Is World Global Network a Scam?… Pyramid Scheme Maybe? – [Review]

World-Global-NetworkWorld Global Network sounds like one heck of a great opportunity, but is it really? Do their products even work and what’s up with all the members of this company trying to get other people to join? Is World Global Network a scam that you should be avoiding?

In this review I will be going over a little bit about the products that this company sells but I mainly want to talk about the business opportunity that everyone is trying to get other people to join. And by the way I am in no way affiliated with this company so I’m not going to be recruiting you in, nor am I going to make this sound better than it is. There is actually a pretty significant downside to the business opportunity that I will be going over.

World Global Network Review

World Global Network is a MLM company that sells “life sensing technology”. The company was started back in 2011 and is growing at a pretty decent rate.

There most popular product includes the Helo wristband. This thing looks very similar to a FitBit and monitors all sorts of vital signs like your heart rate, blood pressure, fatigue, mood, electro cardiogram, etc and alerts you when your numbers are abnormal or out of the healthy range.

They also sell this pretty cool product called Biozen that is a small sticker-like chip that you stick on your electronic devices to reduce what they call “electro smog”. This little device they claim to be recognized as a class I medical device in Europe and this “electro smog” that they refer to is just a fancy term for radiation.

According to research his studies, many electronic devices generate electromagnetic fields that subject our bodies to an overload of positive ions that can distort water molecules and ultimately harm our DNA. So there is definitely a need for a product like Biozen but whether or not this particular product works isn’t something that I know. I wasn’t able to find any studies of the product showing that it reduced the distortion of water molecules in our body or anything like that. But in theory it should work.

The Business Opportunity

If you are presented with the different products that World Global Network sells and were pushed to buy them then there’s a good chance you are also pushed to join the business opportunity where you can make money selling the same products to other people. From what I have seen this business opportunity is usually presented as a way to achieve financial freedom, quit the daily grind, make tons of money, etc. But what no one tells you about this is that there is a serious downside to it… One that I will be going over.

If you decide to become an affiliate for World Global Network you will be able to earn commissions from sales that you make. You will be set up with your own little personal online store and when people buy products from your store you will earn commissions from the initial sale as well as any recurring sales.

The controversy all part of the business model, which is why you may hear people calling it a pyramid scheme and is the reason members are going out in trying to recruit others in, is MLM part of it. MLM stands for multilevel marketing and basically what this means is that there are multiple levels within the compensation plan and you can get paid from the efforts of people beneath you. So what you can do is recruit others to join the business beneath you and earn commissions from what they do, and earn commissions from the people that they recruit in, in the people that they recruit in and so on.

The Team Volume Commissions are paid out in a binary structure. So beneath each person there are two available positions. Beneath you the pyramid breaks off into two sides (binary), a left and right. So as you recruit new members into the business you first fill the two positions beneath you and then your recruits will overflow and fill any available positions on the way down. The same will happen when people that you recruited in go out and recruit people in. Below is a little illustration of what this will look like.

You will be earning commissions based on the volume of product sold in your downline, with the possibility of earning 10% commissions from the volume on both sides of the binary structure.

You will also be able to earn what they call “Generation Matching Bonuses” which are basically commissions paid to you from different teams that are created in your downline. So as an affiliate you go out and recruit a bunch of people and sort of build your own “team”. With these Generation Matching Bonuses you will be earning commissions based on the teams formed beneath you. There is more to it to that but I think this is an easy way to understand it.

With these bonuses you will be able to earn down to 10 generations deep. Generation one consists of the people that you personally recruited in, generation two is made up of the people that they recruited in, generation three is made up of the people that those people recruited in, and so on.… All the way down to 10.

So with the different ways to get compensated through recruitment you can end up getting paid from people way beneath you.

Sounds Awesome But Here Comes The Downside…

With MLM opportunities like this there is a lot of potential to make a lot of money but what people don’t tell you is that they are very difficult to make money with. The reason has to do with their very structure. Their pyramid like commission structure sucks money away from those at the bottom of the pyramid and funnels it up to those above them. So what this means is that the people near or at the bottom are making less money than they possibly could be making if there wasn’t such a MLM structure and the people at the top are reaping the rewards.

And as you can imagine with a pyramid -like structure there are always many more people at the bottom or near the bottom of the pyramid then at the top, making this type of business model more difficult for the majority of people that join. This is why you see such high turnover rates for MLM businesses like this in the reason so many people fail. It is NOT some super easy opportunity to make money like some people try to make you believe. The people that present it as such are probably just trying to recruit you in to make money off you.

I review MLM’s all the time, Zija International, Rodan and Fields, World Ventures, you name it… and one common theme is that when I find ones that do show their income disclosure statement it is always very uneven, meaning that those at the top are the ones making most of the money.

Conclusion on World Global Network – Good Opportunity?

I’m a fan of the products that World Global Network sells. Sure they might be overpriced but when it comes down to what the products are all about and what they do I am a supporter. But with the business model I’m not too big of a fan. I’m not too big of a fan of MLM business models because they always lead to a bunch of people running around trying to recruit everyone in him because of course what I just went over.

Is this a good opportunity for you? Well that all depends on what you are like. Some people really excel with MLM businesses like this while they a majority don’t. Those who excel are the ones who are able to recruit new people in consistently and really build up a big downline, Which is absolutely necessary if you want to take advantage of the compensation plan.

As I said, I’m not too big of a fan of MLM’s, but I will say that one upside to this MLM is that the technology that is being sold is new and I think it’s going to increase in popularity quite a bit future, making it a much better MLM opportunity than many of the other ones out there.

Something else you may want to look into if you are thinking about getting involved in this MLM and starting your own business would be how I make money online. You can read my “make money online guide” here if interested.

And of course leave me any questions or comments you may have below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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