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Is Super Affiliate Success System a Scam? – What You Should Know

Is The Super Affiliate Success System a Scam

Super Affiliate Success System claims to be able to force-feed you 4 to 6 checks per month directly into your bank account. It is also said to be able to churn out commissions of up to $5500 on complete autopilot. But what is the catch to all of this? It seems that there is always a catch doesn’t it? Is this program even legitimate or is Super Affiliate Success System a scam that you should be avoiding?

While you can make money with this system there are a few very important things that you should know before hand… Things that they do not tell you. In this review I’ll be going over what you need to know as well as exposing some of the lies they tell you. The truth is that the system is not the super amazing system that is said to be in that there is a big catch to it all.

Super Affiliate Success System Review

Super Affiliate Success System (at superaffiliatesuccesssystem.com) has the typical get-rich-quick scheme feel to it. When you land on the website you are presented with a video that portrays the system at some magical fairytale system that runs on autopilot with little to no work, cranking in the commissions.

Of course you are told that you are “extremely lucky” to be on the page in that you will get over $2000 in bonuses just for watching the video. I don’t remember exactly what the spokeswoman said in the video but I believe she tells you that you are one of the lucky few to be selected for this amazing system. But wait…Oh No,… If you don’t act now this video could be down in 5 to 10 minutes…

This is all just what you call false scarcity, which is a marketing tactic used to get people to buy in as fast as possible. But none of it is true. This video will not be down in 5 to 10 minutes and you will go to come back in a week or even a month it will still be there.

One thing that I found rather humorous is that she tells you what you are hearing “cannot leave this webpage”. She says that you are not allowed to share this info with anyone and it has to remain a secret. The reason this is funny is because this website is open to the public. It is not part of the dark web and anyone can go to it to watch this video presentation and buy into the opportunity.

“Tanya Christensen” a sufficiently the spokeswoman that is presenting the video, but who knows if this woman really exists or not. During the video presentation whenever she introduced herself there is a picture shown that you can see below. I ran a reverse Google image search for this picture and found that it is used all over the place online, on many different websites. What this more than likely means is that the image is a stock photo that anyone can buy and use online. In other words… It is NOT Tanya Christensen…

This is one of the first major red flags because it is something that I can prove to you is a lie.

The Super Affiliate Success System Tanya Christensen

Buy anyways, let’s talk about the system here.

The System You Are Being Sold

You are told that this system can generate you $1000, $2000, $3500, or even $5500 commissions on autopilot and that it was created by a guy named Misha who supposedly gave the system to her.

And of course, like every make money online system out there, this is a “simple done for you system”.

What Is It Really?

Really the Super Affiliate Success System is just part of a sales funnel to get you to buy into the Super Affiliate Network, which is a high ticket affiliate training/mentorship program created by a guy named Misha Wilson.

The program consists of different membership levels/products it is one of the systems that you buy into to make money online and then end up making money online by trying to get letters to buy into it as well.

When you join your provided with online marketing training and tools. Additionally you are set up with “done for you” sales pages, email templates, lead capture pages, etc. so that you can promote the system to other people. So what you will be doing is advertising Super Affiliate Network as a way to make money online and that sending people to the sales page. When they buy in you earn commissions.

The Cost of This.. What They Don’t Tell You

What they don’t tell you is the true cost of the system. The basic membership is only $47 a month and sometimes they have one dollar trials offers going on that you can sign up through. However… This is only for the basic membership. There are multiple other membership going up to Pro Membership which costs $2497…

  • Basic Membership
    • $47/month after
  • Premium Membership
    • $97 one time charge
    • Special offer for new members -Is only available upon initial purchase
  • Super Membership
    • $47/month
  • Pro Membership
    • $2,497 one time charge

And there is more than just of this. The most expensive product within the Super Affiliate Network is the Maui Intensive Mentoring, which costs $12,497. This is the tippy top of the product selection. With this product you will get a ticket for a four day mentoring session from Mischa himself.

The Catch

There is a reason to upgrade through the memberships. Of course each higher-priced membership includes more training and more resources for success than the last. But there is another reason why you are going to pretty much have to upgrade and purchase more expensive products.

The reason is because in order to earn commissions selling these products you first have to buy them yourself. So if you buy in at the Basic Membership level then you are only going to be able to earn commissions when others buy in at the Basic Membership level, which really won’t give you the ability to earn all that much because it is only $47 per month.

If you want to earn big commissions like those talked about in the Super Affiliate Success System sales funnel, then you’re going to have to buy the more expensive products. If you want to have the ability to earn $5500 commissions then your first going to have to spend more than this. This is how other programs like MOBE and Legendary Marketer work as well.

This Is NOT All Done-For-You

One thing that I think is worth mentioning and you should definitely know is that this is NOT completely done for you. If it were already completely done than what would be the point of having people join and sign up for it? If you’re already completely done you would need anyone to join. The system would run on its own. But the reality is that this is not all completely done for you and it will take work on your part.

There are many done-for-you components to the system, such as the premade sales pages that I mentioned. Basically the system is set up so that you can make money with it but in order to make money with it you first have to send people into the system. You are the one that has to go out and advertise the opportunity, collect leads, and send them to the sales pages. Now this might sound easy. It might sound like 99% of the work is done for you, but this is probably one of the most difficult parts of online marketing.

Traffic generation is the lifeblood of online business and it is much easier said than done. I have been making money in the online space since 2015 and I can take this from personal experience. I have experience with SEO, Facebook advertising, Bing advertising, etc. and know how it is.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

I would call Super Affiliate Success System a scam at least to some extent. The fact of the matter is that the opportunity at hand is misrepresented as being much better than it really is. You are told all the good and not told anything about the money that you will have to spend if you actually want to be able to earn large commissions.

I am not a fan of these types of high ticket systems in particular. I find that they sucker many people in and then force them into upsells and to promote the same system to others. Sure… you can apply what you are given to any online business but the focus is on getting members to promote the system.

Besides this, Super Affiliate Network is also out of the budget range of most people. It is just too darn expensive to get started with.

My recommendation for beginners looking to make money online would be programs like Wealthy Affiliate, which is 100x more affordable. I actually started out with the Wealthy Affiliate training program back in 2015 and am making a living working online now, which goes to prove that it does work. Its a great program for beginners in particular but is also a good choice for intermediate level online marketers. I’m not going to get into it here, but if you want to learn more you can read my review by clicking the button below…

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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