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Cash Formula by Michael Green – Big Ol’ Scam? [Review]

So there is this new system out called Cash Formula that you can supposedly make $5000 a day with… But of course that sounds a little bit too good to be true, does it not? This then probably leads you to wonder whether or not this is just another crappy scam that is going to be a waste of your time.

Is it a scam? Does it actually work? How does it work and why is this guy deciding to let people in on it?

Lots of questions that need answers… and you are in the right place. In this quick review I’m going to be giving my honest opinion of it, which is not too good as you will see and as you are probably expecting.

Cash Formula Review

My first impression:

So my first impression after landing on the sales page is that it seems pretty darn scammy.

  • False scarcity – You are told “only 7 new spots available” and also that the video could get taken down at any moment because the gurus are out to stop this guy.
  • Seemingly fake testimonials – The video testimonials of the people who have supposedly been using the system and making all kinds of money just don’t seem genuine…. it seems like the people are reading off scripts half the time.
  • 100% done for you – Of course…. and so is just about every online scam ever.
  • Up to $5k in 24 hours and every day after that – Okay… insane earnings… another common characteristic of a scam.
  • Tells you that what he is going to show you is “100% certified and true” due to the federal guidelines he has to follow – Completely untrue. If it were true then there wouldn’t be any scams.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of different scams on my site here, most recently Easy Cash Club, and this is looking typical, especially when it comes to “make money online” Clickbank scams, which are becoming so popular it’s ridiculous.

It definitely seems like a scam right off the bat. And to make matters worse, the guy leads you to believe that it is going to be a short video presentation of only 2 and a half minutes but really it drags on for over 20 minutes… which something else that is typical of a scam… a lie or misleading info at the least.

But anyways… the creator of the system is Michael Green, who claims to go by the name “Green Machine” because of all the money he makes.

Who Is Michael Green?

He claims to be a guy that makes up to $10,000 a day… just by clicking a few buttons. He then goes on to say that he makes more in a minute than most people in an entire year, which makes no sense because if he is making $10k a day that would mean he is making around $6.95 a minute… and I don’t know about you but most people I know make over $6.95 a year.

He claims that he stumbled upon this system after losing his job and bumping into an old friend that has some company that “controls millions of web visitors each month” that discovered some “loophole”. The story goes that his company bought this secret loophole formula from a group of Ukranian coders and blah blah blah.

The reason I say “blah” is because what this guy tells you doesn’t really make any sense… and it isn’t supposed to. It’s supposed to sound confusing so that it seems really complex and amazing, but really it’s just a bunch of vague info that is vague on purpose.

Anyhow… lets get to the point here: The story behind Michael Green’s discovery is a bunch of BS and so is the guy himself.

Cash Formula Michael Green

As you can see below, the image they show you of Michael is really a free picture that anyone can use online and it is available on the freepik website. I found this out by doing a quick reverse Google image search of the picture they showed us in the video presentation.

Why Is He Selling This System for Only $37?

So he basically claims that he is now allowing others to use his system because he is just that nice of a guy. He talks about how he is sick and tired of all the fake gurus out there scamming people and he just wants to help out.

This already sounds like something I’ve heard from just about every scam I’ve ever reviewed and to make matters worse, I already showed you that this guy isn’t who he claims to be.

So how can you trust any of this?

The answer: You can’t!

Things Just Don’t Add Up

There is so much that this Michael guy tells us that just doesn’t add up.

For example… he tells us that he is only letting 7 new people in today because he doesn’t want this to become too popular. He wants it to fly under the radar, so to speak, so that the gurus don’t find out.

But then why the heck does it say there are 7 new spots available everytime I go to this website? You can check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me… just go back to the video in a day or 2 and it will be telling you the same darn thing.

What Really Get If You Buy This

Just as expected, the guy tells you just about nothing on what you are actually buying into here. The information given is incredibly vague and this is pretty typical when it comes to online scams. They like to provide you with vague info on purpose so that you have to buy into it in order to find out more… and probably because if they did provide too much information you would easily be able to either tell that it is a scam or they would get into too much legal trouble because they would likely have to lie a bunch more than they already do.

But anyways… so what the heck do you get if you buy into this?

Well… honestly… I don’t know the answer because I have not bought into it nor do I intend to. HOWEVER, I can tell you that what you will be getting will be nowhere near what you are expecting to get if you buy in thinking that this guy is telling you the truth about the system.

Based on what I see here and other scams I’ve reviewed in the past that were very similar, which there are plenty of, I’m guessing that you will probably be given some pretty crappy training for some method of making money online that is just going to lead you down the wrong path and waste a bunch of your time for nothing.

Conclusion: Your Pretty Typical Scam

So obviously I’m not going to be recommending that any of my readers buy into this crap…. unless you are looking to get scammed of course, which I’m guessing you aren’t.

I probably just confirmed your suspicions with this review anyhow though. After all, since you came across my review then you were looking for additional information online about this system and the reason for that is probably because it sounded a little too good to be true.

Lots of lies, misleading information, lack of information and so on… Although I didn’t buy into this to find out for myself, I can pretty confidently call it a scam.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online (that is beginner friendly) then I would highly suggest taking a look at this guide I put together that will show you how I do so.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Easy Cash Club Scam – A Waste of Time

Easy Cash Club is supposedly some new software created by a guy named Steve that can generate you thousands of dollars per day, with "no work". But is it really as good as it seems? Or is this just another waste of time online scam that is going to leave you with less money than when you started?

While I might not call it a complete scam, unfortunately it does lean towards the latter… Being more on the side of a waste of time scam than something that is actually going to make you good money.

Since you are reading my review here I'm guessing that you probably came across the over-the-top video presentation and thought that it sounded a little bit too good to be true, which it does. I mean just think about it… This guy claims that he is giving away his autopilot software for the price of only $37 and it can make you thousands of dollars per day on complete autopilot?? That sounds like a fairytale to me.

Lots of Red Flags..

Things aren't adding up

Above the video presentation it states that you can make $379 per day with this system with "no work" required. However, in the video presentation Steve says that you can make thousands of dollars with it per day, and that he makes $2000 a day consistently.

So which is it? There's a big difference between the numbers given here. This is just one of many small red flags that leads me to believe that you cannot trust what you are being told.

We don't know who this "Steve" guy is

Another red flag is that we don't even know who this "Steve" guy is. He tells you that he is a computer programmer, husband, and millionaire that wakes up around 11 AM and does whatever he wants to do, only spending about 30 minutes on his computer day… And that is when he is not traveling the world going on exotic vacations or driving one of his Lamborghinis.

The problem here is that there is no verifiable information given about Steve. All this could easily be made up, and I'm guessing it is.

Scarcity tactics everywhere

You may have also noticed the different scarcity tactics used. They tell you that there is only a few software licenses left so you have to buy in right now and there are other methods to make you think that this is extremely urgent.

Now this type of thing definitely doesn't mean it is a scam, but it sure as heck is a red flag and a very common characteristic of such.

Fake testimonials

Another thing I noticed is that the testimonials given on the sales page are as fake as can be. I ended up doing a reverse Google image search and found that the one picture is actually of a woman named Joy although on the sales pages states that her name is "Mary" from the Philippines… A complete lie.

This woman probably has no idea these people are misusing her picture.

Easy Cash Club Review


At this point you are probably well aware that this system is not going to be the incredible miracle system that it is claimed to be. And while you can make money with it, there is little chance you will make much of anything based on what I am seeing here.

But before I get into the problems with this system, let's first talk about what exactly it is and what it does.

What Does The Software Do?

Youtube "Can" Be a Great Way to Make Money

In the video presentation Steve really hyped up this opportunity a lot and makes it seem like the greatest thing to ever come your way. He talks about people who are making millions on YouTube, such as the one young kid from Ryan Toys that makes over $11 million a year.

Yes, it "can" be a good opportunity to make money. BUT… It definitely is not as easy as he leads you to believe it is and if you buy into this software with high expectations you likely are going to be disappointed, very disappointed. This system falls into the same category as the extremely over-hyped Tube Profit Sniper & YT Crusher scammy systems I've exposed in the past.

The Problem With This

#1 - You Might Not Get Approved

In order to start making revenue from people viewing your videos and getting paid by Google AdSense, you will first have to get your YouTube channel approved by them. This is easier said than done and I have seen lots of people's applications denied over the years.

Google AdSense does not want to be placing ads on someone's scam YouTube videos. If you have a YouTube channel with a bunch of poor quality videos made by this software, there is a darn good chance you aren't going to get accepted in the first place.

So obviously this is a major problem because if you don't get accepted then you aren't going to make any money this way.

You can still make money by putting affiliate links in your video description for products you want to promote (affiliate marketing) however.

#2 - Getting Views Isn't That Easy

Another major problem, even if you do get accepted for AdSense, is that getting views is NOT easy. You can't just go out and create a bunch of YouTube videos expecting people to be watching them like crazy. It does not work like that. There is a lot of competition from other YouTubers and you are going to have to compete with them in the rankings.

The problem here is that there is no talk about getting you to videos ranked high and this is a major concern. If you buy into the system and there is no training on ranking your videos, you are really going to struggle. Ranking means everything.

#3 - You Will Need a LOT of Views

Lastly, or maybe I should say the last problem that I am going to go over (because there are others), is that you will need a lot of views in order to make any substantial money with this. The amount you make per ad view varies greatly depending on your niche and what types of ads are being displayed, but generally speaking Google AdSense pays very little and you are going to need a heck of a lot of views to make substantial money.

Based on what I see your there is pretty much no chance at all that you are going to be making anywhere even close to $1000 per day. I'd be surprised if people would make $20 a day with this.

Conclusion - Another Over-hyped Scam?

So is it a scam or not? Well… That all depends on what you consider a scam or not. If you consider something that lures people in with the hopes and dreams of making easy money and then sells them on some extremely over-hyped product that is not going to be nearly as good as claimed - to be a scam, then yes this is a scam. 

While this system does provide a little bit of value, in my opinion it is in a way the worst type of scam out there, reason being that it is just going to take you down the wrong path and waste a bunch of your time. I would rather be scammed from the start and realize it right away so that I can just move on with my life, instead of putting a bunch of effort into something that isn't going to work.

So anyways… Obviously I do not recommend anyone to buy into this system. It is only going to be a disappointment.

If you want to get started on a beginner friendly way to make money online, that is actually legitimate, that I highly suggest taking a look at this guide I put together.

Beware of the Scam!

The website appears to present a legitimate work from home opportunity from Amazon, but is this the real deal? Is this opportunity really as amazing as it seems to be or is this just a bunch of BS… Another stupid scam that is going to waste your time and money?

Unfortunately… As you are probably already suspicious of… is indeed a scam. The real company of Amazon has nothing to do with this and I'm guessing it is being promoted by bunch of unethical online marketers just looking to make a quick buck without any care in the world of who they are hurting in the process.

In this quick review I'll be exposing this place for the scam that it is.

The (Alleged) Opportunity

So in a nutshell… They tell you that Amazon is opening up a new work from home opportunity in your area and they make it seem like it is the greatest thing to ever come your way.

Of course we all know of Amazon… They are the biggest e-commerce store in the world. We also know that it is possible to make money with Amazon online, such as through affiliate marketing and selling products on the platform itself, so this opportunity is pretty believable at first sight.

They then make it more believable by showing screenshots of bank statements and telling you a story of this family man named Chris J Peters who supposedly making around $14,000 a month.

However, as I said, Amazon has nothing to do with this scam and it is all a complete lie.

It's all a lie!

Every little detail about this is a lie.

First off, I know it seems really convincing because the website tells you that there are openings specifically in your area. However, this site is just using a location tracker see where people are accessing the website from and customizing it specifically for them, all automatically.

The entire story about this Chris J Peters guy is also completely made up. In fact, the picture they show of the guy is a fake. As you can see below, it is nothing more than a stock photo that can be bought on Shutterstock…

fake pictures

This guy is not making $14,000 a month with this new work at home opportunity from Amazon… Because the "new" work at home opportunity does not exist.

You can research this and you will not find any information about a new work at home opportunity from Amazon on any legitimate news source. 

What's Really Going On Here..

The is actually a single one page site that is being copied all over the place on the Internet. It is one of many identical sites that are promoting the same Amazon work at home opportunity.

If you look around the site, you will see that it is just some crappy fake news website. It is a single page and there is nowhere else you can go, except for to click on the many links that will direct you to the real scam they are trying to lure you into. I know that it seems like a real news website at first, but appearances aren't always what they seem.

I have actually reviewed this same scam under different names. As went by "Amazon Cash Websites" as well as "real profits online" in the past. It is constantly changing and evolving because it needs to… The old websites are probably getting blocked and shut down so the scammers are creating new websites as fast as the old ones are getting closed.

The unfortunate thing about this is that scams like this will never be able to be stopped completely. It is very simple for the scammers behind this to create duplicate websites on different domain names, so this scam will just keep on changing.

The Scam They Are Trying to Sucker You Into

Last I checked this fake news site was directing people to a scam called Money Sucking Websites, which I have actually reviewed on my site here in the past. But who knows, it could have changed since then. It would be very easy for them to start directing people to another scam with the same fake Amazon work at home opportunities being used to lure people in.

Basically the Money Sucking Websites system that is (or was) being promoted was presented as some incredible automated system that you could pretty much just plug into and start cranking in the cash… But really it was a bunch of over-hyped and allows the training for making money online that would just be a waste of time and lead you down the wrong path.

So anyways… In conclusion… This place is a massive scam that you should definitely avoid!

If you are looking for a way to make money online and want a suggestion from someone such as myself, I would recommend taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6k a month online here.

Is Jamie’s Profit Injector System a Scam or Your Key to Easy Money?

The Profit Injector is supposedly some new incredible system developed by a guy named Jamie that can supposedly make you a ton of easy money through "video arbitrage".… Well at least that is what he tells you. But is it the truth?

Is this system all that really claims to be and more or is this just another crappy scam that is going to be a waste of your time and money, kind-of like that Ecom Cash Crusher scam that I wrote about recently? This it is precisely the question that I'm going to help answer in this quick review.

When you first land on the website for Profit Injector there is a video presentation set up that begins with the Jamie telling you that the video is only available via an invite, and that you should consider yourself to have just won the lottery because you are so lucky.

He talks about getting paid from free video ads and getting a piece of a $1.2 billion pie, all the while he is counting money at his table which makes no sense at all because when you make money online you don't get paid in cash. He looks more like a drug dealer than an Internet marketer in my opinion.

Some other concerning aspects of the video presentation of course include that it sounds a little bit too good to be true and that he loves to show off screenshots of his bank account and such, instead of getting to the important details about how the system actually works. However, one positive thing I can say is that he doesn't tell you that you will be making thousands of dollars a day, which is a common characteristic of an online scam.

Profit Injector Review

The reason he claims to be sharing this information and system with everyone is because it benefits him as well. He describes as a partnership, and if you make money he also makes money. However, he doesn't really explain what he means by this and I will speak more on it in a bit.

Everything about the system he explains fairly vaguely, so if you don't know that much about different methods for online marketing, you probably don't have much of a chance at understanding what the heck he is talking about. He talks about how you have to make some connection to niches inside of niches, which he has done for you… And talks about a bunch of other things that will completely lose most viewers. 

Vagueness when it comes to "make money online" products like this usually is a sign of a crappy system/program. So this definitely increases my suspicions.

How It Works

Basically how the system works is that it will help you find other people's YouTube videos that have empty descriptions. Jamie supposedly created this whole search engine to find these opportunities. And the reason these are opportunities is because the goal is to be able to get your own affiliate link into these videos' description boxes, so that you will then be able to get free traffic from videos that aren't even yours.

So you will be doing affiliate marketing coupled with inserting links into other people's videos.

He claims that it is as simple as watching a short introductory video and then using his search engine software.

Will It Really work This Easily?

Well… As you can guess… Probably not.

The big question is… How the heck do you get your link into these videos' description boxes? I have no doubt that a software can find the opportunities out there, but actually getting in affiliate link into the description box is the part that puzzles me.

The creator of the video is the only person that has the ability to edit his/her video and the description. So does this mean you have to send them a message asking them to put your affiliate link in their video description? If so this is going to be an absolute disaster.

I like the concept though

The concept is great… There are tons of YouTube videos out there that are highly un-monetized which present great opportunities. However, as I just mentioned, you can't just go around inserting links into people's video descriptions… And I'll see any easy way to do this.

Just think about it… You have a video on YouTube and someone messages you to put some affiliate link in the description… Would you do it? Probably not.

The Big Question... Why Is He Sharing This "Secret"?

Another big question is… Why is the sharing this with us? If this is some new groundbreaking system that is going to be making tons and tons of money, why is he sharing it with the world?

I know he says that he is only inviting certain people, and that viewing the video presentation is only available via private invite, but we all know that isn't true. So why is he sharing it?

Of course you are supposed to believe that he is doing out of the kindness of his own heart, but it seems like everyone says that these days.

The likely reason

Remember when I mentioned that he says that it is like a partnership and that you will help them make money? Yeah… Well I'm guessing that this is because he is going to push members to promote his own system. You will be able to use affiliate links to drive traffic to his own system and get more people to buy in.

Of course this is just a guess, but I have seen things like this happen a thousand times before and it definitely is not a far-fetched idea.

Scam or Not?

While I don't think this is a scam, because he probably can potentially make some money with it, I definitely am not going to be recommending this system to my readers.

For one, I just don't see the system working out very well because I see a massive problem trying to get video owners to insert your affiliate link into their video description. And two, there is really no proof that Jamie shows us of this system actually working that great. Sure, he showed us a bunch of his affiliate account screenshots and all the money he is making, but there is no proof that any of that money is coming from using the system.

It would be nice if there were some incredible system like this out there, where you could basically just plug into it and start making tons of easy money, but unfortunately these are usually dreams and fairytales.

If you want a personal suggestion from me, I would recommend taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month online… Which is a legitimate and beginner friendly way to make money in the online world.

Please leave all your questions and comments below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Ecom Cash Crusher is a Scam! – Please Read

Ecom Cash Crusher is not the $2000 per day system that is said to be… In fact, it is a scam that you are pretty much guaranteed to be extremely disappointed in if you do buy into this, which reminds me of the 2 recent scams I've exposed called The EB Formula and Mass Income Machines. And... I'll show you why.

But first let's talk about some of the claims made about this system and what you are told.

You probably landed on the website for Ecom Cash Crusher after getting an email and clicking a link. That is how it usually starts out, but anyways… That doesn't really matter.

When you first landed on the website there is a video presentation waiting for you. It starts out with the guy telling you that this will completely change your life and is a "revolutionary new system" where members are making up to $40,000 in a single month…


It sounds pretty darn awesome because you are also told that you did not need any special skills or any experience… The guy makes it sound so easy that a caveman could probably do it, or maybe even a dog with the right training.

In the video presentation there are a few different testimonial videos from people who are supposedly making tons of money with the system, such as this lady who claims to have made $2834 in just a couple of days…

Ecom Cash Crusher testimonial

And then there is this guy who claims to have started using the system a couple of months ago and supposedly just hit $100,000 in profit…

Ecom Cash Crusher testimonial

You are told that this system has nothing to do with anything unethical or illegal, however I beg to differ to a slight degree as you will see soon.

It is true that this system helps you make money with a "completely legitimate website", if you actually make any money at all, but is still is definitely unethical as far as I see.

After the testimonial videos in some vague information given about how the system makes money, the spokesperson (who is also the creator) goes on to brag about how much money he makes and how he can buy anything he wants to…


Supposedly he has made over $1 million in the past two years and has all the cars he has ever wanted, goes on tons of vacations, and even bought his dream home… But again that is just what he tells you and is more than likely not true at all.

Ecom Cash Crusher Review... Now You Will See Why This is All a Scam

Just about everything that I see with this system points to it being a scam. I have reviewed hundreds of online scams in the past, right here my website, and this has a lot of common characteristics. I'm sure you are thinking the same… Which is what led you to read my review in the first place.

Whenever something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And just think about it… This guy claims that after coming across this system it only took him 20 minutes to set up and he started making sales right away, making over $1000 in the first day.

How does that sound like BS or what?

And besides the obvious red flags, there are a lot of others as well…

Tons of red flags

Fake Testimonials

Remember this testimonial videos that I mentioned earlier Ian should you screenshots of? Yeah… Those are all completely fake. The people in those videos have never used the system and are just paid actors, as you can see with this guy below who is available for hire on Fiverr…

fiver profile

The one woman in the testimonial video that I showed above is also an actress. I read over another review exposing this scam that proved it as such.

Lack of information

all about making money with Shopify through ecommerce

Another major red flag, and something that is almost always a characteristic of an online scam, is the fact that there is a severe lack of information given about the system. Most of what the guy tells you is very vague and is just about how much money you are going to be making.

He does tell you that it is all about making money via e-commerce through Shopify, which can be a legitimate way to make money, but he goes into no detail at all. Of course you have to buy into the system in order to find out more.

No verifiable information about "David"

This "David" guy, who is supposed the the creator of this system, tells you in extremely long and drawn out life story about how his dad died when he was 14, his life then took a turn for the worse and he had to work a bunch of dead-end jobs in order to provide for his family… Of course until he came across this incredible system

However, as expected, there is absolutely no verifiable information given about "David". They don't even show a picture of this guy. More than likely he is just a made up fictitious character used to promote the scam.

Low price of only $37

And the last red flag that I will cover is that this is only $37. Why would this guy be selling a system that can make you thousands of dollars a day on complete autopilot for only $37?

Oh yeah… I guess we are supposed to believe he is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. That is what they all say.

It's Never This Easy

This "system" is likely not a system at all. While I have not bought into it so I can give you all the details, I'm guessing it is probably some basic program that provides some very basic training on how to make money with e-commerce and Shopify.

And it isn't going to be easy. I was involved in e-commerce for around two years and did pretty well for myself for a short period of time, but ended up giving up later on after things weren't working out so good. The point being… While e-commerce is a legitimate way to make money online, it sure as heck is not easy and if it were than everyone would be doing this.

It's not like this is some brand-new method that has just come out.

The Only Good Thing About This System

The only thing good about the system based on what I see is that it is sold through the digital marketplace called ClickBank… Meaning that you can get a refund within 60 days through ClickBank themselves.

Why doesn't ClickBank just cracked down and not allow scam programs like this to be sold on their platform in the first place? Who knows… But at least you can get a refund.

My Recommendation:

There or a heck of a lot of scams out there in the online world and it is hard to know who to trust, but if you want my own personal recommendation for making money online, I would suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6000 dollars a month. This is a good way for beginners to get started.

Questions and comments can be left below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Private Cash Sites – Scam or Legit? [Honest Review]

Private Cash Sites is supposedly some incredible new system for making money online that requires no experience and is super easy… But is it really? It is not like this is the first time I have heard similar statements like this, and often times they turn out to be scams. So is this the real deal or is it just another waste of time scam that is going to leave you with less money than when you started?

I'll tell you one thing for sure… Some of the statements made sure as heck made me suspicious of what is going on here. It just all sounds a little bit too good to be true… No experience needed, you can even do this on your phone, and then of course a lot of the focus is on how you will be able to quit your job to enjoy the finer things in life, such as traveling the world and going on vacations.

As the old saying goes… If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I'm guessing you're probably thinking the same right about now, which is the reason you are here reading my review in the first place. And it's a good thing you are because this has all the makings of a scam and is something I definitely do not recommend getting involved with.

Private Cash Sites Review

You probably were led to the Private Cash Sites website after getting some email about some awesome new program that you can make tons of easy money with. But that doesn't matter, there are probably lots of different promotional techniques being used to lure people into this program.

When you get to the website, you are greeted with a promo video that starts out showing a bunch of commissions people were supposedly earning from this system… People making hundreds and even thousands of dollars a day.

The spokesperson in the video is a woman named Felicity, who I'll talk more about in a bit. She never comes out and says that she is the creator of this program, but she is the only name that we know… No other names being mentioned. So I can only assume that she is the one that came up with this whole thing.

Besides the system just sounding way too good to be true, because anytime I hear of a possibility to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day with very little work, I get suspicious… There are also a lot of little characteristics of this that point to it being a scam.

For example... She tells you that this system is only letting in a set amount of new people and will be taken down shortly…

Private Cash Sites screenshot

Now I don't know how true this is, but I can tell you that just about every scam out there is going to say the same thing. This just presents a sense of urgency to get as many people to buy in as fast as possible.

How This System Works

Lets discuss what you are told.

You are told that it is all about affiliate marketing, that it only takes a couple of hours to get set up, that is a "turn key business", that is a step-by-step method that anyone can follow, and that you will instantly become an expert affiliate marketer.

Sounds incredible right?

A turn key business that can turn you into an expert in a couple of hours?

But how does the system really work? She tells us in the video that it has nothing to do with writing articles, blogs, etc. and you will not have to send out emails or anything like that. So then what will you be doing?

Unfortunately there is absolutely no information given out on what exactly you will will be doing with this system. Everything is incredibly vague and basically you are just supposed to trust the fact that it is some incredible "turn key system" that is going to make you tons of easy money.

Major Red Flags

#1) Who the heck is Felicity?

Felicity is the only name mentioned… Being the woman in the video presentation. But who is she? Is she the creator of this system? Is this she just a spokeswoman?

There is absolutely no information provided on her and not even a picture given. So how the heck am I supposed to trust her? The answer… I can't. For all I know this is a made up name and the person speaking is just some person getting paid to do a voiceover.

#2) Look what I found in the disclaimer!

When looking into suspicious systems like this be sure to always read the disclaimer, which is usually found at the bottom of the page.

As you can see here, in the disclaimer there is something mentioned called "explode of my payday". Why is this something worth talking about question mark well… Because Explode My Payday is a scam I have exposed in the past.

Private Cash Sites disclaimer

What is likely going on here is that Private Cash Sites it is just a re-hashed and recycled old scam… Basically a remake of Explode My Payday. I review scams all the time and see this sort of thing often.

#3) Little told about how the "system" actually works

proprietary system for making money through AM

As already mentioned, all of the information provided about how the system actually works is incredibly vague. Based on what we are told in the video presentations, we really don't know anything.

Of course you have to buy into the system in order to find out, which is a major red flag.

The only thing that is specifically stated is that the system includes training videos that have step-by-step instructions. But this doesn't tell you much because we don't know if they are step-by-step instructions on how to turn this "turn key system" on or long drawn out step-by-step instructions that are going to be hard to follow and take up a lot of time.

#4) Half of what she says doesn't add up

Another big red flag is that half of what she says doesn't even make sense. For example, she keeps mentioning how you will be able to quit your job and stop making other people rich… Yet the business model that this system is focused on, affiliate marketing, is literally about promoting other people's products, which makes them money.

Sounds Like a Typical Scam

The more I dig around and look into this program, the more it sounds like a scam. While I did not buy into this to find out what is really going on, this is definitely not something I'm going to be recommending to my readers, nor will I be buying into it at any time.

This seems to me like just another typical scam filled with misleading information, lies, trickery, and that is probably going to be some lousy training program that is just going to end up leading you down the wrong path and wasting a bunch of time on things that will not work out.

I wouldn't be surprised if the focus of the training is on getting you to promote Private Cash Sites two other people in order to make money, which is what a lot of these types of scams do.

But anyways… In this review I probably just confirmed the suspicions that you were already having… Which is that this place is a scam.

There our a heck of a lot of scams out there online, but if you want something legitimate that actually works, I would recommend taking a look at how I make money online.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I'll get back to you soon now 🙂

Is Parallel Profits a Scam by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton?

It's the new year and Aidan Booth along with Steve Clayton are coming out with their new training program. For as long as I remember they have been doing this, coming out with new training programs at the beginning of each year or at least coming out with an updated version each year.

Is Parallel Profits life-changing opportunity that is promoted as? Can you really make up to $100,000 in a year with just 7 sales? I mean that seems like one heck of a lot of money. Is it possible that this is just another scam you should be avoiding?

They claim that it is one of the fastest ways to generate an income from home, but it seems like just about every "make money online" training program out there makes similar claims... So you obviously can't take what you hear as being the truth right from the start.

In this short review I'll be going over my opinion of Parallel Profits and whether or not I think it is something worth getting involved in.

*Note: As I am writing this there is limited information out about the training program since it is still in pre-launch.

Aidan and Steve.. can you trust them?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

One thing I think is important to talk about is whether or not you can actually trust the people behind this program… Which are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. It is hard to know who you can trust when it comes to all the different make money online programs out there. There are just so many scams I don't blame you if you are very hesitant to trust people, including myself.

Past training programs they've released

100K Factory

One of their older successful training courses that they released was the 100K Factory series, which included 100K Factory, 100K Factory Ultra, and 100K Factory Revolution. 

I am very familiar with these training courses because I was involved in them, as I will go over shortly.

In a nutshell, the focus of these courses was drop-shipping from AliExpress. Basically you would be guided along with the whole process, setting up a website, loading it up with products that you find on AliExpress, advertising your products (a lot of focus on Facebook ads), fulfilling orders, and everything... it was basically the complete package... not some scam like EB Formula that I exposed recently.

7-Figure Cycle 

They released this after the 100K Factory stuff. The focus here was selling on in actually selling, not just affiliate marketing through Amazon Associates. The training was all about finding products that have good market potential, buying them from wholesalers and having them shipped directly to Amazon, he would turn would take care of all of the order fulfillment and all that stuff.

It is a nice business model because Amazon takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting and you can still sell products at a 50% markup or more. Also… You don't need a website or have to spend money on advertising

My experience with these guys

So I joined the 100K Factory Ultra edition back in 2016 for $2497. Then, the year later I also joined the next updated version, which was the 100K Factory Revolution. I was able to join this at a discounted rate, somewhere around $1200 or something, because I was already a member of the previous version.

My thoughts: Well... You can obviously tell that I was satisfied with the first course that I paid for, because ended up paying for the updated version the next year. Overall I think that Aidan and Steve do a very good job with their trainings. They provide a lot more than just training, but also go over the top providing tools that they have created as well as really good support

Ultimately I pretty much ended up as a failure going through their training, because I didn't end up making any significant money, but at one point things were going very well for me and I was making over $100 a day in profit... of course until I found I was selling a counterfeit product from China... So I had to abort mission. 

I'm not sure what the success rates are with their training programs but I do know that there were some people in the groups I was part of that did incredibly well, some even making well over $1000 a day in profit. That said, like just about any online business model, a lot of people probably failed miserably like I did.

So can you trust them?

In my opinion they are both pretty good guys and do seem like they really want to help people out. And they definitely do provide a heck of a lot of value, even considering the expensive price tags of their courses.

I think they could probably tone down the sales pitches and over-the-top marketing tactics a bit when it comes to selling their training courses, but all in all I think you can trust them.

What is Parallel Profits?

As I stated in the beginning, there is limited information on Parallel Profits right now because it is still in pre-launch.

It is advertised as being a way to hit a $100,000 run-rate with only seven sales… Which makes you wonder exactly what the heck you are selling to make such insanely massive profits per sale.

They do mention that you will be selling to local businesses, which leads me to believe that it is some sort of consulting business type of deal, kind of like Sam Oven's Consulting.

Something also they mention is that you will be able to franchise with them, which means that you don't have to develop your own brand and you don't have to worry about creating things like sales copies, etc.

Of course this is all about making money online so you won't even have to interact face-to-face with these local clients you will be making money off of. They have a lead generation system that is already set up and automated.

But it's NEVER as easy as it seems

Of course the sales pitch always makes things seem a little bit easier and overall better than they really are.

This sounds like some sort of deal where everything is already set up for you, so that you do not have to do much of anything and have very little chance of failing, but if you go in with the mindset that this is going to be super easy then you are probably going to fail.

Is it really worth $2,497?

$2497 is a heck of a lot of money, so if you are thinking about buying into this, you really have to be sure about it. And as I said, things are never as easy as they seem, so if you do buy in then you need to be focused and you really have to be willing to put in the effort to become a success, which was part of my reason for failing in their 100K Factory training programs.

I know that a price tag of over two grand seems like a crazy amount of money, but I also know that Aidan and Steve always deliver. They go over the top with the training and tools, and they also provide support for their members year after year… Even after they come out with new programs (which they will probably do in the future).

It's not all about the money for them

It's true that they do make a ridiculous amount of money selling their training programs. In fact, they mention that they have earned over $35 million in sales in just the past four years… Selling programs like this.

And it is also true that, as already stated, they could definitely "tone down" their sales pitches a bit.

However, it is also true that they only let in a limited number of people into these programs. What they will do is open up registration for a limited amount of time and then close the doors. They do this so that too many people don't get in so that they are able to provide adequate support instead of just being overloaded with the masses of people that would probably have joined have they left registration open.

Conclusion - Scam or not?

So obviously I do not consider this program to be a scam and I am sure that anyone who joins will soon see that this is true.

Stay updated - revisit this page for more honest information about Parallel Profits as it gets closer to the launch.

Why Instant Email Empire is a Scam by “Bobby” – So Many Lies..

There is this new system being promoted by a guy named “Bobby” called Instant Email Empire, where you can supposedly get a copy of his email marketing system and make $125 per day with extremely little work. But… Of course you can’t always trust what you hear online and I’m not the only one who was suspicious of this place the second I came across it.

Is this the real deal? Is this just another scam? What’s really going on here?

In this quick review I’ll be going over what you really need to know, which is basically that this system is not as it is said to be… And I would definitely recommend avoiding it.

But anyways…

Let’s get started…

The second I landed on the website there was a video presentation that started out with a bunch of news clips about work at home jobs. The funny part about this is that, while these news clips were completely real, they had absolutely nothing to do with this Instant Email Empire system. They were probably just put there to try to make the opportunity seem more credible than it really is.

Another thing that I noticed right away is that the numbers weren’t really adding up. This guy claims that he is a millionaire from email marketing, yet above the video it states “see exactly how I earn $125 a day sending simple emails from home!”… And obviously making $125 a day, is nice, but isn’t going to make you a millionaire.

Those are just two red flags that, my attention right away, but there are many others, like for example what the heck this guy is sharing this opportunity in the first place.

Why would he want to tell other people about this opportunity?

What he says is that he needs help sending out emails, because he just doesn’t have the manpower to do it all on his own and it works better with a bunch of partners.

He claims that email services, autoresponder is in particular, would rather have a bunch of smaller accounts sending out emails than one massive account. However, this doesn’t really make much sense to me and I have never heard of this being true before. As long as you pay them for their services, I don’t really think they care.

In another good question is why is he inviting me in particular to join this system?

Who is this “Bobby” guy?

One thing is for sure, this “Bobby” guy definitely likes to brag. In the video he talks all about how he lives in a big house, drives a Range Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar, and a Bently continental GT. He loves talking about how rich he is and of course says that he mentions all of this “not to brag”.

But the truth of the matter is that you can’t really trust anything this guy says… Because he is not who he says he is. I actually found out by reading another review that this guy is just a paid actor from Fiverr. This is not Bobby, it is some guy who anyone can paid to be the spokesperson for their video…

paid actor

But just because this guy is in actor and is not who he says he is isn’t the end of the world, is it? I mean, maybe the real “millionaire” that is behind the system is just a little shy… Right?

At this point in my investigation I was definitely more suspicious than ever that this was a big old scam, but it is true that email marketing has a lot of money making potential so I decided to keep looking into it further

What Instant Email Empire Claims to Be

Instant Email Empire is your typical “copy my system” type of deal. There are a lot of scams out there that are similar to this and it is because everyone wants the easiest way possible to make money online, and what is easier than simply copying someone’s system?

You are told that this system is completely free and that the fake Bobby guy is going to partner with you and give you everything you need… Including setting up your email marketing account for you, loading it up with email subscribers, and even giving you the emails that he wants you to send out which promote products and earn you money.

If you fill out the information below the first video and proceed to sign up for this system, you actually find out that he claims to start you off with 5000 email subscribers, which is a heck of a lot.

Everything sounds pretty darn awesome, and this sounds like one of the easiest ways to make money that there is online, but of course things are not as they sound here… As the title of my post suggests, this is indeed a scam.

What Instant Email Empire Actually Is

Remember how the guy kept saying over and over again that this system is free… Yeah… Well… It is NOT free and after you enter your information and proceed to the next video you will soon find this out.

As you can see below… You’re going to have to pay $34 to get started…

Instant Email Empire Price

And there might be additional charges on top of this that I am unaware of, but I stopped my review after I found out that you have to buy into it, because of course I wasn’t going to buy into some system that just turned out to be a scam.

Plenty of red flags that tipped me off…

Besides those that I already discussed, there are plenty of other red flags pointing to this system being the scam that it is.

One thing that I always suggest one looking into systems/programs like this that are very suspicious, is to look at the disclaimer, which you can usually find at the bottom of the page somewhere.

Below you can see that the disclaimer here is actually for the wrong website, a website called… Which is weird because this is actually a scam that I have exposed in the past.

Instant Email System Disclaimer

And you can also see that it states that the guy in the video was using a pen name, which proves true what I already knew. That said, it would also be nice if they would state that this guy is also a paid actor.

Conclusion = Scam

If you are looking to make money online, which I am guessing you are since you are reading this review now, then I would strongly recommend against a system like this. This is just another crappy system that is being promoted in a very misleading and deceptive fashion, filled with lies because it is in going to sell at all if they were just telling the truth.

If you want to actually make money then stick to something that actually works, I would suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month working online.

Questions or comments? Just leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Daily Cash App by Steven Jenkins is a Scam – Unfortunate But True..

Stephen Jenkins claims that his Daily Cash App software can make you an average of $2685 a day, starting today… But of course you can always trust what you hear on the Internet. 

Is this all one big scam?

Heck yes it is… And in this short review I’ll be proving it to you.

This system is nothing more than another nasty scam that you are going to make absolutely no money with, but will actually end up with less money than when you started. Imagine that… Trying to make money online but doing the exact opposite… Spending money and not making a dime.

Well, fortunately for you, you came across my review in time and now know to avoid this place. But anyways… Let’s get into the review…

Daily Cash App Review

It is said to be “the fastest way you can earn $2685 today!”.

The app was created by a guy named Steven Jenkins, who claims that he averages this amount of money with the app every single day, on complete autopilot.

And what is really crazy is that this whole system is something that only .003% of the world knows about, which means that you are very lucky to have stumbled across it… Or at least that is what he tells you.

But all that stuff about you being “lucky” is a bunch of crap. One thing he says is that the video presentation is highly sensitive and that the only reason you are able to watch it is because someone invited you. This is a easily proven lie because anyone can go to the website themselves to watch the video, which is actually what I did to test it out.

Now some good proof that it’s a scam…

If you watched most of the video presentation then you probably remember seeing the testimonial videos from people claiming to be using this software and making all kinds of money.

Remember this girl?…

Daily Cash App Testimonial

She claims to be making so much money that it has completely changed her life.

And what about this guy pictured below?… He claims that it is so easy to make money with this and the money just flows in on complete autopilot…

Daily Cash App Testimonial

And there were other testimonial videos as well, but they don’t matter… Because they are all FAKE.

Yes that’s right, these testimonials are nothing more than a bunch of lies. The girl is actually a paid actress and the guy a paid actor that are available for hire on, as you can see below…

fiverr profiles

I actually picked up on these videos being fake as soon as I saw them because I have seen both of these people before promoting other scammy products online.

Who Is This Steven Jenkins Guy?

You obviously can’t trust much of the information in the video presentation, so let’s talk about this Steven Jenkins guy and if any of what is said about him is actually true…

He claims to be a 43-year-old computer programmer that runs a software development company.

The story goes like this… He was approached by some millionaire to develop some secret software that could automate the process of buying and selling advertising spaces on some “secret exchange”. He did this and the software ended up being a huge success, being able to easily make people thousands of dollars per day.

Real or fake?

Well one thing is for sure… The photo shown for “Steven Jenkins” on the website is completely fake. You can see below that the photo was actually a stock photo that I was able to find online by doing a reverse Google image search…

Daily Cash App Steven Jenkins

So if the photo of this guy is fake, then what about his story? Is the whole thing about him being approached by some millionaire to develop some software all made up?

Based on what I see here, and judging by the fact that he has already lied several times before this, I am going to go with my better judgment and say that this is probably a complete lie.

The Smell of a Scam

it sure would be awesome if there really was some sort of software out there like this that could make you thousands of dollars per day on complete autopilot, allow you to quit your job, travel the world, even to do pretty much anything you want to… But unfortunately these sorts of systems are scams.

Or at least I have never come across one that hasn’t been a scam.

Just about everything I see with this place smells like a scam. Fake testimonials, fake pictures of the creator, probably a completely fake background story, and just about no real information given on how this all works.

Limited info… and very vague..

You are told that this software supposedly automates the process of buying and selling ad space, but for who? And how? And where is it selling this ad space? Who are the advertisers that this exchange is working with?

We know absolutely nothing about anything here and you pretty much just have to trust what the guy is telling you… Even though we have already proven him to be a liar.

Other similar scams out there..

To make matters even worse, I have already exposed similar scams. And when I say “similar scams”, I mean it.

There are many other scams out there that supposedly make you money by what is often referred to as “flipping ads”, which is basically what “Steven Jenkins” claims his software does… It buys and sells ad space.

For some reason this is one of the new transfer online scams, claiming that you can make all sorts of money by buying and selling ads on complete autopilot.

But it’s all a lie, just as it was for the similar scams Clicks Dealer, Daily Banner Profits, and The Ad Formula.

Conclusion – Avoid It

Obviously this system is something that I am going to be recommending that you avoid. While I have not actually tested it out for myself, based on my experience making money online as well as my experience researching scams, I pretty much guarantee you that this is a massive scam.

Making money online is never this easy. In the future, if you ever come across something where you can make thousands of dollars on complete autopilot, avoid it.

And if you are looking for a personal recommendation of mine, I would suggest taking a look at how I make a living working online.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Scam – I’d Avoid This Place.. And for Good Reason

BigSpot at first seems like it might be a good place to earn a little bit of extra money on the side, but is it really? The quick answer is no, at least not in my opinion and for good reason.

Will scam you? I don't know if I would go as far as to say that, but there are a lot of people out there calling this place a scam and I completely understand where they are coming from.

This site is fairly popular, mainly because they run commercials and ads everywhere. You may have seen one of their commercials on the TV which led you to the website. Usually they are bit on the humorous side, showing some crappy product in telling you how you can make money taking surveys and influencing products like it. But there are a lot of details about the website that the commercials leave out and that you should probably know before hand.

In this short review I'll be going over all you need to know about this website, including my experience with them, what they are really doing, how they make money, complaints and more.

Quick Navigation

BigSpot Review

Name: BigSpot


Type: Paid survey referral site

Recommended?: No and for good reason



As I mentioned, BigSpot (as I will calls BS at times) runs commercials and ads all over the place. There is a good chance this is how you came across the website in the first place because I can't imagine anyone who has experience with it actually referring you there, but is just about sums up my opinion on the place (it's a waste of time).

They tell you that you can make money by sharing your opinion and influencing products, and while not completely untrue, they leave out a lot of information that would be very helpful knowing before wasting time. They tell you that they help match you up with paid surveys, but it just isn't as you would probably expect after hearing this.

You are probably wondering what the heck I mean by all this and I'll show you. I walk you through my experience with this website and how it works…

My Experience With Them

So when you go to the website you will see something like the screenshot pictured below. It might look a little bit different because they change up the graphics, but basically will tell you that signing up is free and easy, you will get matched with companies that need your opinions, and that can take their free surveys to earn extra money…

And all you have to do to sign up is enter your email address, date of birth, choose whether you are a male or female, and if you have Hispanic origin or not.

After clicking the "join now" button you will then be directed to another page that lists several survey panels that they recommend for you. I was recommended to join GlobalTestMarket, MySurvey, and Toluna...

They state that they match you up with the survey sites "based on your profile". However, I don't understand how they can do a very good at matching you up with survey sites that are a good fit for you, because they really don't have any sort of profile on file at this point. The only information I gave them was my email, date of birth, sex, and whether or not I have Hispanic origin.

How can they use this limited information to recommend survey sites to make? Who knows.…

But anyways, I decided to take their advice and join the first recommended site, which was GlobalTestMarket. After clicking to join I was directed to the main site where I could sign up. There I had to create a new account which required my first and last name along with my email address again…

They state that you can earn up to $5 per survey, that the surveys are "fun", and that you can even join for a chance to win $2000… Sounds pretty awesome to me.

But after the initial information was entered, I was then directed to another page to continue my registration. Here had to enter a lot more detailed information, such as my address. But I guess they're still really wasn't all that much personal information given out…

It makes sense that they would ask me for a bit more personal information and I see no problem with this. BigSpot didn't really have much of any information so I understand why the recommended survey sites would require more.

After completing the registration I was then able to make my way into the members area of the survey site. The next step was to fill out my profile, which basically means that you have to answer a series of other questions and provide more information about yourself. This is something that raises a lot of people's suspicion and makes them wonder why they need to enter such information, but this is actually a common process. Survey sites want to match you up with surveys that are relevant to your demographic so they try to get all the information necessary to be able to do this.

After doing all of that I decided to sign up for another one of their recommended sites, the MySurvey one, to see what would happen.

It was the same deal with this one, first you had to give your name and email…

And then you had to provide a lot more detailed information about yourself…

Why is all the personal information required?

As I said, it is important for survey sites like this to get your personal information so that they can match you up with appropriate surveys.

Just think about it… If you are a 19-year-old college student do you want to be taking surveys about retirement plans and raising grandkids? Probably not. But… If they don't get enough detailed personal information then you might be getting matched with surveys that are completely irrelevant like this.

Now of course that is an extreme example, but you get the point. A kids toys company isn't going to want to pay survey panels like this to have 18-year-olds answering questions about kids toys when they don't even have kids.

So What Is BigSpot Really?

You probably noticed that BS isn't much of anything. Basically all the site does is provide you with a list of survey panels… Survey panels actually offer surveys and pay you for them, which BS does not do.

In a nutshell, the anything this place does is refer you to other survey sites. They get very limited personal information about you and then recommend some sites that they claim listed "based on your profile", but I doubt this is true.

What Is The Point of This Place?

Now this is a very good question… What the heck is the point of this place? All they are doing is recommending you to other paid survey sites so why not just go directly to the other paid survey sites in the first place? You can do this you know. There is no need to be recommended to them through BS.

I could understand and see value in this website if they would actually do a good job at matching you up with survey sites that are a good match for you in particular, but I just don't see any proof of this being the case.

I don't think it matters at all what information you provide them when you are signing up… I think they just randomly match you up with some of the survey sites they are working with, which brings me to my next point… How they make money…

How They Make Money

You may or may not know this, but you can actually get paid to refer people to paid survey websites like this. Just about every paid survey site out there have their own referral program where members can get paid to do this.

That said, since BS is a rather popular site they probably are not using the normal referral programs for the different survey sites they are referring people to it. It is likely that they have their own individual agreements with the different survey sites and are getting paid more than normal people could to refer people to them.

So this makes you question their recommendations even more. Are they really recommending the best paid survey panels based on your profile? Or are they just trying to make some money in the best way possible?

Again... I see no problem in being able to make money referring people to survey sites like this, or to buy any sort of product/service. However, they do so in a somewhat deceptive manner and don't really seem to be providing any sort of value.

* I was reading other people's reviews and saw that some people claim they display a series of promotional ads (which they would make money off of) after you sign up but before you are presented with the list of recommended survey panels. I however did not come across this.

The Company Behind It

I was curious and knowing the legitimacy of the company behind this website so I decided to do a little bit of laying around.

There is very little information I could find, but I was able to find out that is owned by a company called Varsityplaza LLC, which there is virtually no information on.

The little information that I was able to find came mostly from the Better Business Bureau's website. The address listed for this company is as follows…

44095 Pipeline Plaza

Suite 330

Ashburn, VA 20147

And it is worth mentioning that they have an A+ rating with the BBB, although this rating doesn't seem to matter all that much.

One think I found strange is that this company has supposedly been around for 14 years yet has only been around for 10 years (at the time of me writing this). It might not sound strange, but when you consider that BS is there only business, you might start to wonder.


One thing I always like to do when writing reviews, and just when looking into the legitimacy of something in general, is to look at independent reviews from people who have experience with whatever it is I am looking into.

SiteJabber is a good place to find independent reviews like this. Sure, reviews on this website can easily be manipulated because anyone can go and leave reviews, but a lot of times you find out some very helpful information.

For example, here are some very telling reviews that I came across warning people that this is a scam and a ripoff…

As you can see with the second complaint, the person claims that they are selling your personal information. You may be wondering… "What personal information?" Because all they asked for what your email address and date of birth for the most part. However, selling email addresses is a big business online. I have come across a lot of scams over the years, which I call "email harvesting scams", that have been involved in this. What they do and sell your email address to people so that they can spam the heck out of you and market products.

But I'm not saying that BigSpot is doing this and as far as I know, they are not. I just thought it was a complaint worth elaborating on.

In addition to the many negative complaints you will find, there also some positive ones such as these…

These comments are great and all, but I don't think I am the only one here questioning their legitimacy. Are they fake reviews? I think they very well could be.

Scam or Not?

Whether or not you want to say BigSpot is a scam is up to you. Some people would consider this a scam while others would not. It all depends on how you look at things and what your definition of a scam is.

I do agree that their commercials and advertisements are somewhat misleading. You are led into thinking that BS is going to be the company offering you surveys and paying you, when in reality they just refer you to a bunch of other survey panels.

That said, the survey panels that they do recommend you to are legitimate and you really can make money with them.

Is BigSpot Worth Your Time?

No they are not worth anyone's time in my opinion. They do not provide any real value in just send you off to a bunch of other survey panels. How is this worth anyone's time?

My recommendation would be to just go out and join survey panels directly… Skip the middleman because there is no need for them in this particular case.

3 Survey Sites I Recommend

#1 - Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey panels out there and for good reason. They, unlike BigSpot, are actually a place that I recommend.

Here you can earn money doing a variety of different things, such as taking surveys and much more. You can also make money by playing games, watching videos, searching the web, and they even have their own cash back shopping program.

You are rewarded in swagbucks (points) but you can later redeem these for a number of good rewards, some of which include things like Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash.

#2 - InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another fairly popular survey panel that is similar to Swagbucks in the way that they are much more than just a survey panel. You can also earn by playing games, watching videos, getting cash back via shopping, searching the web, and even reading emails that this place.

They are good when it comes to the variety of ways that you can earn, but they do not offer as good of rewards compared to Swagbucks.

#3 - PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint it is a survey panel that is strictly that… They do not have all the crazy ways that you can earn like the previous two mentioned. However, they are usually considered one of the best a survey panels out there and are actually ranked number one by user reviews on SurveyPolice.

Important: You WON'T Make Much!

One point that I want to make it very clear is that you will NOT make much money with any paid survey site. All of the survey sites that BS recommends you to join our legitimate, but they are only good for making small amounts of pocket change in your spare time.

In the same goes with the site recommended above by me. Some people consider these sites to be enjoyable and a nice way to earn a little extra money on a lunch break, commuting to work, or in spirit time in general, but it is very important that you know that the potential of these places.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make real money online then I would suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6000 a month working online.

I Hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, please let me and any other readers know what you think of BS if you have experience with this place.