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Secret Society of Millionaires – Another Very Misleading Sales Pitch

Secret Society of MillionairesJason Alton claims that there is a “Secret Society of Millionaires” and that he is opening up new spots for mentorship right now. He claims that with this simple automated system can generate over $10,000 per month. But is this too good to be true? Is Secret Society of Millionaires a Scam is going to all of you of your money? Or is this the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for?

In this review I’m going to be getting over the reality of what’s happening here. The truth is that a sales presentation is extremely misleading and makes things same way better than what they really are. While you can make money with the system it is not the simple, easy, magical system that Jason claims it is.

Secret Society of Millionaires Review

The sales presentation is put on by a man named Jason Alton. He claims that he is opening up mentor-ship for this secret society and that there will only be a 20 spot capacity. And of course over on the right side of the screen no problem failure there’s only one or two spots left. However, none of this is true. There are unlimited spots for this program and I’m going to be showing you why this is the case in this review.

Since you are reading this review, I’m guessing that you’re suspicious of the claims made in the sales presentation. It pretty much seems like your typical online scam. He claims that is extremely easy, that you didn’t need any experience, that you can make tons of money, and that it runs on complete autopilot. Oh yeah, and of course somehow you are one of the lucky many people to get this private invitation.

But like I said, most of the information given in the sales presentation is very misleading. Here are a few things you should know before I get into what is really being sold to you here, which isn’t what he tells you.

Some Red Flags

#1 – Only 20 Spots Left!

He tells you that there are only 20 spots left, but this is not true. You could come to the website in a week from now and it would be telling you the same thing. This is just what you call false scarcity, and it is intended to get people to buy into this as fast as possible without doing the proper research and really thinking about it.

Believe me when I say this guy will take all the members he can possibly get to join.

#2 – By Invitation Only

He tells you that you can only land on his website by invitation only. But this is not true as well. Anyone can go to and sign up.

#3 – Its a Secret System

This system that he is referring you to is not a secret at all. It is being promoted all over the Internet right now and is not a secret by any stretch of the imagination. You will see why when I explain what this really is a second.

#4 – It Runs On Complete Autopilot

No it does not run on complete autopilot. There are lots of great automated characteristics with this online business as well as any other business, but it is far from being complete auto pilot.

#5 – The Testimonials Are Fake

the testimonials that were shown in the video presentation actually all fake. The people in these testimonials paid actors that you can hire on the website Fiverr. I recognized the one woman in the one testimonial video right away because I have seen her in others before. As you can see below this is the same woman from Fiver that you can pay to do a “natural video as a spokesperson”…

#6 – They Have Never Been Featured On The News

Jason claims that this program has been featured on various news sites but this is another lie. They show real news clips in the presentation video but these have nothing to do with the program that Jason is trying to sell you.

If you wanted to you could go to any of the news websites and search for Secret Society of Millionaires, but you would not find a thing related to it.

Whats REALLY Going On Here… The Truth

Basically all this is, is a sales funnel for another program called MOBE. And you can see this if you go to the checkout page and scroll down to the bottom where you will see…

So what the heck is MOBE?

MOBE is a digital marketing training program that provides the tools and training for making money online. In particular, it mostly provides training and tools so that you can go out and get other members to buy into MOBE. So you buy in to make money online and then you get the training and tools to make money online by getting others to buy in.

And if you thought that the $37 is all its going to cost then you are in for a rude awakening. This is just the beginning of a very expensive program. MOBE is what you call a “high ticket” program, meaning that it gets extremely expensive. The $37 product is just an introductory product that’s purpose is to get people’s feet in the door.

There are different products within the MOBE program, which are somewhat like different tiers of membership and they go up in price all the way to $29,997…mobe cost

With MOBE it is possible to make money using the tools and training for any online business venture but the reality is that you are pushed to promote MOBE. And if you do this you will have to buy the more expensive products. Why? Well because you have to buy them if you want to make money promoting them with MOBE’s licensing rights business model.

So its going to get very expensive.

Conclusion on Secret Society of Millionaires

There is no “Secret Society of Millionaires”. The Secret Society of Millionaires website is a site created by Jason Alton who is a member of MOBE and makes money promoting it. He is doing what is very common for MOBE members to do, which is promote this program as some magical opportunity that you have to buy into right now, that is super easy, and that anyone can become rich with. I review MOBE promotional sites like this all the time, Your Easy Business and Get Money Relief for example, and its always the same deal.

MOBE has a serious problem with members promoting things in a very misleading way and pretty much scamming people. You can make money with it but it just isn’t as easy as it seems. Sure they do provide you with done-for-you sales funnels and products to promote, but it is still up to you to go out and do the marketing, which is easier said than done. That is why members often go the route of suckering in new members with lies and deceit.

Anyways…. I don’t recommend MOBE but if its something that you are interested in then go for it. Its just not my style.

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