DailyBannerProfits scam
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Daily Banner Profits – Another Scam Ad Flipping System

DailyBannerProfits scam

Daily Banner Profits claims to be in automated “ad flipping” system that supposedly can make you an extra $2000 per day. But is this really true? After all the video presentation for the system does resemble other scams very closely. So is this the real deal or is Daily Banner Profits a scam  that you are just going to lose money with?

I’ll jump straight to the point here and tell you that yes this is a scam… Without a doubt. In this review I will be going over why it’s a scam and why you need to avoid it. I’m guessing you already had your suspicions of this system which is the reason you are reading my review in the first place. Luckily for you that gut feeling of yours paid off. Trust your gut more often, when something seems too good to be true it probably is and this is one of those cases.

DailyBannerProfits Review

The Daily Banner Profits system is supposedly created by a guy named Dave Johnson and he claims the system can make you an extra $2000 per day. He claims that himself and a partner that works at some multibillion-dollar advertising company “cracked the code” to profiting in the online banner advertising industry. And this “breakthrough technique” that they came up with is what this software is based on.

Apparently this Daily Banner Profits software flips ads for you, buying the banner ads at low prices and selling them at higher prices. Other than the fact that just about everything to do with the video presentation seems a little bit “Ifscammy”, it’s also a major red flag that this system is based around “ad flipping”. Why? Well because there have been a lot of these automated ad flipping scams popping up lately including some that I have reviewed like Free Ad Cash System, Bitcoin Advertising, and ones that are possibly scams like Banner Bit.

Who Is Dave Johnson?

One of the first things I want to point out is that this guy “Dave Johnson” is a complete ghost. There is no information given on him and there is no way for me to look into his background see if he is legitimate or not. I’m guessing that this guy doesn’t even exist. I know there are plenty of people with the name Dave Johnson out there but what I am saying is that this particular Dave Johnson is fabricated for the purpose of promoting the scam system. I review scams all the time and is more common than not for the the creators to make up names for their promotional material. The reason for this is because they know that people are going to be getting extremely upset once they find out they have been scammed and they don’t want to have to deal with the backlash.

Limited Availability… Hurry!

The next telltale sign of a scam that I noticed was how in the presentation video he tells you that you are one of a very select few number of people to be given the invitation to try out the software. He claims that any 20 people have been selected but this is all a bunch of BS. He also tells you that if you click away from the video the link will expire and you will never be able to see the video again. This is something that you can easily test out for yourself and see that it is not true in the least. This is all just another common characteristic of a scam where they try to make the situation seem urgent so that you buy in as fast as possible without doing the proper research and coming across reviews like mine… Which you didn’t fall for.

“This Is Not One of Those Scam Systems”


One thing that I found humorous in the presentation video was when he then goes on to make fun of scams out there saying that there are scams all over the internet that claim to make you millions of dollars while you sleep… and of course this system is not one of those. I guess making $2,000 per day with a push button system like this is not far-fetched according to Mr Dave…

“There Is Nothing For Sale Here”

Because you are one of the lucky 20 people to be invited to try out the system (allegedly), you are allowed to try it for free. Dave tells you that there is nothing for sale here. They do not collect commissions or take money from you in any way, but as you will see it is not completely free. It is not free to get started with as he leads you to believe it is.


Fake Testimonials

Something else that you should know is that the testimonials for this system are fake. For example this guy below that was talking about how much money he was making with the system is not a real user. He is a paid actor that can be hired on the Fiverr website…I’ve seen him many times before in other scams making fake testimonial videos.

How They Scam You

If you end up clicking through to the second presentation video you will find out that the system is not free. Well I guess the system itself is free, but it is not free to get started with as you are led to believe. In order to begin using the system you must first deposit $250 into your ad flipping account.

To do this you will be referred to a broker, which is unregulated and cannot be trusted. This is where you will lose your money. These scam systems work with scam brokers and get paid commissions for referring new investors to them. That is the whole reason behind the system.

Conclusion on Daily Banner Profits – SCAM

Daily Banner Profits is a scam without a doubt. Whenever I look into opportunities like this that I am suspicious of from the start, I go in with the mindset that is already a scam and I am looking to be proven wrong. In this case there was nothing that proved me wrong or nothing that made me think I was wrong even in the slightest. Everything about this system just makes me believe more and more that is a scam.

There is nothing about the system that can be proven. We don’t even know if it exists and it more than likely doesn’t judging from the fact that there have been multiple other nearly identical scams recently.

Join if you want to and try out the system but this is definitely not something that I would recommend ever doing. And if you do or already did, and are having trouble getting your money back you may want to get some extra help from a service like MyChargeBack which helps people retrieve their money from scam systems like this.

If you want to know something that I do recommend then I suggest taking a look at my “make money online guide”. In this guide I will show you exactly what I do to make money online, how it all works, and what I consider the best way for beginners to get started is.

Please leave any of your questions or comments below and I’ll get back to you when time permits 🙂

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