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Finish Line Network, Scam or Legit? – What They Won’t Tell You

In this review I’ll be going over the Finish Line Network in whether or not I think it is worth anyone’s time and/or money. It is being heavily promoted right now as a great opportunity to make money online, but of course you can’t always trust what you hear. Believe it or not… Not everything you hear online is true. But I’m sure you already know this… After all you are taking time right now to do some research into this opportunity and are wondering if this is all just a scam.

What you are told in the reality of things are often somewhat different. This is the case when it comes to Finish Line Network. People promoting this program are trying to make money off of you joining in so of course you are only going to get the good sides of the story, and not the downsides to it all. I, however, am not promoting Finish Line Network so I will not be actively trying to recruit you and. I’ll be giving my opinion as I see it.

Throughout this review I will go over a basic overview of the program, how it all works, the compensation plan, whether or not it is a pyramid scheme, three good reasons to avoid it and more.

Finish Line Network Review

A lot of high-level online marketers you make a lot of money are actively promoting Finish Line Network, which is how I came across in the first place. I know that Mack Mills (from Secret Income Formula, etc) and Michael Mansell of Team Mansell are both promoting this particular opportunity along with many others.

But anyways… Basically this is one of those online marketing programs that is promoted is a great way to make money online. People buy into it and then the way they are taught to make money online is by promoting it to other people. So you buy into it and then promote it to others.

The the system is already in place… Essentially all you have to do is work on the promotion and marketing of it in order to make money, but of course this is much easier said than done.

How It Works

There our four different product lines within the Finish Line Network program. These include the following…

You have your Silver subscription, Gold subscription, ePOD, and the high-ticket live event called Digital Domination.

I’m not going to get into much detail with each of these different products, but basically they are all online marketing products that will help you go out and sell the system… After all that is what it is all about… Buying in and then reselling it to other people.

The Silver and Gold subscriptions or more of your core memberships I guess you could say. With the Silver subscription you get access to the sales conversion app and with the Gold subscription you get access to monthly virtual live events among other things. The ePOD, which stands for Email Profits On Demand, is a product that is focused all on email marketing. And lastly, the Digital Domination Is a live events that you would actually attend in person and get to listen in on strategic talk from some top-level online marketers.

But there really isn’t much focus placed on the products themselves. Most of the focus is placed on reselling these products and earning commissions doing so. Once you buy one of the products you have the rights to then resell that product and earn commissions doing so. This is important… You only can earn commissions on what you already earn and you will see this makes a big difference in the compensation plan, which I will now dive into…

The Compensation Plan

Within the compensation plan there are five different ranks. These include…

  • Rising Star – Costs $20 each month to stay an active affiliate
  • 1 Star – Have to sell six Silver subscriptions
  • 2 Star – Have to sell six Gold subscriptions
  • 3 Star – Have to sell six ePOD packages
  • 4 Star – Have to sell six tickets to the Digital Domination live event

When you first join in you will start out as a Rising Star, and as such you will earn commissions that are split 50/50. The way this compensation plan works is that when a product is sold by someone, the commissions are always split between that person and their sponsor (a.k.a. the person that recruited them in) as long as you are both able to receive commissions from the particular sale.

Example: So just to give you a quick easy example… Let’s say you are a Rising Star and recruit someone in who purchases the Silver subscription. The Silver subscription costs $47 but only $25 is paid out in commissions. And… There’s something called the Bonus Pool that I will get to in a bit and $5 will be placed in this pool… Only $20 will be split between the seller in their sponsor.

The Bonus Pool:

For each sale that is made there will be 20% of that sale sent into the bonus pool. This is a pool of money that builds up based on the amount of sales from every single person in the network and the way members benefit from this is through receiving shares in the bonus pool.

When you sell a product 20% is sent to the bonus pool but you also receive shares for selling products. So money is taken away from your sale and given back basically. The higher you move up the ranks the more you will earn from this bonus pool, so it is very important to move up the ranks, which you do by selling more products and meeting certain requirements.

You Need To Spend Money To Make Money

These sorts of opportunities force members into buying their more expensive products with how the whole resell rights thing works… I’m talking about how you first have to purchase the product in order to sell and earn commissions doing such. If, for example, you only purchase the Silver subscription and then go out to promote Finish Line Network two other people, who let’s say buy in at the Gold subscription level… You will not earn anything from their purchase. Instead… This purchase will be passed up to the next person above you who is qualified to earn such commissions.

This is how they keep the money coming in. They get people to join in at the lower levels and then the system is set up to pretty much force them into buying the higher-ticket products just for the sake of earning larger commissions.

Pyramid Scheme

This doesn’t have your typical MLM structure where there are different levels set up and you earn commissions through a specified number of levels depending on your rank. However… They definitely are multiple levels within the compensation structure because of how commissions are passed up depending on who is commission qualified or not. Every sale is shared between at least two people, the seller in their sponsor, but many sales will be passed up further because not everyone is going to be commission qualified.

If you read about what the FTC considers a pyramid scheme you will find that the big difference lies on whether or not products are sold to the general public. Is the business actually going out and selling products the general public or are the only people purchasing the products that those that are also promoting the system? Well I think it is pretty obvious that in this case the large majority of people are only buying the products to resell them and make money doing so. I don’t really see anyone buying into this for the actual products alone.

So is it a pyramid scheme? This can be a tricky question to answer, but is definitely “shady” in my opinion and not something I am particularly fond of.

3 Good Reasons To Avoid This

#1 – Very Expensive

If you want a chance of making good money reselling the products from this network, you are going to have to spend a good amount of money before hand. Buying in at the Silver subscription level and selling this isn’t going to make you much of anything. If you want to be able to earn big money than you are going to have to purchase the big ticket items, such as the 3 year Gold subscription for $2997, ePOD four $1997, or the Digital Domination ticket for $997.

Ya… It gets expensive.

You should also know that the products here are extremely overpriced. They could be sold for a fraction of the price, but the prices are inflated to extreme numbers just so that affiliates can make higher commissions when they sell them to other people. There is no need for the prices to be this high but they are so high just for the sake of making money.

#2 – A Shady Business Model

Business models like this are ones that you usually want to try to avoid. Just think about it… This opportunity is advertised as a great way to make money online… You buy into it to make money online and then you are just pushed to make money online by selling it to other people.

Also, recently the FTC has been cracking down on similar make money online programs. MOBE was one of their more recent takedowns which was shut down for being a scam and it was a pretty darn similar business model.

#3 – Just Not As Easy As It Seems

It may sound incredibly easy… The program is already in place for you and all you have to do is promote the products. Easy enough, right? Well… Just think about it for a second. When you came across this opportunity what did you do? You are suspicious of it and this led you to do some extra research and eventually come across my review which you are reading now. Many other people are going to act the same way… People don’t just buy into these make money online opportunities as you might think they do.

In order to make good money you’re going to have to push the higher ticket products on people in these are massively overpriced as I have already discussed.

Is There Any Reason To Join?

I guess the answer to this question all depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking to promote a program that sucks you in and pushes you to go out and promote the same darn program to other people? Are you looking to buy into a program that sells products to help you promote the program? Where is the value in this?

Sure… The products and training you receive could be applied to any online business, but the focus here is on getting people to promote Finish Line Network to other people.

And of course let’s not forget how expensive it is to get involved in a program like this.

Overall… It is just definitely not something that I recommend. For a cheaper and much more affordable opportunity I would highly suggest to anyone reading this to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the program I joined back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online. To make a long story short… I now make a living working online which goes to show that it does work.

Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Is Nucerity a Scam? – Here Is What You Should Know..

Is Nucerity a Scam

Is Nucerity a scam? Or is this a legitimate business that sells legitimate products?

I’m guessing that you are probably looking into this because you were approached by someone working for Nucerity and more than likely asked to join the business opportunity. This is what usually seems to make people question the legitimacy of such a business.

The best answer I can give you is that No, Nucerity it is not a scam… HOWEVER, there are definitely a few things that you need to know… Things that independent business owners working for Nucerity or more than likely not going to tell you.

What Is Nucerity?

Nucerity is a MLM company that sells antiaging products, such as moisturizers for your skin and hair, exfoliating cream, serum for wrinkle reduction around your eyes, etc. One of the more famous products is their “Skincerity” skin mask, which you rub into your skin and it creates a thin film to help lock in your body’s natural moisture.

Based on the research I have done it seems that their products are high-quality and work. I have found good reviews for them online in multiple different places, although I can’t leave a review of these products personally because I have not tried them.

The core of this post is not going to be about how will good these antiaging products are… The focus is more on the business opportunity that Nucerity distributors are going around promoting.

The Business Opportunity

As stated above, Nucerity is what you call a MLM, or multilevel marketing, business. This basically means that it has a pyramid-like structure where distributors can recruit in other distributors beneath them and earn money from their efforts.

In order to become a distributor you must first purchase a Starter Kit for $59. You may have also heard about these “activation packages” that cost either $500 or $1000, but I will get to that in a bit. The bare minimum is the $59 starter pack.

At the core of the compensation plan is a binary compensation structure. This is where there are two open positions below each person. Below you there are two positions, below each of those two positions there are two positions, and so on. So at each level going down the number of open positions doubles, although these positions don’t always get entirely filled.

You can see the diagram below to get a picture of what I am talking about here.

Binary compensation structures are very common with MLM businesses. With this you will earn a percentage of the sales from the “lesser leg” of the structure, meaning the side that had less volume.

Of course in order to start earning from this compensation plan you will first have to recruit in 2 other distributors. You also must stay active, which requires that you bring in at least 100 PV each month, along with the two distributors you just recruited in. PV just stands for “personal volume” in just means you must sell a certain amount of products each month.

Retail Profits

Retail profits are pretty straightforward and there are two ways you can earn these.

First, you can buy Nucerity products at wholesale prices and then resell them at retail prices, thus earning you the price difference. Second you can just refer people to your replicated website where they can order Nucerity directly. Nucerity will handle the shipment of orders and everything like that.

If you get preferred customers to sign up you will be able to earn recurring commissions, which is much more desirable than making a one time sale.

Team Matching Bonuses

There is also a Team Matching Bonus that you can earn down to 8 generations deep at its max. You can see from the chart below that the number of generations you will be able to earn off of depends on your rank. The higher up the ranks you move, the more generations you earn off of.

And if you don’t know, generations are basically teams that have developed within your downline.

Okay… Now on to these high-priced “activation packages” that I mentioned. You may or may not have heard of these, but they are definitely pushed on you by Nucerity. These activation packages cost either $500 or $1000 and the point of them is to be able to earn large commissions. You first buy one of these expensive packages and then you recruit others to buy them, hopefully recouping your initial investment and more.

Sounds Like a Pyramid Scheme Doesn’t It?

actually isn’t but does resemble one if you don’t know, generations are basically if you don’t know

After seeing the compensation plan you are probably wondering if this business is even legal. It seems a bit like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t not? I mean you have the pyramid-like binary compensation structure as well as the team matching bonuses which is all about recruitment of other distributors into the business.

So is a pyramid scheme?

Well unfortunately the answer to this is complicated. The FTC basically describes a pyramid scheme as being such that focuses too much on recruitment of other distributors rather than product sales to the general public. The problem is that I have no way of finding out how much revenue is actually coming in from product sales to the general public vs recruitment of other distributors.

They do not provide any sort of earnings disclaimer or anything like that which would help in this manner. My best guess would be that they are not a pyramid scheme, just judging from the fact that they have been in business for quite a while.

That said, it doesn’t make it a great business opportunity and I will tell you why.

What Distributors Won’t Tell You

If someone approached you trying to recruit you into this business they probably made the opportunity sound amazing, but what you will probably not told is that the person trying to recruit you in wasn’t even making that great of money. There are people that make good money and MLM’s like this, but the large majority of people make a little.

The reason for this is simple… It’s all because of the pyramid -like structure that MLM’s have. The big pyramid structure takes away from those at the bottom and gives to those at the top. Money is funneled up from sales at the bottom to the pockets of those above them. Of course with a pyramid structure there are many more people at the bottom than there are at the top and this is something that is always the case… Which means that most people lose out with the MLM structure.

There is definitely a lot of potential when it comes to MLM’s, because there are so many ranks and there is a lot of room to move up within the businesses, but this downside is something that no one really tells you.

I have reviewed many different MLM opportunities and some of them provide earnings disclosures of their distributors, which always show that a very small percent make good money while the large majority make very little. Rain International, Beauty Counter and Asea are other very simily MLM’s I’ve reviewed.

Just Not That Great of an Opportunity

Just like a typical MLM opportunity Nucerity is promoted as some incredible way to achieve financial freedom. While this is achievable, it is definitely not the walk in the park that it may seem to be..

Recruitment Is Key

Success in these businesses pretty much all comes down to recruitment. If you can recruit people and continuously, and yes you do have to recruit in continuously due to the very high turnover rates, then you may be able to build up your team, move up the ranks, and make good money. If you are someone that wouldn’t be any good at recruiting others in then this is definitely not the business for you.

The focus of the compensation plan is largely on recruitment so this is key.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

I already said that Nucerity is not a scam. They probably are running a legal and legitimate MLM operation here, is just that the opportunity is in as good as most people will tell you it is. Some people excel in these types of businesses, but the majority fail… That is what it all comes down to.

It is also worth mentioning, for those of you just looking to purchase Nucerity products, that the products or more than likely inflated in price. This is common with MLM businesses because they want to make the business opportunity more lucrative for distributors, so they jack up the price a little bit to be able to pay out larger commissions.

Something Else You May Be Interested In

Personally I avoid MLM businesses just because of their difficulty in the fact that I wouldn’t really be any good at recruiting people in, as is necessary. If you are like me or just don’t think that a MLM opportunity like this is right for you, then all suggest taking a look at how I make a living working online. You might find that it is something suitable for you as well. I’m not going to get into it here, but you can click the button below to learn more…

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Is Yoli a Pyramid Scheme? – What You Should Know


Is Yoli a Pyramid Scheme

Is Yoli a pyramid scheme?

People working for them claim that the business opportunity is amazing because there is lots of profit potential as well as potential to help others live a healthy lifestyle… But what about all the recruitment that is going on?

The recruitment side to this business is what leads many to believe that it is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, and I’m going to discuss this in detail. The truth is there is a lot about this business model that does resemble a pyramid scheme, but the answer to whether or not it actually is one is more complicated.

In this review I’ll be going over how this business works, the compensation plan, whether or not it is a pyramid scheme of course, and a few things that people recruiting you and are not going to tell you… But I will.

Yoli Review

Yoli is what you call a MLM, or multilevel marketing business, that operates in the health and wellness industry. They sell a variety of different products with focuses on things like…

  • Balancing pH
  • Supressing appetite
  • Enhancing digestions with enzymes
  • Supporting immune system with probiotics
  • Protein for building lean muscle
  • Joint health
  • Energy

These products are often sold in kits, such as the alkalinity kit which features a bunch of products for balancing pH, the energy kit which is all about boosting your energy, and so on.

One thing that is for sure about these products is that they are pretty expensive. Now whether they are worth the value or not is debatable, but there is no doubt there expensive… I don’t think anyone can argue with me on that. If you are someone looking for affordable options then this probably is not for you.

However, I am guessing that you are more interested in knowing about the business opportunity, which is where there is all that recruitment going on. To learn more about this I will go over the compensation plan and how members of Yoli are getting paid.

The Compensation Plan

In order to be able to earn money from the compensation plan, you have to be at least in active member. This means you have to generate at least 50 PV (personal volume) every four weeks. You can generate this by either personally buying products up to 50 PV or selling products to others. However, being an active member still won’t give you access to the full compensation plan. You are also going to want to be a “qualified” member and to achieve this you will need to recruit in at least two members.

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is exactly what it sounds like… It is a bonus designed to give you fast commissions. This bonus is paid when you recruit in new members, which you will earn 20% commissions from their order.

Bonuses like this are typical with MLM businesses. It seems that everyone has their “fast start bonus”. Two other MLM’s that have this bonus which come to mind include Aegea and Visalus, which are both other health and wellness MLM businesses by the way.

Retail Commissions

You will also be able to earn retail commissions, which are commissions from products that you personally sell. You will be able to sell products directly to other people on hand, or you can send people to buy products through the Yoli website with your ID number and you will get credit for the sale.

The amount you will make will be the difference between the wholesale price in the retail price. Just to give you an example of what you are looking at here, the transformation kit wholesales for $285 and retails for $340. So if you were to sell this you would make a $55 profit


And of course they have a binary structure in place, in which you get paid based on sales generated from your team.

A binary structure is one that has two open positions below each person. So below you there are two people, below each of those two people there are two people, and so on. At each level it branches out by a multiple of two. You can refer to the diagram below to see what I’m talking about here.

Sales volume is calculated each week and you get paid commissions based on the sales from the lesser leg, meaning the side (right or left) that generated the least amount of sales volume. The reason for this is because it gives members incentive to build up the lesser legs and balance things out, which is done by everyone in the downline working together as a team.


In addition to the binary structure, there is also a uni-level structure in place, which you can also see in the diagram above. With the uni-level structure there are unlimited positions at each level that can be filled. The people that you directly recruit in make up your level 1, the people that they recruit in make up your level 2, the people that those level 2 members recruit in make up your level 3, and so on.

As you can see from the table below, it is possible to get paid down to 10 levels in depth, which is a heck of a lot.

Moving Up The Ranks Is Very Important

If you want to make good money then it is very important to move up the ranks. Moving up the ranks allows you to earn larger commissions and allows you to earn from many more people in the downline.

So how do you move up the ranks? What it mostly comes down to is recruitment. To move up the ranks you are going to want to recruit more people in generate higher group volumes.

This is pretty much the gist of the compensation plan. There are other parts to it, such as travel incentives and a luxury car program, which every MLM seems to have, but what I just went over covers most of it.

Pyramid Scheme or Not?

Okay, so here we have a compensation plan that is very focused on recruitment… Pretty much your typical MLM compensation plan. But is this a pyramid scheme?

The truth is that just because there is a lot of focus on recruitment does not make this a pyramid scheme. What I would need to look at to determine whether or not it is one would be the cash flow… Where all their revenue is coming from. Is it mostly coming from recruiting new members and? Or is it coming from sales to the general public?

The difference between pyramid schemes and legitimate MLM’s is that pyramid schemes focus too heavily on recruitment and that is where the large majority of their revenue comes from, whereas product sales to the general public are put on the back burner.

Unfortunately I was not able to find any information showing how many sales come from where, so I can only assume that this is a legitimate MLM.

What No One Tells You

Legitimate MLM or not, there is still a big downside to any MLM out there.

The problem is that a very small percentage of people involved in the source of businesses actually make good money. Some reports say that around 95% of people fail and this is a believable number.

The problem with MLM structured businesses is that they have a pyramid -like structure where money is sucked away from those at the bottom and funneled up to those at the top. This leads to a very uneven income distribution where the few members of the top are earning most of the money, while those at the bottom are struggling.

Conclusion – Good Opportunity or Not?

Whether or not this is a good opportunity really depends on you. The bottom line is that if you want to make good money in a typical MLM business like this, you are going to have to be darn good at recruiting in new members. Recruiting in new members is what you are rewarded from the most in the compensation plan so this is what you are going to want to be doing. And don’t think that you can just recruit some people in every now and then. MLM’s like this have very high turnover rates and because of this you will have to recruit people in continuously to really make it.

So it all comes down to how well you will be able to recruit… For the most part.

Personally, I stay away from MLM’s because of their difficulty in because that is when be good at recruiting anyone in, but the choice is yours.

Since you are looking to make money on your own time, with your own home-based business, I would suggest taking a look at how I make a living online if you think this MLM thing isn’t for you. I have been working online since 2015 and have been able to go full-time with it. You can learn more and learn how you could get started doing the same by clicking the button below:

Questions or comments? Please leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Is Damsel In Defense a Scam? – What You Should Know

is Damsel In Defense a scam

Damsel In Defense is said to offer an amazing business opportunity and is in business for a great cause, but are things really as they seem? Should you join this business opportunity for the purposes of women’s empowerment, safety and protection? And of course to make money? Or is Damsel In Defense a scam that you should avoid?

In this review I will be going over how this company operates and what you definitely should know before hand… Which most people out there probably are not going to tell you.

Damsel In Defense Review

Damsel In Defense, or DID as I will be referring to them for short, was founded in 2011 and is out to make the world a better and safer place for women. They sell an array of self defense products ranging from stun guns to concealed carry purses. The products sold are all about self defense. On the website they state that one in every five women is a rape survivor and they hope to change this by getting as many people to join the business as possible and getting these self defense weapons, or tools as they call them, in the hands of as many women as possible.

It is also worth noting that DID donates to the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Wipe Every Tear, RAINN, and others, which I see as a great deed. They have even went as far as to creating safe houses in India and Cambodia that are used to help rescue girls from sex trafficking.

Overall I like what I see when it comes to their mission and vision. They are doing great things and I can see why so many women are joining the business opportunity… However, there is a major flaw that I will discuss shortly that you should definitely know of.

The Products

I’m not really going to talk much about the products here, but it will discuss them briefly.

As mentioned, DID is all about selling self defense products. These products range from stun guns, to striking tools, to tactical pens, to concealed carry purses and bags, and they even have digital protection tools to protect your identity, computer, and to monitor your social media.

I haven’t actually bought any of their products and test them out, so I cannot say from my personal experience whether they are any good or not. However, they appear to be quality products and I do not see people complaining about the products themselves, so I trust that they do work as intended.

Does The Business Opportunity Really Empower Women?

On the homepage of their website they state that one out of every five women is a survivor of rape in that you can help stop it by joining the business. Makes perfect sense… The more people to join, the more products are sold, in the more women are walking around with self defense products for protection.

But starting a business is not going to be free. You will have to purchase a Starter Kit for $99 (this price is subject to change). With your starter kit you will get…

  • Business cards
  • Catalogs
  • Guildes
  • Brochures
  • Order forms
  • Purse and some self defense tools

Basically it is a bundle of products and business materials to help get your DID business up off the ground.

DID products are not sold in stores. This is a direct sales business. Instead of having products sold in stores, they have a bunch of independent contractors, which will be you if you decide to join the business, running around selling products. They promote the use of in-home parties to sell products, although this is not the only way that it can be done.

Lots of direct sales businesses run off of in-home parties like this, particularly ones with a female market. You see this sort of thing with Pure Romance and Clever Container too.

In addition to selling products, you will also be able to make money by recruiting in others to join the business. This recruitment side to the business is what causes most of the controversy. People see this and start calling a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme, etc. And although it is neither, there is a downside to this recruitment structure as you will see.

The Comp Plan

Below is a screenshot I took of the compensation plan as a whole. This gives you a nice visual of what is going on. Ranks, commissions, personal volume, team volume, group volume, downline bonuses, and more… What does this all mean? I’ll explain it below.

So at DID there are nine different ranks. The higher you move up the ranks the more of the compensation plan you unlock, which means more money, or potential money for you. The nine different ranks are as follows…

  • Recruit
  • Protoge
  • Junior Mentor
  • Mentor
  • Senior Mentor
  • Director
  • Crystal Director
  • Pearl Director
  • Diamond Director

So when you are first recruited in you will be at the rank of Recruit. At this level you will be making 25% commissions on sales and when you move up to the next rank you will be making 30% commissions. From then on you will stay making the 30% commissions with no room for improvement.

The point of moving up the ranks is to capitalize on the MLM, or multilevel marketing, structure. This multilevel structure allows you to earn commissions from people in your downline, a.k.a. your recruits, their recruits, their recruits, and so on.

Once you reach the rank of Junior Mentor you will be able to earn downline bonuses from level 1. If you move up to the next rank of Mentor you will then be able to earn downline bonuses from level 1 and level 2. If you move all the way up the ranks to that of Diamond Director you will be able to earn commissions down for levels, a separate team bonus, and down three generations.

Level 1 of your downline consists of the people that you directly recruited into the business; level 2 of the people that your personal recruits then went and recruited in; level 3 are the people that those people and recruited and, and so on. You can see how this has a pyramid -like structure that is nearby the top and branches out at the bottom.

The Problem That No One Really Tells You

MLM businesses like this have a lot of potential when it comes to making money. You will always find people that make extreme amounts of money and it can be very luring. However… They don’t work out nearly as well as you may think in this is what people don’t tell you.

Only a very small percentage of people involved in MLM businesses make good money, while the majority do not. And out of this very small percentage most of them usually employ some “scammy” marketing tactics to bring in new recruits, particularly when it comes to promoting the opportunity with misleading income claims. Truth In Advertising has a good article on this that I just read.

The reason so few people make money with MLM opportunities has to do with their basic structure. The pyramid -like structure gives people a lot of room to move up within the company, but the fact of the matter is that there will always be many more people at the bottom of the pyramid like structure that are struggling.

Commissions are being funneled up to those at the top. So that very small percentage of people at the top are reaping the rewards while those low on the pyramid are having potential earnings sucked away from them, making it more difficult to earn money. This is the reason that MLM’s always have very uneven income distributions. What you normally see is a very small percentage of distributors making the majority of the money.

I was not able to find an income disclosure for Damsel In Defense but based on what I have seen with other similarly structured MLM’s, I am assuming that most people in this business fail.

Good Opportunity or Not?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get involved, I just want you to know the reality of things. You are likely reading my review here because someone attempted to recruit you into the business and you thought things seemed a bit fishy. And guess what… I bet they did not tell you what I just told you about MLM’s. So just know what you’re getting involved with.

That said… Some people do excel with these types of business opportunities. If you are into throwing in-home parties to market the self defense products and think you have what it takes to recruit people into the business continuously, then this might be right up your alley.

And hey… Even if things don’t work out… Even if you join the business opportunity and fail… At least you have some good self defense products.

While I don’t care for MLM business opportunities in the least bit, I do like Damsel In Defense better than most others that I have looked into and reviewed. I just like what they stand for in the products that they sell.

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found at least somewhat helpful. Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


Is Aegea a Scam? – What You Should Know

Is Aegea a Scam

Is Aegea a scam? Do their products really work? Should you join their business opportunity?

These are all important questions that need to be answered and I see a growing number of people questioning the legitimacy of this business, which is why I decided to take the time to write this review. In this review I will be going over the basics of the company, and overview of the products, a look at the compensation plan and business opportunity, the downside to it all and more.

Aegea Review

Aegea is a MLM company that is based around quantum resonance technology, which is behind all their products. This technology was supposedly inspired by Nichola Tesla and is all about blocking harmful waves from entering the body as well as using healthy waves and vibrations to help balance out the body and increase health and a number of different ways.

This is technology that is rather new and the research being conducted, as far as health benefits go, is still in its infancy.

But besides the products they also offer the opportunity to create one’s own business out of it all. Anyone can join the business as an affiliate and start selling their products to others as well as recruiting in other affiliates and earning off of their efforts.


Quantum Card

The Quantum card supposedly uses some “revolutionary” carbon fiber and is easy to use. It uses grounding frequency technology to improve well-being. What you do is wave this card overtop of your water, food, and body to receive “earth grounding energy”.

Nitro QuBits

This is a bioenergy hologram for increasing nitric oxide levels in your body. It has eight quantum interface that it affects the energetic frequencies of the body and it also helps to reverse harmful effects from “electro smog” caused by cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.

Energetics Relief

THe Energetics Relief product is for cardiovascular and energy support. This product uses the technology to give your body create availability of energy stores. It is also supposed to be good for relief from inflammation, anxiety, nausea, and a range of other things we don’t want.

EMF Shield

The EMP Shield it is designed to block out harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Freshness Card

This card is said to enhance the freshness of stored foods. I actually watched a time lapsed video they did on this product with two loaves of bread, one with the freshness card and one without. What happened was the loaf of bread without the freshness card began to mold as normal and the one with the freshness card did not mold at all.

Honestly it seemed a little bit too good to be true, since common bread mold is caused by a fungi, but they claim it works.

The Business Opportunity

There is a good chance you are wondering if Aegea is a scam because of all the affiliates running around promoting this business. You might even be thinking that it is a possible pyramid scheme because of how people are recruiting others in left and right.

Anyone can join Aegea as an affiliate and start earning by selling their products as well as recruiting other affiliates into the business. This is a MLM company with a typical MLM compensation plan. The different ways that you can earn as an Aegea affiliate include the following…

Retail Commissions

This is just the difference between the wholesale in the retail price. As an affiliate you will be able to sell Aegea products in profit from the difference.

Fast Start Bonus

The fast start bonus is a bonus paid out when you first recruit someone into the business. This is paid out based on the starter package that they purchase, which you will also be pushed to purchase if you decide to join.

Binary Pay

I would say that this is the main part of the compensation plan. It it is a pyramid -like structure with 2 positions beneath each person. So on each level going down the structure has the potential to grow double in size.

For example… You are at the top of your own binary structure and have two positions beneath you. Beneath each of those two people there are two positions, making four positions total at that level, and so on.

You will be paid 20% of the commissionable volume of your lesser leg, or the side of your binary tree that has less volume.

Matching Bonus

With the Matching Bonus you can earn a percentage of matching commissions that those in your downline make. This matching bonus pays down to 4 levels deep, meaning that you can earn this bonus from the people you personally recruit in (level 1), the people that they recruit in (level 2), and so on.

Generational Check Match

This it is also a matching bonus but you must be a Platinum Elite rank and have at least two silver affiliates in your downline to be able to earn this bonus. You can earn 10% check matches on down to five generations of silver affiliates.

This is very similar to the Matching Bonus discussed above.

There are also a few other ways to earn with the compensation plan, but I’m not going to get into them. What I have discussed is the gist of it all.

It’s All About Moving Up The Ranks

One thing that you definitely need to know if you are possibly thinking about joining this business is that making money is all about moving up the ranks. There are eight different ranks total and as you move up the ranks you will unlock more and more of the compensation plan.

Moving of these ranks is all about selling more products and recruiting more affiliates in beneath you.

Lots of Potential With a Big Downside

MLM businesses like this have lots of potential because of how their compensation plans are structured. They usually have many different ranks, as this one does, which means there is a lot of room to move up within the business.

As you move up there will be an increasing number of ways to earn and because this is a MLM, or multilevel marketing, business, much of what you will be earning will be commissions flowing up the pyramid like structure from those beneath you.

What you should know about MLM businesses is that they are much more difficult to make money with than many lead you to believe. When someone is recruiting you and of course they are only going to tell you the upside to it and not the downsides, or at least most of the time that is how it works. The downside is that because of the pyramid like structure, the large majority of people actually find it more difficult to make money while usually only the top few percent reap the majority of the rewards.

Optavia, Monat Global, etc…. It’s the same story with all MLM companies for the most part.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

I definitely would not call Aegea a scam. Sure… Their products may be completely based around technology that is not well proven yet and is largely based on hype, and they do use a pyramid -like business model where affiliates go around recruiting other affiliates in to make money off of them, but there is just no proof that I have of this place being a scam.

Should you join the business opportunity? Should you buy their products? Well… These are questions you need to answer for yourself. Do you believe in the technology? Do you think you have what it takes to be constantly recruiting other people into the business?… Because that is what it is going to take if you want to join the business opportunity. MLM businesses have very high turnover rates and you have to be a darn good recruiter to make it.

Any questions, comments, concerns? Please leave them down below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Also, if you are interested in the business opportunity that Aegea has, you might want to take a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 per month online. I work for myself online which gives many of the benefits you would get with running your own little home based Aegea business… Which is why I’m mentioning it.

Is Evolution Travel a Scam? – What You Should Know

is Evolution Travel a scam

Evolution Travel may offer some good prices on travel deals, but is this place worth getting involved with? Or is Evolution Travel a scam that you should be avoiding?

Since you are reading my review here and wondering if this place is a scam or not, I am guessing that you are probably contacted by one of Evolution Travel’s “travel agents”. They probably first talked about the amazing deals you can get on travel and shortly after, or maybe even before hand, tried to get you to join the business as a travel agent as well. Why am I guessing this? Well… Because that is what most travel agents seem to do. That is how they operate.

In this review I will be going over what you need to know about this place before moving forward. If you are thinking about joining as a travel agent you are definitely going to want to read this over and think again. The opportunity is often not nearly as amazing as other travel agents will lead you to believe it is and you will see why.

Evolution Travel Review

If you go on the official website and read about this place, you will see that they claim their success comes from both travel sales and their referral program.

The travel sales are a given… The travel agents that work for this company sell travel packages and this is where much of Evolution Travel’s business comes from. But what is this referral program that they’re talking about?

The referral program is where the home based travel business comes into play. Anyone can join Evolution Travel as a PTA (professional travel agent) and refer others to Evolution Travel, either as a normal customer or as a PTA, and earn commissions doing so.

The company was founded in 2015 so it is fairly new. That said, there partnered with Archer Travel Service which has been around since 1952.

The Products/Service Offered

Like Expedia, Travelocity, etc., Evolution Travel offers deals on travel packages. There partnered with a variety of different travel companies such as Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, United Vacations, Sandals, Disney And a lot of other places to bring about the good deals.

And that is pretty much it… The travel deals should be the main promotion here but unfortunately many PTAs focus on promoting the business opportunity due to the incentive that Evolution Travel gives to recruit other PTAs in.

The Business Opportunity

So as a PTA you will be able to make money by selling travel deals as well as recruiting and other PTAs. The cost to become a PTA is $69.95 per month for the administrative fee along with a small one-time charge which varies (It is listed as $30 as I am writing this review).

Evolution Travel is what you call it a MLM, or multilevel marketing, company which means that they have multiple ranks within their business structure and PTAs can earn commissions from those beneath them.

MLM’s have pyramid -like structures that are formed via recruitment. They are narrow at the top in branch out further at the bottom as more people are recruited into the business.

The different ranks here at Evolution Travel include the following. You can also see that I listed the requirements for each rank below. In order to move up the ranks, which allows you to earn more money from the compensation plan, it is all about recruiting in more PTAs.…


  • Consultant
    • This is where you start.
  • Executive Consultant
    • Need to recruit in 3 other PTA’s
  • Bronze Consultant
    • Need to recruit in 6 other PTA’s
  • Silver Consultant
    • Need to recruit in 9 other PTA’s
  • Gold Consultant
    • Need to recruit in 15 other PTA’s
    • Need at least 3 Silver Consultants in three separate legs of your downline
  • Platinum Consultant
    • Need to have at least 400 active PTA’s in your downline (don’t have to be personally recruited)
    • No more than 1/3 of active PTA’s can be on any one lineage

Travel Commissions

As a PTA you are obviously going to be able to earn commissions on travel deals that you sell. On commissionable travel, you get 80% commissions from deals that you personally booked and 10% gets passed up to your sponsor. So in total Evolution Travel it’s paying out 90% in commissions here from travel that qualifies as commissionable.

Residual Commissions

Of course you are also going to you access to residual commissions that you will earn from PTAs in your downline. This is typical of any MLM business opportunity.

Leadership Bonuses

As an incentive to recruit more people in and climb the ranks, they give out Leadership Bonuses that are paid monthly to gold and platinum ranked consultants.

Company Shares

As a gold level consultant you will get 20,000 shares of the company. If you move up to the platinum level you will get another 20,000 shares.

The entire focus of this MLM compensation plan is on recruiting and more PTAs. The more you recruit in, the higher number of active packages you have in your downline, the higher monthly bonuses you will earn among other revenue streams…

Pyramid Scheme?

The FTC states that pyramid schemes are business opportunities that rely too much on recruitment. They focus overwhelmingly on recruitment rather than sales to the general public. This is what separates a legitimate MLM opportunity from a pyramid scheme.

So is Evolution Travel a pyramid scheme?

This is where it gets tricky because it all depends on how much a business relies on recruitment. You are able to have a pyramid like MLM structure that relies on recruitment, but in order to operate legally you can’t relying recruitment too much. This is why you see many MLM companies requiring that there distributors or consultants earn 50% or more of their money from public sales rather than recruitment.

The problem that I see with Evolution Travel is that they don’t really put much focus at all on selling travel packages to the general public. The compensation plan is entirely focused on recruiting in other PTAs. This is a major problem and a definite sign of a pyramid scheme. There is not really much incentive for existing PTAs to go out and sell travel deals to the general public… It is more lucrative to just recruit in other PTAs and move up the ranks, thus earning more from the compensation plan.

I Don’t Know If It Is Worth It

Personally I see future problems with this company. I don’t think they can continue to operate the way that they are and are likely going to come under fire from governments around the world. This opinion is based on what I see from their compensation plan along with the fact that other very similar travel MLM companies, such as World Ventures, have been considered pyramid schemes (I’m talking about in Norway).

That said… Even if this place isn’t a pyramid scheme and is going to be around for many years to come, I still don’t know if it is worth joining.

The problem with MLM opportunities like this is that they are much more difficult to make money with than they seem. Of course when other PTAs are trying to recruit you in they are only going to tell you the good stuff, such as the income potential, but the reality is that with MLM’s like this it is more difficult to make money.

The reason MLM’s or more difficult to make money with it is because of their pyramid -like structure. In short, those at the top or rewarded in those at the bottom have potential profits taken away from them, which are siphoned up to those at the top. This creates a lot of incentive for members to climb the ranks via recruitment to get to the top, but the reality is that there will always be many more people at the bottom of a pyramid -like structure than at the top… Which is why MLM’s have such high turnover rates.

This is what you won’t hear from someone trying to recruit you in. Of course they are trying to get you in their downline so that they can make money off of you.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

Well first off… I don’t really see much point in using Evolution Travel’s travel services. You can get just as good of deals on sites like Expedia and you can get these good deals from the comfort of your own home without talking to an annoying travel agent.

If you do want to use Evolution Travel’s travel portal to get a discount then go for it, but there really isn’t much point in doing this.

The MLM business opportunity is the real opportunity here and it doesn’t seem to be that good of one to me. I do not care for MLM’s in general due to their difficulty and focus on recruitment, and I definitely don’t care for this particular MLM opportunity because I feel that it leans too far to the pyramid scheme side of things.

If you want to join Evolution Travel then go for it. It is your decision… But this is just not something that I personally recommend. If you are still considering joining just know that in order to be successful with this you’re going to have to be continuously recruiting in new PTAs. High turnover rates should be expected so you’re going to have to recruit left and right.

If you were interested in this business opportunity and are having your doubts, but are still looking for an opportunity that is home-based, you may want to take a look at how I make a living working online. You can click the button below to learn more as well as how you can do the same…

Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam? – What You Should Know Beforehand!

PlanNet Marketing

PlanNet Marketing is promoted as an amazing way to make money on your own time, working full-time, part-time, or any time as a travel agent. But is it really as amazing as it sounds? Are you really going to be making tons of money and get the ability to travel at discounted rates all over the world? Will you really be able to “write your own paycheck” in a sense?

Or is PlanNet Marketing a scam that you should be avoiding?

Since you are here reading my review I am guessing that you are suspicious of the whole thing. You have probably been approached by a travel agent that is part of PlanNet Marketing and have been asked to join. Things probably seem a bit fishy to you and you might even be wondering if this whole thing is a pyramid scheme.

In this unbiased review I’ll be going over what you definitely need to know before hand, including one very important aspect of the job that no travel agent is going to tell you when they are attempting to recruit you in.

PlanNet Marketing Review

PlanNet Marketing is the creation of the Don Bradley, who has years of experience in the network marketing space. The company is partnered with a travel agency called InteleTravel. These two companies combined are what make this  MLM travel business work.

The opportunity to become a travel agent and run your own home-based to travel business sounds pretty awesome. You get to work on your own time and you also get access to the discount travel rates that come with the business. The same travel deals that you can sell to other people, including cruises, vacations, hotels, resort stays, tours, plane tickets, car rentals, etc., you can also purchase yourself.

Sounds amazing right…? Hold off on answering this until the end.

How It All Works

With PlanNet Marketing there are two different ways that you can earn money and this is something that can get somewhat confusing. These two ways include:

  1. Become an InteleTravel Agent (ITA) and sell the travel deals to others
  2. Become a PlanNet Marketing Rep and sell the business opportunity to others + earn from team commissions

You see PlanNet Marketing doesn’t actually sell these travel products… It is InteleTravel that does such and because they are partnered together this can get confusing. Basically PlanNet Marketing it is like an MLM business structure that was placed overtop of the InteleTravel business opportunity.

You can just be an InteleTravel Agent (ITA) and sell travel deals as well as recruit other people to become ITA’s, which will earn you commissions every time. But if you want to take it to the next level then you would want to also become a PlanNet Marketing representative which will allow you to earn commissions from your downline in a multilevel structure.

The Compensation Plan

As an ITA you will be able to receive 70-80% paid commissions from selling the travel to other people. As far as I understand you will also be able to receive $50 commissions when you recruit in other ITA’s. But as an ITA only, you will only be able to receive these $50 commissions when you recruit someone in. And by the way it costs $179.95 plus $39.95 per month to become an ITA.

If you want to take things to the next level and become a PlanNet Marketing wrap than that is going to cost you another $19.95 per month. If you do this you will be able to earn the $50 commissions from each ITA that you recruit in, along with all of the following…

Direct Sales 50% Matching Bonus

The Direct Sales 50% Matching Bonuses are bonuses that you are rewarded with for each sale that one of your personal recruits make. So if you recruit in Joe you earn a $50 commission for getting him to join as an ITA. If Joe then goes out and recruit someone else in, you will earn $25, which is the 50% matching bonus.

Gold Builder Bonus

If you climbed the ranks and are able to make it to the rank of Gold Builder then you will enjoy a $10 bonus for every ITA sale that is made in your downline, as long as there are any other Gold Builders beneath you.

These Gold Builder Bonuses are paid out to the first person ranked as Gold Builder in the up line for every ITA sale made in the downline. I hope that makes sense.… It can be a bit confusing.

Monthly Matrix

The Monthly Matrix bonus is a four dollar bonus paid per month from the monthly membership fees that your recruits (and everyone) has to pay to stay active. This bonus is paid nine levels deep, meaning that you will earn these bonuses from the people you personally recruit in (level 1), from the people that they recruit in (level 2), from the people that those people recruit in (level 3), and so on.

If you are a Gold Builder you will also get a 10% match on this monthly bonus.

7 Ranks

As you can tell based on what I’ve talked about above, making money with this compensation plan is largely about your rank. Moving up to the rank of Gold Builder comes with a lot of perks and this is only the second rank achievable. After that there are all the director ranks which I’m not going to get into.

  • Rep
  • Gold Builder
  • Director – One Star
  • Director – Two Stars
  • Director – Three Stars
  • Director – Four Stars
  • Director – Five Stars

Moving up the ranks is obviously all about recruiting and more ITA’s. The better you are at recruiting, the more ITA’s you will recruit in, and the higher up the ranks you will go.

These are the basics of the compensation plan.

In a Nutshell

I know that this can be confusing so I just want to go over things again here real quick to maybe clear a few things up.

The partnership that PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel have together is what makes things confusing and I don’t see anyone really addressing this.

In a nutshell, IntelleTravel is the real business opportunity here. They are what give you the ability to become a home-based travel agent and make money with this all. PlanNet Marketing is basically just a MLM marketing business that promotes the ITA opportunity.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is how I best understand it.

Good Opportunity?… Not As Good As It Seems

Might sound like a pretty good opportunity, right? Not so fast… Take a look at the income disclosure from their official website, which they are forced to make viewable to the public…

As you can see, over 97% of all independent representatives (travel agents) made an average of $69.95 for the entire year of 2017. Only 1.81% of all independent representatives made the rank of Gold Builder.

So what is the reason for this? Why does it seem that most people fail to make good money?

Well the reason is because the this is just the way MLM businesses are. I review MLM businesses all the time, Monat Global, Optavia, etc, and this is a commonality with all of them. Most people fail and they have extremely high turnover rates.

The reason for this is they are pyramid -like structure where money flows up the pyramid in the form of commissions, matching bonuses, etc., and this benefits those at the top while those at the bottom find it more difficult to make money. And of course… With a pyramid -like structure there are always many more people at the bottom than at the top.

Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are classified by the FTC as businesses that rely too much on recruitment of new representatives rather than sales to the general public. So does this PlanNet Marketing business rely too much on recruitment of new travel agents?

I think so… That is pretty much all they do. There is almost no focus on selling travel deals to the general public, or at least very little. Because of this I think that the government could potentially step in and make this business change their operations. It is not like this hasn’t happened before.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

Pyramid scheme?? This is still open to debate but when it comes to the question of whether or not this is a good opportunity, the statistics say it all. As I went over above, the large majority of people fail in this business and for good reason… The MLM structure ensures that most people are going to fail, which is why I avoid MLM’s and don’t normally recommend them to other people.

If you are someone who thinks you have the ability to recruit people and continuously, left and right, then this might be something you could potentially excel at, but for most people it is probably not a good choice. But anyways… Join if you want to. I am certainly not stopping you.

An alternative that you might want to take a look at since you are looking to make money from your own home-based business is how I make money online. I started making money online back in 2015 and currently make a living doing so. I’m not going to get into it here, but if you want to learn more you can click the button below…

Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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Is Optavia a Pyramid Scheme? – What You Should Know

Is Octavia a Pyramid Scheme

Is Optavia a pyramid scheme? Well… Their business model is that of a MLM and is structured to place a good deal of emphasis on recruitment, but does this amount to it being a pyramid scheme?

I’m guessing that you are probably reading my post here because you are contacted by an Optavia coach and asked to join in on the business opportunity, or maybe a friend or family member was. But anyways… It doesn’t really matter your reason for reading this. In this short review I will be addressing the claims that Optavia may very well be a pyramid scheme.

What Is Optavia?

Optavia is a weight loss MLM company that sells meal plans scientifically designed for weight loss, similar to Avisae, It Works, and Shaklee. They take a more holistic approach to weight loss, not just focusing on the short-term, but rather having a more long-term focus. The goal is to adopt new healthy habits one at a time in your life so that the changes you make stick.

This is an approach that I really like. A lot of people lose weight and then gain it right back. They put in all this work and effort losing the weight but then end up regressing back to their old unhealthy habits. Optavia’s goal is to help change those habits to healthier ones.

At the core of the Optavia business model are coaches that are there to help guide and support people on their weight loss journeys. These coaches can be anyone. You are I both could join the business as a coach and make money doing so. Coaches are able to make money by selling weight loss products as well as by recruiting and other coaches beneath them and earning from what they sell.

This recruitment part of it all is the reason people are calling a pyramid scheme. Yes… Coaches can make money by recruiting in other coaches and so on, but this does not mean it is a pyramid scheme. In order to get a better understanding of what is going on here we first need to take a look at the compensation plan and see how these coaches are getting compensated.

The Compensation Plan

There are a bunch of different ways that you can earn as a coach and I will not be going over them all. Just be going over some of the more core components of the compensation plan, starting with client support commissions…

Client Support Commissions

These are commissions that are paid out based on the orders that your personal customers make.

So for example if you recruiting Joe and he buys something through your personal Optavia website, or calls their phone number to order, you get credited for that and earn a commission from the sale, which is 15%.

Consistency Bonus

The consistency bonus is a bonus that is paid for having a “frontline” that makes consistent orders each month. Your frontline consists of the people that you have directly recruited in.

Each product that Optavia sells has a certain number of points attached to it. If the people in your frontline order enough products to reach a 2000 cumulative PV (point value) for three consecutive months, then you get a bonus. And you get a bigger bonus if your frontline reaches a 4000 PV and in even larger bonus if they reach a 6000 PV, as you can see here…

  • 2000 in FLV for 3 months = $250 bonus
  • 4000 in FLV for 3 months = $500 bonus
  • 6000 in FLV for 3 months = $1,000 bonus

Team Growth Bonuses

The Team Growth Bonuses are available to coaches that are ranked as a senior coach or higher. This is where you get paid based on the sales that other coach teams make beneath you.

Executive Director Generation Bonuses

These bonuses are generational bonuses that are paid for developing executives within your downline. So if coaches beneath you, anywhere beneath you and your downline, make it to the rank of Executive, you will be able to earn commissions from this. At most you’ll be able to earn six generations deep…

But of course you will not be able to earn down six generations from the get-go. In order to earn down all the generations and unlock the entire opportunity here within the Executive Director Generation Bonuses, you will have to move up the ranks as you can see in this table:

Moving Up The Ranks

Making money with Optavia is all about moving up the ranks. As you move up the ranks further you will unlock more and more of the compensation plan and be able to earn more and more. But how do you do this? How do you move up the ranks?

Well… It’s all about bringing in more clients and recruiting and more coaches. Below you can see a table of all the different ranks and the qualifications that you need to meet in order to move up:

Pyramid Scheme?

Okay… So a MLM type business like this can be completely legitimate and rely on recruitment of other distributors, in this case “coaches”, to a good deal. What separates a legitimate MLM from in illegal pyramid scheme is how much they actually rely on recruitment of distributors. If they rely on recruitment like this too much and do not focus enough on selling products to the general public, that is where it begins to cross line and becoming an illegal pyramid scheme.

That said…there is definitely not enough here for me to say that this is a pyramid scheme, BUT… I am a bit concerned when looking at their compensation plan. They don’t really seem to have any safeguards in place to keep a pyramid scheme -like scenario from playing out.

As far as I know, you could become a coach and to do nothing but recruit in other coaches to move up the ranks and make tons of money. Some MLM’s that I have reviewed require you to sell a certain amount of products each month to the general public (non-distributors), while Optavia does not.

But anyways… Know this does not seem like a pyramid scheme to me. Recruitment like this is completely legal and although it might not be the most trustworthy business, since many coaches are out there just to recruit a bunch of people in and make money, it is still legal.

The Downside To This Type Of Business

There is a big downside to this type of business, or any MLM business for that matter. This is something that people never tell you… Especially if they are trying to recruit you in.

While MLM’s like this offer a lot of potential to move up within the company, since there are so many ranks and benefits to be had moving up there all those ranks, the big downside is that they actually make it more difficult for the majority of people to make money.

You see with a pyramid- like structure such as the MLM structure, the majority of distributors are at the bottom of the pyramid. As we know there are really many benefits at the bottom… You have to work your way to the top to start receiving all those commissions flowing out from the bottom to you. This is good for those at the top but for those at the bottom they just end up getting what could possibly be money in their pockets, sucked away from them in funneled out to those above them.

I hope this makes sense. In a nutshell what I am saying is that money is being siphoned from the bottom to the top and the majority of people are at the bottom, which means they are getting the short end of the stick.

This is one of the reasons that MLM businesses have such high turnover rates… There just much more difficult than people are led to believe most of the time.

Final Thoughts – Good Opportunity?

If you are thinking about joining Optavia as a coach and looking to capitalize on this business opportunity I am not trying to steer you away from it. I’m just trying to give you a better view of what is really going on here so that you know what you’re getting yourself into if you do join.

Some people love MLM businesses like this and really excel at them, but then again many people end up failing miserably. It all depends on you and your situation. The bottom line is that to really make any business like this you’re going to have to be darn good at recruiting others in. Those that make it to the top ranks within the company are recruiting and constantly. Remember, these businesses have high turnover rates so you never can just stop recruiting and expect the money to keep flowing inconsistently.

If you do think you have what it takes to recruit inconsistently and you really do like the products that Optavia sells, and you have a passion for helping people lose weight, then go for it… I wish you luck.

For those of you who are starting to have doubts on this whole thing, you might want to take a look at what I do to make a living online. I started making money online back in 2015 and went from $0 to now making over $6000 per month. Why I’m telling you about this is because I work for myself and have my own home-based business, which is in a way similar to what you would have working for a MLM company like Optavia.

But anyways, you can click the button below to see how I make money online and also learn how you can get started doing the same…

Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Also: You might want to take a look at my list here of top picks for earning an online income.

Is Monat Global a Scam? – What You Should Know

Is Monat Global a Scam

Is Monat Global a scam? This is what I will be addressing in this review.

There’s a good chance you are wondering this because maybe you came across someone trying to get you to join the business, maybe you just feel that their hair care products are overpriced, or maybe you have heard about the string of class-action lawsuits that have been filed against them for misleading claims. Whatever the reason… It doesn’t really matter.

In this review I’ll be going over what exactly Monat Global it is, the business model they run, the compensation plan, whether or not they are a pyramid scheme, a major downside if you’re looking to join this business opportunity, and more.

Monat Global Review

Monat Global is what you call a direct sales MLM company. What this means is that they do not sell their products in retail stores like most companies do. Instead, they have a sales force of independent distributors, a.k.a. marketing partners, running around doing their marketing for them. Anyone can join in on this business opportunity and that is why there are so many people going around trying to get others to join.

The MLM, or multilevel marketing, part of it comes into play with their compensation plan, where distributors can actually recruit in distributors beneath them and earn money from their efforts. There are multiple levels in the compensation plan, hence the name multilevel marketing, and this often leads to people claiming it is a pyramid scheme. But is it really? This is something else I will address.

The Products

Monat Global is a haircare company and sells haircare products. These include things like shampoos, conditioners, their popular oil treatment called Rejuveniqe, a split end repair treatment called Rejuvabeads, and others.

Like most MLM companies out there, their products are overpriced and very expensive. Just to give you an example… If you want to buy a 1 fluid ounce tube of Rejuveniqe it is going to cost you $99. That is pretty darn high and there is a reason for that.

The reason that their products are overpriced is because of the business opportunity that they provide. Of course they want more “marketing partners” to join the business so they make the opportunity more lucrative by jacking up product prices so that sellers are able to earn larger commissions.

I review MLM opportunities all the time and overpriced products is something that is a common characteristic of them all. Kuvera, Max International, Avisae, you name it.

The Business Opportunity

If you decide to join Monat Global as a marketing partner you will be able to earn money in two basic ways: by selling products directly to other people (direct sales) and by recruiting in other marketing partners and earning from what they do.

You will start out earning 30% commissions on the retail sales that you make but will have the ability to earn up to 40% depending on how much you sell. Before VIP customers that you bring into the business you will earn 15% commissions.

In order to receive commissions from your downline, it a.k.a. the recruits beneath you, you will have to have at least 200 PV (personal volume) and will start out receiving just 7% commissions from level 1, which are the people that you directly recruited into the business.

If you are able to achieve a PV of 300 and have two active recruits beneath you with a total group volume (GV) of 1200 and then you will move up to the next rank of Managing Market Partner and will receive commissions from level 1 and level 2, as you can see below…

And it goes on from there… You sell more products, you recruit in where people, and you move up the ranks which unlock more of the compensation plan…

When you first recruit in a new marketing partner you will also receive a bonus based on the product pack that they purchase. The bonus you will be able to get will range from $100-$220 as follows…

  • $100 bonus if your recruit purchases the $299 Business Product Pack
  • $120 bonus if your recruit purchases the $399 Success Product Pack
  • $220 bonus if your recruit purchases the $599 Overachiever Product Pack

As you saw above, moving up the ranks is very important. As you move up the ranks you unlock more of the compensation plan and this is very important if you are trying to earn as much as possible. In addition to unlocking the more of the compensation plan, you will also receive bonuses as you advance up the ranks, which are called “rank advancement bonuses”. The amounts you will receive per rank include…

  • Managing Market Partner – $100
  • Associate Market Partner – $100
  • Market Builder – $150
  • Managing Market Builder – $500
  • Associate Market Mentor – $500
  • Market Mentor – $1000
  • Managing Market Mentor – $2500
  • Associate Executive Director – $5,000
  • Executive Director – $10,000
  • Senior Executive Director – $20,000

If you are able to climb the ranks up to that of Associate Market Mentor, then you will unlock the new part of the compensation plan called generational bonuses. I’m not going to get into it into much detail, but these basically allow you to earn from teams within your downline. You will be able to earn down to five generations deep with these bonuses…

Pyramid Scheme?

Often times I see that people are too quick when it comes to judging businesses like this. They see that people are getting paid to recruit others into the business and are quick to call it a pyramid scheme. But is this really a pyramid scheme?

The truth is that recruitment structured businesses like this are completely legal. There are a legitimate MLM businesses out there that operate completely within the law. What separates and illegal pyramid scheme from a legitimate MLM company is the amount of product sales that they make to the general public. If a company is selling products, but the majority of the products they are selling are going to independent business owners, then they very well might be a pyramid scheme.

That said, there is no proof that I have that would suggest Monat Global it is a pyramid scheme. They do seem to place a good deal of emphasis on retail sales within their compensation plan, which is nice to see. I have seen other MLM companies that have been operating for years with compensation plans that are much more pyramid scheme-like then this one.

So do I think it is a pyramid scheme? No I do not.

The Downside to This Type of Business?

What you often find with MLM businesses like this are distributors running around trying to recruit others in by making the business opportunity sound like the greatest thing that has ever existed. However, there is a big downside to this type of business.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of potential to make a lot of money as a marketing partner here. They have many different ranks and lots of room to move up within the company.

The downside comes from their pyramid -like MLM compensation plan, which is a downside to any MLM business. These types of businesses have a pyramid -like structure where money flows from the bottom to the top. For example, you will earn commissions from those recruited in beneath you.

So think about that for a second… You are earning money from the recruits beneath you. So what is happening to them? Well… They are having money taking away from them that they could potentially be keeping if there wasn’t a MLM structure like this.

In MLM businesses the money is funneled up to the top from the bottom. And of course the overwhelming majority of people are going to be at the bottom, which means that is going to actually make it more difficult for the majority of people to make money, which is why MLM businesses have such high turnover rates.

Final Thoughts – Good Opportunity?

So is Monat a scam and if not is a good opportunity?

Well first off… I don’t consider this place a scam although I do think they could be more straightforward with their advertising and there is definitely no doubt that their products are overpriced. But still… That doesn’t really make them a scam in my book, although you might have a different definition for what a scam is.

That said, I definitely would not recommend this opportunity for everyone out there. It takes a certain type of person to really excel in MLM businesses like this. You have to be constantly recruiting in new distributors if you really want to climb up the ranks and reap the rewards. Now obviously not everyone is going to be good at recruiting others in. Personally, I am not any good at this and this is exactly why I avoid MLM’s.

So anyways, if you think you have what it takes to recruit people in left and right, and you like the products that Monat sells then go for it. But if you aren’t sure or don’t think you have what it takes, it’s probably best to avoid these types of opportunities as they can just drain your wallet.

Something else that may be of interest to you is how I make money online, which has nothing to do with MLM businesses. You can read about how I went from $0 to over $6000 a month working online. You will also see what I recommend for others looking to do the same.

I hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Is Max International a Scam? – What You Should Know

Max International Review

Max International is a MLM company that sells health products, many of which are focused on increasing the production of glutathione, which they call your body’s “master antioxidant”. But is this all a scam? Is this company just selling overpriced and overhyped products that are not worth your money? Is Max International a scam?

I know a lot of people are wondering if this company is a scam or not because of all the Max associate’s running around selling products and trying to recruit others into the business. In this review I’ll be going over the products that Max sales, the mlm business opportunity, what everyone else is not telling you, and more.

Max International Review


Max International is all about glutathione production for the most part… This is what many of their products are focused on. They call glutathione the “master antioxidant” of the body and we should all know how important antioxidants are.

Antioxidants fight off free radicals which damaged cells in the body and are a big culprit of early aging. They also help protect against chemical toxins and heavy metals.

What Max International as one out and done is developed a patented formula for boosting the body’s natural glutathione production. The formulas name is RiboCeine™, I basically it is just a blend of D-ribose and L-cysteine.

But anyways… Besides the products that Max International sells, is also important to discuss the business opportunity that they offer. Being a MLM direct sales company, anyone can join and earn money selling their products as well as recruiting other associates into the business. This is what leads to many of the scam accusations because people associate this business model with a pyramid scheme, which it does closely resemble.

The Products

patented compound RiboCeine – has been subject of over 20 independent studies

They sell a variety of health focused products, many of them focused on increasing glutathione production with their special ingredient RiboCeine™, but others focused on other aspects of health.…

  • Max 3 5 7 – Blend of omega oils 3, 5, and 7. Good for heart health.
  • Cellgevity – Has RiboCeine™ and 12 other ingredients that support glutathione production.
  • MaxATP – Has RiboCeine™ and is supposed to increase cellular ATP production.
  • MaxN-Fuze – Blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients.
  • MaxGXL – Has N-acetyl-cysteine formula to support glutathione levels.
  • MaxOne – Has their RiboCeine™ formula to support healthy glutathione levels.
  • Meta-Switch – Weight management system; decreases appetite; increases glutathione production.
  • be – Fiber and protein bar. All natural; plant protein; good meal replacement on the go.

The good thing about these products is that they do have scientific evidence to back up their claimed health benefits. There are over 20 independent studies that have been performed. So while they may be overpriced, they are good quality products.

Business Opportunity

The business opportunity is the reason why the products are overpriced. Max International once to make it lucrative to join in on the business so they increased product prices more than they really need to to make the opportunity more luring to prospects. This is very common with MLM businesses… Their products are almost always overpriced.

The first thing you have to do to join the business opportunity is purchase a starter pack, which cost $49. This will include a welcome brochure, sales materials, and a USB stick with information on getting your business going. You also have to pay annual fee of $25.

Once an associate, the goal is to generate 100PV (personal volume) or more to become active so that you can earn from the compensation plan. There is a certain point volume associated with each product and in order to earn 100 PV you simply can purchase products until the volume adds up to 100.

In the compensation plan there are two basic ways to earn, from regular customers and from recruiting in other associates. I have broken this down into two sections below…

Customer Sales Income

Retail Customer Sales

Retail sales or when you purchase Max International product yourself at wholesale prices and then sell them directly to customers at retail prices, thus earning the price difference.

Preferred Customer Sales

You will be able to enroll customers as “preferred customers” and earn up to 25% of the commissionable volume. Ideally this would be better to do than making retail customer sales because these customers are then enrolled and you can earn recurring commissions on their future orders without doing anything.

Recruitment Income

Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment… This is a big part of the business and if you want to maximize your potential profit then you are going to want to be recruiting new business owners into the business.

When you recruit someone and they will go into what is called your 1st generation. Then when these people go and recruit other business owners and, those people go into your 2nd generation. And so on…

Each of your personal recruits in your 1st generation forms a separate team.

Fast Start Income

The fast start income is a way to give you some fast income coming in early on. This is a bonus that is paid out when you sign up new associates and they purchase an enrollment pack within 60 days.

The amount of bonus that you will receive depends on how pricey the enrollment pack is that the associate purchases. For example, if they purchase the professional pack then you will get a $75 bonus, but if they purchase the premier packet then you will get a $150 bonus.

Binary Tree

The binary tree is a commission structure that is set up with two separate sides, a right leg and a left leg. There will be two open positions below each person that are to be filled via recruitment. You are in commissions from the volume in both legs.

Global Pool Bonus

The Global Pool bonus is a bonus that is paid out based on the revenue of the entire company. When Max International products are sold some of the profit goes into this global pool and then some of these profits are distributed amongst associates.

Matching Check Bonus

The matching check bonus is a bonus that is paid out where you are in a percentage of what the people in your binary tree have earned. So the better they do, the more you earn.

You will be able to earn down to seven generations deep. However, it is not like you will be able to earn down seven generations from the start. You will have to work your way up to that point.

As you can see from the table below, if you are a Bronze associate you only have the ability to earn from your first generation. If you move up to the rank of Silver associate, you then have the ability to earn commissions from the first two generations. The higher you move up in the ranks the more levels you unlock…

Moving Up The Ranks

If you are serious about this business opportunity then you should know that it is all about moving up the ranks. The example above is just one of many. It is all about moving up the ranks and unlocking more and more of the compensation plan.

Below you can see a table with the different ranks and the requirements to achieve those ranks. As you can see, the PV (personal volume) remains the same throughout every rank. You never have to have more than 100 PV. However… What does change is the amount of people that is required to be in your downline.

In order to move up the ranks you have to have higher ranking associates in your downline and you have to increase your number of Bronze enrollment teams. So in a nutshell, it is all about recruiting more people in and getting them to recruit more people in, thus increasing your downline size.

What No One Is Telling You

This may seem like one heck of an incredible business opportunity but is not as amazing as it may seem. Sure, it does have a lot of potential in you can possibly earn a ton of money you because there is much room to move up within the business.

However, no one tells you that MLM businesses like this actually make it more difficult for the majority of people to make money in. These types of businesses have pyramid -like compensation plans where commissions or funneled out from the bottom to the top. Those at the top profit from what those at the bottom do, and those at the bottom end up losing out because some of what could potentially be there profits, or funneled out to those above them in the form of commissions.

As we all know, pyramids are fatter at the bottom than they are the top, so there is going to be many more people at the bottom, struggling more than they should have to because of this compensation structure, then those at the top.

I review MLM opportunities all the time, Avisae, Kuvera, Noble 8 Revolution, etc, and one thing that I always find is that they have very uneven income distributions, meaning that a small percentage of the people make the majority of the money. This is because of the pyramid -like structure that they have.

Final Thoughts on Max International – Scam?

No, Max International is not a scam. Believe it or not, MLM businesses like this are legitimate and can operate legally. The difference between pyramid schemes and legitimate MLM’s like this is that legitimate MLM businesses sell legitimate products and don’t focus too heavily on recruitment.

That said… Is this business opportunity Worth joining? Well… This really depends on you. The fact of the matter is that MLM businesses have extremely high turnover rates because of how difficult they are to make it in, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make it in them. Some people fare very well and Ryan very profitable businesses. Much of the business is about recruitment, and if you want to have a chance of making it in this type of business then you have to be recruiting new people in consistently.

Personally I am not too big of a fan of MLM’s but some people really like them.

If you don’t think you’re up for it then you may want to take a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month working online. It has nothing to do with MLM’s and recruiting people in, but I figure you might be interested because it is a home-based business opportunity.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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