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Textbroker.com, Scam or Legit? – Should You Join?

TextbrokerWhether you are a freelance writer looking to make some money online or if you have a website and are looking for someone to write content for your site, Textbroker is one of the options out there for you. But should you join this site? Or will Textbroker.com scam you?

I own a few websites and writing unique content consists of 99% of my time. So when I came across this site I knew I had to look into it a little more and write this review on it. In this review I’ll be going over who this place is for, how it works,

Textbroker Overview

Textbroker is an online content platform that connects people looking for content with those looking to create content. There are a lot of people out there that have websites that need quality content for SEO purposes and there are a lot of freelancers out there looking to make a buck writing this content, Textbroker connects them.

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How It Works

*I’ll be going over how it works for both clients and writers

If you apply as a writer you will be asked to submit a sample article for them to assess your writing ability. It can take a couple of weeks for them to go over this article and you will receive a rank based on how good you are. This is very important and I would put some time into this article if I were you because your pay will be based on your rank.

Clients that are looking to buy content will then be able to choose to hire writers by their rank. They will describe what type of content they are looking for, how fast they need the content, and the rank of writer they are looking for.

After the article is written and the client accepts it, the writer gets paid. But as a write you won’t actually get the money just yet. It will go into your Textbroker account and you won’t be able to withdrawal it until you have $10+ in your account.

How Much Money Can You Make/ How Much Does It Cost

If you are a writer of course you are interested in how much money you can make. You want to make as much as possible right? And if you are a client then you are interested in how much ordering content is going to cost. You want it to be as cheap as possible.

Well here are the going rates depending on the rank of writer you are or the rank of writer that you hire…

As you can see the amount of money really varies with the quality, as it should. A 2 star writer is only going to get paid 1.3 cents per word and a 5 star writer is going to get paid 7.2 cents per word.

There is a big difference from 4 to 5 star in the amount paid. There aren’t going to be many clients that are hiring 5 star writers for this reason and there also won’t be many writers that actually qualify as a 5 star writer.


Rating System

Writers’ ratings are based on the last 5 ratings given to them by clients. Clients also receive ratings from writers the same way. This can be both good and bad. Its good because if you mess up and get a bad rating you don’t have to wait long to get that rating back up. But its bad because if you have a client that disapproves of your work then they can really destroy your rating and pay for a short period of time to come.

Content Quality

I have read more than one complaint about the quality of content not matching the rating. What I mean by this is that some clients will hire say a 3 star writer, but they complain because they feel the content received was only worthy of 2 stars.

Only US Citizens

In order to write for Textbroker you have to be a US citizen. You can still work from anywhere in the world but you must be a citizen. I don’t really know what the purpose of this requirement is but this is just how it is.

Only English Writers

If you don’t speak English then you are out of luck here. But if you are client looking for a non-English article then you are in luck. They offer translation services in 15 languages.

Conclusion on Textbroker – Should You Join?

Textbroker is a decent content platform and in no way a scam. Whether you are looking for content or looking to make some money writing this place isn’t a bad choice. Some other places that you may want to look into are Crowd Content & freelance sites like Upwork.

I would also suggest considering starting your own blog site if you are a writer looking to make money. This is what I do and I make a living doing it. Freelance writing can be a good way to start out because you can start making money right away but having your owns blog-style websites is more lucrative in the long run.

If you are interested in creating your own sites and earning money on your own terms then I suggest checking out this program. I joined in 2015 knowing nothing at all, but the training/ tools that are provided got me to where I am not.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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