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Is Website ATM a Scam? – Review Exposes Truth

Website ATM is said to be a system where you can literally make at least $500 per day online with the push of a button. Supposedly it causes “serious cash to flood into your bank account 24/7/365”.

But obviously this all sounds a little bit too good to be true, and we all know how the saying goes… if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is–meaning it is probably a scam.

My guess is that you probably got some spam email about how you can make a ton of money online easily. You were probably hesitant to even click on the email in the first place, but you did and then you clicked on the link which then directed you to the Website ATM video presentation.

How do I know this? Well, because I have helped expose many online scam programs in the past and this is how it usually works.

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Website ATM Review

Right off the bat just about everything the spokesman says in the video presentation makes this sound like a scam.

Over 50% of the video presentation is about how cash is just going to pour into your bank account without you doing anything.

Now I’ve come across plenty of online scams, exposing many of them, but this one ranks at the top of the list for being one of the more obvious ones.

I mean come on now, really?? Is cash really just going to start pouring in with the click of a button? And if this really were true why would they be selecting you and I for the opportunity? Are we just special I guess?


Tons of Red Flags

Just about everything I see points to this system being a scam.

  • “all you have to do is hit a button and it’s like you’ve got an endless supply of cash”–obviously this sounds way too good to be true.
  • The guy talks about how $500 a day is “chump change” compared to what’s really possible.
  • He literally says that in order to get cash you have to do “absolutely nothing”
  • Supposedly the system does all the work for you.
  • And of course he is only letting 300 people in and then the website will be shutting down forever.

So  we have an opportunity that can supposedly supply us with endless cash at the push of a button, at least $500 a day, which is super easy. And of course we are lucky enough to have been selected for this system before he closes the website forever.

Sounds like a scam.

Oh, and we have no idea who is even behind the system. There are some video testimonials during the presentation where people are claiming that they are making tons of easy money with this, and in them some of the people mentioned the name “Nick”, but other than that we don’t know anything.

We don’t have a last name for this guy, there is never any picture shown, and the guy himself never even says his name. All we have to go off of is what is said by people in the testimonial videos, which by the way seemed very fake.

Many of the online scams I have exposed in the past have used fake testimonial videos with paid actors from Fiverr, such as Cash Sniper and 7 Minutes Daily Profits. While I have not been able to find out who these people are in these videos and prove that they are paid actors, I think it is somewhat obvious that they are.


How It Works

I don’t know how far you made it in the sales funnel, but after you watch the first video and enter your email address, you are then directed to a second video presentation.

In the second video you are told that this system uses some “automated transaction maker” and uses “advanced monitoring and computerization technology” which “may be banned one day”.

The guy says that all you have to do is watch four simple videos to get set up, then push a button and you are done… simple as that.


And as you can see, the sales are going to start coming in immediately.

But this information really doesn’t tell us anything. What the heck is this automated transaction maker that he talks about?

At this point we have absolutely no idea how this system is going to be making us money, and throughout the entire video presentation there is nothing said explaining this.

HOWEVER,  At one point in the video we were shown a screenshot of a bunch of money being made from the Amazon Associates program, as you can see here…


Why is this significant?

Well, because this gives us an idea of what the system might be doing–how it might work.

The Amazon Associates program is an affiliate program in which you can make money via affiliate marketing–which is when you get paid to promote other people’s products and earn commissions when you help make sales.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online, and is actually how I make a living working online, but remember, at this point I’m just taking a guess because it’s not like we are actually told anything about this.

And–if the a spokesman where to specifically say that  the system makes you money via affiliate marketing through the Amazon Associates program, he would still not make any sense and seemed very scammy, since there is definitely no way to make money with this program by only clicking a button.


  • Sounds way too good to be true
    • We are told that it only takes the click of a button
    • The system does all of the work for you
  • We have no idea who is behind this system/program
    • In the testimonial videos the people mention the name “Nick”, but other than that we know nothing–we don’t have a last name, a picture or anything
  • Very vague information given on how this works
    • “The money just flows in” and is going to “start coming in immediately”
    • We aren’t told anything about how this actually works–the only thing I was able to find out is that it probably has to do with affiliate marketing, judging by how they showed a screenshot of the Amazon Affiliate program (called Amazon Associates).

Conclusion – Scam?

Everything about this place seems like a scam. It is set up just like your typical scam.

It lures people in with the hopes and dreams of being able to make super easy money online and then likely provides them with a bunch of poor training for doing such. This is how scammy programs like this usually work.

While I haven’t bought into it myself, because I don’t want to waste $47 and I also don’t want to give my credit card information to these crooks, I know for certain that this cannot work out like we are told.

Making $500/day online with the push of a button, without any work to begin, isn’t a reality. Yes, there are many perks to making money online, and many things that you can automate, but there is no way you can start out as a total beginner one day, click a button and BOOM–you are making $500/day.

Too many red flags and too many common scam characteristics–which is why I’m definitely not recommending this system to any of my readers.

If you are looking for a legitimate and proven way to make money online, I would highly suggest taking a look at how I make a living here, which I have been doing since 2015.

Please leave any of your comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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