Trident Crypto Fund Scam

Is Trident Crypto Fund a Scam? – Sure Seems Like It

Trident Crypto Fund ScamTrident Crypto Fund claims to provide a crypto index fund that pays out daily profits. Everything that they tell you sounds great but the question is whether or not they are telling you the truth. It is this place the real deal or is Trident Crypto Fund a scam that you need to avoid? I have reviewed many similar cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes like this before so this question is not ridiculous by any means.

In this review I will be going over how this cryptocurrency fund works and some serious concerns that I have about it. If you are thinking about possibly investing in this you are going to want to read this first.

Trident Crypto Fund Review

So what is Trident Crypto Fund? Well as I said it is a “crypto index fund”. What they claim to do is invest in the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market. This sort of index investment strategy generally works out well and provides more balanced and last volatile returns because your funds will be distributed among the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies out there. They determine which are the top 10 based on the market cap.

It is nice to see that they do not claim to provide that crazy of returns on your investment, however I am still concerned of the legitimacy of this place. They do have a referral program and there are other reasons that I believe this could possibly be another Ponzi scheme like Kryptogenex, Supreme Coin & Bits Trades.

Your Investment Choices

When you invest you have three different packages to choose from. The minimum investment that you have to make is $100 and the maximum you can make is $100,000. The more you invest the higher ROI you will receive on a daily basis. Each investment package expires at 140%, meaning that with each package you will receive 40% profit on your investment.

The difference between the packages is that the more you invest the higher returns they will produce on a daily basis in the faster you will get to that 140%.

The three different investment packages are as follows…

  • Freelance – $100 to 1000 investment – 0.5% daily ROI
  • Studio – $1010 to $10,000 investment – 0.75% daily ROI
  • VIP – $10,010 to $100,000 investment – 1% daily ROI

Referral Program

Having a referral program by no means proves that this is a Ponzi scheme in any way, however the depth of this referral program is concerning.

You will be able to receive direct referral bonuses and residual commissions from the binary compensation plan.

Direct Referral Bonuses

The direct referral bonuses will be paid out in both real money and in TDC points, which are points that have no value outside of Trident Crypto Fund just to let you know. You will receive 5 to 7% in real money from direct referral bonuses and a 15 to 21% in TDC points.

The amount you receive depends on what package you have personally purchased. The more you have invested the more you will earn.

Binary Compensation Plan

With the binary compensation plan you will earn 8 to 10% commissions which also depend on which package you have personally invested in. In this plan there are two positions beneath each person, which is why it is called “binary”. So there are two positions below you and then there are two positions below each of those two positions, and so on. On each level of the number of positions doubles. This gives it a pyramid-like structure as you can see below…

This binary structure goes on and on and on. There is no limit to how deep it can go. It will just continue to branch out as more people are recruited in. When you recruit to people when they will first fill up the two positions beneath you and then they will spill over into any available positions in your downline. People in your downline will also be recruiting people and that will be filling out positions.

Ponzi Scheme Maybe?

So obviously Trident Crypto Fund has a very lucrative referral program. What concerns me about this is the binary compensation structure, which is very common with Ponzi schemes, especially one that goes unlimited depth like this. Of course, as I said, this does not mean it is a Ponzi scheme… But it is concerning and does raise my suspicion.

And this is not the only thing that raises my suspicion. I have several other reasons that I suspect this to be a Ponzi scheme as I will go over below.

Some Serious Concerns

#1 – Fixed Returns

They claim to provide a fixed returns, as I showed you above. The amount you will receive with daily return depends on the amount you invested, but the fact that they are fixed is very concerning.

How can they possibly promise to provide investors with fixed returns in such a volatile environment? Sure… It’s true that cryptocurrency investments have been some of the most profitable in history and even I am invested heavily in cryptocurrency, but this does not mean that fixed returns can be provided. After all I have no idea how they would possibly be providing fixed positive returns at times such as the massive market crash we saw in early 2018. All of the top 10 cryptocurrencies had some massive crashes, and the entire market as a whole, so how can they possibly provide the same returns?

It just makes no sense. Below is a chart you can see of the massive crash that I am talking about (courtesy of CoinMarketCap).

#2 No Information On The Team Behind It

And of course there is absolutely no information about the team behind this. We know absolutely nothing about the people that are managing the money you invest. Do they have a history of professional investing? Have they been involved in cryptocurrency investing for a while? What are their backgrounds?…… We know nothing at all.

So I guess you just have to take them at their word and trust them if you are going to invest in this. Personally I will never do this because there are many more cryptocurrency related investment scams out there than legitimate opportunities it seems.

#3 No Prior Proof Of Existance

They claim to have been around for two years in which they have rigorously tested out different investment strategies to provide you with the best for this cryptocurrency index fund. However, they provide absolutely no proof of this. As I am writing this that they are website is only a few months old and there is no proof that they have been around for more time than this. Once again this is a claim that you are just going to have to take at their word and trust them, which I’m not willing to do.

Many of the red flags I see with this investment opportunity are things I have mentioned in my post on spotting a cryptocurrency scam.

Conclusion on Trident Crypto Fund – Scam?

Of course this is all my opinion but based on what I see this seems to be a scam. Why? Well because there is not much of a reason to trust this place. Sure they have a very nice website and say a law of the right things, but there is no proof that they are actually doing what they say they are doing. This could easily be a Ponzi scheme where they are just taking incoming investments and paying older investors from those new investments.

Can you make money if it’s a Ponzi scheme? Well of course you can… Ponzi schemes do pay money and some people get very rich in them, but they are definitely not worth it. Statistically speaking, the majority of people involved in Ponzi schemes end up losing money and the problem is you never know when one will collapse, which is guaranteed to happen because they are completely unsustainable.

So would I invest in this place? Absolutely not and I do not recommend anyone else do it either. But of course it is your money and you can do with it what you want.

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