The Ecom Freedom Blueprint

The Ecom Freedom Blueprint Scam – This Isn’t What You Think!

Is Teo Vee’s new program called The Ecom Freedom Blueprint a scam? Ya… pretty much it is and you will see why.

The guy tells you that this is pretty much your one-way ticket to financial freedom, being able to earn money on autopilot from your very own e-commerce store… But of course things are not always what they seem and you definitely cannot trust everything you hear online.

I’m guessing you probably came across one of the video presentations and thought that it sounds a little bit too good to be true. Luckily, you took the time to do a little bit of extra research, which you always should do, and ended up coming across my review here.

And… It’s a darn good thing you did because this “The Ecom Freedom Blueprint” is NOT what it seems to be.

Teo Vee acts like this is all a walk in the park, like this is some sort of system that you can just “plug into” and get fast results with, like it is some “secret” formula or something. He tells you that you can get predictable and reliable sales day after day using the system and that other people are making tons of money with it, but I’m going to show you what’s really going on here.

The Lure

There are several different video presentations that funneled people into the system. I’ve come across 3 of them which I took screenshots of that you can see here…

All 3 of these sales funnels have a different starting point, but they all lure people into the same thing, which is The Ecom Freedom Blueprint.

As you can see above, the one video is about the “#1 money making secret”, another is about a “broke dishwasher… made $114,501 in just 90 days”, and the other is about some children’s toy that holds the secret to successful online business.

These sales pitch is are very over-hyped and who knows what you can actually believe. Most of the information provided in them is probably just made up.

Teo Vee acts as if this is the greatest system to have ever been invented and claims that is super easy. I don’t know if he said this in all of the sales videos, but in one of them that I watched he claims that it only takes 3 simple steps, which include…

  1. Claim your page
  2. Let people visit
  3. Collect your cash

What he tells you is so misleading it’s hard to believe. It makes you think that this is some sort of done for you system that is just going to start cranking out cash after you buy into it, which is completely untrue.

Too good to be true?

Ya… Obviously this is too good to be true and I’m sure that you had your suspicions of this already.

I’ve actually reviewed some sales pitch is from this guy in the past which have gone along similar lines. There usually extremely over-hypes, very misleading, and just overall very “scammy”. They lure people into something that they really don’t know what they’re getting involved with by use of deceptive and misleading information.

One of the sales pitches I reviewed in the past from this guy was called the Click and Flip System and basically he was telling people that you could make tons of money online by simply clicking your mouse. Now I guess this is true to some extent, because if you are going to be working online your definitely going to have to click your mouse, but obviously this is an extremely misleading statement that really gives people the wrong impression.

Who Is Teo Vee?

Well… In the one video presentation he claims that he used to be a broke dishwasher with no experience at all who then went on to make $114,501 in just 90 days of using this system… But who knows how true this actually is.

It seems like a lot of what he says is just a complete lie.

What I can tell you about this guy is that what he is most known for in the online world is his ecommerce training called My Ecom Club. In fact, this it is all I know him for and I know he promotes the heck out of it.

He is pretty well known in the online marketing world as being one of the marketers who’s products you probably don’t want to buy. Most people who buy them just end up disappointed and feeling scammed at the end of the day.

Something else I can tell you is that the guy actually speaking in the video presentations is not actually him, that is a paid spokesperson. I know this because the real guy has a strong accent, as you might be able to guess from his unusual name.

What Is The Ecom Freedom Blueprint Really?

I should have known before even looking into this.

Sure enought… The Ecom Freedom Blueprint is just another sales funnel to get people to buy into his My Ecom Club program that I mentioned above.

After watching one of the video presentations for this “system” and clicking to buy it, you are directed to the order page which you can see here…

As you can see there is no mention of any name. There is nothing that says My Ecom Club or anything. This is the type of marketing stuff I do not care for. People are being lured in and don’t even know the name of the darn product they are buying.

The initial price is only $97 or $47 depending on what sales funnel you go through.

But that is far from the end of it. If you do buy in you will get hit with a series of upsells, one costing $1,997!

What You Get If You Buy In

So what you are getting if you buy in is My Ecom Club. And My Ecom Club is basically an educational platform that shows you how to build an ecommerce business, specifically focusing on dropshipping and using Shopify stores.

Basically how this works is you would set up a Shopify ecommerce store and load it up with products. You don’t actually need any products as inventory because you are dropshipping. What this means is that when someone buys a product from your store you then order it directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped right to them.

This is actually a pretty popular business model and is something I have personal experience with, but it certainly is not as easy as you are led to believe.

Besides the core training you are also upsold on a personal advisor for $37, which isn’t bad, and also a “done for you” package for $1,997.

I’m not entirely sure what the “done for you” package includes but supposedly they basically give you a pre-built ecom store already loaded up with products. I’m not sure if this also includes pre-made marketing campaigns or anything like that though.

It’s Not Nearly as Easy as He Makes It Seem

While there is definitely tons of money to be made in e-commerce, this is not even close to being as easy as he makes it seem. I know you are probably already thinking this, but I just want to really make this point known.

I was involved in e-commerce and did drop shipping for around 2 years. I had some success with that but also a lot of failure. You can’t just expect to start selling products like crazy right from the beginning. You’re going to have to go through a lot of testing to find the right product, the right audience, and winning ads.

Even if you by the “done for you” package for $1997 I doubt you are going to have success right away. You can have the most beautiful Shopify e-commerce store in the world, but if you don’t market products to the right targeted groups of people, it simply isn’t going to work out very well.

Tons of Complaints with the BBB

You should also be aware that there are plenty of complaints from other people who have bought into this My Ecom Club and are thoroughly disappointed. I was able to find a fair number of complaints on the complaints on the BBB website, some of which I took a screenshot of so that you can see them below.

There complaining about simply failing after going through all the training and not getting refunds, being pushed into the expensive $2000 upsell, and so on…

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

One thing is for sure… The promotional material that is used to lure people into this is incredibly misleading. Now whether you consider it a scam or not is a different question. The bottom line is that Teo Vee does indeed provide a fair amount of value in the My Ecom Club training, HOWEVER people are given the wrong impression when they are joining and don’t really know what they’re getting involved with. They think is going to be some super easy “plug and play” type of system but the reality is that it takes a lot of work and most people fail.

Personally I am not going to be recommending this to any of my readers because I don’t care for the marketing tactics behind it and I also think there are much better options out there.

The Ecom Freedom Blueprint is obviously just a made up name that is part of a misleading marketing tactic which deceives people. I did call it a scam in the beginning but of course this is just my opinion.

Personal Recommendation:

One thing that he also is not tell you before hand is that when you create an e-commerce business like this you are going to have to drive traffic to it via paid traffic sources, like Facebook advertising for example. This is another expense that can become an easy way to drain your wallet fast.

There are better much less risky and more affordable options out there. For all the beginners out there I would suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6000 a month doing something that requires little to no startup cost and that you don’t need to mess with paid advertising for.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Amazon Sales Blueprint

Tai Lopez Amazon Sales Blueprint Review – Scam or Worth It?

Welcome to my review of Amazon Sales Blueprint, a new training course that Tai Lopez just put out.

I know a lot of people are hesitant to buy into “make money online” programs and courses like this, and may even be wondering if it is a scam, which is the reason I decided to write this quick review.

What I’ll be doing is basically be giving an overview of what exactly this this course is about and whether or not I think it is worth getting involved with. And by the way, I’m not getting paid for this review so what you are reading here is as unbiased as it gets.

Amazon Sales Blueprint Review

So basically the Amazon Sales Blueprint, which is available at, is a course that Tai Lopez put together about, you guessed it, selling on Amazon. But of course you already knew that.

It’s pretty obvious by the name isn’t it?

In this course Tai has flown out experts from different areas of selling on Amazon and has basically put all of their knowledge together in a bundled up form in this nice little training course. He mentions one person named Liz, who is a follower of his, that sells household and kitchen items on Amazon and makes over $100,000 in profit a month. She is one of the experts sharing her secrets in the course, but other than that he doesn’t really mention who else is going to be helping out.

The reason for him throwing this course together is because there aren’t many good sources of information out there for people looking to get started selling on Amazon. There is no really good guide. Colleges and other traditional education outlets don’t teach anything about this stuff.

The course is designed to cover many different aspects of selling on Amazon, such as selling your products, selling other people’s products, driving traffic to your product, and so on. It is an all-encompassing type of course.

In addition to the recorded training videos, which make up the bulk of the course, you also get access to a private Facebook group where you can communicate with other members as well as coaches, and you also can pay additional money to get special coaching.

You can take a look at the video he put out about this new course below if you want.

Who Is Tai Lopez?

A lot of people don’t really care for how much Tai Lopez likes to show off his cars, mansions, etc., but one thing for sure is that he does put together good online training courses.

I actually reviewed one of his other recently released programs called Ecom Agency, which it is completely different from Amazon Sales Blueprint.

Now one thing you may be wondering is how the heck he can be so experienced on everything to put out all these different varieties of courses.

The answer is, he isn’t.

When Tai puts together a course he always flies out experts in the particular areas to share their secrets and help put everything together. He is well known for doing this and this is the reason why his courses are often so successful. And… That is exactly what he is doing with this Amazon Sales Blueprint course.

The guy has been involved in online marketing for well over a decade and isn’t just someone who sells a bunch of courses. He also does a lot of what he teaches for himself and is very successful at it. What he doesn’t do for himself, as mentioned, he has experts teach. So no matter what you learn in the course, you are learning from someone who has a lot of experience doing exactly what they are teaching.

Why sell on Amazon in the first place?

There our a lot of different reasons why you might want to start selling on Amazon. Some of the reasons that he mentions include…

  • People trust them – People trust Amazon and are much more likely to order products from them than some small little Shopify store somewhere online.
  • Don’t have to worry about processing payments – Of course Amazon takes care of all the payment processing.
  • Don’t have to create your own website – Since you are selling on Amazon you will not need your own site. Besides being easier, this also saves you the cost of paying for website hosting, a domain, e-commerce software, etc.
  • People have their credit cards stored on Amazon – Tai brings up a good point here… He talks about how Amazon stores people’s payment information in this makes it a lot easier for them to buy from Amazon in the future, which is something you don’t hear about often but certainly does have an impact on sales.

The Quick Start Course and 4-Month Course

The Amazon Sales Blueprint has 2 different course paths you can take. You can take the quick start course or the 4 month course.

The Quickstart course just gives you a sample of what is going on here. It includes a lot of introductory material, which might be good enough for some people, but most people are going to want more. Basically it allows you to buy into this at a very low cost and then you can go from there depending on whether or not you like what you see.

The 4 month course obviously is a lot more in depth. It is broken up into different steps of the process to provide a more organized and much more detailed training.

The Basic Process

I’m not entirely sure how exactly the course is broken up, but I believe the 4 month process focuses on each of these 4 points separately…

1) Find a niche – The first off of the process is to find a niche. What a niche is, is the particular market you are going to be targeting. You want to sell dog food, cookware, power tools, etc.?? You just have to first decide on what market you want to go into.

2) Find products – The next step is to find products that you’re going to be selling. Now you don’t actually have to have products to sell, there are different ways to go about this. You can also sell other people’s products as I mentioned earlier.

3) Get traffic – And of course you are going to have to get traffic. There are many different ways you can get traffic. You can drive it in from an outside source or you can even focus on getting traffic from people searching in Amazon.

4) Grow your brand – Once you start making sales you are really going to want to establish your brand and help expand it from there. You don’t want to just sell products as some no-name.

Will You Make Money With This?

This is actually a really dumb question to ask but I’m going to be touching upon anyhow.

Will you make money with this?

The answer is very complicated and cannot be answered. You definitely “can” make money but that is a completely different question.

Sure, like any online business a lot of people are going to fail, without a doubt. Success depends on many variables, such as how much work you are willing to put into it as well as the particular niche you chose, what products you are selling, how good you are at targeting an audience, competition in your niche, etc.

There certainly are not any guarantees.

Is This a Scam?

There is absolutely no reason I see to call this course a scam. One thing I know about Tai Lopez is that the courses he has put out in the past I’ve always been pretty good and have gotten good reviews overall. I would expect the same from this one.

Also, there is no way he is going to tarnish his reputation by putting out some crappy scam program. I really don’t think you have to worry at all here.


Based on what I see, Amazon Sales Blueprint might be something worth getting involved with. I expect Tai to overdeliver, as he usually does.

However, if you are going to get involved with this then you have to be willing to put in the work. This is not going to be “easy”. You’re going to have to be focused, organized, self-motivated and more. The course is going to give you a lot of good information and show you how to potentially be successful selling on Amazon, but ultimately it is going to depend on a lot of things, one of which is the action that you take.

But anyways… I hope you found this review at least somewhat helpful. I was wanted to clear things up a bit and give my honest opinion of what I see here.

If you are looking for a way to make money online that is a little bit more “beginner friendly” and doesn’t require quite so much startup cost, I would suggest taking a look at this method I use to make a living working online.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Ecomm Agency

Ecomm Agency by Tai Lopez – Scam Program or Up to $10k a Month? [Review]

Tai Lopez’s new program called Ecomm Agency is something that he says you can make $1000-$10,000 a month with… all online. Sounds awesome, but is it really true? Or could potentially be a waste of time scam that is just going to leave you disappointed at the end of the day?

You came here looking for a third-party review and I’m going to give you exactly that. And by the way… I am in no way affiliated with this program so this review should be as unbiased as possible.

I’ll be giving a general overview of the program, talking about the 4 step process, the cost, and my opinion on whether or not it is worth joining.

Ecomm Agency Program Review

You probably the promotional video on his website or maybe on YouTube, titled How To Make $1,000 – $10,000 A Month Helping Business Set Up Their Ecommerce. You know… The one that starts out with him showing off as usual, by getting on his private jet and then filming the rest of the video at thousands of feet in the air as he enjoys is very own private luxury flight.

But that’s just the way he does things. Tai is always showing off his riches and, while many people don’t like how he does this, it works because it attracts a lot of people to his videos and then to his programs, which he makes a ton of money off of.

Anyhow… Tai has been doing this stuff for a while and is put out many programs, some of which include…

  • Business Accelerator
  • Ecom Blueprint
  • The Master Plan
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • And more…

This particular program is all about, as the video title suggests, helping businesses set up their e-commerce stores, and can be found on his official website

In a nutshell, you will be providing the service of improving outdated and ineffective e-commerce stores and potentially making big bucks doing so.

The 4 Step Process

1. Find the right businesses

Obviously you are going to have to find businesses that are selling products people actually want. There needs to be a demand or else there is no hope of that business, no matter what you do.

Some other criteria that the “right businesses” must meet is that they must have a crappy website and not be active on social media. This gives you the perfect spot you can slip into in order to help them out.

2. Contact them

Then you are going to want to contact the business. Tell them what you noticed and how you can help them. There are scripts that are provided for you that you are able to simple copy and paste into emails for this.

You want to make sure the email sounds professional and not like a bunch of spam.

Having a few websites myself, I am very aware of all the spammy “hey let me help” emails that online business owners get. A lot of times I only read like half of the first sentence and then delete them… so they need to be good.

Tai also mentions that you want to charge at least $1,000 a month for your services, because charging too little makes you appear as not that great.

3. Of course you need to know how to provide the service

There are different ways you can go about improving their ecommerce website but one of the easiest is to use Shopify. It looks great, there are lots of plugins available that can help boost conversions and it will make you look like a pro…. even though it’s a super easy ecom site platform to use.

4. Get them more sales

With this step Tai is talking particularly about mastering the use of social media to drive more sales to their new and improved ecommerce site, which you just helped create for them.

I’m guessing that you probably already know a little about Tai Lopez… who is without a doubt a master of social media himself.

Ya he likes to brag and show off all his fancy cars and mansion all the time… but guess what? That is why he has such a massive following online… he knows how to lure people in.

The Cost

So as I’m writing this there is supposedly a small opening for a few hundred members to join as a “test group” for only $49.

*Price might have changed by the time you read this.

The normal price is supposedly $697…. but is this really true?

I’m sure you are well aware that it is a common online marketing tactic to set a discount that doesn’t really exist, just to make the offer seem more appealing. So is he tricking you?

Honestly I highly doubt it. Tai has done this kind of thing with some of his other programs in the past. And this is how he makes his money to afford his mansions and sports cars…. so do you think getting a few hundred people to join for $49 is going to get him all of that.

No way…


There is no doubt in my mind that this is a business model that could potentially be very lucrative. I have seen plenty of outdated and overall low-quality ecommerce sites that probably aren’t making near as many sales as they could be.

These are the opportunities you can cash in on. Now sure…not everyone is going to take you up on the offer and you are probably wondering why anyone would since you have never done this, but Tai is giving you the templates to come off as professional so that you look like some ecom veteran.

It’s all about presentation and how you appear.

Conclusion – Scam Maybe?

I know some people are going to be asking it so I’ll tell you that I definitely do not see this being a scam in any way. There is no way that Tai is going to tarnish his name and reputation by putting out some crappy scam program that is going to get a lot of complaints and bad reviews.

He has put out a number of different programs in the past focusing on various aspects of online business, as well as off-line, and he always over-delivers on his promises. If there is something that he may be doesn’t have much knowledge on personally, you will bring in an expert to teach training on.

I would not worry about this being a scam or not being worth the price tag by any means. I’m sure there will be plenty of value provided.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to be involved in this type of business. Do you really want to go around contacting dumpy e-commerce sites and providing the service of improving their site as well as their social media presence?

If the answer is yes then this program is definitely worth considering but if you cannot see yourself doing that then there are other options out there for you.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review and maybe got a little bit of insight from it. If you are a beginner looking to make money online be sure to check out THIS POST that explains how I make a living working online and how I help others get started doing the same.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Is Amazon Secrets a Scam? – What You Should Know

Is Amazon Secrets a ScamIt seems that about half of the “make money online” opportunities out there have to do with Amazon in one way or another. But you have to be careful with what you get involved in because many of them are scams and actually have little to nothing to do with the Ecom giant Amazon. Is Amazon Secrets (at just another steaming pile of BS like The AZ Code for example…or is this the real deal?

I have been seeing a lot of people asking whether or not Amazon Secrets is a scam so in this review I’m going to answer that question for you. If you are new to this all there is a lot you need to know. In this review I will be going over a few important things that you are definitely going to want to know before hand.

Amazon Secrets Review

Upon landing on the Amazon Secrets website you are greeted with a video presentation from one of the creators. Right off the bat things seem a bit strange. The guy says “welcome to the online website” in the weird thing is that you you are not even on this website. The program/system is supposed to be called “Amazon Secrets”

But anyways… The guy says that he has some free training videos that he wants to share with you. According to him there is this “inner circle” group of people that he has been training to make money selling products on Amazon and he is now opening up this opportunity to 100 new people. Now whether or not this limited availability is really true is something that I don’t know, but I will say that I do often see false scarcity tactics used when there really are not limited positions. I just reviewed an Amazon related scam the other day called Amazon Cash Websites that used this same tactic.

The two guy’s running this program are Mike Gazzola and Matthew Behdjou. I’ve looked into both of these guys in the checkout. They are real people and they do what they say they do. You are more than welcome to Google their names and looking at them yourself.

What You Get

The first thing that you get is guidance. Mike and Matt will guide you along the way showing you what you should be doing based on their expertise.

You will have access to a tool that helps you find profitable products selling on Amazon so that you can better choose what you want to sell and have a better chance of success.

Mike will give you access to his sales funnels that you will be able to change up a bit and tailored to fit the product that you are selling.

And besides help from the creators directly you also have coaches on your side. According to Mike, all of the coaches in this program have generated 6+ figures on Amazon, so they know what they’re talking about or at least that is the hope of it.

What Other People Are Saying

There or lots of reviews on both sides of the fence. People seem to like it and then there are many people that seem to have lost money buying into this training program and are against it. But this is something you will find with just about any make money online product/program out there. Not everyone succeeds and in industries like this, success is largely dependent on the work that the individual puts in.

There are some extreme cases of failure that you should be aware of. I found some good personal reviews on Quora, one of which was from a guy that claims to have lost over $18,000 from this program. How is this possible? Well after paying several grand to buy into the program he then spent the money to purchase products in bulk from China and have them sent to the Amazon warehouse. Little did he know that the products infringed on a copyright and he then got sued over the whole thing. According to him he claims that Matt guided him through the entire process and kept telling him that the product he had selected to sell is going to be great.

There also some other negative reviews out there, such as ones about the character of the two creators themselves. Apparently this one guy worked for them as a translator in China and claims that they are complete assholes, thinking that they are better than everyone and constantly putting others down. He claims that there are only good at suckering people into their program and leading them on thinking that they will strike it rich.

Take a Look At The Disclaimer

One thing that you should always do before buying into a program like this is taking a look at the disclaimer. Even if the program is a complete scam, which I’m not saying this is, they will usually have an honest disclaimer telling you that the program is a bunch of BS or something along those lines.

When I was on this website the disclaimer was plastered at the very top of the sales page which was nice because it is right out in the open for everyone to see. It states clearly that “typically/on average most people will not recoup their investment with the strategies”.

Just let that sink in for a minute… You more than likely will not recoup your investment.

On the upside, at least they’re being honest. It is better than many other disclaimers I have read that still kind of mislead people.

Scam or Not?

Now whether or not this is a scam largely depends on your own opinion and how you define what a scam actually is. In my opinion this is not a scam. I do believe the success stories out there and that some people are making good money on Amazon with what they have learned and have been helped with in this program.

Am I crazy to think this? Absolutely not. I was involved in a e-commerce business training program a while back that cost around $3000 (100K Ultra by Aidan and Steve) that I did not succeed with. However, there were people that did succeed and went on to make really good money with their little e-commerce stores. I have been involved in making money online since 2015 and I have come to know that just because something doesn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for everyone.

Some people are going to fail… That is just the way it is.

Final Thoughts

I do think that Mike and Matt could be a little more straightforward with what is going on here. They do over-hype this program and use some “shady” marketing tactics to lure people in, which I think they should do away with. But overall the program is definitely not a scam.

Is it worth your money? Should you take out your wallet and throw several grand into it? This is something you are really going to have to think long and hard about yourself. You are also going to have to consider the fact that you will have to invest additional money up front into the products that you’re going to be selling.

I am neither going to recommend nor go against this program. If you want to join then go ahead and do so, just know what you’re getting yourself involved in and know that there is DEFINITELY no guarantee that you will be successful. Just as the disclaimer says… Most people will NOT recoup their initial investment. So if you have some money to play with and are afraid to take some risk then this may be something you want to consider, but if not then I would avoid it.

A Less Risky & Much More Affordable Program

It has nothing to do with selling products on Amazon, but if you are looking for a much more affordable and much less risky program, that I would say is overall better for beginners, then I would suggest taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the program that I got involved with back in 2015 when I first started looking to make money online.

The focus of this program is affiliate marketing, which is when you promote products for companies and earn commissions. This means that you never have to worry about inventory, product creation, or anything like that. You simply pick products that are proven to sell and promote them, earning commissions every time you help make a sale

But anyway… If you think affiliate marketing would be something you might like then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go. They provide the tools and training necessary to be successful in this business. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking the button below to learn more.

If you have your own review of Amazon Secrets then I would appreciate it if you left it down below in the comment section. I am also sure that other readers could benefit from what you have to say.

Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns down the comment section below as well. I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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My Ecom Club

My Ecom Club Review – Scam Program or Can You Really Make Good Money With This?

My Ecom ClubMy Ecom Club is an ecommerce training program created by Rocky Lin that supposedly can teach you the ropes and get you set up with your own little ecommerce store to make money online with. But is this program really any good or is it something that you should avoid? Is My Ecom Club a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time and effort?

In this review I’ll be giving you my honest opinion of the program and going over some important things that I think you should know. I’ll be giving an overview of what its all about and what it includes, how the method it teaches works, a little background on the creator, what other people are saying and more.

My Ecom Club Review

My Ecom Club is an program that teaches people to make money in the realm of ecommerce. Not only does it provide training but it also provides tools and, if you pay enough, a partly done-for-you ecommerce website.

There are 3 different products/memberships, that are sold here which vary in price and what they include of course. They have the Inner Circle Membership and the Gold Membership along with the Instant Ecommerce Website Template.

The Gold Membership costs $97 and is what you need if you are new to all of this. It provides the tools and training to get your ecommerce business up off the ground. From what I have read from members who have went through it, the training is fairly lengthy and detailed, so that is good.

The Inner Circle Membership costs $37/mo and gives you access to the “inner circle”. You will get access to a private Facebook group, be able to ask Rocky Lin and other leaders in the industry questions, and more. This is like the cherry on top. Its the next step of you are looking for an edge that the Gold Membership doesn’t give you.

And the Instant Ecommerce Website Template is a service they provide for $37. What they do here is basically design your store a bit and set it up for you. This covers just the basic design so that hopefully it converts customers better but is not a completely done for you service by any means.

My Thoughts on Ecommerce

I was involved in ecommerce for a little over 2 years and just closed my stores recently due to having too much going on and them not being profitable enough. I got started with some top-notch training from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, which costed me a heck of a lot more than this by the way…$2,497 I think it was.

What do I think about ecommerce and selling from your own store? I think it is a great type of online business and I personally know that you can make a killing doing this. I had several ecom stores running, most of the time they weren’t very profitable but there was a point time I was doing very well. I also know people who make more than doctors and lawyers doing ecom business.

Its not easy though. It takes a lot of testing, trial and error.

What My Ecom Club teaches is what is called “dropshipping”, which is what I did. This is when you list products on your ecom store for sale but you don’t actually have the products. When someone buys a product from your store you simply purchase that product from somewhere like AliExpress, Ebay, etc and ship it to them. So you are like a middle-man. Its a great method because you keep no inventory and can easily put many different products for sale on your site.

All in all I like where this training is focused. Its definitely a good way to make money online and is something that is do-able. However, is the training really a good choice? There are some concerns that I have…

Concerns About My Ecom Club

I originally came across My Ecom Club after reviewing a scam program called Free Biz Account which lured people in thinking they were getting some free program that was going to make them tons of money only to find out that they were being pushed to buy My Ecom Club’s Gold Membership.

So I was suspicious of this all right off the bat. It wasn’t a good first impression. And to make matters worse I read another review which pointed out that Rocky Lin, the creator of it all, was involved in a scam in the past called My Secret Sites. This was an extremely misleading scam that you could buy into to get “secret sites” created for you that would give you complete and automated cash freedom. It had a very scammy sales pitch that was absolutely ridiculous and it was created by Rocky Lin as well.

Now I’m hoping that Rocky turned over a new leaf and doesn’t do this kind of thing anymore but its just something worth thinking about. You can form your own opinion from this information.

What Other People are Saying About My Ecom Club

If you go on My Ecom Club’s Facebook page there are a lot of reviews…. over 120 reviews total with an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars, which is pretty darn good. Most people say that the coaches are wonderful and that the training is very good.

HOWEVER… there is another concern that I have which I found from reading over member reviews. Apparently the price tag is much higher than the memberships I talked about above. In order to continue with the training at a certain point you will have to pay over $1,000, which is a price that is going to be out of budget for many, meaning that this is going to be a waste of time.

Something else that concerns me is that I read reviews from people claiming that you have to refer in other members to continue with the training. I only saw one review saying this but its still concerning.

I don’t really know what is going on here but one thing is for sure…. they NEED to be more transparent!

Conclusion on My Ecom Club – Good Opportunity or Not?

My Ecom Club provides training and tools for what I consider to be a good way to make money online, which I have experience in doing. However there are concerns that I have and need answered before I would be willing to tell people to go ahead and sign up for this program. But anyway… the choice is yours. It appears to be a good program, there are just some little things I worry about and I really don’t care for the lack of transparency here.

If you are a beginner to making money online I would actually recommend Wealthy Affiliate over this. Why? Because this is what I got started with back in 2015 and am still a member today. They focus on a different online business model that I think is more suitable for beginners. But anyway, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here for more info.

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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