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What Is Easy Cash 4 Ads?… a Scam? – Pretty Much, Ya

EasyCash4Ads.com scam


So I’m guessing you came across Easy Cash 4 Ads and are suspicious of the legitimacy of this program. Can you actually make money with this…realistically speaking? Or is Easy Cash 4 Ads a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time and money?

In this review I will be answering exactly this and you are going to want to read it because believe me when I say that this place is not nearly as good as people try to get you to believe it is. While you can make money with this system, it just isn’t all that great.

And by the way, before I get to into this I just want to let you know that I am in no way affiliated with this program so you do not have to worry about me trying to recruit UN, which is what all the people promoting this program are doing.

Easy Cash 4 Ads Review

Easy Cash 4 Ads (easycash4ads.com) claims to be the “hottest scene in advertising”. If you watch the promotional video for this program you would have also heard them tell you that you can make a regular income with this and that in an hour from now you could possibly never have to work again.

Sounds pretty awesome right? I mean it sounds like you might have just come across a goldmine.… But then again pretty much every scam out there promotes their opportunity as being some amazing magical thing.

How will you be making money with this program? Well what they tell you is that people will pay you to visit your ads. Wait a minute what??? Sounds kind of strange doesn’t it… People paying you visit your ads. This doesn’t make too much sense.

In a Nutshell

All the BS aside, Easy Cash 4 Ads it is a cash gifting scheme where you buy in and send money to the person who recruited you in, then go out and recruit other people in, just like Crypto Cash Pool and Crowd Rising. Basically it is just a big exchange of money for nothing of value.

The whole advertising thing is a bunch of BS and is pretty confusing. The basics of it are what I just said above, you make money by recruiting other people in.

How It Works

In order to get started you first have to pay $10 to the person who recruited you in, a.k.a. your sponsor, and $9 as an admin fee. The admin fee will be used to host your ad. When you recruit people in they will be shown in your ad and this is how you get credit for referring others in from what I understand. However, like I said, the whole ad thing is a bunch of BS. There is no need for it. It seems to be something that was put in place just to try to make this system seem more legitimate than it really is.

But anyway, so you pay $19 total and then what you do is go out and recruit other people into the system. They will be shown the same video presentation that you were shown and well be taken through the same process.

Easy Cash 4 Ads has what is called a “2-up” system. What the heck does this mean? This means that every person who joins passes their first two recruits up to the person who recruited them in. So when you go out and recruit your first two people into this program you will not get credit for it. These two people will get passed up to your sponsor and they will get paid the $10 that each of these people send them. This may sound bad at first but the same thing happens for each person you recruit in after your second referral.… They will pass their first two recruits up to you.

And this goes on and on and on down to infinity. Everyone’s first two recruits are passed up. So if everything were to go perfectly and everyone were to refer in at least two people it would look like the diagram below where each level doubles in size…

Very Misleading Claims!

However, do not count on this system working out like this. This is the best case scenario and I can guarantee you that this will not work out that great. If everything would work out perfectly and you just refer in 1 person.. you will earn $10 on level 1, $20 on level 2, $40 on level 3, $80 on level 4, $160 on level 5, $320 on level 6, and so on to infinity.

This is the type of stuff they tell you when trying to get you to join. They make it seem incredible and act as if it is going to work out like this when in reality it will not.

First off… Recruiting other people into systems like this is much easier said than done. Sure you can easily promote opportunities like this on social media and what? Most people don’t have very large social media following so this will not work out all that well. Of course you could try paid advertising and a bunch of other things but advertising like this takes years of experience in trial and error to actually get good at.

Second off… Just think about it for a second. You came across this program and were very suspicious of it being a scam so you decided to do a little extra research and came across my review here. There are going to be a lot of other people doing the same.

The bottom line is that systems like this just don’t work out good. I review systems like this all the time in the coming go with the seasons.

Why This Scheme WILL Collapse

The big reason that this scheme is bound to collapses because it provides no value. It is just a big cash gifting scheme and that’s it. What value does it provide? The answer is none.

If you look at any legitimate business out there that has been around for a while you will find that they provide value with either products or services. I mean I guess there is a little bit of value having the system set up so that you’re able to recruit others in and make money like this, but I just cannot see this lasting, especially because I have seen many other very similar programs that have went under.

Final Thoughts – Worth Joining?

Absolutely not… I do not think this program/system is worth joining by any means. There will be people that make money with this, and some people will probably make decent money, but the overwhelming majority of people are just going to end up wasting time and money.

If you want any chance of making good money you’re going to have to recruit like crazy. You cannot just recruit two people in and expect everyone to recruit people in as they lead you to believe. With systems like this you have to be constantly recruiting and as I went over this is much easier said than done.

Overall I definitely would not recommend this system to anyone. It is just not sustainable and provides no value.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online that actually is sustainable and can provide you with decent income, then I would suggest taking a look at how I make money online. You can read my “make money online guide” for more information on this. In the guide I go over what exactly I do, how it all works, and what I consider the best way for beginners to get started.

I have been doing this since 2015 and currently make a living working online now… So I can personally say that it does work.

And as always, leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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