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Wealth Project – Another Scam System That Isn’t Going to Work [EXPOSED]

So I came across this new system called Wealth Project  recently that I want to warn people about. The system, program, whatever you want to call it is supposedly created by “James Robertson” and he claims that you can make up to $17,520 in your first week with it… However as far as I see this is another common online scam.

I had exposed well over 100 online scams over the years and this one really fits the bill… It has many common characteristics that I often see with “make money online” scams and as soon as I came across it I realized this.

In this quick review I’ll be going over why the Wealth Project is a scam and why you should avoid it.


Wealth Project Review

So I came across this system after landing on the website and seeing the video presentation titled “you could earn up to $17,520 in your first week starting today in under 30 minutes & 21 clicks”.… Which definitely sounds too good to be true and quite ridiculous.

You don’t find out until later in the video that the guy who claims to be behind this whole thing is named “James Robertson”. He claims that he has personally invited you to watch the “private video” in tells you not to share it with anyone. He says that you are highly qualified and a perfect fit to use the system.

HOWEVER, this is definitely not true because the video is not private at all. Anyone can go to the website and watch the video… This is just all a bunch of BS and he is saying it to try to make you feel like you have some amazing opportunity.

But anyways, he goes on to talk about how this is a super simple system that requires no experience. There are a bunch of names mentioned in the video of people who have supposedly been using the system to make all kinds of money, but he offers no proof of any of this being real. This information could easily have been made up, and I’m assuming it is based on all the other very “scammy” things I see going on here.


How It Works.. How You Make Money

In the video he mentions that when you make money, he also makes money. He also talks about how you will be copying him, copying the system he created and earning money exactly how he does.

But how exactly is this? What exactly does the system do and how does it make you money?

Unfortunately this is not a question I can answer because he provides no such information. The guy literally tells you nothing about how the system makes money. Throughout just about the entire sales video he just goes on and on about how easy it is in how much money you will be making… But provides no details that are actually important.

This reminds me of some recent scams I’ve exposed like The Profit Shortcut and Million Dollar Replicator.


Red Flags… Sounds Like a Scam to Me

There are a heck of a lot of red flags that I came across while looking into this Wealth Project scam… And I’m sure some of them probably caught your attention to. After all, you were suspicious enough of this that you decided to do some extra research which eventually lead you to my review here.

One of the first red flags that caught my attention was how he says that you have been privately invited and acts as if this is some special opportunity just for you. I knew this was a lie right away because I was able to type the website into my browser myself and access the video with no problem. You do not need some special invitation link.

Another red flag is how he provides no verifiable information about himself. The guy claims to be named “James Robertson”, but I doubt any of this is true. He doesn’t provide any picture, nothing at all. And it is very common for scams to be promoted under fake names. The real creators of the scams don’t want you to know their names because of course they don’t want to face the consequences of scamming people.

And then possibly the biggest red flag of all is the fact that there is no information provided on how you will be actually making money. Just think about it… When have you seen a legitimate opportunity, in opportunity that you actually know is legitimate, make you buy into it before actually figuring out what it is? That is what you have to do here… You actually have to purchase the program before having any idea what you’re getting involved with.

The more liking I do into this program the more and more it seems a scam. There are red flags everywhere and I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you. You are probably pretty certain it was a scam in the first place and my review here just confirmed your suspicions.

The One Upside to This

Wait a minute… There is an upside? How can there be an upside to this ridiculous scam?

Well… Yes there is an upside but it is probably nothing like you may be thinking.

The upside I am talking about is how this Wealth Project program is being sold on ClickBank. Why is this an upside? Well… Because ClickBank is usually pretty good at giving refunds… Meaning that if you did buy into this already you should be able to get your money back, which I would try to do as soon as possible.

Conclusion = Avoid

When I review potential scams, I usually go in with a neutral mindset and if there is something that I think might not be a scam, then I will say that. However, everything I see with this program looks like a scam to me. There is nothing that seems legitimate about it and for that reason I am concluding that is indeed a pure scam.

My guess is that when you buy into this, you will probably be provided with some very crappy and ineffective training for making money online, which will only lead you down the wrong path and waste a bunch of your time. The reason this is my guess is because I see these types of scam programs all the time. They claim they will give you the world, and provide you with something that you will be lucky if you make $10 with.

My Personal Recommendation:

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In please leave any comments, questions, or concerns below. I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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