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Is Transcribe Me a Scam? – Getting Paid to Type

TranscribeMeTranscribe Me offers a job opportunity where you can basically get paid for typing online. You can work from anywhere and at anytime with these transcription positions…. but are they worth it? Or is Transcribe Me a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time for the most part.

Feelings are mixed when it comes to whether or not this place is worth the time. Some people like it while others say to avoid it. In this review I’ll be going over all you should know before you make your own decision of whether to join or not.

Transcribe Me Review

Transcribe Me is a transcription service for small and large businesses. For those who do not know, transcription is a “written or printed representation of something”. So to basically what Transcribe Me does is provides a service where businesses can put audio into written writings.

That part of this that I am interested in is the job opportunity. They pay people to work online and to transcribe for them. Its an independent contractor position.

Working as a transcriber pretty much consists of you converting short audio clips. They tell you that these range from from about 10 seconds to 1 minute in length.

In addition to the transcription service they also provide translation services which means you could work on translating content.

How It Works

So the client will submit their audio file to Transcribe Me and they will pay for the service. It doesn’t really matter how long the file is, Transcribe Me will then break up the file into short segments that range from 10 seconds to a minute, give or take, like I mentioned.

You, the transcriber, will then be able to go though all the audio recording chunks and complete what you want to. These clips or chunks won’t make sense all of the time since they might be cut out of the middle of a larger file. When all of the “chunks” of an audio file are completed (not necessarily by only you), the file will be put together and checked for accuracy.

When the transcription passes the review you will then get paid in your Transcribe Me account.

How You Get Paid

You will be able to get paid after having made $1. They pay via PayPal so you will need an account for this. And this is free by the way.

You will be able to get paid every week that you reach the $1 cash out threshold.

How Much Money Can You Make?

They pay $20 per hour of audio file completed. Read that sentence over. I don’t mean $20 per hour of work…. I mean $20 per hour of audio file completed.

There are some people making $20/hr but you have to be an insanely fast typist to be able to do this. You will also need to take advantage of “rush files”, which are special audio files that need worked on asap. They pay more than the average rate.

On the TranscribeMe website they say that on average their transcribers make $250/mo.

Requirements for the Job

There really aren’t any requirements.  This is an open opportunity and you can sign up and make money no matter where you are. You pretty much will need to be fluent in English though because most of the files that you will need to transcribe are in English.

Other than that its fair game.

Of course you will need a computer, internet connection, a PayPal account, and the ability to type also.


When looking into places like this I always make sure to read complaints from people working for the company. I do this to see what common complaints there are and whether or not they are reasonable and legitimate. Some of the top complaints I found from reviews at Glassdoor include…

Low Pay

The biggest complaint I came across is just the low pay problem. Most people are not making much at all with this opportunity because they do not type fast enough. If you are typing less than 100 words per minute than I can’t ever seeing this being worth it, unless of course the people are talking very slowly in the audio file.

Hard to Hear Audio 

It will also be difficult to transcribe files at times because the audio might be poor quality. I have come across this complaint more than once and it is understandable. It can lead to a massive headache and hair loss.

Difficulty Getting Files

When you just start out it will be more difficult to get files for you to transcribe. But if you stick with it you will get more opportunity.

Conclusion on TranscribeMe – Scam or Not?

Transcribe Me is definitely not a scam. However, it is not as good of an opportunity as it may appear to be. The main problem that I see with it is that few people will actually be able to make decent money. If you are a superhuman typist then go for it. But if you are not then I wouldn’t count on this too much.

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