Trump Bonus Checks Scam

Trump Bonus Checks Scam – They Are NOT What You Think!

Is this "Trump Bonus Checks" opportunity the real deal… Or is this just a big old scam? Can you really earn checks for "as much as $4280… $6344… and even in exceptional $8181 per month"?

When I first came across the teaser for these Trump Bonus Checks by Mike Burnick I thought for sure it had to be a scam. It just did not seem realistic and sounded a bit too good to be true. Sure enough… It was too good to be true after thoroughly researching this investment opportunity.

In this review I'm going to be exposing what I found to the public. As you are probably suspicious of, this investment opportunity is not nearly as amazing as Mike leads you to believe it is. While you definitely can make some money, most of what you are told is at the very least misleading.

"Trump Bonus Checks" Review

The teaser for these "Trump Bonus Checks" starts out with talk about how Trump appeared on the Oprah show every 30 years ago and claimed that he would help all Americans boost their income, which he is supposedly now doing with these checks… Or at least that is what you are led to believe.

You probably came across this opportunity via the video presentation or maybe the long written letter, but it doesn't really matter… They are equally as misleading.

Mike Burnick is the spokesperson behind this whole thing. Who is he? Well… Believe it or not, he has quite a good background he can rattle off. He has been managing money for years and was able to produce insanely large profits even in the 2008 financial crisis. He is also a contributor on FOX Business news, Bloomberg, etc. He does indeed have a good history and knows what he is talking about, HOWEVER… This does not change the fact that this whole "Trump Bonus Checks" teaser is mostly a bunch of BS.

You are led to believe that there is some "list" that you can put your name on to start collecting these checks. And all you have to do is remove your name from the list, which will then stop the steady flow of checks to you… Sounds pretty awesome right?

He then goes on and on about how these checks have nothing to do with the government or Social Security and how you can claim as many of these checks as you want. As he puts it… These checks are all to some "$5 Trillion Trump Heist".

How can you get in on this opportunity? Well of course it is only three simple steps…

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Set up your account
  2. Pick how many "Trump Bonus Checks" you want
  3. Collect your checks

... Or at least this is what he tells you. However, as I will go over now, much of what you are told is a bunch of baloney.

Lies & Misleading Claims

#1 - October 16th Deadline

Lets first talk about this deadline… Which at the moment is October 16. He claims that this is supposedly the next big payday and you need to get in before this date comes, although he doesn't tell you will why this is necessary.

I have seen this type of thing 100 times before. After October 16 comes and goes the date will be changed to a later time… In the process will repeat itself. In fact, I actually found in older review that stated the deadline used to be May 14. So it already has been pushed back at least once.

That said, there is some truth to this "deadline" as I will explain a bit later in this review. That said, there is no doubt some shady marketing going on here.

#2 - "Trump Bonus Checks" Have NEVER Been On The News

This entire teaser has been created to appeal to the more conservative audience, so of course he bashes the liberal news media a bit, claiming that there has never been a single article about these checks coming from the liberal media…

However... There is a problem here. In that problem is that "Trump Bonus Checks" have NEVER been featured on the media… Neither liberal nor conservative media.

I'll even show you. I did a quick search on the Fox News website and as you can see there is absolutely no relevant results that came up…

#3 - Fake Quotes

Something else that is worth mentioning is that much of the quotes that are shown are not actually real… They have been tampered with.

For example, if you watch the video presentation you may remember this quote that appeared on the screen from Tim Cook…

This quote is not completely true. In fact, I cannot find any mention of these bonus checks in Tim's original quote. This quote was probably taken from the original quote as shown here:

And the same goes for just about all the other quotes that were shown. No one is actually saying "Trump Bonus Checks".

What Are "Trump Bonus Checks" Really?​​​Okay... So by now you probably are wondering what the heck these bonus checks really are. Is there any truth to them?

Well, I guess there is some truth but they are probably not what you would expect after listening to what Mike Burnick tells you.

All these checks are that he keeps talking about our dividend payments. Yes… You heard me correct… Dividend payments, which are a portion of the company profits that are sent out to shareholders, which you probably are well aware of.

There is no secret… This is not something that is "inside information"… It's just dividends.

But why the heck is he calling these "Trump" bonus checks? Well… This is because of the new tax laws that have been put in place by the Trump administration. For a long time now companies have been stuck with "hoards" of cash overseas… American companies that don't want to bring it back to the US because of how high the taxes have been. The Trump administration has decreased these taxes and because of this American companies are able to bring more money back to the US.

It it is expected that dividends from many of these companies will increase and you should also be able to expect to see them buying back stock in the companies… Which is all good and dandy, just not really what you might expect after listening to the sales pitch.

Why do you have to get in before Oct 16th?

Now let's talk about this "deadline" a bit more, as I said I would.

He is likely telling you that there is a deadline because of the next dividend date for his recommended investments. If you get in later you will have to wait until the next quarterly dividend checks are sent out. So while it might be advantageous to get in before the day, it is definitely not crucial and you don't really have to worry about missing out on something huge.

Can you really bring in $4,280,  $6,344... and even $8,181 per month?

Okay, so now we know that these "Trump Bonus Checks" are really just dividend payments for shares of the company that you hold.

While it is possible to get these checks of up to $4280, $6344… and even $8181 per month… As he tells you… It is absolutely ridiculously unrealistic. Sure, it's possible, but definitely do not count on anything even close to this per month. And I'll explain why with this example…

Example #1:

I'll use AT&T Inc as an example because they are a company who has an upcoming ex-dividend date of Oct 16th. 

Right now the next ex-dividend rate is sitting at $0.33 (courtesy of If you are going to make $8,181 per month from dividend payments here, then you will need to make $24,543 quarterly, which is when the dividends are paid out. And in order to make this amount you will need a whopping 74,000+ shares in the company!

Since shares are selling right now at $24.97, you only need to invest a little over $1.8 million... and everyone has this kind of money just laying around right?

Example #2:

Another example I will give you is that of Graham Holdings Co, which also happens to have an ex-dividend date of October 16 and has the highest dividend payout per share at of any other company I could find for this date... at $1.33.

So let's take a look and see what it would take to make $8181 per month investing in a company like this…

With a dividend of $1.33 per share, and with $8181 per month equaling $24,543 quarterly, you would need a little over 18,000 shares, which is much less than the first example I gave. However, the shares are selling at $577 as I am writing this, which would mean that you would need right around $10.6 million to invest in order to get checks for $8181 per month… Not too shabby, am I right?

But seriously... look how ridiculous these examples are. If you want to make the kind of money he claims you can make with these "Trump Bonus Checks" then you would have to invest millions of dollars.

True, I don't know if AT&T Inc and Graham Holdings Co actually some of the stocks he is going to be recommending, but any example you can find is absolutely ridiculous.

I mean, it is possible to make this kind of money but it is definitely not realistic. Who the heck has over $1 million sitting around and is currently reading this? If anyone falls into this category than I would love for you to comment below, but this is obviously going to be a category of very few people.

How They "Get You"

If you read much of the written letter or watched much of the video presentation for these bonus checks, then I bet you are probably wondering what the purpose of providing such information is. There has to be a catch here right? I mean why else would Mr. Mike here be sharing this amazing information with the public? Does he really just want to help us out or is there a hidden agenda here?

Of course we all hope that this is one incredible opportunity and that there isn't any catch, but unfortunately there is a hidden agenda here. The whole point of this sales pitch is to get you to subscribe to Infinite Income, which is his financial advisement newsletter.

Infinite Income is a monthly newsletter service that provides you recommended investment opportunities that have been fully researched by Mike Burnick and his team.

The 3 Steps to "Trump Checks" e-book along with some other bonus material is just used to lure people in two Mike's subscription newsletter service… Which isn't free by the way.

You have to sign up for a free trial of Infinite Income in order to get your free e-book on collecting these "Trump Checks" and if you forget to cancel then you will be automatically billed. Infinite Income costs $129 for a premium subscription or $49 for a basic digital subscription.

Now as a full disclosure, I do not know exactly how good the track record is for this Infinite Income newsletter, but I am definitely very hesitant to trust the advice given in it based on what I see in this absolutely ridiculous presentation put on by Mike Burnick.

Other Red Flags

Something else that you might want to be aware of is that Agora Financial is the company behind this newsletter publication. Why is this a red flag? Because Agora Financial has absolutely disastrous reviews… Many complaints.

In fact, I actually wrote a review of Agora Financial to help warn people about this place.

There are a lot of people claiming that they have been wrongfully billed for subscriptions and that they make it much more difficult to cancel than it should be. And of course there are a lot of people complaining about buying into something when they really didn't know what they were getting into… Which would be the result of an extremely misleading sales pitch such as this "Trump Bonus Checks" BS.

This is far from the first time I have ran into deceptive marketing tactics being used for promoting Agora Financial publications. Some other similar teaser promotions that remind me a lot of this one include Ultimate Retirement Loophole, 1-Minute Windfalls, $50 Pot Stock Blueprint and more.

Update: I just realized that this is actually pretty much an exact copy of "Cash For Patriots" that was promoted a while back. It is the same darn thing… And talks about how you can start receiving these free checks due to Trump's new tax code.

The difference is that the Cash For Patriots sales pitch lured people into Zach Scheidts' newsletter called Lifetime Income Report, whereas this Trump Bonus Checks sales pitch lures people into the Infinite Income newsletter by Mike Burnick… Both of which are publications from the wonderful Agora Financial company.

How Are They Getting Away With This?

I'm not a lawyer so I cannot really answer this question in much detail, but honestly I have no idea how they're getting away with stuff like this. This has become such a popular promotion that it is even being featured on conservative radio stations. Listeners listen in for good advice and are willing to trust these stations because they share similar ideologies, but when you see extremely deceptive advertisements like this being played on the stations… You might start to question their trustworthiness.

And another big question I know I am going to be getting is how they can use Trump's name like they do. And again… I really have no idea. All I know is that I have seen this sort of thing done plenty of times before and they seem to get away with it.

Conclusion - Scam or Fraud...?

I guess whether or not you consider this a scam or a fraud is up to you and really comes down to what your opinion of a scam or fraud is. One thing is for sure… A lot of people after reading this are going to include that it is indeed a scam.

There is no doubt that this entire opportunity is misrepresented in extreme ways. You are led to believe that you can simply sign up to some list and start collecting these checks, when the reality is very different. The only defense against this being called a scam that I can think of, would be that the Infinite Income newsletter you are forced into subscribing to, is a legitimate newsletter that can potentially make you some money.

The decision of whether or not to subscribe to this newsletter is all up to you. The purpose of my review here was to simply expose this teaser for what it really is… Which of course is nothing like you are told.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please share this post to help spread the truth!

You can leave any questions or comments down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, if you are a member of the Infinite Income subscription service, I would really appreciate it if you left your own opinion of this newsletter down below, as I am sure it will help other readers.

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