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Will The Wealth Network Scam You? My Review

The Wealth NetworkThe Wealth Network is an online training program that there has been some hype around recently. I know there are a lot of people that are suspicious of this place and are looking for answers, so I decided to write this short review for all of you.

Is The Wealth Network a scam? Is this place legit? What all does The Wealth Network include? What are the costs?….. All of these questions will be answered for you.

The Wealth Network Overview

The Wealth Network is an online money making training program. It provides training in the areas of ecommerce, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and more. The cost to join this program will range anywhere from $49.99 to $149.99 per month… yes it is a membership program and you will have to pay monthly.

And I’ll get straight to the point here. I do not think The Wealth Network is a scam. I have not personally tried out the training and put it to the real test.. however, I do make a living online in both affiliate marketing and ecommerce and from what I know there is no reason this shouldn’t work.

I also review scams all the time, Xtreme Home Paycheck & Freedom Cash System recently, and this just doesn’t seem to be one in any way.

UPDATE: Beware, there seem to be a growing number of people promoting this program in very misleading ways, many of them promoting it as somewhat of a “get rich quick” scheme. This is because they are getting paid to do so. The program itself is isn’t a scam but the way some people are promoting it is! 

What Is Included

This program is based around the idea that it is good to have multiple streams of income flowing in. So they provide training in different areas.

Ebay Training

Here you will learn how you can rank products at the top of Ebay and make good sales. You will also learn the dropship business model which means you won’t ever have to touch the products or keep inventory.

Amazon Training 

You will be able to learn how a guy that makes over a million/month on Amazon does it.

Blogging Training

You will learn about SEO and more that will allow you to rank at the top in Google when writing blog posts.

Marketing Training

Here you will learn about email marketing, which is essential for any online business owner, sales funnel creation, and more.

The 2 memberships that are available are the Gold ($49.99/mo) and the Platinum ($149.99/mo). With both memberships you will get the training that I just went over above. The difference is that the Platinum will provide much more training and go more in depth.

There are also a plethora of tools that you will get and with the Platinum Membership you will get more advanced tools.

And besides the memberships there is also another product that The Wealth Network offers for a one time payment of $997. And this is called Smart Commerce which is a training program specifically focused on creating profitable Shopify stores.

Scam Maybe?

Honestly I just don’t see this being a scam in any way. The training seems to be very good but besides this there are 2 other reasons why this is not a scam and that I like about this place.

The first is that it is not a mlm program. MLM programs like Aspire and MOBE suck people into them with dreams of making big money. The problem with programs like this is that they have pyramid scheme-like compensation plans and this makes it pretty much impossible to make good money unless you are at the top when it comes to promoting the program. They are recruitment based and if you don’t recruit and build up a downline you are screwed.

But TWN is not a mlm so you don’t need to worry about this at all. If you want to make money selling TWN to others you can do so but you won’t make any off of recruiting other people in and from their sales.

Another think I like is how this place doesn’t force you to buy expensive products. MOBE and Aspire, again, are 2 examples of programs that do this. They make you purchase the products before you can promote them and earn money with them. This leads to many people buying products just so they can promote them.

TWN does not make you do this.

Conclusion On The Wealth Network

TWN is not a scam. They are focused on the products and provide a lot of value for the money that it costs. They don’t focus on making this some scheme that sucks the money out of customers, which is all too common in the online world.

As I mentioned earlier, I have not actually tested out this training so I don’t have real proof that it works. But from my experience in the online world I can tell you that it definitely can work… of course if you would put in the time and effort. Just don’t think it will be easy though. Making money online is never easy.

If you are looking for a program that I personally recommend and have proof that it works, then I suggest you read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that is great for beginners and is how I got started in the online world. Its pretty darn good and I attribute my current earnings of $5k + per month to what I learned there.

==> Full review here

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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