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Ecomm Agency by Tai Lopez – Scam Program or Up to $10k a Month? [Review]

Tai Lopez’s new program called Ecomm Agency is something that he says you can make $1000-$10,000 a month with… all online. Sounds awesome, but is it really true? Or could potentially be a waste of time scam that is just going to leave you disappointed at the end of the day?

You came here looking for a third-party review and I’m going to give you exactly that. And by the way… I am in no way affiliated with this program so this review should be as unbiased as possible.

I’ll be giving a general overview of the program, talking about the 4 step process, the cost, and my opinion on whether or not it is worth joining.

Ecomm Agency Program Review

You probably the promotional video on his website or maybe on YouTube, titled How To Make $1,000 – $10,000 A Month Helping Business Set Up Their Ecommerce. You know… The one that starts out with him showing off as usual, by getting on his private jet and then filming the rest of the video at thousands of feet in the air as he enjoys is very own private luxury flight.

But that’s just the way he does things. Tai is always showing off his riches and, while many people don’t like how he does this, it works because it attracts a lot of people to his videos and then to his programs, which he makes a ton of money off of.

Anyhow… Tai has been doing this stuff for a while and is put out many programs, some of which include…

  • Business Accelerator
  • Ecom Blueprint
  • The Master Plan
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • And more…

This particular program is all about, as the video title suggests, helping businesses set up their e-commerce stores, and can be found on his official website

In a nutshell, you will be providing the service of improving outdated and ineffective e-commerce stores and potentially making big bucks doing so.

The 4 Step Process

1. Find the right businesses

Obviously you are going to have to find businesses that are selling products people actually want. There needs to be a demand or else there is no hope of that business, no matter what you do.

Some other criteria that the “right businesses” must meet is that they must have a crappy website and not be active on social media. This gives you the perfect spot you can slip into in order to help them out.

2. Contact them

Then you are going to want to contact the business. Tell them what you noticed and how you can help them. There are scripts that are provided for you that you are able to simple copy and paste into emails for this.

You want to make sure the email sounds professional and not like a bunch of spam.

Having a few websites myself, I am very aware of all the spammy “hey let me help” emails that online business owners get. A lot of times I only read like half of the first sentence and then delete them… so they need to be good.

Tai also mentions that you want to charge at least $1,000 a month for your services, because charging too little makes you appear as not that great.

3. Of course you need to know how to provide the service

There are different ways you can go about improving their ecommerce website but one of the easiest is to use Shopify. It looks great, there are lots of plugins available that can help boost conversions and it will make you look like a pro…. even though it’s a super easy ecom site platform to use.

4. Get them more sales

With this step Tai is talking particularly about mastering the use of social media to drive more sales to their new and improved ecommerce site, which you just helped create for them.

I’m guessing that you probably already know a little about Tai Lopez… who is without a doubt a master of social media himself.

Ya he likes to brag and show off all his fancy cars and mansion all the time… but guess what? That is why he has such a massive following online… he knows how to lure people in.

The Cost

So as I’m writing this there is supposedly a small opening for a few hundred members to join as a “test group” for only $49.

*Price might have changed by the time you read this.

The normal price is supposedly $697…. but is this really true?

I’m sure you are well aware that it is a common online marketing tactic to set a discount that doesn’t really exist, just to make the offer seem more appealing. So is he tricking you?

Honestly I highly doubt it. Tai has done this kind of thing with some of his other programs in the past. And this is how he makes his money to afford his mansions and sports cars…. so do you think getting a few hundred people to join for $49 is going to get him all of that.

No way…


There is no doubt in my mind that this is a business model that could potentially be very lucrative. I have seen plenty of outdated and overall low-quality ecommerce sites that probably aren’t making near as many sales as they could be.

These are the opportunities you can cash in on. Now sure…not everyone is going to take you up on the offer and you are probably wondering why anyone would since you have never done this, but Tai is giving you the templates to come off as professional so that you look like some ecom veteran.

It’s all about presentation and how you appear.

Conclusion – Scam Maybe?

I know some people are going to be asking it so I’ll tell you that I definitely do not see this being a scam in any way. There is no way that Tai is going to tarnish his name and reputation by putting out some crappy scam program that is going to get a lot of complaints and bad reviews.

He has put out a number of different programs in the past focusing on various aspects of online business, as well as off-line, and he always over-delivers on his promises. If there is something that he may be doesn’t have much knowledge on personally, you will bring in an expert to teach training on.

I would not worry about this being a scam or not being worth the price tag by any means. I’m sure there will be plenty of value provided.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to be involved in this type of business. Do you really want to go around contacting dumpy e-commerce sites and providing the service of improving their site as well as their social media presence?

If the answer is yes then this program is definitely worth considering but if you cannot see yourself doing that then there are other options out there for you.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review and maybe got a little bit of insight from it. If you are a beginner looking to make money online be sure to check out THIS POST that explains how I make a living working online and how I help others get started doing the same.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

CB Wealth Is a SCAM System – EXPOSED In This Review

The guy claims that his new system called CB Wealth can earn you $25,921.75 in the next 30 days with no experience needed, but is this really true? OF COURSE NOT! It’s a SCAM!

You are told that you are invited to check out the system by one of his “close personal friends” and were told not to share this with anyone.

He goes on to tell you that this is a “done for you system” that doesn’t require any experience and even goes as far where he “guarantees” that this will be the most important video you see this year.

But of course, as I already said, it is all a bunch of crap. This is just another scam. In this short review I will go over the lies you are told, how this system supposedly makes you money, what you actually get if you buy into it and so on. You will see why I am calling it a scam.

CB Wealth Review…. Another Crappy Scam System Exposed

Like most scams online, you are supposed to believe that the creator is sharing this new system with you out of the kindness of his heart.

What a nice guy right?

Well… Not really.

The video presentation is basically just a bunch of rambling on and on about all the money you can make with this system. The guy talks about all these people making tons of money with the system, like Kevin who supposedly made over $9000 last week and is only a 21-year-old college student, and Julie who was a single mother living in the UK who just got paid $12,317.

But… As you probably already assumed… These are all lies.

Or I guess I should just say that I am assuming they are lies because there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that they are true, and judging by everything else I see here it makes sense that they would just be lies like much of the other stuff he tells you.

The Lies You Are Told

1. You weren’t invited by a “close personal friend”

As stated, at the beginning of the video presentation he tells you you are invited by a close personal friend of his. This is a lie and that the truth is that you probably received some spammy looking email about some new “make money online system” or something like that and decided to click on one of the links inside.

This was not sent by a close friend it was sent by someone trying to make money by suckering people into this BS.

2. The video is NOT 4 minutes and 45 seconds

This isn’t important but it kind of ticked me off so I thought I’d talk about anyhow. You are told that the video is 4 minutes and 45 seconds long but then it drags on for a massive 15 minutes, or around that long. This definitely does not add to it being a scam, but it sure is annoying.

3. The video is the LEAST IMPORTANT video you will see this year

And then there is the part where he “guarantees” that the video is the most important thing you will ever watch this year… But in my opinion it is actually the least important.

Since one is getting scammed a good thing?

Oh, that’s right, this guy is acting like this system is actually legitimate.

4. Member Earnings

And as mentioned there is no proof of any of the earnings that he mentions people making. It’s more than likely a lie.

How The System Supposedly Makes You Money

Just like pretty much every other scam out there, there is no information provided on how the system is actually going to make you money. We have absolutely no idea because the video presentation is filled with a bunch of fluff about making tons of money… But the guy totally forgets to talk about how this is even going to happen in the 1st place.

Are you going to be affiliate marketing, blogging, doing ecommerce??? Who knows!

This is very typical of an online scam. Of course they want you to buy into their scam before actually finding out how crappy it really is.

Would a legitimate system completely avoid mentioning anything to do with how it works? I certainly would not think so. The reason they are keeping this hidden is because they know if they would talk about it would be even easier to identify is a scam.

This reminds me a lot of the Easy Cash Club and Cash Formula by Michael Green scam I exposed recently.

What You Actually Get If You Buy Into This

Now I didn’t actually buy into this system, so I don’t have any good idea of what you are going to end up getting once you do buy in. HOWEVER, I have reviewed quite a few scams that are very similar in nature to this one you have a good idea of what is going to happen.

My best guess is that you will probably be provided with some very poor quality and likely outdated training on some method for making money online… Which will likely just end up causing worse problems than if they were to just take your money and run… Reason being because you are going to end up wasting your time on something that is not going to work out.

Conclusion = Scam

So obviously I’m not going to recommend this system to any of my readers. It is a pretty obvious scam in my opinion and there are lots of different red flags that tipped me off on this. Things such as…

  • Too much talk about people making tons of money
  • Not enough info on the actual system and how it makes you money
  • “Done for you”
  • Just sounds too good to be true
  • Lots of misleading info and lies told
  • Who is the creator?
  • And more

These are all pretty typical of online scams and if you come across anything like this it is best to proceed with caution.

As the saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”. This is a pretty good saying to keep in the back of your mind and it will help you avoid a lot of scams in the future.

My Advice:

If you want a personal recommendation from me on how to make money online, which I actually do a full-time, then I would highly suggest reading THIS POST that will explain exactly what I do and show you how to get started.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

What are Dark Money Spikes? – Scam Teaser or Investment Miracle?

Are “Dark Money Spikes” really the incredible investment opportunity that they are claimed to be? Or is this just some sort of scam teaser to get you to buy into something you don’t really want to buy into?

I’m guessing you probably came across the video presentation for this new opportunity that collect “massive” gains.

The reason I’m guessing you came across it is because it is pretty ridiculous… which is probably what what led you to believe it might be a scam and brought you to my review here today.

In this quick review I’ll be going over quite a few things that you NEED to know.

The Teaser

So the video teaser starts out with a guy named Jim Rickards (editor for Agora Financial) claiming that he has some urgent message. Above this video it states that you need to watch his “30-second clip before 12:15pm EDT tomorrow”.

It reminds me a lot of other misleading teasers I’ve come across in the past, like Freedom Checks and Seven-Figure Cheats.

Apparently something big is going down within the next 24 hours… or so you would think.

He talks about some “shocking video” released by a former Wall Street executive that is going to really impact the market.

Then the core of the video presentation begins… which is insanely long. If you were able to manage watching the entire thing you deserve some sort of prize or award.

It starts out with a woman spokesperson talking about some incredible system she has developed. We later find out that this woman is Nomi Prins, who is a journalist that regularly speaks out against Wall Street but used to develop high level analytic systems for Lehman Brothers in the 1990s

A Mysterious Pattern..

There is mention of some “mysterious pattern” that 99% of people don’t know about… a pattern that you could have collected up to 11,333% with…. (so she says)

And then we are told that this opportunity is taking place within 30 minutes of “tomorrow”… exactly between 12:45 and 1:15pm.

Is there any truth to this? Probably NOT… and I’ll explain why shortly.

Apparently there is going to be an event where “explosions unleash billions into the market”, which will blast certain stocks higher.

They call these financial explosions “30-Minute Dark Money Spikes” (made up name).

And of course you are told that “you’ve never heard anything like this before”. But it isn’t like I have never heard this sort of misleading statement before.

Examples The Have No Proof

Throughout the presentation there are numerous examples shown of Dark Money Spikes that have sent stocks soaring in price. HOWEVER… I have a bit of a problem with these examples.

The problem is that there is no proof of them being real.

Take a look at the example below. She didn’t even state the stock’s name or the date that this happened for me to verify such. There are other examples where she did mention names but there was also information left out that just increases my suspicion.

“The Dark Money Monitor”

Taking advantage of these Dark Money Spikes comes down to using Nomi’s “brand new investment strategy” that has “never been released to the public” called the Dark Money Monitor.

What this system supposedly does is identifies stocks that are going to be affected possessively from these Dark Money Spikes.

You are then given a bunch of historical examples where you could have supposedly made massive gains with this.

But the problem here is that it is easy to show past stock performance and talk about how much money you “could” have made. It really isn’t hard proof of anything.

Some more “proof” that you are shown of this working is the following chart of from the S&P 500. But does this really prove anything? It looks like the “Dark Money Spikes” are all over the place… leading to uprends and downtrends. I mean sure… the market has continually went up over the long-term but this isn’t really anything abnormal.

Judging from this chart it seems that Dark Money could lead you into a short downtrend.

They’re Getting In Your Head

Most people have heard of “dark money” before and it really seems to peak everyone’s curiosity. It is mysterious and no one really knows much about it… other than those who have inside information of course.

Some of what you are told makes sense and it’s something that a lot of people want ot believe is true. We know that the government pours money to help boost the economy and it makes perfect sense that this makes stocks go higher.

That said… you just can’t really trust what you are being told here.

Lots of Unverified Claims & LIES!

First off… lets talk about this “12:15pm tomorrow” load of crap. This is NOT TRUE. There is not going to be some Dark Money Spike tomorrow at this time. It is all a ploy to get you to buy into what they are trying to sell to you as soon as possible, which I’ll talk about shortly.

How do I know this isn’t true?

Well… because you can leave the website and video presentation anytime, come back the next day or in a couple of days…. and it will be telling you the SAME DARN THING!

And you might also find this interesting…

Below the video there is a little disclaimer stating that “accuracy cannot be guaranteed”.

Are you kidding me? I just watched an insanely lengthy video about these Dark Money Spikes, you got my hopes up and now I’m reading that the information presented might not be accurate????!!

But hey… I guess we all knew deep down in our guts that this was misleading and sounded a little too good to be true, right?

The Purpose of This Teaser

Of course there is a hidden agenda here. The purpose of this teaser for “Dark Money Spikes” is to get you to buy into Nomi Prins’ newsletter called Dark Money Millionaires, which OF COURSE there are a limited number of spots opened for.

The teaser is just a way to lure people into it all.

How much does it cost?

Try not to faint…. because it costs $2,000 for a year subscription.

Yes… $2,000.

Now I’m not saying that it isn’t worth it (because I haven’t bought into it), but I don’t think anyone started out watching the video presentation thinking it would end with being pushed into a $2k newsletter subscription.

Conclusion – Scam?

There is probably some truth to this all but it’s just too hard for me trust the information given. It’s much too “salesy” and the purpose is pretty obvious… not to mention all the unbacked claims made and obvious lies told.

And this is nothing new to me. This newsletter is published by the Agora Financial company which is the publishing agency behind many such misleading teasers. I’ve exposed others in the past and they really have a lot of complaints from people online due to their deceptive and unethical practices.

But anyways…. I hope you enjoyed this quick review and found it helpful. Be sure to share it in order to help spread the word!

Also leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

8 Ways to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate – Plus Pro Tips!

Thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate? Or maybe you’ve already joined and are wondering in what ways you will be able to make money with it? Wondering is it even possible to make money?

Of course the purpose of becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate is to make money in the first place, so this is definitely something you should probably know early on or before hand.

I’ve been a member since late 2015 so I know my way around pretty well. In this post I’ll be going over 8 different ways to earn with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right…8!

It’s pretty obvious that affiliate marketing is going to be one of them, after all, the name of this place is Wealthy “Affiliate”… However, there are a handful of other ways as well, some of which you are probably aware of but others you may not think of.

Earning Money from WA and from Outside Sources

It’s important to know that there are two main ways that you will be able to make money… Earning money from the WA platform itself and earning money from outside sources. What I mean here is that you will be able to actually get paid from WA, as in money deposited into your PayPal account, as well as being able to get paid from various other places in a variety of other ways.

Don’t worry you will understand what I mean in a second…

The 8 Ways to Earn with Wealthy Affiliate

Lets first go over the different ways to earn from outside sources…

So first I will be going over the ways to earn “with” Wealthy Affiliate not “on” Wealthy Affiliate, meaning the different ways you will be able to earn money after going through the training and building your online business. Then after this I will discuss the different ways you can actually earn money “on” the platform itself.

All of the ways to earn in this section come from building an online business foundation, which is what you learn at WA. You first must have your website in place and you must be getting traffic in order to monetize it in any of these ways. This is what you are taught to do, mainly via SEO and keyword research. In the next section you will see that there is a way to actually start earning a little bit of money without this requirement of first having your online business in place (aka website).

But anyways… Let’s get to it…

1. Affiliate Programs

First up is earning with affiliate marketing through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are promotional programs set up by companies in which they pay people commissions to promote their products and help make sales. How it works is simple: you promote a product via affiliate links and you get paid a commission when you help make a sale.

Example: If you were to create a blog about dog training you could join the PetSmart affiliate program and promote a variety of different dog toys, treats, etc. Or of course you could always join the Amazon affiliate program and promote products in just about any niche imaginable.

There are lots of different affiliate programs out there, some very high-paying and some not so much. As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to diversify your earnings. Don’t just promote one single product from one single affiliate program. Promote various products from various affiliate programs so that your eggs are not all in one basket.

  • Great for Beginners – Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners to get started in the online world and is often the starting point for many online marketers. The reason… Because it is low cost and simple…
  • Low Cost – To get started doing this you need little to no money. In fact, if you get started on a platform like WA it is free. You don’t need any money to get started because they provide you with a free website and some free training to get going. But of course you will need to spend a bit of money at some point, which still is not much however.
  • Fairly Simple – The simplicity of affiliate marketing is also a big plus. All you do in this business model is promote other people’s products online. There is not much to it really.
2. Ads (Google Adsense, Mediavine, Monumetric, etc)

One you have traffic coming into your website another great opportunity to monetize it is with ads. Usually people start out with the popular Google AdSense, but there also better higher-paying options like Mediavine and Monumetric available once you have enough traffic. Google AdSense is the popular want to start out with because it is easy to get approved for. You don’t need much traffic.

With Adsense all you will have to do is insert a code into your site and the ads will be displayed automatically. Other ad services install the codes for you but it is easy to do yourself, so don’t worry.

People often think of ads as a distraction. Affiliate marketing is usually where the big money is made, so they don’t want to distract people from clicking on affiliate links with random ads being displayed. However, as long as your site isn’t overly saturated with ads I would say that it is definitely beneficial for making as much money as possible.

Ads are good..

The fact of the matter is that not everyone who comes to your website is going to click on affiliate links and purchase the product you’re promoting. Maybe they go read an article you wrote and the end up becoming disinterested or something (it happens). Ads are a great way to monetize these people because they present them with different things that are of interest.

If you are a good writer and good at incorporating relevant affiliate products into your blogs then I don’t think ads are really going to take away from that. They will simply allow you to earn money from the people who were not going to click on your affiliate links in the first place.

3. CPA Offers

Then of course there are CPA offers, a.k.a. Cost Per Action offers. These little guys might not earn you the big bucks, but can still be very lucrative opportunities. Small money adds up and CPA offers definitely should not be overlooked.

CPA offers pay you when you get people to do things like..

  • Sign up for an email list
  • Register an account
  • Sign up for a free trial

…and more. They are often easier to monetize because a lot of them are free for people to do, but they don’t pay as much as affiliate marketing opportunities.

Once you have traffic coming from the site you created with Wealthy Affiliate you should consider CPA offers. Sometimes they convert better than regular old affiliate offers.

4. Ecommerce

This is much less focused on at WA but you can still find training on it. So if you are looking to sell your own products or maybe do some dropshipping, this can be done.

The websites you create on the WA platform are run by WordPress so you would have to install a plugin like Woocommerce, which there are tutorials on. This will allow you to sell products directly, process payments, etc.

Most people who join WA probably have no products to sell and are more interested in affiliate marketing, but I do get quite a few questions from people asking if they can sell their own products, which of course the answer to is Yes.

You can definitely make good money via ecommerce but the downside to it, compared to affiliate marketing, is that it is more complicated. With ecommcerce you have to deal with customers, processing payments, etc.

Ways to earn within the platform

5. WA Affiliate Program

WA also has an affiliate program that you can make money with if you are interested in promoting WA to other people. Some people join this program right from the start but I would suggest going this route after you have already promoted other things… the reason being because if you promote it from the start you really don’t know what you are promoting. You will be promoting a way to make good money online without any proof that it works.

But anyways… their affiliate program can be very lucrative so I can see why so many people are attracted to it. You can earn recurring commissions since members pay for their memberships on a monthly or yearly basis (if they upgrade to Premium of course).

This affiliate program isn’t the only one out there with recurring payments but it is a darn good one. You only usually find these sorts of recurring payments with subscription services.

Earning “Cash Credits” & “Affiliate Credits”

Inside the WA platform you can also earn what are called Cash and Affiliate Credits. These don’t come from people joining WA for the first time or anything like that. They come from actions that members take inside the platform once they are already members.

These credits can be redeemed for real cash deposited to PayPal or can be used to do other things on the platform, like to pay for comments, buy domains, get feedback on your site, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate is basically creating an entire little micro-economy around this credit system. They aren’t just some stupid point system for fun. They do make things a little more fun but they also have some real value to them, obviously because they can be cashed out for real cash. Each credit you earn is worth $0.50, so 2 credits = $1.

Wealthy Affiliate credits

The different ways to earn cash credits include #6 and #7…

6. Create Training

Member created training is a big deal at WA and makes up much of the training provided on the platform. They have the core training created by Kyle (the owner of WA) and Jay (does live video training sessions weekly), but members can also create their own training. This is a great thing because there are many members on WA that are experts in their own way and can provide detailed training on anything they want that has to do with online marketing type stuff… which could be about anything from Pinterest Marketing to effective ad placement and traffic generation techniques.

Of course WA recognizes how important the member-created training is and because of this they reward you with cash credits when you create training.

You will be able to add video tutorials, screenshots, different steps of the training on different pages, etc. There is a lot you can do to make a very thorough and well laid out tutorial or whatever type of training you are looking to create.

The amount of cash credits you will earn depends on the amount of visits, likes, and engagement that your training gets. This gives incentive to actually create good training.

7. Domain Registrations

WA is also a domain registrar, as is the popular site GoDaddy. What this means is that you can buy domains (websites) directly through WA. This is nice and lots of people do it because it just makes things easier.

The cash credits come in when other people that you have referred to WA purchase domains. When a referral of yours buys or renews a domain at WA you earn 2 cash credits, or $1.

There really isn’t much you can do here to actually try to earn money this way. You just need to refer members in and many of them will end up purchasing domains through the platform. So obviously the WA affiliate program and this way of earning go hand in hand.

8. Account Setup

This is another way that you can earn credits but you will have to participate in the WA affiliate program and refer in new members as well.

When you refer in members they will be prompted to set up their account by adding a profile image and writing a description. When they do this you will earn $1 in Affiliate Credits, which is also 2 credits. Not everyone you refer in is going to take action and do this but you can also message them inside the platform and give them a nudge.

Not only can you make money when referrals set up their accounts like this, but it also helps them out as well. When they set up their profile they are more likely to interact and have interactions with others, which adds to the experience and increases chances of success.

In the future there are likely going to be other ways to earn as well within the credit system.

Making Money on The Platform vs Off The Platform

I already went over this but I think it’s important to touch upon it again just so that you really know what’s going on here.

Here are the different ways you can earn money inside WA (where you actually get paid from WA)

Inside WA

  • WA affiliate program
  • Create training
  • Domain registration
  • Account setup

And here are the many other ways you can earn from what WA provides you with, which is training that helps you build a website so that you can make money by…

Outside WA

  • Other affiiate programs
  • Ads
  • CPA offers
  • Ecommerce

How a 3+ Year Member Is Earning

So you might be wondering… what is the best way to earn? There are all these different paths to take, but what should you be focusing on?

Well… I’ve been a member for over 3 years and I’ll give you some info on how I’m earning as well as advice to new members. And by the way, I make a living doing this stuff.

  • Affiliate Marketing is #1 for Me – I earn most of my money, by far, from affiliate marketing. I do promote WA and I also have websites in other niches where I promote other things (such as health products). I earn over $6k a month and over 85% of that comes from affiliate marketing.
  • Next Comes Ads – Ads always provide some pretty consistent earnings as long as your website traffic is fairly consistent.
  • And CPA Offers Are Right Up There – There are times where I make quite good money with CPA offers. They are right up there with ads as far as my income goes.

My suggestion to new members is to focus mainly on affiliate marketing and ads. The good thing about this is that these are both the main focuses at WA. Affiliate marketing is number 1 and ads are number 2. Not only are they good ways to earn but they are also probably the easiest for beginners to get started with.

Pro Tips for Earning

#1 – Stick to the Training – Try not to get side tracked and waste time on small things like website design annoyances and such. You will learn a lot as you go and you don’t want to spend 10 hours on something that only will take you 2 minutes once you have experience.

#2 – Choose a Niche You Actually Like – Don’t focus entirely on the money. Choose a niche that you like when starting a website. If you don’t you will likely get burnt out and quite. I learned this myself… more than once!

#3 – Be Patient! – You have to be patient… that is for darn sure. The methods of making money online that WA teaches take a while to get going. That is just the way it is unfortunately… but it can be well worth it.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate in my full-on review here:

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Daily Wealth Newsletter Review – Is It a Scam?

Daily Wealth… It’s a free newsletter service, but what’s the catch? They say “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, so is this really the amazing free financial advisement service that it is claimed to be or is there some big downside to it? Could it possibly be a scam?

First off, if you are wondering if this is all a scam you certainly are not out of line for wondering such. After all, the company behind it all, Stansberry Research, has had a run in with the SEC back in 2003 and was found guilty of fraud. That said, it’s been a while since then and they have cleaned up their act a bit.

But anyways… Is this a scam or not? Daily Wealth is free to subscribe to and offers “wealth building advice”, but there is sort of a catch although I would not consider it a scam myself. In this quick review I’ll give you a good understanding of what you are looking at here so that you have a better idea of whether or not you should subscribe.

Daily Wealth Review


As mentioned, Daily Wealth, is a financial newsletter service from Stansberry Research, which is a privately owned American publishing company that is behind a number of other financial newsletters.

There are two versions of the newsletters… the free Daily Wealth newsletter and the paid premium version, or Daily Wealth Premium. So as you can imagine the free version is not quite as good and does not provide the insight that the premium version does. It gives you a taste of what’s going on and there is definitely some value in it, but as the subscriber reviews suggest… there is a noticable push to get subscribers to go premium.

The newsletter’s chief editor is a man named Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. He joined Stansberry Research in 2001 and is an editor of True Wealth as well, which is another newsletter focused on safe alternative investments, with a fair amount of focus on Chinese stocks and all the potential there. Generally speaking Steve does not believe in big risk investments. He looks for the low risk ones that have been “flying under the radar” so to speak.

*Steve is also behind the “MAGA Checks” teaser that I reviewed, which is pretty darn misleading.

What You Get If You Subscribe

What you will get is simple. You don’t get access to any back-office or anything like that. You simply receive “wealth building advice” via email that you can take in at your own leisure. Often times what you get is only half of the story. There will be a bit of advice provided but there will be information left out which will lure you into buying the premium version of the newsletter, which I think should be expected because of course this place has to make money somehow.

That said, there are some pretty good reviews of the newsletter service, which I will go for next, and it does provide some very good and useful information… All for free. So happy to get any better than that? I mean sure it would be nice if there were no ads or pushy suggestions, but that’s just the way things are.

Much of the focus of the free version is on trends and past performance of recommendations of the paid version.

Subscriber Ratings & Reviews

When I look into financial newsletter services like this I always like to try to find as many subscriber reviews as possible. StockGumshoe is a good place to find such reviews. Basically this website is an investment service review site that allows anyone to review different services and often gets a lot of feedback.

Overall the feedback on Daily Wealth is actually pretty darn good… Better than I was expecting. The overall rating with around 70 votes is a 3.6 out of 5 stars. Now that could definitely be better but it is decent compared to many of the other similar subscription services out there that I have reviewed.

Many subscribers are happy with the value provided. They do reveal some of the information that they also give to their paid premium subscribers, although not as much of course. Although not every bit of advice is spot on, I have read reviews of subscribers making good amount of money based on the calls Steve has made and advice given.


But of course there are always going to complaints…

Apparently Steve does get a little carried away with some of his opinions and recommendations at times. For example, one subscriber pointed out that he was recommending high-yield Iceland bonds when the country was in a fragile state, right up to when the economy imploded and currency, stocks, and bonds lost 80% or more of their value.

But I would say the most common complaint is that of the newsletter service being filled with too many ads and promotions of premium services, mainly pushing people to upgrade to the paid premium Daily Wealth service. Much of the information provided just shows you how well the premium recommendations have been doing to try to get you to buy in. These subtle little sales pitch is can get annoying

Conclusion – Scam?

In my opinion the Daily Wealth newsletter is not a scam. The only somewhat “scammy” aspects I see are how they promote other paid newsletter services, but as I’ve said I think this should be somewhat expected. It is a balancing act… They have to provide good information to subscribers to keep them subscribed but of course they don’t want to give away too much information because then what would the point of a premium membership be?

If you are just looking for a little bit of financial advice and not looking to spend any money then this may be worth subscribing to. What have you to lose? If you don’t like it you can always unsubscribe and walk away without losing any money.

But if you do, as always, be sure to do your own research and don’t always take one person’s advice as being the whole truth. While Dr Steve Sjuggerud provides very good recommendations and advice at times, he is not always right.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Seven Figure Publishing Review – Scam Newsletters or Worth The Money?

Seven Figure Publishing is a financial newsletter service that has somewhat of a bad reputation, and for good reason. This is probably why you are wondering if this place is a scam in the first place and I understand why.

So is this place a scam? Can they be trusted?

Lets find out..

In this quick review I’ll be going over some things that I’m sure you will want to know about this place, such as what they offer, complaints, ratings and my overall opinion.

Lets first talk about what exactly Seven Figure Publishing is in the first place…


  • Website:
  • Service: Financial newsletters
  • Division of Agora Financial

In a nutshell this places is a financial newsletter publishing company that is a division of the larger company Agora Financial, which you may have heard a few complaints about in the past.

What they provide is a bunch of different financial newsletters that anyone can subscribe to in order to (hopefully) make some good money off of investements. They often take the approach of the mainstream media being pure evil and trying to hide things from the public and doing everything they can to keep you down… and of course they are here to look out for the little guys and know the “secrets” to getting rich.

They have a number of different newsletter services and a lineup of chief editors, some of which you have probably heard of if you have come across any of their services before, which I’m guessing you have since you are reading my review. Some of their newsletters and the editors of them include…

  • Amplified Income – Mike Burnick
  • Breakthrough Technology Alert – Ray Blanco
  • Hot Money Trader – Joshua Belanger
  • Infinite Income – Mike Burnick
  • Kinetic Profits – Jonas Elmerraji
  • Penny Pot Profits – Ray Blanco
  • Seven Figure Signals – Greg Guenthner
  • Technology Profits Confidential – Ray Blanco

How These Newsletter Services Work

They differ slightly but the core of what they provide is all the same for the most part. Usually what you get when you buy into one of these services is a monthly newsetter along with weekly updates, trade alerts and so on. The point of these services is to provide people with investement recommendations so that they can follow along and grow their portfolio like the model portfolio most of these services allow you to look at in the members area.

For most of the services you can usually expect 1-3 moves per month. The monthly newsletter is the “meat” of what is provided here and usually gives a detailed look at stocks that they are looking at purchasing.

Sounds pretty good in theory, right?… you get to follow a mastermind’s advice… someone who has been involved in finance for years and knows what they are doing. Ya it sounds good.. but unfortunately there are quite a few complaints associated with this service.


Misleading Sales Pitches

Many of the complaints come from the incredibly misleading sales pitches this place seems to love so much. Since you are here reading my review there is a good chance you came across one of these and then got that feeling that it sounds way too good to be true.

The pitches, or ‘teasers’ as they are sometimes called, are often over-hyped talking about some secret formula or something along those lines. The income claims made are usually substancial and very alluring, which is what attracts so many people to them. However, they are always very carefully worded to avoid legal troubles.

Most people would consider these marketing tactics “sleazy” and misleading because they make the services seem much better than they really are.

For example, I reviewed Greg Guenthener’s Seven Figure Formula a while back, which was promoted as some “secret formula” to get rich off of penny stocks.

These teasers also usually tell you that you have to get in before some specific date in the near future… which is almost always complete BS. The purpose of this is just to create a sense of false urgency to get people to buy in quickly.

Agora Financial

The company behind it all is Agora Financial. Seven Figure Publishing is just a division of them.

When it comes to complaints about Agora, there are tons. Complaints about being mislead, being billed for a service they didn’t subscribe to or didn’t even know they subscribed to, difficulty canceling subscriptions and more.

You can take a look at some of the many complaints with the BBB.

Many such complaints are from “problems with product/service”, which stem from the fact that the promotional material is misleading and people are buying in without really knowing what they are getting into.

Newsletter Ratings

Who really cares about the promotional material… if the newsletters are performing well, as in making you tons of money, then who cares, right?

Ya… well unfortunately the ratings I’ve come across aren’t too pretty. I wasn’t able to find many good sources of reviews and ratings for these different newsletter services but I did find the following ratings from StockGumshoe for two of their more popular newsletters…

As you can see the ratings are not good. And many of the people giving such bad ratings were doing so due to the misleading promotions and getting suckered into something that they thought would be different as well as being pushed to subsribe to more expensive memberships.


I have read over multiple complaints about the performance of different recommendations being very low. The model portfolios, which are portfolios in which all the suggested buys and sells are made, are often not what you might expect.

I have heard that they sometimes show very poor profits. Much of the teasers that lure people in only mention the money made, but not the money lost.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

While I don’t care for how this places conducts business I’m still not going to call it a scam. Now if you want to call it a scam or not that is up to you. Now you have some more info on it all so hopefully you can form a better opinion based on what is going on here.

One thing is for sure though, I don’t care for how this place conducts business at all. They seem to be all about the money… that seems to be all they care about. Their newsletter promos lure people in with deceptive marketing trickery and then shake them for more and more money.

What are your thoughts on all of this? You can share them in the comment section below…

HomeJobStop – Scam or Good Work at Home Jobs?

HomeJobStop claims to be “the internet’s leading work from home job bank”, but is it really? Is this place going to provide you with awesome work at home opportunities or is it just going to be one of those job sites that tries to sucker you into online scams and moneymaking schemes?

Is HomeJobStop a scam? It is not like this is out of the question to ask… After all I have come across other work at home job search scams before in the past, like My Survey Jobs for example.

But anyways… I’ll get straight to the point here and tell you that No this place is not a scam. That said, it might not be what you are looking for and in this review I hope to give you a better understanding of what this place provides and what types of jobs you can find here.

HomeJobStop Review

  • Website:
  • Type: Work at home job database
  • Founder: Rita

On the website they state that they are a highly specialized searchable database for work at home jobs, that they screen all jobs to ensure everything is safe. They do not promote commercial advertisements or schemes. Different opportunities you can find here could be freelance, contract, part-time or even full time positions.

It all sounds good and the website looks pretty professional at first glance, but the reason for my initial suspicion is the fact that I have seen similar types of scams in the past, and also that subscription is being sold at a “limited time” special discount of only $18… And is being sold on ClickBank which is well-known for online scams.

What They Offer

So when you buy a membership for this place you simply get access to their database of different work at home remote opportunities. Many of these opportunities are ones where you can apply to work for companies online, although there are also freelance opportunities you will come across as well.

What you will not find here is opportunities to make money online where you have to buy into some training program and pray that you make money. While some of the jobs are freelance, which means that you will “write here own paycheck” so to speak, any of them are jobs where you will get regular paychecks that you can count on.

In particular there seems to be a lot of telemarketing type of jobs, which I guess I would expect.

The many different categories of online jobs you might come across include…

  • Business
  • Clerical
  • Customer service
  • Engineering
  • Programming
  • Finance
  • Transcription
  • Web design
  • Marketing
  • Graphic art
  • Writing

I’m not exactly sure how they go about finding the many different work at home jobs but it seems that the people (or single person) behind this site goes out and find jobs that are worthy of posting, in addition to employers being able to submit work at home opportunities.

The Cost

One thing that may deter you from joining this website is the cost. Now why would they be charging you to find work at home jobs? I knew $18 isn’t much, but it still requires you to get out here wallet and enter here credit card information, which means that there is risk involved.

Well… The people providing this service certainly are not working free and it makes complete sense why they would be a cost like this. After all, they do not make any money from ads or promotions.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, why not just go out and use a free job-search database, like Monster Jobs for example?… This is an alternative that you could use, but the downside here is that it may be a lot more overwhelming and less vetted.

What Others Are Saying Who’ve Joined

If you read reviews for HomeJobStop online you will find good and bad, as you would expect for just about anything.

I have read some reviews from people praising it, saying that this site helps them in times you need to and provide them opportunities to make money online when they lost their job, got laid off, etc. I’ve heard stories of people finding pretty decent online jobs here.

But on the flip side there are also a lot of negative reviews… Reviews from people claiming that many of the different work at home job links are expired and that the site is not being kept up to date very well. Overall there seems to be a lack of maintenance and staff working behind the scenes on this website, which would explain why one person was frustrated after the site was down for months on end for maintenance reasons.

When it comes to websites and online businesses like this, it is hard to know what exactly is going on in the background.

Scam or Not?

I definitely do not see any signs or proof of this being a scam. As mentioned in the beginning of my review, I was suspicious when I first landed on the website just due to past experiences, but after looking into everything seems to be legitimate.

It might not be the best work at home job database, but it is not a scam either.

Is It Worth Your Money?

This really all depends on what exactly you are looking for. There are plenty of different work at home opportunities that you might find on this database but overall it seems to be small staffed and I wouldn’t consider it to be the “leading work at home job bank” as they claim to be.

If you are thinking about buying into it I’m not going to stop you. It is only $18 and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. Also, although this is being sold through the ClickBank marketplace, which I mentioned earlier I don’t really care for, they do have a good refund policy where you could get here money back within 60 days if you are unsatisfied for some reason.

Something Else You May Be Interested In:

Since you are looking for a work at home opportunity something else you might be interested in is how I make a living working online. Basically what I do is create small blog-style websites (not difficult) and monetize them in a variety of ways. The benefits of this type of work are that can be here own boss, set here own schedule, and there is plenty of income potential.

If interested check out how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month doing this.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Is Contenu a Scam or Will It Actually Work? – Review

Contenu can supposedly “generate passive income from instant content in 3 clicks”, or at least that is what they tell you. But is it really as good as it seems? Is this really going to make you the easy money that it seems it could or is this another scam that is going to be a waste of your time and money?

First things first, I like how they don’t tell you in the promotional video that you’re going to be making tons of money with this Contenu system. However, I do have a few problems with it and would say that the sales pitch is a little too much. But then again, just about every sales pitch in the online marketing industry is over-the-top so this is nothing unusual.

That said, I wouldn’t call this a scam.

Contenu Review

There is “no cost, no selling, no traffic required”… And the lady who created it is named Helen and makes $916 per week “minimum”.

But what is it exactly?

At the core of Contenu is the WordPress plug-in that does the work of extracting content from YouTube videos. Basically how it works is you will help a keyword through the Contenu platform and it finds relevant YouTube videos that you can extract information from. It will turn the spoken words into text that you can then publish on your blog as well as another platform in order to earn money.

And of course you could also earn money on your own blog from things like advertising and affiliate marketing once you start getting traffic.

Sounds good in theory and I kind of like the ingenuity, but there are some problems that I see with this…

Problems I See With This

This is the type of plug-in that most people buy into when they are looking for the easy way out, so it is bound to have some problems. Looking for a shortcut isn’t usually the best way to approach things and when it comes to using an automated system to copy content from YouTube… That is definitely a shortcut.


Duplicate Content – One problem that you may encounter when using this plug-in is duplicate content. This is when you publish content online that is already published elsewhere online. This very well could happen because I know a lot of Youtubers who also have blog websites where they publish their videos in text format.

Now in the video presentation they show the one guy using a site called CopyScape, which allows you to check before publishing for duplicate content. This is good advice and if you’re going to use this plug-in then you definitely should be doing that. And if it turns out that you did end up with duplicate content, they suggest using a content spinner, which is something I would recommend because it often creates more problems such as words not making any sense and really devalues the content.

Might Not Make Sense – You are also likely going to have a problem with your content not making sense. Now this is going to depend greatly on the YouTube videos you are trying to use, but I pretty much guarantee that anyone is going to have a problem with this. It is going to be a big hurdle for this plug-in to accurately turn audio into text when people are talking fast, have an accent, are slurring words, there is background noise, and so on.

Why do you think transcription company still higher real people to transcribe audio into text? The reason for this is because automated software is incredibly inaccurate… Or else they sure as heck would be doing it to save money.

A Good Way to Plagiarize?

And probably the main problem that I have with this is the fact that you are going to be plagiarizing. Most people looking to use this are probably thinking about using it on other people’s YouTube videos. Based on the definition of plagiarism it sure sounds like this would qualify.

The guy in the video says that it produces “unique content”, but this is BS. He shows that it is “unique” and not duplicate by using the CopyScape website I mentioned above, but this does not mean it is unique. It is most definitely not unique if you are copying it from a YouTube video. Sure, it may be unique in the fact that it is text, but it is still copied words from someone else.

Now I’m not completely sure about the legal ramifications that could come from using something like this, but I also don’t intend on finding out.

The Only Way I Suggest Using It Is If…

The only good use case I see for Contenu is if you are someone who is creating YouTube videos and would like to also turn those videos into text on your blog. In this case there would be no problem with it. There would be no plagiarizing because you are the same person that created the video in the first place.

I actually think it could be very helpful if you are a YouTuber looking to do this. As I mentioned earlier, I know of YouTubers who create videos and then also publish the same thing in text form on their websites. This is probably somewhat time-consuming and Contenu I’m sure could help, although as I talked about there are going to be a few likely problems that surface.

Conclusion – Scam?

I said in the beginning that I am not going to call this a scam and I am going to stick to that. While I might not particularly like this plug-in and what it does, there is definitely some value here and I see why people would want to buy it. That said, I am not going to be personally recommending it to my readers nor will I be using it.

Want to Make Money Online? Then You Have to Put In the Work!

If you are looking online for easy ways to make money then you are bound to come across scams. Of course we all want things to be easier, and who wouldn’t want a “easy” way to make money online?, But unfortunately “easy” ways don’t really exist. They always have their downsides and if you actually want to make legitimate money online and build an income that is reliable… You have to put in the work.

For all the beginners out there looking for a way to make money online I would highly suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month online working for myself. If you’re looking for a personal recommendation from me, there you go.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Are Trump’s Seven-Figure Cheats Real or Is This Another Scam?

There is this new investment opportunity being promoted called Trump’s Seven-Figure Cheats, which is supposedly an opportunity where you can make a bunch of easy money in the stock market due to president Trump’s social media outbursts. Well… At least that is what you are told, but is this really true?

Should you believe what you hear or is this just another scam in one way or another?

Well… I’ll tell you one thing… This definitely is not what it seems to be and in this short review I’ll be going over what you should know.

You or told that the code for these “cheats” that Trump is tweeting out has been cracked. You are also told that some algorithm they developed has been back-tested and the results of his “cheats” have produced gains of 329%, 542%, 1,771% and even 3,458%.

Throughout the sales pitch you are shown over and over again all of these different examples of when these “cheats” have supposedly made people massive gains in the stock market, such as these…

Trump’s Seven-Figure “Cheats” examples
Are These “Cheats” or “Trump Bumps” Real?

The truth is that these “cheats” are not real. There are no cheats that Trump is secretly encoding into his social media messages.

This is all a marketing stunt to get you to buy into something, which I will go over shortly.

Lots of Red Flags

I’m sure you are well aware of at least some of the red flags present… After all you were suspicious enough of this whole thing to do a little bit of extra research and come across my website here. So something must have caught your attention and giving you the hint that this might not be as they tell you it is.

All in all, it just sounds too good to be true and as we all know, when something sounds a little bit too good to be true then it probably is.

What Are These “Seven Figure Cheats” Really?

The whole “Seven-Figure Cheats” thing is just a made up term.

As stated, president Trump is not secretly encoding any sort of investment cheats into his social media ramblings. They just tell you that he is to try to make this whole sales pitch sound a little bit more amazing than it really is.

Sure, the president’s tweets definitely do have an effect on the stock market, but this should be expected… After all, he is the president of the United States. If he praises a company that company’s stock may likely increase as a result, and vice versa. This is the type of stuff you would expect and there is definitely no proof of him secretly encoding any sorts of “cheats”.

The term “Seven-Figure Cheats” really just refers to the swings in the stock market that are sometimes at least partly the result of the president’s voice and opinion.

I Don’t Care Much for Misleading Information

The sales pitch that they lure people in with is absolutely filled with misleading information. There is a lot of talk about all the massive gains that you could be making if you get in on these “cheats”, but the money you would have to invest in the first place is never mentioned.

They also seem to take extreme examples of different swings in the stock market that were influenced by Trump and make it seem like it is the greatest opportunity on earth.

You should also be aware that swings like these happen all the time. It is true that Pres. Trump has quite a lot of unpredictable outbursts, which may lead to more stock market swings than most presidents, but this is still not some brand-new opportunity like they lead you to believe it is.

Big news always affects the stock market… It doesn’t matter who is delivering it.

It’s All About Money

This whole sales pitch is luring in Trump supporters and taking advantage of them. And possibly worst of all is the fact that the people behind it all are Republicans themselves. This is the same sort of thing that went on with the whole “Freedom Checks” BS sales teaser that I reviewed a while back.

You are actually being lured into buying a pretty darn expensive financial newsletter as I will go over now…

What’s Really Going On Here?

This whole sales pitch is the making of a guy named Greg Guenthner, it was a editor of Seven-Figure Signals, which is a financial newsletter that provides the stock market recommendations.

He tells you that he is going to guide you through his three step Seven Figure Cheat system and that it requires no guesswork… All you do is follow his recommendations. He will tell you what to trade and when to do it.

But… Of course you have to buy into this newsletter. It is not free.

You will be provided with…

  • 2-3 signal trades a month
  • Access to their website where you can view the model portfolio and see all the recommendations
  • Weekly emails
  • Instant alerts

The whole purpose of the “Trump Seven-Figure Cheats” sales pitch was to lure people into signing up for this newsletter service.

The Cost

The cost isn’t pretty… A whopping $2000 a year just to get access to the advice given by this guy and his team.

Besides the newsletter service and all that stuff, you also get a smartwatch. Now you are probably wondering, why the heck is the trying to send us a smartwatch?

Well… I’ve seen this type of thing before with other very similar financial newsletter services. My guess is because if they provide something physical, such as they watched like this, it makes it much more difficult for the customer to try to get a refund, which they very well might want.

Now I have no proof that that is the reason why they are sending you a smartwatch, but I do believe it to be the case because it often seems ridiculous that they do this kind of thing. I mean why not just lower the price and not give out smartwatch is? It’s not like anyone was expecting to get one in the first place.

Will You Really Make 10x Your Money?

Something else that is extremely misleading is the guarantee they give you. As you can see above, they give you a guarantee that seems like they are pretty much promising you that you will be able to make 10 times your money during the first year. HOWEVER, the wording they use is very tricky.

As you may notice, they don’t say you will actually make any money. They just say that they will “show you” how to make 10 times your money.

This type of wording really makes no guarantee at all. If you would try to get the $3000 bonus that they claim they will give if things don’t work out, my guess is that it would be pretty much impossible to get them to follow through on it.

Conclusion: Scam or Not?

I don’t call many things scams anymore, due to legal purposes, but I think you have a pretty good idea of what I am concluding here. What you consider a scam or not depends on what your definition of a scam is. Do you consider something that is incredibly misleading and deceptive a scam? Because that is what this whole sales pitch is.

You should also be aware that the man behind this all, Greg Guenthner, has also put out similar misleading sales pitch is in the past, such as his Seven-Figure Formula sales pitch that was focused on getting rich off of penny stocks and also used president Trump’s name as a marketing tactic.

The ultimate decision of whether or not to buy into this newsletter service is up to you. I hope I have provided some helpful insight into what is really going on here so that you can make a more informed and overall better decision. That said, personally I am definitely not going to be buying into this.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Weed Millionaire – Scam System? Unfortunately It Is

The Weed Millionaire system is supposedly some new automated trading system that can make you very wealthy very fast… Or at least that is what you are led to believe. However, we all know that you cannot always trust what you hear or read on the Internet, and this does seem a little bit too good to be true. So is it a scam or not? Is this the real deal or is it just going to leave you with less money than when you started?

Well… Unfortunately the answer to that question is the latter… That is just going to leave you with less money than when you started. This Weed Millionaire system is a scam and you will see why I am saying this in my quick review here.

You are told that this is the last way for the little guys to make a massive fortune fast, that hundreds of marijuana stocks have exploded in price, and that you want to get in before goes mainstream… And while some of what you are told is true, it doesn’t change the fact that the system is a scam.

Yes… There is a lot of opportunity in marijuana stocks right now, but that doesn’t mean that the system is legit.

Weed Millionaire Review

Since you are reading my review right now than I am guessing you are probably suspicious of it all… Which led you to do some extra research and come across my site. Probably sounded a little bit too good to be true, and it certainly is.

You really are told all that much information about it, but basically you are led to believe that it has some incredibly accurate trading system that is going to absolutely kill it trading weed stocks. You are told that all you have to do is enter your email, deposit money and then set back and let the money flow into your account.

But of course it’s all a bunch of BS and there are plenty of red flags that hint at this being a scam…

Lots of Red Flags

Registration closes today – Of course they tell you that registration is closing today. It doesn’t matter when you land on the website, at the top of the screen there is a red banner that says resistration is ending. This is just a form of false scarcity that is commonly employed by scammers.

99.7% accuracy – When I was looking around the website I noticed in the FAQ section that they claim this system has 99.7% accuracy. Now they don’t exactly tell you what this statistic means, but it seems that they are referring to trade accuracy. And this is absolutely ridiculous. 99.7%… give me a break.

Requires no work on your part – Right on que… it requires no work. All you do is deposit your money and BOOM… you’re rich. Well.. at least that is what they lead you to believe. Remember the saying “if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is”? Ya… that really fits good here.

Strange broker – As you will see in the next section of my review… After signing up I was referred to a rather strange broker who I definitely did not trust.

No commissions or fees – In the FAQ section they also tell you that there are no commissions or fees. This leads me to wonder how the heck these people are making money then. How can they give this software away for free and get nothing in return? Are we supposed to believe they are doing all of this out of the kindness of their hearts? It makes no sense.

Everything is very vague – As with most scams, everything they tell you is very vague… and they really don’t tell you much of anything at all. All you know is that you can supposedly deposit your money with this system and it is going to make insanely accurate trades, making you rich. This is the same type of thing I’ve seen with other similar scam systems like Bitcoin Bonanza and The Britcoin System.

This Is What Happens When You Sign Up..

I decided to sign up for this system just to see what would happen. After entering my email address, name, phone number and so on, was then led to the dashboard of it all, which you can see below.

The first thing you have to do when you get to the dashboard is deposit money of course. And as you can see the broker I was assigned was named “Your Broker”, I know what a crappy name, right?

I decided to do a little investigating  to see what I can find out about this broker and couldn’t really find out much of anything. This is just another it no name broker that I definitely would not trust.

Not only could I not find any information about this broker, but also when I would click to deposit money my malware protection software on my computer would block me from proceeding, giving me the message that there was a “Trojan found”.

How They (probably) Scam You

Now I can’t say this with 100% certainty because I have not actually deposited any money, however, I am very familiar with these types of scams because I have reviewed many in the past. So I know how they work pretty well and this seems like your pretty typical run-of-the-mill automated trading software scam.

Basically what will happen is after you get done depositing your money you are probably screwed and there will likely be no way for you to get your money back… Or at least it will be incredibly difficult to do so. Some of these types of scams even make you believe that you are making all sorts of money. The money in your trading account will grow and grow, but then it comes time to withdraw, you will find that it won’t let you.

The creators of these types of scams work with the brokers that they refer people to. So in my case they would earn commissions from referring me to “Your Broker”, if I were to deposit money.

Conclusion – Avoid

This place has scam written all over it and there is absolutely no way I’m going to be recommending it to my readers. Everyone is looking for a fast way to make money, but unfortunately this is not it. Remember… If it sounds too good to be true then you probably want to avoid it. And this definitely sounds too good to be true.

Also be on the lookout for similar scams out there… They are all over the place see need to be cautious.

If you are just looking for a way to make some money online and want a personal recommendation, I would suggest that you take a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month online here.

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