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Is Sweepszilla a scam? – A Review You’ll Be Glad You Read

Sweepszilla claims to give away prizes every day and even claims to have given away over $10,000 in prizes total but is it all really true?

Is this really the awesome sweepstakes opportunity that it seems to be or could it potentially be another scam?

After all, sweepstakes scams are incredibly common. According to the BBB, 2,820 people reported sweepstakes and lottery type scams in 2017… And those are just the people who reported them. Think about all the others that didn’t report.

But anyways… You have to be careful when it comes to these sorts of opportunities.

You always want to do a little bit of extra research before hand, which I see you are doing now based on the fact that you are reading my review.

In this review I’ll be going over what exactly Sweepszilla it is, how it works, some scam concerns and more.

Can you really win a bunch of awesome prizes here? Keep reading to find out…

What Is Sweepszilla?

  • Website: sweepszilla.com
  • Type: Sweepstakes/giveaway site
  • Cost: Free to join
  • Availability: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

As you may know if you have been on my blog before, I often review online scams and help expose them to the public. So when it first came across this Sweepszilla website, I didn’t jump right into it and try to win a bunch of prizes. I first looked around to see if things checked out.

One of the first things that I noticed that was a bit unusual is that they say their team has been involved with online sweepstakes since 1994, yet the website was just registered at the beginning of 2018. Sure, they don’t specifically state that this site has been around for that long, but the statement they make is very vague and offers no proof of such being true.

Also, the website is owned by company called Taptastic, LLC, which I could find absolutely no information on.

This certainly does not mean it is a scam, and it is a relief to see that this website doesn’t contain any of the “warning signs” that are talked about on Fraud.org when it comes to sweepstakes scams since it is free to play, but it is still a bit worrisome.

Types of Prizes Given Away

Mostly what you will find on this website are prizes like cash, gift cards and electronics. You might also find some other things, such as coffee makers and whatnot, but not so often.

Just to give you an idea of what you are looking at here, below are some of the current sweepstakes offers that are available to me right now as I am writing this…

  • $5,000 cash prize ending in 4 months
  • $1,000 cash prize ending in 5 weeks
  • $50 Amazon gift card ending in 15 hours (daily giveaway)
  • 50″ LED TV prize ending in 8 days
  • $25 cash ending in 15 hours (daily giveaway)
  • Samsung Chromebook 3 ending in 2 months
  • $250 Visa gift card ending in 1 day
  • Bose bluetooth speaker ending in 13 days
  • $20 Target gift card ending in 15 hours (daily giveaway)
  • $500 Amazon gift card ending in 3 weeks
  • And more…

How It All Works

So the first thing you obviously have to do is register. Whenever you click on the “play now” button beside any of the offers there will automatically be a little pop-up that comes up where you will be prompted to enter your email address.

That is literally all you have to do, or at least that is all I had to do.

After that they will send you an email with a confirmation link you will have to click to confirm your account.

After clicking on that link you will be directed back to the main page of the website where you can then enter any of the different sweepstakes opportunities.

When you click on an offer you will be directed to a page where you will collect your entry ticket. You can either play a simple little game and choose from one of the 3 treasure chests (you can’t lose) or you can choose to skip the game and collector ticket.

And that is that… Pretty simple right?

You will be able to go through this process 10 times a day with each giveaway.

The limit is 10 entries per giveaway per day.

Zilla Points

In addition to all of this you will also get what are called “zillas” when you enter into a sweepstakes contest, 1 zilla per entry. These zillas are just points that you will then be able to use to enter into other sweepstakes contest inside the Bonus Prize Vault section of the website.

Things you can when here also include things like cash prizes, gift cards and electronics.

The Odds of Winning

Sounds like fun… But do you have any real chance of actually winning?

Well… The odds of winning are going to vary greatly depending on how many people enter into the contest.

Naturally more people are going to be entering the contests for larger prizes.

If you have a contest for a $5000 cash prize and 100 people enter into it, and each of those people enter in 10 times including yourself, then you would have a 1/100th chance of winning the $5000 cash prize. But of course a prize like this is probably going to get a lot more than just 100 people entering… I would expect a heck of a lot more because of how long the entry is opened for these sorts of bear prizes.

The daily gift card giveaways, such as the $20 Target gift card giveaway that happens daily, would be a lot easier to win however.

This is all assuming that they actually give away the prizes they say they do.

Scam Concerns

I have no real proof that this site is a scam, however I am still a bit concerned. Some concerns that I have are the fact that it is a…

  • New site with a lot of giveaways
  • Not much info on the company behind it
  • Not much third party information (people ranting and raving about winning and stuff like this)
  • Posted winners can’t be verified
  • Where is the money coming from?

Now the website is very professional looking and everything, but this doesn’t really mean a thing.

How could this possibly be a scam if it is free???

You may be wondering how the heck this can possibly be a scam. After all, is completely free to join and the sweepstakes contests are completely free to enter.

Well I have seen it before… they are collecting emails from participants and these emails could potentially be sold for profit. Yes, this is actually a thing that does happen and I have seen it before with other scammy sweepstakes websites, such as Get It Free.

So although they are not charging you anything it still could possibly be a scam in a way.

Where is the money coming from?

Something else you might be wondering is where the heck they are getting all this money from to be giving away?

Sweepstakes contests are usually for advertising purposes. Companies giveaway things to help promote their brand and draw attention. HOWEVER, I don’t really see anything like this going on at Sweepszilla, which is concerning.

How are they making their money? I honestly have no idea. Sure, they do have ads on their website and small things like this, but it certainly doesn’t seem like that would generate enough revenue for them to be able to giveaway such large prizes.

Conclusion – Worth a Try or Not?

The decision of whether or not to give it a try is up to you. However, I would advise that you use a email address that is not your primary email just in case. Their privacy policy seems to check out and all, and it doesn’t look like they are going to spam the heck out of you, but for safe measures I would recommend doing this.

And since you are interested in sweepstakes you may also want to read a review I wrote on Sweeties Secret Sweeps, which is a sweepstakes membership site that basically keep you informed on all the good to sweepstakes opportunities out there that you can participate in.

Before you go:

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But anyways… I hope you enjoyed this quick review and found it at least somewhat informative and helpful. I’m sorry I can’t give you a very conclusive answer on whether or not Sweepszilla is a scam, but I hope I have a provided some good insight.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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