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Is CouponCabin a Scam? My Personal Review

couponcabinCouponCabin is one of many coupon/cashback saving sites that you can use to save money and earn money back on your purchases, both online and in-store. But is it worth joining this place? Or is CouponCabin a scam that is going to be a waste of your time?

If you don’t already know, I love to test out new ways to save and make money online. Its a hobby of mine. And when I don’t need to put any extra effort into making some extra money, that is as good as it gets. So I had to take a look into CouponCabin to see if its any good. In this short post I’ll be reviewing this program and going over a few things that I think it is important to know.

CouponCabin Overview

CouponCabin is a savings program that is free to join and anyone can use it to get coupons and cashback on purchases that they make. They are partnered with over 3,000 stores that you can shop at and get these coupons and cashback.

Both online and in-store coupons are offered, mainly online ones.

Overall the cashback percentages offered here are decent but nothing phenomenal. Extrabux and TopCashBack seem to have better offers.

How It Works

Once you become a member of CouponCabin you can start getting cashback right away. To do this you will go to their website and search for the store you are interested in shopping at (alternatively you can get the CouponCabin app if you have a smartphone).

You can search for a store directly by using the search box or you can search by store category. Once you find a store you want to shop at you can click on it to view all the details about offers that store is currently having. This will tell you the cashback offer, the coupons available and any restrictions on using the offers.

Using cashback is as simple as clicking the “shop now” button and being directed to the store to shop as you normally would. Using coupons you will have to enter the coupon code at checkout.

How Much Can You Save?

This all depends on the store. Some stores offer very high cashback percentages while most of the big name stores have lower offers. Here is an example of some of the offers available right now as I write this…

These are decent cashback amounts and I would actually say they range on the better side from what I have seen from other cashback sites, but they are nothing too special.

As for the coupons there is no telling what you might save. These vary a lot and you can find some pretty good deals.

Getting Paid

Once you have a balance of $7 you are eligible to get your cashback sent to you. You can choose to receive it via PayPal, check, e-gift card, or by Chase payments.

Personally I like to use PayPal because of the speed of the payment but the choice is yours.

The Browser Extension

CouponCabin has a browser extension that makes things easier for you. It is available for Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and FireFox. Basically what it does is alerts you when you are online if there is a chance you can get cashback or use a coupon.

So if you go on Walmart’s website and forget about getting cashback, this will alert you and make it easy to save.


Not really much of anything to complain about here. I mean after all, you are getting cash back for free. So whats to complain about?

There is actually one complaint that you should be aware of. And this is not receiving cashback as you are supposed to. This is a common complaint from every cashback program that I have reviewed and unfortunately it is pretty much unavoidable.

The problem is that the tracking code that tracks your purchase will get “messed up” and will not relay the purchase information back to CouponCabin as its supposed to. This is rare but it could happen.

Conclusion on CouponCabin – Scam?

CouponCabin is definitely not a scam. Overall they are a decent cashback/ coupons site. Their cashback percentages are decent and they offer a lot of coupons. One of the things I really like is that they also offer in-store coupons, although not much.

But I would still give 1st place to Extrabux at this point. They seem to offer higher cashback and their browser extension could not make it any easier.

Update: BeFrugal is what I would place at the top of my list. They offer good cashback, have a good reputation, there are lots of stores to shop at, and more. You can read my review of BeFrugal here.

Also, you might want to Read My Review of Ibotta. This is my favorite in-store cashback app. It is really nice for earning money back on grocery shopping and things like that.

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