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Freedom Checks – Scam or Can You Really Get Free Checks as a US Taxpayer?

freedom checks


freedom checksMatt Badiali claims that people all over the United States are receiving what he calls “freedom checks” and that pretty much any taxpayer can start getting these free checks.  But is this really true or is this whole freedom checks thing just a big scam? This is a very good question to ask. There is a lot of hype surrounding the information product he is trying to get people to buy and it honestly does really come off as a scam.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things you should know about all of this. There are some shady aspects to this all and I’m guessing you suspected this in the first place which is why you are reading my review here.

“Freedom Checks” Review

Update (May 2018)

As you can see from the original screenshot I took of this “freedom checks” opportunity, Matt was making it seem urgent that you take action by February 1st. Well now there is an updated version of the video presentation since that date has long passed. As I am updating this he is telling people that they need to take action before June 1st. And when that date passes it will just say another date.

But anyways… on to the meat of this review…

Matt Badiali is a veteran geologist that claims to make better investments than many of the leading financial advisers out there. One of his latest promotions is for what he calls “freedom checks”, which is similar to the “Congressional Checks” opportunity that you may have also heard of. But this isn’t the first. Matt is well known for his over-the-top sales pitches.

He claims that people all over the US are getting these freedom checks on a 3 month basis like clockwork, some collecting well over $100,000 per check. And he says that all you have to do is sign up to collect these checks.

And of course he is going to show you how to collect these checks if you buy a subscription to his information product called “Real Wealth Strategist”.

There are probably a couple different sales videos out there for this but the one I watched seemed extremely “salesy”. Nearly half of the video was just Matt going over all the different people all over the US who have made money with this. Over and over again he would introduce a picture of someone and talk about all the money they are making. And one thing that I want to point out is that these people don’t even exist. Matt is just making up names, getting pictures of people online and throwing them into the sales video.

Fake People

After the sales video went on and on about all the people that were making money with this it started to seem a bit fishy to me. I decided to do a reverse Google image search for some of the images used and found out that these people are NOT who Matt claims they are.

Take this one for example: Matt claims this guy is Ken Harding from Maryland but this is more than likely a stock photo that anyone can buy and use online. It is used on a number of different websites for different things…

And take a look at this one. Matt claims that this guy’s name is Larry Lysted… but guess what? Its not. I found that this picture is on a site about dementia…

The fact that he uses fake people and images in his presentation is a major red flag to me. I know it doesn’t mean that the product he is promoting is a scam or not, but it is definitely suspicious.

A Look at The Product

Like I said, the actual product that he is trying to get you to buy is called Real Wealth Strategist. This is a subscription service where he gives you advice and of course in this instance he claims he is going to show you how to get these freedom checks.

I did not purchase the product but apparently his Real Wealth Strategist subscription service provides investment advice on natural resources among other things.

From reading through a ton of reviews from people who did purchase the subscription, it seems that the sales pitch is very different from the product. In the sales video Matt was acting like you just sign up to claim your “freedom checks” but this doesn’t seem to be the case, as I was expecting. All you are really doing is investing in stocks.

Matt will show you the top 5 stocks to invest in to get these “freedom checks”. The money that he claims people are making with this is not just free money being handed out…. it is the dividends that are being paid out from the stocks that people are invested in.

Extremely Misleading Information

There are a good bit of complaints about Matt and his Real Wealth Strategist product, and it is no wonder why. The reason people are complaining is because they are buying in without really knowing what they are buying into. In his sales pitches he suckers people in without giving too much information. Of course you have to buy the product before you know what it is.

Before buying you are led to believe that people are collecting these “freedom checks” and that Matt is going to show you how to sign up to collect these. But after you buy in you realize that it is very different from this and that Matt is just giving you advice on what stocks to invest in, which you will earn dividends on…. Very misleading.

One of his older sales pitches for this product was called “magic metals” and it was very misleading in much of the same ways.

Scam or Not a Scam?

I guess it all depends on what your definition of a scam is. You are going to be getting value in the form of financial advice if you buy into this, but its very misleading and different from what you would probably expect.

Personally I stay away from products like this. I don’t really trust Matt because I know he is in it for the money. This all reminds me of James Altucher and his The Altucher Report subscription service, which is also very salesy and has many complaints. But when you read reviews online many of them are claiming that they are great products. This is because Matt has an army of affiliates promoting his products to make money, many of which probably have not purchased them.

What’s pretty funny is that Matt Badiali himself put out a video titled “Freedom Checks not a scam” that you can watch below. There have been so darn many complaints about this that he had to resort to this. Why not just create a more truthful video presentation in the first place rather than misleading people and then having to create a video like this?

But anyway… I’m glad he did create this video. In it he explains what a “freedom check” really is, which is a dividend payed out by a company you invest in as I said above.


So you do get financial investment advice with this service being promoted but don’t expect it to be as great as he claims it is. Buy into it if you would like, but I for one will not be. I would also suggest doing more research if you are still thinking about buying in. There are a lot of comments from people who have purchased the product on different sites out there that you can read.

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I hope you found this article helpful! I'm Kyle, the creator of this site, which is probably pretty obvious after seeing the name. Like most, I've had my fair share of difficulties and a pretty bumpy road while trying to find success online, which is why I put togetherthis guide so that others can get started right the first time around.

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  1. So you found the real pictures full pictures of these 2 guys online by chance? Im just curius how you found them pictures claiming these 2 guys are from another site? Whats the chances someone sees a picture of someone they dont know from and ad than finds full pictures elswhere of them? Kind of sounds nearly impossible doesnt it? How did you do that?

    1. Actually Jay its very easy. I ran a reverse Google image search. All you have to do is take a screenshot of the picture, upload it to Google and have it search for similar pictures. This is something I do often when reviewing potential scams.

      I mention this right in the post.

  2. I bought into this freedom checks scam, pitched by both no neck Matt Badiali, and Paul Mapilly, identical you tube bullshit, with zero differences apart from the bragging both of those jokers blather on about. Trying to get help from their website team is a joke. They literally mock you with sarcasm IF they respond. There has been ZERO payment over the three months since I invested $1K in the stocks they tout as part of the 568 companies who give freedom checks. HA! It’s all a scam. A great big fat scam by a big fat greedy guy. Don’t buy into this con, it’s all lies.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts about Matt and his “freedom Checks”. I was on the fence as I was seriously thinking about buying into this whole thing. Unfortunately I did buy into his Real Wealth Strategist program. I haven’t gotten anything out of this program as I just bought it this past weekend. I should have researched all this before hand!

  4. This guy did some analysis. They’re not government programs, they’re just investments. Limited partnerships that trade on stock markets and issue dividends. Maybe a change to the tax law allows them to pass some of that money through untaxed? The ads are very misleading.

  5. Hi. Thanks for the info. I was just about to purchase. I do not know much about making money with investment’s. I’m a single mom raising 3 kids. Can the program you mention work on its own or do I constantly need to be on top of it?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Colleen. The program I use is something you have to keep up with and work on. There is nothing out there that will just work on its own unfortunately.

  6. Hi Kyle, after stumbling upon the freedom checks video and having been extremely skeptical about the claims made in the video about freedom checks I didnt buy into the claims made in the video about freedom checks,nor made any payments to the company associated with the video about freedom checks
    googled to find out if freedom checks were in fact legitimate and found your website after reading what you had to say I’m very impressed with how thorough,in depth, and informative and found what you had to say about freedom checks and the company associated with the video about freedom checks to be extremely helpful to avoid being a potential victim of “scammers” that use these financial gimmicks and tricks to bait, hook, and scam unsuspecting victims keep up the good work

    1. Charles I can’t unsubscribe you. Did you read my review? I have nothing to do with Freedom Checks. Is this what you are talking about?

  7. I knew something was wrong with this pitch about Freedom Checks what made me suspicious was the deadline April 1st the day of fools.?

  8. I’m was about to fill out the info to get guy’s items but you know when you get that very uneasy feeling I decided to research before I spend money I can use other places. I am interested in investing but not sure where to go and that they are trustworthy.

  9. Kyle I saw matts investment plan with freedom checks I thought maybe I could make a
    little spending money since I am retired and have very little of it well we will see.

    thanks for the INFO:

  10. Thank you Kyle. My husband wanted me to look into it. Bless his heart, we could use it and he just won’t realize that there is ALWAYS a catch. No one gives away money.

  11. Thanks for doing all the legwork on this pitch. I knew something was up when the pitchman on the radio ads affects a “good ol’ boy” hick-type accent. Radio ads are costly, and standard English-speaking announcers are readily available. This was an obvious contrivance. I’ll be writing to complain to my local radio station, and I suggest others reading this do likewise.

  12. The radio station in Seattle KIRO, keeps airing the Freedom Checks commercial. So, I checked this out. Glad I read your opinions on this. It seems very deceptive, but & switchesque. I watch American Greed all the time. Recently seen one about a guy selling stock for a “clean coal” mine that was a complete fraud. I think it’s imperative for people to do research & keep the info(Not fake news) for all to see, so others don’t get scammed. I have a company matched 401k. An additional 6% of my gross added each year, plus a fixed annuity. So, I’m looking for a possible addition. However, this seems like it already starts on the wrong foot with him putting pics of people who aren’t receiving the so called Freedom Checks. To tell you the truth, I’m going to write down this guys name & wait for American Greed to air an episode. LOL!

  13. Hello & Good Day Kyle,

    Thank you for sharing your blog, the research you’ve done, & telling people the actual TRUTH.

    So many people now days want more & more but with less or zero work & effort to obtain it. This is why so many get caught up into the very misleading ‘Bait Pitch & Buy First’ systems we see more & more of every day on Social Media & web searches.

    I’m a 34 year old man & I almost died & now disabled from a MVA (motor vehicle accident) in 2011 & I wish I could go back out, work a full-time job (career) being a Firefighter again, helping people, helping my community, help by setting a good example, & how to make our world a wee bit better for our fellow Human-beings. However, that is not possible anymore, but I hope to still find ways to make the world better by helping in ways that I’ll physically & mentally be able to still accomplish. I definitely don’t have the money to do what I wish I could for my family, my friends, my community, people I see in desperate need, or certainly myself. I had to move in with my Mom & we are barely able to pay bills & buy food, but we have a roof over our head, food to eat, & I’m still alive. Things have been & could be worse. So realizing & actually knowing all of that also gives me the reasons why I DON’T COMPLAIN & decide to be THANKFUL for what I do have & for each new day that I’m Blessed with.

    We need more people to tell the 100% Complete & Total Truth First. That simple concept would not only help make their own life better, but also better the life’s of every other person that they & then the next person to come in contact with. Rather than putting so much time & effort looking for more ways to receive more for free & not work for what they want, especially if they’re physically & mentally capable to actually do so. If people would stop thinking they should get whatever they want, more of something, or believe they are owed more just because they want it it’s easier, or it’s free. Especially, when they have done the bare minimum or Absolutely Nothing to EARN any of it to begin with.


    Hope you have an Awesome & Blessed Day, Weekend, & Year,

    LIGHT, J.S.

  14. Thank you for the investigation and information. I watched the salesman’s pitch and knew it was a scam. You verified my opinion. This man and Banyan (sp?) will make a fortune selling the $47 subscriptions or whatever it is. The ad is extremely deceptive and misleading. I think it violates the “Truth in Advertising” law. I wish the people who bought into this scam would file a class action lawsuit, if that is appropriate. Again, thank you.

  15. personally i think that this is a big gigantic scam to make money for him self just burny goldberg that had a business going and oeople invest in his product and they lost all the money went to him and so the government found our about it and they threw him in the state pen for life.


  17. Well Kyle, after reading your blog on Freedom checks, and about Matt Badialis, l can honestly tell you, that anybody, with any common sense about business, should be able to read into this scam quiet easily. First of all this pitchman, or clown, does not mention at all, about himself collecting big freedom checkes.Why in the hell, would this moron pitch this scheme out to the general public for free. The only thing that’s free in this Country, is your freedom, that even that comes into question at times. As for his Literature regarding his methods, its his own recipe, for ripping all the naïve people off out there, that will buy into his bullshit.I honestly don’t know how this guy sleeps at night. lf l didn’t know better, l would swear he was a student of Madoff, who ripped Millions of people off, get rich scheme, regarding phony stocks, and Junk Bonds. Personally I would rather be a fool, than to speak out and confirm it.Matt, if your reading this blog by chance, just know that Karma is a bitch, one day, your reign of lies and deceit, will come to an end.

  18. Thanks for your blog. Seen this “Freedom Checks” video several times over the years. Amazing how people fall for this stuff. Nothing in life is “FREE” ! Thanks again.

  19. I’m always suspicious of this type of ad. And then when the narrator goes on and on and on and…. I wonder if they ever sell anything at all. I’d rather die poor than listen to anymore of the tape! That;s why I Googled the site. I thought that I would learn something like I did from you. Well of course from the beginning, it was obvious that it was an investment deal. And if you don’t have money to use, then you don’t have money to lose! And even you couldn’t help me make money because I’m so dumb about computers that it was a miracle I got this far. But have a great day! Bon

  20. I bought the Real Wealth Strategist program. I bought an MLP stock. Matt Badiali claims that you can get in on this lucrative investment type with as little as $10 per share, but with hefty Freedom Checks. I am small-time, and I only invested $100 into the MLP’s. The market fluctuated, and some money was won and lost, so I sold all but 1 share of each, just to wait for the Lucrative Freedom Checks to start rolling in. If you call $0.28 lucrative, then it must be lucrative! I don’t. As it turns out, it appears that this might be a legitimate program, if and only IF you have roughly $200k to start with. With an investment “as little as $10,” you’d be lucky to get a “check” for $0.02 (2 CENTS!!).

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