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Is The Sweatcoin App a Scam? – In This Review, What You Need to Know

Can you really get paid for being active… For the steps you take on a daily basis? It sounds like one heck of a strange concept, but with the Sweatcoin app you can… Or at least that is what they say. But is this the real deal and can you really make money with this or is the Sweatcoin app a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?

After coming across this app I knew I had to write a review on it to let others know what they're getting into. Yes, you really can make money by simply being active and doing what you already do, without changing your lifestyle or daily routine at all. However, I see a lot of reviews out there acting like this app is the greatest thing ever and like you can make tons of easy money with that, when the reality is different.

In my review here I plan on leaving no stone unturned. I will be going over what exactly this app is, how it works and how they pay you, using the app, how much money you can realistically make, rewards, complaints and more. I'll be going over the goods and the bads of the app in an unbiased approach.

For some this app may be worth downloading and using, for others maybe not… After reading this review you will know whether or not it is right for you.

Sweatcoin App Review

App Name: Sweatcoin

Type: Paid for being active

Cost: Free to use

Recommended?: Overall, yes

SweatCoin App

What Is The Sweatcoin App?

The Sweatcoin App is a very innovative new app that is free to use and rewards its users for being active, whether it be walking around, jogging, playing sports, etc. It is not like you actually have to be "exercising" as you may think. One can simply go about their normal daily routine and be rewarded for the activity they are involved in.

And if you want to pick up the pace, you can make it exciting by competing against your friends within the app… Working competition and pushing towards a healthier future.

The app measures your activity by measuring your steps taken, just as a pedometer does. For each step taken that is verified to be legitimate you are rewarded with a certain amount of Sweatcoins, which is the digital currency that keeps this app going, which is something that they made up and it does have value because you can use these Sweatcoins to get rewards of real value.

The reason this app is becoming so darn popular so darn fast is because of the obvious, people can make money without doing anything extra in their lives… Simply by downloading an app. You will going to do the walking around that you normally do regardless, so why not get paid for it?

But how does this actually work? It is one heck of a strange concept to even imagine that they can pay you for being active. Don't worry… I will go over how it all works next because I know everyone is probably wondering this and thinking that this has got to be a scam.

How Can They Possibly Pay You For Being Active?

The big question, how can they possibly pay people for exercising or being active? This is a question I knew I had to look into because after coming across this app it made no sense to me either. However, they are actually paying people and that money has to be coming from somewhere, but where?

Well... For starters, according to this article, the app has received over $6 million in funding which helps to increase the value of Sweatcoin. Investors see the value in the app and things could get better for the app and people using it.

The reason this app has value is because it provides a platform for manufacturers in the health niche to promote their products on, and I guess not just in the health niche because you also see a lot of other products being promoted here that really have nothing to do with health.

When I talk about the products being promoted, I am talking about the different products that you can spend the Sweatcoins you earned to get, which have real value. But I will get more into all of this later on in the review.

How it works is like this, companies are willing to give away gadgets, free trial services, and all sorts of discount items if it means they are possibly going to get good exposure and it will lead to more sales down the road. It is all about promotion and advertising. Competition among companies promoting their products on the Sweatcoin platform create some healthy competition that leads to better available rewards.

To be honest, it is still a bit confusing to me, but I do see that this app as real value and is able to make money, which it uses a portion of to reward its users for being active.

Tracking Steps

So basically the app works just like a pedometer… It tracks your steps and you get rewarded based on the number of steps that you take. If your device has a built-in pedometer than it will use that, but if not it will use Google Fit, which is what most people's devices are probably going to be using.

After every 2000 steps, the app will send the data into be verified, although you can force send the steps to be verified sooner. There is an anti-cheat algorithm in place to make sure that your steps are legitimate (there are some problems with this that I will talk about in the complaints section) and for every 1000 verified Sweatcoin steps you are given once Sweatcoin, minus a 5% commission.

Most people using this app are probably going to be free members, which will place a daily cap of 5 Sweatcoins that they can earn, which may not sound like much but it is plenty.

Using The App

Using the app really couldn't be any easier, or at least I don't see how it could be. After installing the app and getting things set up, which doesn't take long at all, it will simply run in the background and there is really nothing you have to do.

When you open up the app you will see a very simple layout as is shown in the screenshot below. It will show you the total steps taken for the day and the total Sweatcoins earned, which are the result of your "Sweatcoin verified" steps, which are the steps that have been verified to be legitimate by the anti-cheat algorithm.

Really you don't have to do anything at all, besides of course taking steps as you normally would on a daily basis. The app runs silent in the background and the steps you take are automatically sent to be verified every so often, so really all you have to do is keep doing what you are doing and maybe monitor it every once in a while to make sure things are running smoothly.

How Much Money Can You Realistically Make?

While a lot of people are promoting this app as some amazing way to make cash on the side, I'm going to give you the cold hard reality here and tell you that you will not realistically make much of any money with this. The people that you see acting like this is some newfound path to financial freedom are just promoting it to make some extra money, or at least that is how it usually seems to be.

The fact of the matter is that you will not make much… Even if you do a heck of a lot of walking on a daily basis. You see, there is a difference between the total number of steps taken and "Sweatcoin verified" steps. One of the big complaints about this app is that the step tracker is not all that great and I have never seen anyone who even comes close to being rewarded for all of their steps taken.

Not only does the step tracker not work all that great, but Sweatcoin is a real stickler when it comes to verifying the legitimate steps. Their anti-cheat algorithm really doesn't seem to be all that great and often times seems to cheat the people who really are taking legitimate steps instead of stopping those who aren't.

That said, they do help people out a bit by giving things like the Daily Bonuses, which are bonuses that you can earn 1 Sweatcoin from simply by clicking a button to claim the bonus. You will then be directed to watch an ad or something along these lines in order to get your bonus.

However, you have to be quick at this because if you wait too long you will get the message of "Sorry, all of my Daily Bonuses are attending other users. Please come back later!" This bonus is reset 5 hours after you claim it so if you do get this message you shouldn't have to wait long.

The Referral Program

Just like pretty much any app out there, there is a referral program where you can get rewarded for referring other people to use the app.

You get paid 5 Sweatcoins for every successful referral you bring in. That said, it's not like you can just start referring in a bunch of dummy accounts and get credit for them. The referrals you bring in will be verified to be real and legitimate so you can't really cheat the system here.

If you want to help me and my site out so I can keep writing honest reviews like this, you can join with my referral link here. This will not cost you anything but will help me out.


As I talked about earlier, companies promote their products/services here and this is partly how the Sweatcoin app makes money to be able to pay you.

You can find all sorts of various rewards here, including things like workout gear, trial services, PayPal cash, gadgets, etc.

Some of the current rewards that are available to me right now include the following…

  • 4 months of free Tidal music - 4.99
  • iPhone XS - 20k
  • $1,000 in cash - 20k
  • $50 Nike gift card - 3,650
  • $50 Starbucks gift card - 3,648
  • Fabric Smart Speaker - 2,499.99

But the available rewards change and I think they even vary depending on your location. Right now there really aren't all that many rewards available, but in the future I think there will be a lot more companies promoting through this app. And besides, as long as there is some form of cash available, whether it be via PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account, that is good enough for me.

And yes, some of these rewards are extremely expensive and may seem far out of reach. However, for some rewards you can actually pull your money together with friends to get rewards you wouldn't be able to afford on your own.


Now on to the section you have all been waiting for, the complaints. You might want to grab a snack and to sit back for this, because there are a fair number of complaints that I will be going over, all of which I think are worth mentioning.

Takes Forever to Earn Enough

As you already know, it takes a while to earn Sweatcoins. I mentioned that most people don't even come close to getting credit for all of the steps they actually take, and many of the rewards are very expensive which means it will take forever to earn enough.

This is a complaint, but then again… This app is free to use and you are getting paid to do something that is healthy and that you will be doing regardless.

You Have to Pay Shipping

Of course this depends on what reward you are going for, but yes many of them you will have to pay shipping on. It is not like Amazon prime where you can get free 2 day shipping. But this makes sense… Making the customer pay for shipping is probably how it should be. We are just getting to used to awesome services like Amazon.

App Takes Too Much Commission

The app does take 5% commissions out of the Sweatcoins that you earn. Some people will complain about this, but I don't really see 5% being all that much. Anyways, it is what it is.

Step Count Is Off 

This is either the number one complaint out there, or it is in a tie with the next complaint I will go over.

The step count is off! How annoying is that? You take a certain number of steps in the app claims that you have taken less steps than you actually have. There have been plenty of people who have actually counted their steps or have used good quality pedometers to notice this difference.

It appears that if you are walking slowly the app might not give you credit for the steps.

The "Anti-Cheat" Algorithm

And after having less recorded steps then you actually talk, your steps still need to pass through the "anti-cheat" algorithm in order to become verified. This will whack off another portion of the steps you talk… Because they won't be considered "Sweatcoin verified steps".

There are a a lot of people complaining about this "anti-cheat" algorithm, claiming that it is just cheating the people who are actually taking legitimate steps and not trying to cheat the system.

I have read reviews from people claiming they have taken as much as 6000 steps, yet having gotten verified for 1000 of them. Now of course I have no way of verifying these claims and it could be completely understandable that these people are getting credit, but I think is worth mentioning.

Only Works Outside

The app clearly states that it only converts GPS-verified outdoor steps, not indoor steps. It tells you this after you install the app and open it for the first time. I am not sure the reason behind this, but it is definitely a downside.

That said, I see a lot of complaints from people who are mad about how they walk around all day at the office and don't get credit, or work at at some restaurant where they walk in insane amount each night but don't get credit. Well of course you are going to get credit… This walking is all done inside and it clearly states that you will not be getting credit for indoor steps.

It Takes a Toll On Your Battery

As you can imagine this app takes a toll on your device's battery, as any app will when it is running. Now it doesn't drain your battery like crazy and I guess I would consider it inefficient app, but it does take a noticeable toll on the battery and this can be a bit annoying.

Pros v Cons


  • Free to use
  • You get paid doing what you are going to do regardless
    • When you can get paid to do something you are going to do regardless, it doesn't get any more awesome
  • Works automatically
    • As I mentioned, this app runs in the background and is super easy to use
  • Gives you incentive to stay healthy
    • Now you can earn a little bit of extra money by taking more steps in staying more healthy, a win/win
  • You can earn free money
    • Remember, this app is free to use and you don't have to do anything extra… It is basically a way to earn free money
  • Can be fun
    • This can be fun, especially if you have some competition among friends


  • Can be frustrating when it doesn't give you credit for steps
    • Not getting credit for the steps you take can be extremely frustrating. I'm sure you can imagine
  • You don't earn much
    • You will not earn much and many of the reviews out there are misleading, misrepresenting the earning potential that is actually here
  • Not enough variety of rewards
    • I would like to see more variety when it comes to the rewards offered, but I think there will be improvement on this in the future and at least there is a way to get good old cash for your Sweatcoins
  • Drains phone battery

Scam or Not?

Most of the people calling the Sweatcoin app a scam are those who have not gotten credit for the amount of steps they have taken and are frustrated. Many of these people probably have gotten screwed over by the "anti-cheat" algorithm and many others probably just aren't using the app correctly, but whatever the case they feel cheated.

I understand that there is definitely a lot of room for improvement with this app, but in no way do I see it being a scam. There are people who are using this and are getting paid… Simple as that. It would be hard imagining that a scam could possibly raise over $6 million and have legitimate and trustworthy companies providing their products on it... Definitely not a scam.

Conclusion: Is This App Worth Your Time?

But just because it is in a scam doesn't necessarily mean that it is worth your time. Some people are going to benefit much more from this app than others. It is obvious that a teacher walking around in school hallways all day is going to benefit far less than a landscaper who is constantly walking around outdoors. But again, you could look at it in the way that both people are getting paid for doing what they are going to do regardless. Even the schoolteacher is going to walk outside at some point, or at least I would think so.

I personally think this app is pretty darn cool and it is something that I recommend. I would at least recommend giving it a try and seeing how much you can earn. You never really know until you try and since it is free, you have nothing to lose. 

Download the Sweatcoin App here to get started!

Please leave any comments or questions you may have below. I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible 🙂

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