Is Scribie a Scam? – [Honest Review]

scribieScribie provides a transcription service and hires people to work from home to do the transcribing. But is this place any good? Or is Scribie a scam in one way or another?

Well I’ll get straight to the point here and tell you that they are not a scam. They do provide a legitimate service and you can make money online with them… However, it might not be what you are looking for.

Scribie Review

Scribie, like BabbleType, provides a transcription service for companies and individuals that need audio recordings transcribed into text. To perform the work they hire people like you and I to do the job from home. The good thing about this job is that you can work as little or as much as you want to and you don’t need any experience to get it.

However the pay isn’t very great, but this largely depends on you, as you will see shortly.

Requirements for the Job

For you to be able to perform this job you will need…

  • A computer
  • High speed internet connection
  • A foot pedal (recommended)
  • A headset
  • Adobe flash player (free software)

You will also need to be fluent in the English language because the audio files you will be transcribing will be in English. On top of this you will also need to be a pretty fast typer for this job to be worth it at all for you.

How It Works

Its pretty easy to get accepted to work for Scribie so hopefully you will get on-board. There will be a short test you have to take before getting started but it is nothing to be worried about.

Once you are on-board you will be able to go through a bunch of audio files that need transcribed and pick & choose what you want to do. You will be able to preview the files first to see if they are ones you would be interested in working with.

These files will consist of all sorts of things like interviews, lectures, conference meetings, etc. It doesn’t matter what they are about or what type they are. The same job needs to be done for all of them. You simply need to listen to them and turn them into writing on the computer.

They also offer the job of a Reviewer, which is when you get paid to review other people’s transcriptions. This is a job you can get promoted to after working as a transcriber. You can also get promoted to Self Reviewer in which you will be able to review your own work and get paid more.

Getting Paid

If you are expecting to make much money at Scribie you might want to close your eyes for this section because its only going to lead to disappointment.

You will get paid $1 for every 6 minutes of audio you transcribe. That is the base pay. This means that you will get paid $10 for every hour of audio transcribed.

Sounds good right?

Its not. You see you aren’t getting paid for the time you work, but for the amount of audio transcribed. Often times it will take people 2-4 times longer transcribing it than the actual audio length because they have to keep pausing it and replaying it as they go through.

As far as getting paid goes… they pay through PayPal so you will need an account if you don’ t already have one. There is no minimum amount you need to be able to withdrawal your money and you can expect to get it within 24 hours of doing so.


Little Pay

Of course the low pay is one of the biggest complaints you will come across. Most people are going to be making less than minimum wage with this that is for sure. If you are a really slow typer then this isn’t going to be worth it at all in my opinion.

Little Work

At times there might not be all that many available transcriptions to work on. This isn’t a very common complaint but it happens.

Difficult Transcriptions

Some transcriptions will be difficult to listen to and work on while others will be clear and easy. This all depends and is part of the job.

Note: Many of the complaints I looked through came from Glassdoor, which is a site anyone can submit anonymous reviews to about their job.

Conclusion on Scribie – Good Opportunity?

Scribie is nice because you don’t need any experience to get hired and you can work as little or as much as you want to, whenever you want to, but you won’t make much. There is a bit of room to move up in the company but you still won’t have much potential to earn.

So if you are thinking about joining just know the reality of it.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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