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Constant Content Jobs – Worth Your Time or Scam? – Review

Are Constant Content jobs worth the time and effort? Is this a good freelance writing platform where you can make some decent money on your own schedule? Is it a possible scam? Find out…

Freelance writing can be a nice opportunity because of the freedom that comes with this type of work… You have the flexibility to work when you want and you can work from wherever you want.

But there are lots of different opportunities like this out there. Constant Content it is just one of them and in this quick review of the jobs they offer I hope to give you a better idea of whether or not this is the right opportunity for you.

What Is Constant Content?

Constant Content is a service that provides content to clients looking for content. And of course you, being the freelance writer, can get paid to write this content.

All in all this is definitely one of the better freelance writing platforms I have come across. They are professional and pay pretty good, but of course there is always a downside and the downside here is that getting accepted is not easy.

The platform they have is very well laid out and makes it easy for freelance writers to manage projects and really turn this into a nice money maker, whether just on the side or full time.

Job Overview

At Constant Content you will be able to write various types of content while responding to specific requests or even write content before requests have been made, which I will touch more on in a bit. I know that may sound a little bit confusing.

The types of content talking about include things like…

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Product descriptions
  • White papers

…. and these could be on all sorts of things. As far as I know, there isn’t really anything off-limits.

And, since this is a freelance platform you are going to be able to “brand yourself” so to speak. You will create your own writer profile which includes uploading a picture of yourself and a description, in which you want to include all relevant qualifications and achievements.

Clients are obviously going to be able to see your profile so it is important that you make it look very professional.


One of the big lures to a job like this, which is a huge upside, is the fact that you get to work whenever you want. As always you are submitting work in a timely manner (when responding to requests) then you are pretty much good to go, which makes it a great way to earn extra income on the side.

Ways to Get Paid

1) Submit Articles to Your Catalogue

The first and most common way to get paid is by submitting articles to your “catalog”. Basically what you do here is write content before a client asks for it. You write content and then upload it to your catalog, which clients can then come along and purchase at their own leisure.

You are going to want to include good keywords in your content so that clients can easily find it when searching for specific types of content for whatever it is they are in need of.

2) Submit Requests

You will also be able to earn money by submitting content for specific requests.

Clients are able to request specific articles, white papers, blog posts, etc. and this request can either be made public or private.

If the request is made private directly to you, then that is that… The project is all yours to complete and get paid for.

However, if the request is made up public then this means that other writers can also submit their content as well and the client will choose which he/she wants to purchase. If yours is not selected it will be added to your catalogue, which can then be purchased as talked about in the 1st way to earn discussed above.

Clients also have the ability to submit requests to specific “writer pools”, which are basically groups of writers that have expertise in a certain field, category, whatever the case. In this situation you would also be competing with other writers and it is possible that your work will not be chosen.

Content Review

After submitting content it will then be subject to review and it is possible that it could get denied if it has too many mistakes, self promotions, or just doesn’t really follow the instructions very well.

The review process takes around 3 to 5 days, or at least that is what they tell you on their website. However, from what I have heard it doesn’t take nearly as long when you’re submitting  content requests.

How Good is The Pay?

On the website they state that their top earners are making over $90,000 a year, which is some pretty darn good money. However, you definitely cannot expect to be making anywhere close to this one starting out.

One of the nice things about this platform is that you are able to set your own price on the work that is submitted to your catalogue. When responding to requests the price is already outlined by the client, but with the work in your catalog you set the price. But of course you can’t set it too high or you aren’t going to get any buyers.

CC takes a 35% cut out of the profits, but you can still earn some pretty decent money. For example: Seeing a 1,000 word article self for $75 or so is nothing unusual… And after they take their 35% cut you would be getting just under $50, which is a lot better than many other freelance writing sites out there.

But… Like I said it is difficult when starting out on a site like this. You start out without any sort of reputation and this is the hard part to really get going. Once you start getting a reputation and building relationships with clients, then you really start having the ability to boost your earnings.

As far as payments go, you are paid via PayPal at the first week of each month.

Requirements & The Application Process

If you want to apply, let me first start out by saying it ain’t easy. Well, I mean the process is easy, but getting accepted is not easy. They state that around 80% of their applicants are turned down each month because of how competitive it is and the limited amount of people they let in.

But if you want to give it a go the process is as follows…

  1. Register – You will first need to fill out a short form and provide them with personal information and all that good stuff. You can do this here.
  2. Take Quiz – Then you will have to take a quiz… and pass it of course.
  3. Submit Sample – Laslty you are going to have to submit a 100-250 word writing sample.

I was reading another review in which the person recommends that you send your sample through a service like Grammarly to help check for mistakes and also have someone else proofread it. There is no time limit on submitting this as far as I know so this is definitely possible to do.

What Writers Are Saying About It

Like any place of this type, there are lots of mixed reviews.

When you read the reviews on the official website of course you are only going to hear good things. The only show you the incredible reviews from people who have been writing for them for years and really love it.

However, when you go to independent review sites like SiteJabber where anyone can leave reviews, you find a different story. And actually I was pretty surprised with what I found. A lot of reviews were pretty negative which reminded me of another lesser quality platform I reviewed recently called WriterBay.

There are a fair number of people complaining about the lack of support that this place offers, content being rejected with no good reason and no ability to resubmit, complaints about the pay being too low and so on.

Overall the rating was a 2.4 out of 5.

All that said, I have also read a number of independent reviews that really love this place. So it just depends… Many of those complaining are probably new to it all and are upset with the low pay, which is often result of simply being new.

Conclusion – Worth Your Time? Scam?

That all depends. It “can” possibly be worth your time, but then again it “might” not be. This depends on many different variables, such as how good of a writer you are, what types of content you’re going to be creating, whether or not you build relationships with good clients and so on.

What I would suggest if you are still looking on joining is to start out slow and kind of “test the waters”. See how much potential it has for yourself and go from there.

They are definintely not a scam so if you want to apply then go for it.

You might also be interested in looking at this post I wrote that goes over some other similar freelance writing opportunities.

Another Good Alternative

Have you ever considered going a completely different route and  writing for yourself online?

This is what I do and I make over $6000 a month consistently doing so. It is slow to start out but it definitely has a lot of potential, more so than I see with freelance writing.

But anyways… You can  read this guide I put together that explains everything, including the whole process and how to get started.

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