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Is The Computer Geeks a Scam Program or Can You Really Make $379/day? – [Review That Isn’t Promoting It]

The Computer GeeksThe Computer Geeks claims to be a great opportunity to make money online. In fact, it states on their website that is the “#1 choice for success online”. But is this really true? Can you really make $379 a day with this opportunity? Or is The Computer Geeks a scam that is going to be a waste of your money and time?

The truth is that this program is nowhere close to what it seems to be. The information provided on the sales page is very misleading and will have you thinking that this is going to be an easy way to make money online when it really is not… Not even close. In this review I will be going over the reality of what’s going on here and telling you what you need to know. If you are thinking about buying into this program you are going to want to think again.

The Computer Geeks Review

The sales pitch for this The Computer Geeks program is presented by woman named Karen Williams. She claims that you can make up to $379 per day with only 60 minutes of time dedicated to this opportunity. Right off the bat this is sounding a bit like a scam. It sounds too good to be true and I’m guessing that is why you told the time to do a little extra research on this and are reading my review now… And it’s a good thing you did.

What I first am going to explain in this review are the claims that are made about making money with this and how misleading they really are. Then after that I’m be showing you some of the blatant lies they tell you.

How You Make Money With This – VERY MISLEADING

Okay so let me tell you is that you will be making money posting links for companies online. They tell you that there are big companies out there that are desperately looking for people to independently post links from their home and while this is true to some extent, anyone who reads the sales pitch is going to be misled.

The method of making money she is talking about, which she refers to as “link posting”, is actually called affiliate marketing. This is a common business model for beginners looking to make money online to start out with. It is a legitimate business model and you can make money doing this… After all this is how I make a living online.

In a nutshell, with affiliate marketing you promote products for different companies online via affiliate links and when someone clicks your links and purchases the products that you are promoting you get paid a commission.

She tells you that you will make an average of $15 per link that you post and each link only takes one to two minutes to post. This is all a complete fabrication to make this opportunity is easier than it is. With this “link posting” you only get paid when someone clicks on your link and then purchases the product you’re promoting, as I just said. There is no way to predict how much a link will make you. How can you possibly predict the number of people are going to click a link and purchase the product? I have been doing this since 2015 and I can tell you that there is absolutely no way to even come close to accurately predicting this.

Also, while it may only take one to two minutes to post a link, there is much more to it than just that. If it were this easy everybody would be doing it and I would have all of my friends and family doing this in their spare time.… But it’s not it’s easy of course.

If you want a legitimate program that teaches you how to make money with “link posting” (affiliate marketing) then I highly suggest you take able this program. I have been a member since 2015 and this is where I started out.

So anyway… The business model that they describe here is legitimate, just that they describe it in a very misleading way to sucker people into this program which they make same as a super easy way to make money online.

Just a Bunch of Lies

There are a bunch of lies that I could go over on this website, but I’ll just go every few.

The first thing I want to point out is that this program has never been featured on the news. At the top of the website they display a lot of news station logos which leads you to believe that this opportunity has been on the news. Although they do not come out and specifically say this, it is easy to see what they are trying to do here.

They even play real news broadcasts out work from home opportunities. However, none of this has anything to do with The Computer Geeks program.

They also tell you that there are only a limited number of positions left in your area, which is not true at all. If you were to exit the page and come back in a week’s time it would be telling you the same thing. So this doesn’t make any sense and besides that with affiliate marketing there is no limit to the amount of people you can promote products for companies. It’s not like having employees where there would be a limit.

Another thing that you should know is that Karen Williams does not exist. Her whole story was all made up. It was all a ploy to try to relate to people looking to make money online in the attempt to sucker them into buying this program. Below is a screenshot from the website of Karen Williams…The Computer Geeks Karen Williams

And below this you can see many screenshots that I have taken, various other programs with the same image and/or the same story, but all of these woman have different names.

Kelly Richards, Kelly Simmons, Bobbie Robinson, Susan Whitman, Mick Moore, Raena Lynn, Heather Smith, Shelly Davis, Lisa Cadwell, & Cami White Work at Home Scams

So where did I get all these screenshots?

These all come from identical programs that have been rehashed over the years. This same “link posting” scam program has been rehashed many times in three different names. Some of the many names that it is will, which I have reviewed, include Computer Experts Online, Home Based Wealth System, Xtreme Home Paycheck, Accelerated Income, Home Internet Income and more. Below you can see screenshots I have taken of the different homepages and how they are identical except for minor changes… link posting scams

Conclusion on The Computer Geeks – Avoid

You can make money with this program, so I guess it’s not a total scam. They will give you a pre-made website along with some training but overall the program is very poor and there is no way I see anyone making $379 per day with this.

If your opinion is different from mine you can go ahead and join the program, but this just isn’t something I would recommend. Like I mentioned earlier, if you want to make money with affiliate marketing then I would suggest taking a look at the program I recommend here.

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