Ubiqus Review

Ubiqus Review – Is The Transcription Job Worth It?

Ubiqus ReviewRecently I came across several jobs being offered on the job-finder site for a place called Ubiqus, which offers transcription and translation services among others. They give people the ability to make money online from their own home and you also have flexible hours working doing so.

But is Ubiqus worth the time? If figured I’d sit down and write this Ubiqus review to go over a few things about the job. No its not a scam if you were wondering that but at the same time it does have some downsides, as all jobs do.

Ubiqus Work from Home Review

Just to make it clear, I’ll be covering the work-from-home jobs that Ubiqus provides, specifically those dealing with transcription since this seems to be the most popular. I know they provide other opportunities but since I work from home this is what I’m interested in.

Anyways… A little background on the company first:

Ubiqus has been around since 1991 and provides an array of services including transcription, translation, meeting/event support, and more. They have places all over the world but are headquartered in France. According to many of the reviews I have read on sites like Glassdoor, their management seems to be somewhat poor and communication is lacking.

The jobs offered can be enticing because of their online and flexible nature. Freelance transcriptionists are able to work from home and work their own set hours. This is what lures people into jobs like this. Who doesn’t want to set their own hours and work from home right?

The Job

You probably already know what the job entails but in case you don’t I’ll go over it briefly.

The transcription services they provide encompass several different fields including medical, legal and business. But what exactly is transcription and what will you be doing?

Transcription is the written representation of something. What you will be doing here is listening to audio and typing everything up on the computer….that’s pretty much it.


With the transcription positions you will be a freelancer and responsible for getting your own equipment. You will need a headset and a footpedal to be able to perform efficiently. The headset of course is so that you can hear the audio properly and the footpedal allows you to pause and start with your foot. This way you can keep your hands busy typing and that’s their only job.

When it comes to experience the requirements will vary slightly based on what type of transcription you will be doing but overall experience is preferred and sometimes required. This just depends.

Whats The Pay Like?

I’m not exactly sure how much Ubiqus pays. They don’t seem to provide public information on this. However, after doing some digging around and reading reviews from people that have done transcribing for them, it seems you can make up to $0.007 or so per word transcribed. But this will vary. It will range based on how good of a transcriber you are.

Other transcription services that I’ve reviewed pay by the minute of audio transcribed. For example BabbleType, Rev.com, and Scribbie all pay per minute of transcription, which by the way can take much longer than expected if the audio is poor quality and hard to understand.

Its nice that there is room for improvement but the overall consensus here is that they pay pretty low. I was expecting this because I’ve looked into other similar opportunities before but if you are new to this it might be a bit disappointing.


Extremely Low Pay

This just comes with the territory. Transcription isn’t a job that takes much skill. Sure you will get better with time and it does take some skill… but its not something that you have to go to a 4 year school for or anything even relatively close to that. There is definitely room for improvement. But the fact that they pay low, as does every other opportunity like this that I’ve reviewed, tells me that companies like this have no need to pay more to come across transcribers to work for them.

Difficulty Hearing Audio

This is something else that just comes with the job. Not all audio files are going to be crystal clear and sometimes you will run into things that make it more complicated like people’s accents, poor speech, etc.

Don’t expect to transcribe 1 minute of audio in 1 minute. Sometimes it can take well over double time to transcribe what you have been given.

Lack of Work

According to people who have worked here as transcriptionists there is a lack of work and a real lack of consistency. According to some there are times where you might not have any transcription jobs for weeks at a time, then other days you may have multiple. I’m not sure if this is due to client demand or lack of good management, which also seems to be a complaint with this company.

Final Thoughts on Ubiqus Transcription Jobs

Ubiqus is definitely not a scam. They provide a legitimate service and although they have their fair share of complaints, some people really like working for them. Some reviews I have read come from transcriptionists who have been working their for 10+ years, which goes to show how much they must like it.

One thing to know if you are looking at getting into this is that you will have to be a very accurate and fast typer for this to be worth your time. If not then you either need to get better or not even bother. Many of the complaints are from low pay but the pay is also dependent on how fast you can type, which varies per person.

Something else you might actually be interested in that I do suggest you take a look at is how I make a living working online. I make a living writing short blog posts like this one here and since transcription is in the writing business, you might be interested. I wrote a guide on what I do, how it all works, and how others can get started that you can Read Here if you’d like.

Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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