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What Is The 90 Day CBD Challenge? – Another Potential Scam?

The 90 Day CBD Challenge


They claim that you can start earning big commissions selling CBD products in just 90 days, with no inventory or special skills, but is there a catch to this? What is The 90 Day CBD Challenge exactly and what should you know about it before getting started? Is it a scam?

Well… One thing is for sure… You definitely should read my review here before getting started because there is some important information that is often left out. Of course they only tell you all the good stuff and leave out some of the downsides to this challenge.

The cost to join is free, which is nice. Supposedly the normal price is $1997, but at this time it is free. Who knows though, this might just be a marketing stunt. You see this kind of thing all the time.

You may also be wondering, well how can this training possibly be free? Don’t the people that put together have to make money?

The answer is Yes, and they do make money. do.

Don’t worry, I’ll go over all of this. In this quick review I’ll go over what exactly the challenge is, I’ll be showing you inside the program, how it works, how much money people can realistically make and more.

What Is The 90 Day CBD Challenge?

In a nutshell, The 90 Day CBD Challenge is 12 week training program where you can learn to start your own online business selling highly over-priced CBD oil products and earning big commissions. But there is more to it than just that. It could also be called a marketing funnel system to promote a CBD MLM company called HempWorx.

Basically it’s a training program that teaches you how to make money by partnerting with the company mentioned above.

Confusing I know… But I’ll break it all down for you so that you know exactly what is going on here before getting involved.

The creators of this training program are Chris Record and Peter Serenson, both of whom have been very successful in the online world and have started multimillion dollar businesses in the past. I’m personally more familiar with Chris, who is the cofounder of Tecademics and also the creator of Lifepreneur, because some of his programs have caught my attention in the past.

But anyways… Neither of these guys are going to put out a crappy program. So right from the start I was expecting this 90 Day CBD Challenge to be at least a pretty decent training course.

But before I get into what you actually get inside the course, I first want to talk a bit about CBD, and why this is becoming such a popular business opportunity.

Why Get Into CBD In The First Place?… The Future Is Looking Bright

If you do a few Google searches you will likely find a lot of reputable sources saying that the CBD market has quite a promising future. An article on RollingStone says the CBD market could hit $22 billion by 2022 and Forbes says the market could grow by 700% by 2020.

There is no doubt that it has a lot of potential. Sure, you may already be wishing that you got in sooner, but there is still a lot of future growth that will likely happen, so it is definitely not too late.

No… It Won’t Get You High

Most people didn’t want anything to do with it originally. They associated it with getting high because it comes from the cannabis plant.

Makes sense, but CBD won’t get you high and this misconception early on has slowly been disolving and opening up an absolutely massive market.

CBD is what is called a cannabidoid, and is one of many inside the cannabis plant. THC is the cannabidoid that is responsible for the high effect that comes from smoking marijuana. It is completely different.

In a nutshell, CBD is a substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant, and usually is extracted from the hemp variety, not marijuana.

Tons of Benefits

There are several reasons why the market for CBD is so massive.

1) There are tons of health benefits that come with this cannabinoid. While there is much more research that needs to be done to really see what all it can do, it is commonly used for…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Acne
  • Epilepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Glaucoma
  • And more…

2) It’s completely new to the market. Sure, people have been smoking and ingesting this cannabinoid illegally for years, but now it’s heading mainstream and you can buy it completely legally.

Overall the CBD market is without a doubt a good opportunity, which is why you see so many businesses and, in this case, a marketing course capitalizing on this newfound opportunity.

But Anyway… Back to The 90 Day CBD Challenge

So this 90 day challenge is completely free to join and will give you access to the training. Basically all you do is enter your email, name, create a password, and you have access to the members area.

However, there is sort of a “catch” that I will go over shortly. Because, although the training is free, if you want to follow along it will not be free.

You’ll understand what I mean in a second.

A Look Inside The Program

Once you our login you will see something that looks like this. Or maybe you will see an introduction video first. But anyways, once you get to the core of the members area, this is what you will see…

Over to the left-hand side of the screen you have all of the lessons outlined. Each week is focused on something different that is important to starting your CBD business.

Here is a closer look…

You have some training on setting up a website, marketing and branding, the legalities of this business, advertising, building an email list and so on.

From the looks of this it is a pretty well-rounded training course that goes over all the important aspects of starting a business of this kind.

HOWEVER, at this point you are still probably wondering how the heck you’re going to be making money with the CBD business that this challenge is training you on.

I’ll explain…

How It Works

So basically you won’t be creating your own CBD business, but rather you will be partnering with an existing CBD business, called HempWorx (used to be named My Daily Choice), which it is a MLM company that sells CBD oil. You will be an affiliate for the company.

When you originally sign up for the challenge you may or may not have noticed that they mention this in small print below…

So what you will be doing is promoting HempWorx and their CBD oil products in order to make money. It is not like this training is going to be showing you how to build your very own CBD oil business.

After Joining You Have 2 Options:

Option 1: Continue with the free training for $20

The first option you have is to just continue as normal. Yes, the training is FREE, but being an affiliate for HempWorx is not. But this only costs $20 so it’s not a big deal.

If you do this you will get a new training video released to you every day throughout the entire 90 day program.

Now this may be frustrating to some. This is something that someone else brought up and I totally agree with it.

Many people out there getting involved with this aren’t going to have the patience of a 90 day, 1 video per day, course. I can see how this would be beneficial because then you are forced to take your time and not rush things.

But we want money fast… right?

So this brings me to the other option you have…

Option 2: Upgrade your account to the Executive level

If you want to unlock all of the training right away, which I can imagine many people do, then you can upgrade your account to the Executive Level inside HempWorx.

I’ll go over this in more detail next, but HempWorx has multiple levels, or ranks, within the company. The higher up you are the more ability you have to earn. In this case you can simply buy your way up the ranks to that of Executive.

If you want to go this route it is going to cost you a hefty price. It costs $599 plus you will still have the $20 fee to be an affiliate.

The MLM Part of It

As I briefly mentioned earlier, HempWorx, which is the company you will have to partner with as an affiliate if you want to follow through with the training, is a MLM business.

What the heck does this mean?

This means that there is a hierarchal structure within the business and you can earn money from the efforts of those beneath you. A lot of people call these businesses pyramid schemes, although they are not. They do however have a pyramid-like compensation structure however.

Ways to Earn Within HempWorx

As in affiliate you will be able to earn money in 2 basic ways, by earning retail commissions from actually selling the CBD oil products, or… By recruiting in other affiliates beneath you and earning commissions based on their efforts.

Below you can see an example of a commission chart for what they call “jump start bonuses”. This is one of the many ways that you can get paid within the compensation plan. As you can see you will be able to earn down to 10 levels deep…

The affiliates that you personally recruit in make up your level I, the affiliates that they recruit in make up your level II, the affiliates that level II recruits in make up level III, and so on…

So basically it is a big pyramid-like structure where affiliates recruit in other affiliates and earn money based on the commissions that they make from recruiting in others and selling retail products.

There or a variety of other ways to earn as well, but they all contribute to this pyramid-like MLM structure.

Ranks are important. For example, in the chart above you can only earn level I commissions if you join as an Active Affilaite, but if you join as an Executive Affiliate, you will be able to earn down 4 levels right from the start.

There are a number of different ranks…

  • Active affiliate
  • Builder
  • Director
  • Executive
  • 5K affiliate
  • 10K affiliate
  • 25K affiliate
  • 50K affiliate
  • 100K affililiate
  • 250K affiliate
  • 500K affiliate
  • Super affiliate

Pretty much the goal with all of this MLM stuff is to move up the ranks and make more money. The further you move up the ranks, the more of the compensation plan you unlock and get access to. And of course, moving up the ranks is all about building your “team”, which consists of other affiliates that have been recruited in beneath you, which is accomplished via recruitment.

Making Sense of It All

Okay… So this point you may be pretty confused. I’m trying my best to explain, but I definitely understand how this would be one heck of a mess to try to understand.

In a nutshell, a tiny tiny nutshell, The 90 Day CBD Challenge is a marketing system for HempWorx. They say “hey join our free training and build your CBD business”, and while the training is free you are coaxed into joining HempWorx… And then further pushed into buying in at the Executive level.

You Will Have 2 Ways to Earn

After you go through the training you will have to ways in which you can earn. You will be able to either promote The 90 Day CBD Challenge and earn commissions when people buy into HempWorx through the training funnel, or you can simply promote HempWorx and their products without the use of The 90 Day CBD Challenge.

It’s your choice.

Are You Going to Get Rich Off This?

Of course this opportunity is presented as one of the greatest things to ever bless this earth, but it seems like every “make money online” opportunity is promoted in this sort of way.

And sure, you definitely “can” make money doing this, but “will” you? These are 2 different questions.

If you look at the official income disclosure for the MLM company HempWorx, this is what you see. WARNING… It is not too pretty…

As shown above, even those who are at the rank of Executive are still only earning a monthly average of around $90.52, which is pretty darn horrible. And the people at the lesser ranks are earning even less on average. There is a good post on Reddit explaining this all too.

So it costs $599 to join at the Executive rank, but you are only going to be earning an average of $90 a month???

Well… It’s a bit more complicated than that.

But The 90 Day Challenge Will Help

The challenge and training should help.

The chart above is for all HempWorx affiliates, most of them doing their own thing. Since you have the challenge training and all you definitely have at least somewhat of an advantage.

Now how much of an advantage? Who knows… Your guess is as good as mine.

Is This a Scam?

I would not call The 90 Day CBD Challenge a scam. However, I can see how some people who joined the free training may feel a bit like they were taken advantage of after they find out they have to spend money. That said, you shouldn’t really be expecting to get involved in some sort of business like this without spending any money at all.

All in all I definitely do not consider this a scam. They provide good training and a good program overall, that you definitely can make money with.

Also, as I already went over in the beginning, both of the creators have at least decent reputations with programs like this.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Signing Up For?

Now this is a very tough question to answer.

Personally I don’t care for MLM’s at all. Not one bit. While they do have a lot of potential for making big money, their pyramid-like structures make it very difficult for those on the bottom to earn decent amounts and often creates a problem where very very few people at the very top are making the majority of the money, which is why they have such high turnover rates.

This fact is reflected in the income statement I showed above.

BUT… This isn’t just a MLM opportunity. You are also getting access to this training funnel which should make things a little bit easier for you. But again, there is definitely no guarantee that you are going to make much.

I’m not personally going to be promoting this program, but I also am not going to be telling you to avoid it at all costs. This one is up to you.

If you are looking for something that is a little more beginner friendly and not so complicated, I would suggest taking a look how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month online. It has nothing to do with selling CBD oil or anything like that, but if you’re just looking for a good way to make money online I would highly recommend it.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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