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Is Signature Surveys Legit? – Avoid This Place

Is Signature Surveys Legit

Signature Surveys claims to be a nice way to make some extra money online by testing out products/services and taking surveys. But is this place really any good and is it worth your time? After all… Every website like this claims to be the best opportunity out there but many of them are ones you want to avoid. So is Signature Surveys legit or is this all a scam?

With the $5 instant bonus that you get after signing up and they chance to win an extra $20 bonus I can see how this survey site may be luring. The $5 bonus is nice, but a lot of different survey sites offer bonuses up to $5 for signing up. It is the $20 bonus that really gives this place the edge… $20 is a lot of money to be given out as a bonus.

But anyways… As you can see from the title of my review here, I do not care for the site and I do not recommend that anyone join. In this review you will be seeing why I am saying this.

Signature Surveys Review

Upon landing on the Signature Surveys website it seems like pretty much every other paid survey website out there. They claim to pay people for testing out and reviewing products/services, taking surveys, and referring other people to join.

All sounds well… I mean it is obvious that you will be taking surveys on a site called “signature surveys” and getting to test out free products/services sounds like fun.

As four is getting paid goes… They claim to pay via PayPal or check and you need a minimum balance of $20 before being able to request a payment.

But how good is this site really? How much do the surveys pay and how much do you get paid for testing out products? Well… Unfortunately I never made its this point because of the horrible experience I have added during the sign-up process, as I will go over below…

Spammy Sign Up Process

When you go to sign up it starts out just like any normal sign-up process would. You first start by entering your name, email, phone number, address, etc. After you submit that information is when it starts to get very spammy and makes you question whether or not this site is actually legitimate.

You will be taken to a “survey” that they claim that helps them better match you with offers you will be interested in. However… The survey is nothing more than a bunch of promotions basically. They try to get you to sign up for a bunch of different offers in the reason they’re doing this is because they are getting paid when people do sign up for these offers.

You can see a screenshot I talked below of some of the offers they were shoving down my throat…

And it doesn’t end there. There were four pages of these offers, which was ridiculous, and I answered no to every single offer. I don’t want to sign up for other paid survey sites and I am not interested in signing up for any of these offers because I know that I will just end up getting bombarded with emails if I do.

Something else worth mentioning is that many of the offers they are pushing on me were likely scams. I saw things like work from home opportunities where you could supposedly start making over $5000 per month, opportunities to blend free cruises and vacations, and a bunch of ridiculous things that seemed too good to be true.

After answering knows every single offer for four pages, I was then presented with a list of offers in which they gave me no option to answer no. As you can see below, my only choice is to answer yes and I have to answer yes to these offers before moving forward.

This is the point in which I just gave up. I have experience with a lot of different survey sites, dozens of which I have reviewed on my blog here, and any site like this I will avoid. There are plenty of different paid survey sites out there and there is certainly no shortage… Which means there is no point in signing up for spammy ones like this.

You are literally forced to accept a bunch of offers which you probably have no interest in… What type of legitimate survey site would do this?

What About The $20 Bonus?

I honestly don’t even know if the $20 bonus exists. I think it might just be a marketing stunt used to to glory in as many new members as possible and then force them into accepting offers, as they forced me to do.

The reason I don’t think this bonus exists is because it just doesn’t make much sense to me. In the FAQ section of the website, they tell you that in order to claim this bonus you first have to request to cash out. This means that you first have to get the $20 minimum in your account in order to cash out, then you can send a payment request for the $20 bonus to and tell them what method of payment you want.

I don’t know about you but that will process seems very strange. They are going to give you a $20 bonus just for reaching the minimum $20 cash out amount? And then sends the cash out minimum is $20 and you are going to get a $20 bonus… You would just be able to cash out two times in a row. This really doesn’t make sense and I can’t see any paid survey site going through with this. This seems like a bonus that would put the company out of business.

What Other People Are Saying

Of course it is always very important to see what other People are saying about opportunities like this. I like to form my own opinion on things, but I do find it very important to learn from other people’s experiences.

The problem is that there is virtually no one talking about this place. It was very hard for me to find any reviews from real users. And what I did find was only a few complaints, such as receiving tons of spam emails after signing up, which I would expect.

Something else that is very strange is their Facebook page. Why is a strange? Well… The page hasn’t been updated since 2013. There were a lot of posts made back in 2013 and then they abruptly stopped. Why is this? The survey site is supposedly still up and running so this seems a bit odd…

Something else that I noticed is that the comments on their Facebook page seem to be fake. There are a lot of people commenting in saying the exact same things over and over again with little difference in how they are cited. I’m talking about things like people saying… I love taking surveys, the surveys keep coming and coming!, And a bunch of stupid comments like that.

My Opinion Of Things

My final opinion of this website is very bad. It seems like a rundown old survey site that you want to stay away from. They are just trying to make as much money as possible off of people by first suckering them in with the $20 bonus, which probably does not exist, and then forcing them agree to a bunch of offers which they probably don’t even want. which reminds me of Survey Money Machines and Make Survey Money.

I don’t know about you, but I like survey sites that treat you like more of a person… Not ones like this that try to harvest every bit of money they can out of you.

Better Alternatives

As I said, there are many different options out there if you are looking to make money taking surveys online. FusionCash and the Swagbucks would be my top two recommendations if you are looking to do such. Both sites, besides offering paid surveys, also offer a variety of other ways to make some extra money, such as by watching videos, completing offers, etc.

That said, you should know that paid survey websites are only good for making small amounts of money in your spare time. You will not make anything significant even with the best of these paid survey websites. They are best looked at as ways to make some extra pocket change. So if this is what you are looking for then go for it, but if not then you may want to look into other avenues.

Something else you may be interested in is how I make money working online, which you could also do. I started working online back in 2015 and currently do so full-time, making a heck of a lot more money than I ever could on some paid survey website. But anyways… You can click the button below to learn more and learn how you can get started doing the same:

if you have any comments or questions please leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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