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Valued Opinions Surveys, How Much Money Can You Make? – [Review]

Valued Opinions surveysValued Opinions Surveys is one of the better paid survey sites out there. Anyone can join this site and make money by taking short, simple surveys online. Its nothing that is going to make you rich by any means but some people really like survey sites like this because of the flexibility that they provide, being able to take surveys whenever you want to.

In this review I’ll be going over how it all works, how much you can realistically make with Valued Opinions Surveys, some complaints and more.

Valued Opinions Surveys Review

Before I get into this review I want to let you know that there is some misleading information out there about his place. They tell you that you can earn up to $5 per survey. While this is true it isn’t very likely. Valued Opinions is one of the higher paying survey sites out there but $5 for a survey is still very uncommon…. just letting you know.

But anyways… what is Valued Opinions? Valued Opinions is in the business of market research. Companies and organizations pay survey sites like this good money to go out and conduct research on the market by gathering opinions on various topics. They do this so that they can improve their business, whether that means improving products, services, etc. And of course Valued Opinions pays people like you and I a small amount as incentive to actually complete the surveys they offer so that they can gather opinions in the first place.


Valued Opinions doesn’t always accept new members. They aren’t like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and many of the other paid survey sites out there that are accepting everyone and anyone they can get. They only accept a limited number of people which in my opinion is good. They are more selective and this is probably the reason they pay better than a lot of the competitor sites out there.

Inside The Site

The amount of surveys that will be available to you will vary. One of the first things you will have to do is fill out your profile information which will help Valued Opinions match you up with surveys that fit your demographic. Some demographics will have more surveys than others.

From what I have seen, most people can expect to get multiple surveys available per day when they are just starting out. You will be notified of these surveys via email. Its important to know that you will not qualify for every single one however. Some you will get screened out of which can be frustrating.

These surveys generally will take you 10-30 minutes to complete and will pay $1 – $5. I don’t think I’ve even seen a survey that paid less than $1. This is one of the very nice things about Valued Opinions. Many other sites will pay as low as 25 cents for taking a survey which is ridiculous.

Once you have $20 (or 10 pounds) in your account you will be able to cash out for a gift card. They offer a variety of gift cards, the Amazon gift cards are probably the most popular.

Unfortunately they do not give you the ability to cash out with PayPal, however they do have prepaid Visa debit cards available which are good enough in my opinion.


Horrible Support

If you have problems logging in, getting surveys to load, or doing anything that requires support then good luck with that. I have read through plenty of complaints about their support being horrible and often times not even responding to questions.

This comes with the territory for the most part. The majority of paid survey sites out there have horrible support teams. PaidViewPoint is one of the few exceptions.

“Stopped Receiving Surveys”

There are a number of complaints out there from people claiming they received a good amount of surveys in the beginning but now the availability has decreased drastically. I have seen complaints like this before on many other surveys sites and it seems that some sites do this to try to avoid paying people.

For example, if a survey site’s minimum cash out requirement is $20, they might allow you to easily make $15 but then make it very difficult to make the last bit to be able to withdrawal.

Whether it is true or not that Valued Opinions does this I do not know. There have been multiple complaints about it though so its worth mentioning.

Surveys Full

There have been more than one complaint about surveys being full right away, which doesn’t make much sense. Some people claim that they sit around and wait for survey invites and when they receive them they are already filled to capacity.

Conclusion on Valued Opinions Surveys – Good Opportunity?

Like most of the paid survey sites out there, Valued Opinions seems to be going downhill a bit. A lot of old-timers claims it was better years ago than it is now. It still seems to be on the better side of things when it comes to survey sites though. There are a good number of complaints but you won’t find any survey site that doesn’t have a good bit.

If you are looking for a higher rated survey site that gets some of the best reviews I’ve ever seen, then PaidViewPoint is the way to go. They treat members pretty well and the pay is decent.

However, its important to know that there is no paid survey site out there where you will actually make good money… well at least now with any of these “normal” survey sites. They are good for making a few extra bucks in your free time but nothing more. If you are looking for a better way to earn online then I suggest taking a look at what I do Here. I make a heck of a lot more than I ever could on any survey site and what is nice about it is that I also can work whenever I want.

Anyways… you can read this post I wrote that goes over how I make money online and how others can too if you wish.

If you have any comments or questions leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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