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YT Crusher – Scam System Without a Doubt [Very Nasty]



YT Crusher is said to be some incredible system that you can make thousands of dollars with per day in commissions with YouTube, but is it really? Is this system really that great?

These the questions that I’ll be answering in this review. I know a lot of people out there wondering is YT Crusher a scam because it sounds a little bit too good to be true. Fortunately… You came across my review here so you are going to get the truth. And I’ll tell you what… I’ll jump straight to the point… YT Crusher is indeed a SCAM and I’ll be exposing it as such.

I can guarantee that you will going to want to read over this review before buying into this… If you’re thinking about it.

YT Crusher Review

YT Crusher is said to be some incredible system that “couldn’t be easier”. Since you are reading my review here, I’m guessing you came across the video presentation and were suspicious of the claims made, which is completely normal judging by how ridiculous the sales pitch was. It reminds me a lot of past scams like Tubeloom and Tube Profit Sniper.

You find out later in the video that the system was put together by a guy named “Ciaran”, who is the spokesperson talking throughout the video.

He starts off telling you about how you are going to be able to forget about early mornings, rush hour traffic, etc.… Because you won’t have to get out of bed anymore. He claims that you will be able to clear your credit card debt, pay off your mortgage, and even be on your way to Hawaii with all the money that this automated system is going to make you.

And of course, all you need is a smart phone, Internet, and only 10 minutes of spare time each day. Apparently “getting started couldn’t be easier”.

He claims that this new system that he put together allows complete newbies to make tons of money on YouTube… Making thousands of dollars within the first day. In the video presentation he shows a chart (shown below) where supposedly six different test subjects made over $2000 every day for an entire week…

But of course there is no way to verify the stats is shown in this chart. For all we know you could’ve been pulling those numbers out of his ass, which is what I believe he did do.

If This System Is So Great, Why Are There Fake Testimonials?

One thing that caught my attention was the video testimonials from people who claim to be using the system in making thousands of dollars per day… They just seem to be fake and I thought I have seen these people before elsewhere.

Sure enough… I did see these people before and I was right. They are fake! The people in these videos are actually paid actors/actresses as you can see below. They are available for hire on the digital freelance marketplace called Fiverr…

Obviously this is a major red flag. If the system really were as great as this guy is telling you, why couldn’t he get testimonials from real users who have tried the system and made tons of money? It should be very easy to get people’s testimonials when a system like this is making them thousands of dollars per day… I would be more than happy to if I were a user as such.

But they are all fake… And this leads me to believe that it is more than likely a scam. But it doesn’t end there…

Old System, New Name.. Major Red-Flag

Another major red flag is that this YT Crusher system is actually the resurrection of in order system called  Tube Crusher, which I reviewed in the past. I knew it seemed familiar, but I wasn’t completely sure until I did some looking around as some past reviews I wrote.

You can see below that the sales pages are the exact same, with the exception of different logos…

Other then the logos and the names being different, these two systems are the exact same. The video presentation is the same exact thing and everything else is the same.

So you must be wondering… Why would it change names? Well… This is actually something I see quite often when it comes to scams. What happens is a scam will become popular, it will scam a lot of people, but then people will catch on to it and start realizing more and more that it is a scam. The word will spread and then because so many people are calling it a scam, it will not be as successful what scamming people. So then the scammers behind it all will change the name up and promoted under its new rebranded name.

This is what I am guessing is happening here.

Who Is This Ciaran Guy?

Okay, so the system is supposedly created by this guy named Ciaran. But who is he? He does not give us his YouTube alias so there is no way for me to check into him and see if he really is legit.

He claims to be a YouTube celebrity and one of the first content creators on the platform… Now making millions of dollars on YouTube.

But… Of course all of this could be a complete lie.

How can we trust this guy if we don’t even know who he is? The answer is that we can’t!

There it is absolutely no verifiable information given on him. No picture, no verifiable background, no last name… Nothing at all. All we have to go off of is the story he feeds us, which I am very hesitant to believe based on the number of lies I just exposed prior.

How You Supposedly Are Going To Make Money With This

So it’s all about YouTube. He talks about big you tubers, like PewDiePie, who make millions of dollars per year from YouTube. And then of course he claims that his “bulletproof system” sure to make you money.

Why is this sure to make you money?

Well… Of course because Ciaran here is a YouTube veteran who makes millions and can easily turn amateur vloggers in two YouTube sensations… Well according to him anyhow.

But another major red flag that I encountered is that  he doesn’t really tell you anything about how the system actually works. We are just supposed to trust him him to believe that it works because he says that it works.

That said, I have my own theory on what is going to happen here because I have seen plenty of systems like this before… Systems which turn out to be complete scams and don’t get you anywhere.

My Prediction:

It it appears that this YT Crusher system is some sort of automated system that isn’t going to work. Based on what he tells you when he was testing this system out on amateur vloggers, it seems to give you the ability to throw together YouTube videos in no time with the hopes of them ranking and then making you tons of money.

However, the problem here is that these sorts of automated systems simply do not work. I mean just think about it… If they did than everyone would be using them and this would then decrease their chances of working even if they did work in the first place.

But the problem is that they don’t work, and they never have worked. Well I guess maybe they could have potentially worked in the very early days of YouTube, but definitely not for a while. The reason is because of competition from others on YouTube trying to get their videos ranked. It is similar to  getting a website ranked in Google… There is a heck of a lot of competition and you can’t just create a website and expected to get ranked, just that you can’t go out and create a YouTube video expecting it to get ranked (or I should say ranked high).

Why is this a problem? Because if your video is not ranked high you will not get any traffic and thus you will not make any money. Getting high rankings is the key to making money, but an automated system like this is certainly not the answer.

Conclusion = Scam

This it’s a definite scam in my book. There are plenty of red flags and no real information given about how this system actually works. I think one of the most telling red flags of all is the fact that the system change names recently. Sure… There are plenty of “make money online” program/systems out there that have changed names and are legitimate, but they will at least make it publicly known that they change names. This system was rebranded in then promoted as some new magical system… As if it had never existed prior.

You can certainly buy into this if you would want to, after all is your money. That said… I certainly do not recommend it to anyone. If you did already buy into it, I would try getting your money back as soon as possible. Luckily, you should be able to sense it is a product sold on  ClickBank, which is a legitimate digital product retailer.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please leave any questions or comments down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Also, if you want a recommendation from me on a legitimate way to make money online, I would suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 two making over $6000 per month consistently.

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