not force them upon you like you often see happening in the online marketing world.

Refund Policy:

Another nice thing to see is that there is a refund policy. However, it seems that getting this refund is much easier said than done. According to some of the complaints I have read through, that I will go over in a second, getting a refund can be a real hassle and you often get the runaround and delayed responses.

It also can be very difficult getting your refund because you only can get this refund if you have taken enough action and really put enough effort into it. You can't just sit back and do nothing then complain and ask for a refund because he didn't make any money.

But who is it that decides whether or not you put enough effort into it? It isn't you.

What People Who Have Went Through The Training Are Saying

If you go to Sam Ovens' website, which is, you will find tons and tons of positive customer reviews… Over 3000 of them in total and it seems that they all are video reviews left by people...

There are so many great things being said about the program and it seems incredible, but it makes you start to wonder… Can it really be this good? Can these reviews be fake or manipulated?

While some of them may be fake, I have watched quite a bit of them and in my opinion they seem to be legit. I have reviewed many online scams over the years and have come across many fake video testimonials… They just don't seem to fit in with the fake ones. Also it would be an almost unfathomable task to get over 3000 fake reviews… It just isn't realistic.

However... In the back of my mind I kept thinking about the YouTube video and how the comments were disabled. While the reviews on his website may be legitimate, is it possible that they were also a lot of negative reviews left that he removed?

I don't have a definite answer for this, but my guess is Yes.

I was able to find a handful of negative reviews on the popular review site Pissed Consumer. Now for those of you who don't know, Pissed Consumer is a site where anyone can go to leave negative reviews about products/services. It is where pissed consumers go to rant and let it all out. And while these reviews can also be easily manipulated, it is a good way to see different people's opinions and hear the negative sides of things that you won't hear elsewhere.

The overall rating for Sam Ovens consulting business on Pissed Consumer is a 3.1 out of 5 stars… Not too bad but definitely not as good as you expect after seeing the reviews on his website.

You will see a variety of different complaints on this website. Such as this one that confirms my suspicion that Sam is deleting negative reviews or things that go against what he is saying…

And then you will also find reviews calling him an outright scam artist…

While I do agree that there are some complaints and I can see where some of these people are coming from, I also have to say that the people calling him a scam artist usually don't have that good of arguments… Although it does seem to be true that they give you a hard time if you want a refund.

Scam or Not?

We all have different opinions of what should be considered a scam and what shouldn't be, but in my opinion this is not a scam. He does provide a lot of value, even for the $2000 price tag, and I just do not see this being a scam because of that.

Now if it were some junk training program that no one was seeing success from then I would definitely call this a scam, but of course it isn't.

The Problem: 

There are two problems as far as I see… Two reasons that people were calling this a scam.

The first is that the sales pitch is a little bit too much. It is a bit over-the-top and misleading. This leads people to be sucked and because it sounds awesome, but they really don't know what they're getting themselves into… Which leads to them calling it a scam.

The second problem is that there needs to be a better refund policy. It is very hard to determine whether or not someone has put enough effort into this for them to be able to get a refund. There needs to be a more clear-cut policy for this so that everyone is getting treated fairly.

Conclusion - Worth The Money?

Saying that it isn't a scam and saying that it is worth the money are two totally different things. Just because it is in a scam definitely does not mean it is worth the money.

Whether or not it is worth it ultimately comes down to you. There are a lot of people who might be getting lured into this that aren't cut out for this line of work. As I mentioned earlier, Sam attributes much of his success to being able to evolve and change his introverted ways, but who is to say that this training is going to effectively help everyone change that needs to?

There is no doubt that many people are going to fail at this, but who knows… You could be one of those people that is cut out for it and might see great success. You are the only person who can answer this question.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. If you are looking to start a consulting business and think you have what it takes, I do think that Consulting Accelerator is a good program worth considering.

If you are starting to second-guess yourself and doubt whether this whole consulting business thing is right for you, you may want to take a different path and see how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month working online. I know, I know... it is nowhere near how much Sam Ovens makes, but it is still a nice living and it still provides me with the "freedom lifestyle" that running an online business gives you.

Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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