ZmartBit Review

Is ZmartBit a Scam? – NOT SAFE!

ZmartBit is a new bitcoin earning pyramid scheme that claims to be “the biggest business opportunity of your lifetime”, but should you join? Is ZmartBit a scam?

Ya, pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries, but if you can make a ton of money fast then it still might be worth the risk, right?

Well, I certainly wouldn’t recommend joining because if you do there is a good chance you will never see any returns on your initial investments.

There are a lot of red-flags. First off, we have absolutely no idea who the owners of the website are or anything about the people running the scheme. They don’t provide any info. The people running it claim to be a “group of people with many years of experience in the Network Marketing industry”, which just makes things seem even more scammy because it would be nice if these people had some knowledge and/or experience with cryptocurrency!


This is a major red-flag right off the bat. And after a quick search on Scam Doc it seems that the ZmartBit website ( has a measly 1% trust rating… which is the lowest rating possible…


The reasons given for the very low trust rating include:

  • The domain name is very recent (true, it was just registered on September 20th, 2019)
  • It has a short life expectancy (not sure how they determine this but it’s definitely not good)
  • The site is suspected to be a source of spam (again, not good)

So right off the bat things aren’t looking too good… but let’s get into the review and go over how this money-making scheme actually works so you can get a better idea of what it’s all about.

ZmartBit Review

In a nutshell, ZmartBit is a another bitcoin pyramid scheme that you buy into and then recruit others in to make money.

The reason I say “another” bitcoin pyramid scheme is because there have been plenty in the past. We’ve had Bitty Cash, Bitcoins Wealth Club, Ads Crypto and a lot more.

This scheme does have a product they “sell” in order to try to come-off as being legitimate, however, the money making opportunity is at the core of what they offer and you must join as an affiliate to even get access to their product.

This is very shady activity. You can’t be a normal customer even if you want to. You must buy into the scheme opportunity.



At first it seemed like ZmartBit could be just some sort of cryptocurrency software wallet. They mention that ZmartBit will allow for user-to-user transactions and they also mention that you will be able to store your Bitcoin with ZmarBit… sounds just like any wallet at this point.

But then they go on to mention that you can:

“Learn everything from the Cryptocurrency world, at an affordable price and have access to the biggest business opportunity of your lifetime”

What they are talking about here is an educational course that they offer called “Crypto University” (aka Bitcoin University). This is their only real product… but as mentioned, you will have to buy into the pyramid scheme to get access to it.

With Crypto University they tell us that you will be “able to learn everything from the cryptocurrency world”, but these sorts of educational programs are mostly a thing of the past. There is so much free information available on Youtube and Google that paying for educational material on cryptocurrency is ridiculous. And, I doubt that the material is that good anyhow.

*Note: This sort of cryptocurrency pyramid scheme that provides educational material as a product to try to come-off as being legal is also nothing new. In the past we have seen CryptoWorld Network, Bitcoin Frontiers and others do the same… and they didn’t turn out to be much.

The Business Opportunity

In order to buy into the business opportunity you must pay at least $260, and this is just to start out. There are 10 different levels in this pyramid scheme and you must pay more money to advance up each level, as well as recruit others in.

Compensation Plan

Starting out at Level 1 (White) you pay $260 and there are 4 positions you can earn from, in which you will earn $125 for each recruit. To advance to Level 2 you will need to fill those 4 positions, and then of course pay more money.

At each higher level the number of positions increases, first by a multiple of 4 going from Level 1 to Level 2, and then by a multiple of 2 every level after that…

  • Level 1 – White
    • Costs $260
    • Can earn $125 per filled position
    • 4 positions total
  • Level 2 – Green
    • Costs another $260
    • Can earn $156 per filled position
    • 16 positions total
  • Level 3 – Yellow
    • Costs $530
    • Can earn $156 per filled position
    • 32 positions total
  • Level 4 – Orange
    • Costs $1060
    • Can earn $156 per filled position
    • 64 positions total
  • Level 5 – Blue
    • Costs $2100
    • Can earn $156 per filled position
    • 128 positions total
  • Level 6 – Pink
    • Costs $4200
    • Can earn $78 per filled position
    • 256 positions total
  • Level 7 – Bronze
    • Costs $8300
    • Can earn $46 per filled position
    • 512 positions total
  • Level 8 – Silver
    • Costs $8400
    • Can earn $23 per filled position
    • 1024 positions total
  • Level 9 – Gold
    • Costs 8500
    • Can earn $11 per filled position
    • 2048 positions total
  • Level 10 – Platinum
    • Costs $8600
    • Can earn $6 per filled position
    • 4096 positions total

As if the fact that we know nothing about the people running this and how the costs to level up increase drastically while commissions go down drastically… isn’t bad enough already… this is guaranteed to fail.

Why This Is Guaranteed to Fail

There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it… this sort of pyramid scheme setup will fail and is guaranteed to fail.

Here’s why:

The reason is because the only people joining are those buying into the money-making scheme. There is no one that is buying in just for the products, and as mentioned you can’t even do this if you want to.

So, in order to recoup you initial investment you have to recruit in more people. You will have to recruit in at least 3 people to make back the $260 that it costs to sign up initially… and then those people will have to do the same in order to get back their initial investment.

This is how pyramid schemes work. They are completely reliant on new recruits coming in… and of course this isn’t sustainable forever.

So what happens in the end is the overwhelming majority of people that are low on the pyramid end up losing money rather than making any.

Yes there are some people that make a lot of money from pyramid schemes, but in order to be one of these people you have to get in early and you have to have some way to recruit mass amounts of people.

And this is assuming that the people running the scheme will actually pay you, which I am hesitant to believe based on the fact that we know absolutely nothing about the people behind this.

Conclusion – This Is a Bad Idea

  • We don’t know anything about the people behind this scheme
  • Low trust rating from Scam Doc
  • Can’t purchase products without buying into the scheme
  • Cost to level-up increases while commission payouts decrease
  • Mathematically guaranteed to fail

It’s just not a good idea.

As mentioned, yes it is possible to make money with pyramid schemes if you get in early enough and are able to recruit a lot of people to join… but this ZmartBit doesn’t look very well organized and in my opinion it won’t be long before it vanishes from the face of the internet.

So do yourself a favor and avoid it.

It you want a legitimate way to make money online (not a pyramid scheme) then you can always take a look at what I do… and have been doing since 2015.

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I hope you found this review helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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