Is Wealthperx a Scam? What I Think About It

WealthperxWondering is Wealthperx a Scam? I’m guessing you were probably told about this “club” from someone who is in it and wants you to join. Am I right? The reason I’m saying this is because members can make money by getting others to join and this seems to be why so many people are questioning the legitimacy of this business.

In this short post I’ll be reviewing Wealthperx for you and going over what you should know. I’ll be covering all that is included with a membership here, the business opportunity offered, and more.

Wealthperx Overview

Wealthperx is primarily a lottery club that you can join to get free tickets and to enter into lottery pools to have higher chances of winning. Additionally they also offer savings on ordinary shopping and on vacations.

This place used to go by the name LottoMagic but has since changed its name, probably because they no longer deal with just the lottery.

One of the main things that Wealthperx offers is a mlm business opportunity. With this, members can get paid for people they get to join, as well as the people they get to join, and the people they get to join, and so on.

What You Get

Ok, so pretty much you get 4 things when you join Wealthperx (depending on the level you join). You get savings discounts, free lottery tickets, and you get access to their business opportunity. I will go over the business opportunity later but as for now I’ll explain a bit about the savings and lottery parts of it.

Its a Savings Club

As a member you will be able to save money on all sorts of things. This includes savings from supermarkets, to amusement parks, to vacation packages, to restaurants and more. There is nothing I can complain about here. You are saving money…. whats not to like.

And a Lottery Club

The point of joining this club is to increase your chances of winning the lottery. When you join you will get free tickets for various lotteries. You will be entered into a pool with 7 other people that are in the same lottery. When anyone in your pool wins, you get 10% of that.

And yes… this is legal. Its not really any different then a bunch of friends getting together and doing an office lottery pool.

The Membership Levels

There are 6 different memberships: 3 for people just looking to enter the lottery and savings club, and 3 for people that are looking to also get access to the business opportunity.

For Players

  • Bronze – $30/mo
  • Silver – $60/mo
  • Gold – $120/mo

With these memberships you will get everything that I discussed above except you will not get access to the business opportunity that Wealthperx offers. The difference between these memberships is the amount of vacation package discounts you get and the lotteries that are available to you. With the Bronze you only get entered in 1 Florida lottery while with the Gold you get entered in multiple.

For Directors

For a director membership, which is what allows you to make money selling Wealthperx to other people, you are going to have to pay double. For example the Bronze Director Membership will cost $60/mo instead of the $30/mo that it would cost you just as a player.

The Compensation Plan

I mentioned earlier that this is a mlm business. For those who don’t know, mlm stands for multi-level marketing and this means that you can make money off of recruiting other people into the business beneath you.

There really isn’t too much information I could find about the compensation plan here, but I do know that the mlm structure goes down 5 levels deep. This means that you can earn commissions from the people you recruit in (1st level), the people they recruit in (2nd level)…. and so on down to 5 levels.

You will be earning these commissions on a monthly basis from each recruit beneath you because everyone is paying a monthly membership fee. Additionally you will also be able to earn 10% (minimum) of any director’s lottery winnings that is in your downline.

Conclusion on Wealthperx – Scam or Legit?

From what I see Wealthperx is in no way a scam. They are very transparent and what they tell you that you will get… you will get. There are no hidden costs or anything of that nature. You get what you see.

The only complaint I have is that the lottery is not a good way to make money…. at all. Most people lose obviously. Sure you have better chances of winning when you are in a pool like they enter you in here, but I just don’t know if it is worth the price paid.

The business opportunity is something you can make decent money with but that is a whole other ballgame. Now you are going to have to promote this opportunity and this isn’t as easy as it may sound. I make a living doing online marketing and traffic generation… it ain’t easy, especially if you don’t have a foundation to start with.

Overall I like what I see with Wealthperx but it might not be as amazing as you think. Join if you wish to, you don’t have to worry about being scammed, just don’t expect to get rich.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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