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Is Seven Dollar Click a Scam? – Read This Now

Seven Dollar ClickSeven Dollar Click claims to pay people $7 just for clicking on ads. This is pretty crazy because most PTC (paid to click) sites will pay you less than $0.01 for clicking on an ad. This place literally claims to pay over 700X the amount of places that are known to be legit.

So is Seven Dollar Click a scam? That is the logical question that you should be asking yourself. And since you are reading my review here I’m guessing you are asking that question. Well the sad truth is that yes it is a scam and in this review I’ll be going over why.

Seven Dollar Click Review

As mentioned, Seven Dollar Click ( is a PTC site that claims to pay people $7 per click, which is insanely high. Now you might be a little confused on the business model here and wondering if PTC sites can even be legitimate in the first place. The answer is yes… there are legit ptc sites out there… this just isn’t one of them.

There really are sites that will pay you to click on ads. Neobux and GPT Planet are good examples of these. Advertisers pay these sites to place ads and then they pay people to click on the ads. Its a pretty simple business model. The difference, as I said, between any legitimate ptc that I’ve ever seen and Seven Dollar Click is that this Seven Dollar Click site claims to pay over 700 times the amount of sites that I  know to be legit.

How It Works

Its free to sign up but in order to cash out you will have to pay for one of their memberships, which they do not tell you in the beginning. The cheapest membership available is $79 for one month.

The links that they provide for you to click and make money can be on just about anything because anyone can pay to advertise on this site. Usually they have to do with making money online or something like that but there is no telling what you will find.

Some links even claim to pay out $14 for you to click on them which is so crazy I can’t even fathom it. Once you do click these links you will have to stay on the page for 25 seconds in order to get credit for it.

This Isn’t Making Sense…

Ok, so the reason that most PTC sites will pay less than $0.01 per click is because that is all they can afford to pay. They provide very cheap traffic for advertisers so they really don’t make all that much money, which means that they can’t pay that much money.

PTC sites are notorious for cheap advertising. They get people to click on ads but the traffic is untargeted and doesn’t convert well. The people clicking on the ads are just clicking to make money and often times don’t care about the ad at all. This is the problem and this is why PTC sites are very cheap. They can’t really charge more or else no one will pay to advertise with them.

Seven Dollar Click provides the same form of cheap advertising. The difference here is that they require members to pay for memberships, whereas most PTC sites do not.

So this kind-of makes sense because some of the money they are making comes from the memberships which means they have more money they can afford to pay people to click on the ads. But what doesn’t make sense is that you only need to have a paid membership in order to cash out.

The cash out minimum is $7,000. So you could make up to $7k as a free member, clicking on ads and earning $7 each, and then when you get to the minimum you could pay for a month of membership and cash out. This really doesn’t make any sense because everyone would be doing this and Seven Dollar Click would be losing tons of money.

Conclusion on Seven Dollar Click – Good Opportunity?

Seven Dollar Click is a place that really doesn’t seem to be legit. Its pretty much the same thing as Two Dollar Click, Three Dollar Click, Four Dollar Click, etc…. all of which claim to pay you amounts for clicking on ads that just don’t make any sense.

Something else that I didn’t really go over about this site that is very suspicious is their cash out minimum. Why would they make you get to $7,000 before cashing out? Who does this? This is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard besides this place claiming they pay $7 per click.

There are legitimate PTC sites out there but this just isn’t one of them. But like I said, they usually pay lower than $0.01 per click anyways so they are, in my opinion, huge wastes of time that have no real potential.

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