Affiliate Marketing Dude Review

Affiliate Marketing Dude Review – Scam or Good Training? [Read Before Buying!]

Welcome to my Affiliate Marketing Dude review.

Affiliate Marketing Dude is an affiliate marketing training program created by Marcus Campbell. But how good is it really? Is it a possible scam or waste of time?

I’m sure we have both seen our fair share of “make money online” programs out there that simply do not work. I know I sure as heck have anyhow.

So doing a little extra research and finding out how good this program actually is was a good choice. And a very important one.

In this review I’ll be going over what exactly this program includes, what type of work you will have to do, how much money you can make, complaints, the cost and more.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Dude?

As mentioned, this training program is the creation of Marcus Campbell. He has been involved in affiliate marketing for quite some time and obviously knows what he is doing. But of course just because someone is making good money for themselves doesn’t mean that their training program/system is worth getting involved with, which is why I had to dig a little deeper and review this program further.

To summarize the whole thing up, the focus of this training is on getting people to set up small websites that make money, and helping you do so. Not only is video tutorial training provided, but you also get access to tools, plug-ins that he uses, niche ideas, live training and more.

Affiliate Marketing In a Nutshell:

Now I don’t know how much you know, so just in case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is I want to cover it briefly.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model and a great way to make money online, in particular for beginners. With affiliate marketing you have no need for your own products or anything like that. You simply promote products online for other people and earn commissions when you help make them sales.

I’ve actually been involved with affiliate marketing since 2015 and make a living doing it, which is why I’d say I’m pretty well qualified to review this course, since I know the tricks of the trade.

My First Impression

To be honest, my first impression of Affiliate Marketing Dude was pretty bad. When I first came across it the website seemed a bit run down to me and it looked like a poorly constructed program.

I mean… Just look at the forum here. It looks like something you’d see from a website back in the early 2000s… And it definitely is not very lively…
Affiliate Marketing Dude forum

One thing that I’ve learned through my journey with affiliate marketing is that it is NOT all about the training. Being able to network with like-minded individuals and share ideas is a HUGE deal. And unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be very much interaction amongst members on this platform.

* It’s also worth mentioning that, besides the forum being completely dead for the most part, I didn’t see anyone enter the live chat.

Overall just not much activity.

Also, one thing that really stuck out to me was that there was a link to “Preorder Simple Sites 2017 Here”… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Is there some sort of time traveling involved in this or is this link just really outdated? I’m writing this review in 2019 and this link was from prior to 2017…


This type of thing really proves my point when I say that my first impression was this place seemed a bit run down and outdated.

Maybe Marcus needs to hire some more employees to keep the platform up-to-date, who knows…

What You Get

There is a good bit provided in this program. You get access to training, tools, get help setting things up, mentorship and more… But of course it depends on what you purchase. There are actually 3 different products (from what I’ve seen) and it will depend on what you buy, which I will go over more shortly.

The basics of it all revolve around 3 steps, although there is a lot more to it than just this. But these are the basics…

  1. Find a niche – The first step is to find a niche. A niche is a particular segment of the market that you would like to target. So if you really like basketball maybe you could create a website around the basketball equipment niche. Or if you really like cooking you could create a website around cooking recipes, and so on.
  2. Choose affiliate offers – Then the next step is to find affiliate offers. You have your website and you have a niche, now you need to find offers you can promote to make money. If your site is about basketball equipment you could easily find plenty of affiliate offers to promote all sorts of basketball equipment. And if your site is about cooking recipes, you could easily promote cooking recipe e-books and such, along with cookware if you wanted to. There are lots of possibilities and these are just 2 examples.
  3. Get traffic – And of course after getting everything set up and in place you are going to need traffic. Without anyone visiting your website you will not make any money. This, unfortunately, is probably the hardest part. But, there is plenty of traffic out there and lots of money to be made. The type of traffic you will be focusing on will vary a little depending on what your niche is. Some people may want to focus more on paid traffic while others may want to focus more on free traffic from social media and search engines.

The Cost

The 3 products that I came across are as follows. There might be more, maybe some smaller products, but I’m not completely sure.

  • $297 – Simple Sites Big Profits
    • This is the core training. You learn how Marcus builds his online businesses step by step and are also provided with tools that help do some of the hard work for you, which Marcus uses. If you buy into this you also get some support, access to sample profit sites that have been set up and more so that you know what to do and hopefully don’t get too lost.
    • This is what Marcus suggests as the main product for getting started. Pretty much you will need this product in order to go through the training, and the other 2 are “add-ons”.
  • $77/mo – Mentor Program
    • This mentor program is something you will have to pay for monthly if you want it. You will get access to video recordings, all the live training Marcus has done, all the plugins he uses for his sites, along with menorship from him of course.
    • You will also get access to private webinars that he only holds for people who join this program.
  • $997 – High Ticket Niches
    • If you buy into this Marcus will personally select a niche for you that he feels has a lot of potential. He will try to find you as profitable and noncompetitive of a niche as possible. You also get set up with a domain, along with some plugins for your site, tools, and some content to get started.
    • You also get access to Simple Sites Big Profits if you buy into this. This way you can follow along with the core training.

Other Costs

And of course you also have to remember that you may have to pay for traffic, which can be incredibly expensive and, if you don’t know what you are doing, a great way to lose a lot of money really fast.

There as an alternative program out there, which is what I used to get started back in 2015, that is free to start out with and I will go over that in a bit as well.

Who This Course Is For

First off, it is important to know that this WILL TAKE WORK. Don’t get the wrong impression when you hear Marcus saying that he will provide you with a website that is already set up with content if you buy into the $997 High Ticket Niches product. Even if you buy into this, you will be doing work, or else you will fail.

I believe he sets up your website (if you buy into this high ticket offer) with 4 pages of content. And I know from experience that this is absolutely nowhere near the amount of content you will need to start driving good traffic to your website, unless you are paying for traffic. Even if the content is 100% unique, it is just the very beginning of things.

YOU WILL BE WRITING! This is very important to know before getting started. If you are someone that absolutely hates writing (typing on a computer) then this probably is not for you.

As I mentioned earlier, this program is all about creating simple websites, what you could call a blog, writing content and promoting affiliate products around that content.

Example: If you decide to create a blog about dogs you could write a blog post about the best dog toys for small dogs and you could promote a bunch of different dog toys within that post. You see this sort of thing all the time online, even if you never noticed it.

Is There Much Profit Potential?

There is no question there is plenty of potential with affiliate marketing, however there is also a lot of people that fail. Results vary a ton and that is because there are so many variables at play here. The amount of money you make depends on many things, such as the competition in your chosen niche and the types of products you are promoting.

As I mentioned, I’ve been affiliate marketing since 2015 and have a good deal of experience with this business model. I have had websites that have made me less than $100 a year and I have even had websites have made me as much as over $6000 a month. There can be a huge difference.


Lack of Support

From what I have seen there definitely seems to be a lack of support. I went over how inactive the forum was and the live chat. I’m sure you are able to get some support, but it does not seem very adequate.

And I pretty much guarantee you that you will run into trouble eventually. There are bound to be some things you get stuck on or have problems with.

Cold Forum

This goes along with what I just said. The forum is “cold”. There is not much activity and, although you can definitely get some help, I don’t see much value here.

Overpriced Products

It it is very difficult to put a price tag on digital products like this, but in my opinion the $997 product seems to be just too much for me, but of course this is just my opinion. I mean… That is a lot of money, but then again you are getting access to the “core” Simple Sites Big Profits product as well.

It would be nice to know the success rates of people who buy into this $997 product. This is the one where Marcus picks a niche for you that he feels has great potential. You would expect success rates to be high (although I’m guessing not), but I understand that there is pretty much no way of actually finding this out.

Paying for a Niche? Not a Good Idea

Also, a word of warning. I was reading another review and the person brought up a really good point. You might not want to buy into the High Ticket Niches product where he picks a niche for you. It might sound tempting, but I foresee problems.

The main problem is that he will be picking a niche for you, which you may have absolutely no interest in. And, as I already said, you will have to create content. I have seen it happen many times before… Someone gets involved in a niche that they think is profitable but that they have no interest in and they get burn-out and end up quitting.

If you are going to be writing a bunch of content about something, you better darn well at least have some interest in it.

Conclusion – Worth Joining?

Overall I don’t see any real reason to recommend this program. There are so many different affiliate marketing training courses out there, and this does not seem to be one of the better ones. I’m sure there are some great things you can learn from it, and I’m sure some people have been successful from it, but the quality you are getting here just doesn’t seem to be up to par and isn’t going to give you your best chances of success.

A Better Alternative

Back in 2015 I got started with a training program called Wealthy Affiliate, which was one of the best decisions of my life.

This place teaches the same sort of thing, creating your own small websites and making money via affiliate marketing, but the difference is that Wealthy Affiliate provides a heck of a lot more and for a lower price… AND they have a free membership where you can get access to beginner training at absolutely no cost, which is a great way to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate has more training, a very active community where you can network with many other like-minded affiliate marketers and learn tons of great things, they have much better support and more. Overall is just a lot better in pretty much every way.

Interested? You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.


Thank you for reading! I hope you found this review helpful!

Please leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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The 90 Day CBD Challenge

What Is The 90 Day CBD Challenge? – Another Potential Scam?

They claim that you can start earning big commissions selling CBD products in just 90 days, with no inventory or special skills, but is there a catch to this? What is The 90 Day CBD Challenge exactly and what should you know about it before getting started? Is it a scam?

Well… One thing is for sure… You definitely should read my review here before getting started because there is some important information that is often left out. Of course they only tell you all the good stuff and leave out some of the downsides to this challenge.

The cost to join is free, which is nice. Supposedly the normal price is $1997, but at this time it is free. Who knows though, this might just be a marketing stunt. You see this kind of thing all the time.

You may also be wondering, well how can this training possibly be free? Don’t the people that put together have to make money?

The answer is Yes, and they do make money. do.

Don’t worry, I’ll go over all of this. In this quick review I’ll go over what exactly the challenge is, I’ll be showing you inside the program, how it works, how much money people can realistically make and more.

What Is The 90 Day CBD Challenge?

In a nutshell, The 90 Day CBD Challenge is 12 week training program where you can learn to start your own online business selling highly over-priced CBD oil products and earning big commissions. But there is more to it than just that. It could also be called a marketing funnel system to promote a CBD MLM company called HempWorx.

Basically it’s a training program that teaches you how to make money by partnerting with the company mentioned above.

Confusing I know… But I’ll break it all down for you so that you know exactly what is going on here before getting involved.

The creators of this training program are Chris Record and Peter Serenson, both of whom have been very successful in the online world and have started multimillion dollar businesses in the past. I’m personally more familiar with Chris, who is the cofounder of Tecademics and also the creator of Lifepreneur, because some of his programs have caught my attention in the past.

But anyways… Neither of these guys are going to put out a crappy program. So right from the start I was expecting this 90 Day CBD Challenge to be at least a pretty decent training course.

But before I get into what you actually get inside the course, I first want to talk a bit about CBD, and why this is becoming such a popular business opportunity.

Why Get Into CBD In The First Place?… The Future Is Looking Bright

If you do a few Google searches you will likely find a lot of reputable sources saying that the CBD market has quite a promising future. An article on RollingStone says the CBD market could hit $22 billion by 2022 and Forbes says the market could grow by 700% by 2020.

There is no doubt that it has a lot of potential. Sure, you may already be wishing that you got in sooner, but there is still a lot of future growth that will likely happen, so it is definitely not too late.

No… It Won’t Get You High

Most people didn’t want anything to do with it originally. They associated it with getting high because it comes from the cannabis plant.

Makes sense, but CBD won’t get you high and this misconception early on has slowly been disolving and opening up an absolutely massive market.

CBD is what is called a cannabidoid, and is one of many inside the cannabis plant. THC is the cannabidoid that is responsible for the high effect that comes from smoking marijuana. It is completely different.

In a nutshell, CBD is a substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant, and usually is extracted from the hemp variety, not marijuana.

Tons of Benefits

There are several reasons why the market for CBD is so massive.

1) There are tons of health benefits that come with this cannabinoid. While there is much more research that needs to be done to really see what all it can do, it is commonly used for…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Acne
  • Epilepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Glaucoma
  • And more…

2) It’s completely new to the market. Sure, people have been smoking and ingesting this cannabinoid illegally for years, but now it’s heading mainstream and you can buy it completely legally.

Overall the CBD market is without a doubt a good opportunity, which is why you see so many businesses and, in this case, a marketing course capitalizing on this newfound opportunity.

But Anyway… Back to The 90 Day CBD Challenge

So this 90 day challenge is completely free to join and will give you access to the training. Basically all you do is enter your email, name, create a password, and you have access to the members area.

However, there is sort of a “catch” that I will go over shortly. Because, although the training is free, if you want to follow along it will not be free.

You’ll understand what I mean in a second.

A Look Inside The Program

Once you our login you will see something that looks like this. Or maybe you will see an introduction video first. But anyways, once you get to the core of the members area, this is what you will see…

Over to the left-hand side of the screen you have all of the lessons outlined. Each week is focused on something different that is important to starting your CBD business.

Here is a closer look…

You have some training on setting up a website, marketing and branding, the legalities of this business, advertising, building an email list and so on.

From the looks of this it is a pretty well-rounded training course that goes over all the important aspects of starting a business of this kind.

HOWEVER, at this point you are still probably wondering how the heck you’re going to be making money with the CBD business that this challenge is training you on.

I’ll explain…

How It Works

So basically you won’t be creating your own CBD business, but rather you will be partnering with an existing CBD business, called HempWorx (used to be named My Daily Choice), which it is a MLM company that sells CBD oil. You will be an affiliate for the company.

When you originally sign up for the challenge you may or may not have noticed that they mention this in small print below…

So what you will be doing is promoting HempWorx and their CBD oil products in order to make money. It is not like this training is going to be showing you how to build your very own CBD oil business.

After Joining You Have 2 Options:

Option 1: Continue with the free training for $20

The first option you have is to just continue as normal. Yes, the training is FREE, but being an affiliate for HempWorx is not. But this only costs $20 so it’s not a big deal.

If you do this you will get a new training video released to you every day throughout the entire 90 day program.

Now this may be frustrating to some. This is something that someone else brought up and I totally agree with it.

Many people out there getting involved with this aren’t going to have the patience of a 90 day, 1 video per day, course. I can see how this would be beneficial because then you are forced to take your time and not rush things.

But we want money fast… right?

So this brings me to the other option you have…

Option 2: Upgrade your account to the Executive level

If you want to unlock all of the training right away, which I can imagine many people do, then you can upgrade your account to the Executive Level inside HempWorx.

I’ll go over this in more detail next, but HempWorx has multiple levels, or ranks, within the company. The higher up you are the more ability you have to earn. In this case you can simply buy your way up the ranks to that of Executive.

If you want to go this route it is going to cost you a hefty price. It costs $599 plus you will still have the $20 fee to be an affiliate.

The MLM Part of It

As I briefly mentioned earlier, HempWorx, which is the company you will have to partner with as an affiliate if you want to follow through with the training, is a MLM business.

What the heck does this mean?

This means that there is a hierarchal structure within the business and you can earn money from the efforts of those beneath you. A lot of people call these businesses pyramid schemes, although they are not. They do however have a pyramid-like compensation structure however.

Ways to Earn Within HempWorx

As in affiliate you will be able to earn money in 2 basic ways, by earning retail commissions from actually selling the CBD oil products, or… By recruiting in other affiliates beneath you and earning commissions based on their efforts.

Below you can see an example of a commission chart for what they call “jump start bonuses”. This is one of the many ways that you can get paid within the compensation plan. As you can see you will be able to earn down to 10 levels deep…

The affiliates that you personally recruit in make up your level I, the affiliates that they recruit in make up your level II, the affiliates that level II recruits in make up level III, and so on…

So basically it is a big pyramid-like structure where affiliates recruit in other affiliates and earn money based on the commissions that they make from recruiting in others and selling retail products.

There or a variety of other ways to earn as well, but they all contribute to this pyramid-like MLM structure.

Ranks are important. For example, in the chart above you can only earn level I commissions if you join as an Active Affilaite, but if you join as an Executive Affiliate, you will be able to earn down 4 levels right from the start.

There are a number of different ranks…

  • Active affiliate
  • Builder
  • Director
  • Executive
  • 5K affiliate
  • 10K affiliate
  • 25K affiliate
  • 50K affiliate
  • 100K affililiate
  • 250K affiliate
  • 500K affiliate
  • Super affiliate

Pretty much the goal with all of this MLM stuff is to move up the ranks and make more money. The further you move up the ranks, the more of the compensation plan you unlock and get access to. And of course, moving up the ranks is all about building your “team”, which consists of other affiliates that have been recruited in beneath you, which is accomplished via recruitment.

Making Sense of It All

Okay… So this point you may be pretty confused. I’m trying my best to explain, but I definitely understand how this would be one heck of a mess to try to understand.

In a nutshell, a tiny tiny nutshell, The 90 Day CBD Challenge is a marketing system for HempWorx. They say “hey join our free training and build your CBD business”, and while the training is free you are coaxed into joining HempWorx… And then further pushed into buying in at the Executive level.

You Will Have 2 Ways to Earn

After you go through the training you will have to ways in which you can earn. You will be able to either promote The 90 Day CBD Challenge and earn commissions when people buy into HempWorx through the training funnel, or you can simply promote HempWorx and their products without the use of The 90 Day CBD Challenge.

It’s your choice.

Are You Going to Get Rich Off This?

Of course this opportunity is presented as one of the greatest things to ever bless this earth, but it seems like every “make money online” opportunity is promoted in this sort of way.

And sure, you definitely “can” make money doing this, but “will” you? These are 2 different questions.

If you look at the official income disclosure for the MLM company HempWorx, this is what you see. WARNING… It is not too pretty…

As shown above, even those who are at the rank of Executive are still only earning a monthly average of around $90.52, which is pretty darn horrible. And the people at the lesser ranks are earning even less on average. There is a good post on Reddit explaining this all too.

So it costs $599 to join at the Executive rank, but you are only going to be earning an average of $90 a month???

Well… It’s a bit more complicated than that.

But The 90 Day Challenge Will Help

The challenge and training should help.

The chart above is for all HempWorx affiliates, most of them doing their own thing. Since you have the challenge training and all you definitely have at least somewhat of an advantage.

Now how much of an advantage? Who knows… Your guess is as good as mine.

Is This a Scam?

I would not call The 90 Day CBD Challenge a scam. However, I can see how some people who joined the free training may feel a bit like they were taken advantage of after they find out they have to spend money. That said, you shouldn’t really be expecting to get involved in some sort of business like this without spending any money at all.

All in all I definitely do not consider this a scam. They provide good training and a good program overall, that you definitely can make money with.

Also, as I already went over in the beginning, both of the creators have at least decent reputations with programs like this.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Signing Up For?

Now this is a very tough question to answer.

Personally I don’t care for MLM’s at all. Not one bit. While they do have a lot of potential for making big money, their pyramid-like structures make it very difficult for those on the bottom to earn decent amounts and often creates a problem where very very few people at the very top are making the majority of the money, which is why they have such high turnover rates.

This fact is reflected in the income statement I showed above.

BUT… This isn’t just a MLM opportunity. You are also getting access to this training funnel which should make things a little bit easier for you. But again, there is definitely no guarantee that you are going to make much.

I’m not personally going to be promoting this program, but I also am not going to be telling you to avoid it at all costs. This one is up to you.

If you are looking for something that is a little more beginner friendly and not so complicated, I would suggest taking a look how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month online. It has nothing to do with selling CBD oil or anything like that, but if you’re just looking for a good way to make money online I would highly recommend it.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Millionaire Middleman

Millionaire Middleman – Scam or Amazing Opportunity? [Review]

Welcome to my review of Millionaire Middleman!

I’ve being getting some requests to look into this training program and have finally gotten around to it. Is this place a scam? Is this the real deal? Are you going to be able to make $10,000+ a month like some of the successful students that they have shown in testimonial videos?

When it comes to a high-priced program like this one, there is always some worry and suspicion. The high price tag makes it seem like a top-notch program, but at the same time you are wondering if it is just some massive scam.

In this quick review I am going to get my personal opinion of it and whether or not I think it is something worth buying into.

And by the way, I am not promoting this program trying to make money, so this review is as unbiased as possible, unlike many of the other ones you will see out there.

Millionaire Middleman Review


In a nutshell, Millionaire Middleman it is basically a training program (also provide you with some tools) that helps you make money online by creating an online ad agency and getting paid by businesses…. working as a middleman.

The focuses on running local Google ads for clients, doing it better than they were doing themselves. This program will show you how to set up your agency without doing any tech work, pick up clients that are willing to pay you good money, and outsource most of the work so that you are basically the head of the whole thing and keeping it running, but really not doing much to get your hands dirty.

The program is created by 2 people named Chance and Abdul, which I want to talk a little bit more about…

Who are Chance and Abdul?

Both Chance and Abdul our people who actually do what they teach. This is a great sign because you see a lot of crappy “make money online” programs where the creators don’t even know what the heck they are teaching. These guys make a living doing what they are teaching you and they know how it all works.
Chance and Abdul Millionaire Middleman

I’ve watched several different videos with these guys and one thing that I’ve noticed is that they seem very normal, and very relaxed. They aren’t running their mouth talking about how you’re going to become a millionaire in the next week or anything like that.

They take a realistic approach and aren’t trying to sucker people into buying the program. This is the type of ethics I like to see.

Abdul is supposedly making somewhere around $2 million a year off of only around 20 clients and Chance is doing over $70,000 a month.

How Millionaire Middleman Works

So what you will be doing is looking for clients that are spending money running ads for their business but aren’t doing a great job. That is where you step in and show them how you can make them more money, and where they hire you to take over the work.

Like I said… You are running an ad agency.

  1. Find clients
  2. Get high quality leads for them
  3. Be the middleman – outsource all the tech work 


What exactly you will be doing I’m sure you have seen quite a bit but maybe just never really realized it. You know when you are searching for some sort of product or service online in your area and there are ads that appear at the top of Google search?

For example, I typed in “plumber Pittsburgh”, as if I am living in Pittsburgh and in need of a plumber, and as you can see there are several ads for different plumbing services…

This is what you are doing…. You are helping businesses run ads more effectively and efficiently. And if you do this, making them more money, they will gladly pay you.

But how do you go about finding such clients?

In the program much of the focus on finding clients is on using LinkedIn. They have all their tips and advice for getting in contact and closing a deal with high-paying clients.

Are Online Agencies Really The Next Big Thing?

One thing that I definitely noticed over the past several years is that there seems to be a trend in online agency creation. This isn’t the first online agency training program that I have come across.

Sam Ovens Consulting is another training program that I reviewed which is focused on creating your own digital consulting firm, which is actually pretty similar to this… But I’ll get into that.

Do I think there’s opportunity here?

Definitely… I think there is a time of opportunity making money from clients like this, and so many different ways to go about it. There are many brick-and-mortar businesses advertising their services, but not really doing that good. These are the opportunities that you can swoop in on.

How Much Money Can You Make?

I’m just going to address this question real fast because I know everyone is wondering.

The answer isn’t a good answer however. The results can vary a time, as you can imagine.

They tell you that you should give it at least 30 to 90 days to see results, but of course some people make money even within a week or less, while others take much much longer.

Just like any online business, I am sure there are a heck of a lot of people that fail to make any money, and give up, and then there are those that go on to see great success.


When you buy into a program like this getting good support is always a big deal.

Based on the limited amount of information that I have been able to find, the support seems pretty good. They have a helpful community that you can easily get help from in a timely manner.

It seems that they let a very limited number of people into this program, which is probably why their support is of such good quality… They simply don’t have tons and tons of people to be supporting. 

The fact that they do just let anyone buy into this program is evident by the 1 on 1 call that you have to book with them if you want to get in.

What Members Are Saying

Honestly, there is very limited information on this. There really not many reviews in this could very well be because there just aren’t tons of members out there.

I did come across some obvious fake reviews online trying to push people to buy into the program, but not many at all that seem to be actually real.

That said, there our quite a bit of video testimonials out there where Abdul has chatted with students that have been a success and they do seem to be legitimate and genuine.

Final Thoughts

Something I also want to mention is that Millionaire Middleman is partnered with The HOTH, which is a reputable SEO agency that has been around for years and has helped many small and large Fortune 500 companies grow their businesses online.

Why is this important? Well… It’s not really. However, I just wanted to point this out because I am very familiar with The HOTH and know that they would not jeopardize their reputation by partnering with some scammy system, which goes to show that Millionaire Middleman is the real deal.

I’ve reviewed a heck of a lot of scams online and this does not seem to be one of them by any means.

I know this review didn’t provide all that much insight into the training program and what exactly it provides you with, however I hope I gave you a good overview of how it all works and whether or not it is a scam.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

You also might be interested in taking a look at how I make over $6k a month online or my personal top picks for making money online.

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Become an affiliate marketer for amazon
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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer for Amazon – Step by Step

Welcome to my guide on how to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon. You came to the right place if you are looking for a looking for the right way to go about this, because... well.... I'm an affiliate marketer myself who makes a living doing this stuff.

I first want to start off by saying that affiliate marketing is a great business to get involved with if you are looking to make money online. It...

  • Has lots of opportunity
  • Is quite simple compared to other methods
  • Requires little to no startup cost

... and of course it has all the benefits of making money and being your own boss... which include being able to work when you want from where ever you want. Overall it is a great choice for beginners.

Being an affiliate for Amazon is just one of the many choices out there, but it is a good way to get started because Amazon is an absolute ecommerce powerhouse. Everyone knows Amazon and no matter what you are looking to promote, you can find it here.

*I think they sell somewhere around 700 million products right now. Ridiculous I know.

The commissions they pay are far from the greatest you can find but I definitely won't be telling anyone to avoid becoming an affiliate with them. A lot of people start out here because of the simple fact that it is an easy choice.

But anyways... lets move on to the steps of becoming an affiliate marketer for this ecom giant. It's going to be fairly lengthy so feel free to use the quick navigation links below to jump to certain sections if you are impatient.

5 Steps to Get Started as an Amazon Affiliate

With the Amazon affiliate program, which is actually called Amazon Associates by the way, you can't just go sign up right away just because you feel like it.

If they let everyone sign up and just start promoting their products like madmen they would really hurt the image of their brand.

There are first a few things you are going to have to have in place beforehand or else they aren't going to accept you.

Step 1: Decide What Types of Products You Want to Promote (pre-Amazon)

The very first thing that you want to decide before doing ANYTHING else is to figure out what type of products you want to promote.

I highly recommend you focus on a specific "niche", which is nothing more than a targeted market segment.

So your niche could be...

  • Basketball hoops
  • Kitten beds
  • Dog toys
  • Yoga accessories 
  • Children toys for brain development
  • Natural health supplements for weight loss
  • And thousands more... the list is endless!

There are so many niches out there that I'm not going to get too in-depth with this list.

Two IMPORTANT Pointers:

#1 - Choose Something You Actually Have Interest In

What do you have an interest in? Do you like dogs? Do you like some sport? Do you like video games? Do you like cooking? woodworking, paying piano, sewing, etc. etc.?

I think it is extremely important that you choose something that interests you. This will make it a lot easier because:

  • You will have the mindset of those you are marketing to
  • and you will not get burnt out spending a bunch of time in a niche that you really don't care for

Don't chase the money. I know some niches can be very luring and you may see nothing but dollar signs, but from my experience it is definitely better to start out in something you like.

So take some time to think about what you really like.

#2 - Try to Keep It Pretty Narrow

You are also going to want to keep your niche pretty narrow. This will make it less overwhelming and you will be able to become more of an expert in the particular niche.

  • Instead of targeting the broad niche of 'health supplements', choose something more narrow like 'weight loss supplements' or 'cognitive health supplements'. And even these could be narrowed down more if you'd like.
  • Instead of targeting the broad niche of 'dogs', target something more focused like 'dog food' or even more focused like 'natural dog food'.

Step 2: Create a Website or Blog (pre-Amazon)

Now it's time to create a website now that you have chosen your niche.

I know... I know... this sounds complicated. 

But don't worry, it's really not. This isn't 1997 anymore... creating a website is nothing to fear.

  • Creating a website is simple
  • And it can be free

You can also promote Amazon products via a Youtube channel or through a mobile app, but creating your own website is the route I went and the route I know very well... which is why that is what I'm teaching. And it is definitely one of the better ways to go.

Websites are great. They are like your own little hub that you can do whatever you want with. You will be getting traffic to your site and then promote products from there. 

Don't Want to Spend Money?

I completely understand. When getting started you don't want a lot of risk... and the good thing is that there are free blog sites out there that you can create a blog on for free.

I suggest using SiteRubix. This website builder will allow you to easily create a site get started in no time. It's literally a few clicks of the mouse to have the basics of your site up... couldn't be easier.

*Wait til the end. I'll go over the easiest way to get it all started with the tools you need.

Choose a website name that is related to your niche. For example: if your niche is dog toys you could go with the name 'dougsdogtoys' (if your name is Doug) or 'doggydelight' or whatever you can think of. Get creative with it.

Step 3: Create Content & Drive Traffic to Your Site (pre-Amazon)

Now you have your site up it is time to create some content. This has to be done before you can get approved by Amazon. They of course aren't going to like the looks of a bare-bones site.

What type of content do you create?

You are going to want to write about things that have to do with your niche.

Example: If you have a site about dog toys (going by my last example), you could write articles about...

  • Top 10 outdoor dog toys
  • How to play different dog games
  • How to teach your dog to fetch
  • Different dog toys for different dog breads
  • The benefits of certain dog toys
  • And so on...

However you aren't going to just want to write a bunch of random articles that come to mind. 

Important: Use a keyword research tool

A keyword research tool is what you use to find good keywords to write about. I'm not going to get into detail, but basically what it does is helps you rank your articles higher in the search engines.

*Again, I'll be going over what I suggest using at the end.

It's All About Traffic

Writing content on your site and getting traffic go hand-in-hand. When you write content, if you use a keyword research tool and use it right, you will be able to rank high in Google and get people to come to your site when they are searching for things.

As an example someone could be searching for the best outdoor dog toys and maybe come across an article you wrote called '9 Best Outdoor Dog Toys'. Then they might click on that and come to your site.

The reason this is an absolutely awesome way to get traffic to your site is because it:

  • Is 100% free - no investment
  • Traffic is unlimited
  • The people coming to your site are very targeted - they clicked on your site because they are interested
  • It can last a long time! - sometimes you get ranked for an article and it stays there for years... continually getting you traffic

Sure you can run paid ads, but that is a lot more risky for newbies and can really burn a hole in your wallet fast.

Step 4: Apply for the Amazon Affiliate Program 

Now that you have your site up and running it is time to apply for the Amazon affiliate program.

After creating an Amazon account or logging into an existing one, you will have to fill out your profile and fill in some other information, such as...

  1. Account information - Your name and address
  2. Website information - List your site and provide some info on it, such as what it's about
  3. Profile - Will fill out a profile
  4. Identity verification - They will call you to verify your identity

It's a fairly straightforward process and nothing complicated really. You can get started on it here: but I'd wait until you finish reading this article so that you see how everything works and fits together.

Step 5: Now It's Time to Promote... Even Though You Aren't Approved Yet!

Now it's time to start promoting some products! The part you have been waiting for all along!

It's all about getting traffic to your website… If you aren't getting much traffic then that means you need to put out more content and get ranked more in Google.

But why would you be doing all of this before getting approved? 

What is the point of promoting Amazon products if you are not even part of the affiliate program yet?

Well… Believe it or not this is how the process works. You first have to make 3 qualifying sales in order to move forward with the application process. After making 3 sales they will then review your application and either accept it or reject it.

I believe it used to be just one sale back when I first applied in 2015, but they have since changed this.

Tip on Promoting:

There are a lot of ways you can go about incorporating affiliate links into your content and promoting products, but one way that I often suggest is what I call the "web" design.

You don't want there to be too many affiliate links all over the place. Google doesn't like this.

So what you do is create many different articles and point them to a small number of articles that are promoting something.  So it's like a big web catching all sorts of traffic and funneling it into a select few pages where you do have a bunch of affiliate links.

You don't have to do this all the time but I think it helps because it keeps your site cleaner and less saturated with such links.

Didn't Get Approved? This Might Be Why

If you get rejected, which is not very uncommon, this is usually because your website just doesn't provide enough valuable content.

Amazon is looking for some unique content. They don't want a website that just re-states exactly what the product descriptions are for products listed on Amazon. They want you to provide additional value.

So give your own opinion on things. And it definitely do not copy and paste… Always re-word as best you can.

If you got rejected you can always improve your website and then re-apply later that is what you wish to do.

Tips for Success

  1. Choose a niche you like
  2. Focus on quality over quantity
  3. Provide real value to your website visitors
  4. Use conversational tone when writing
  5. Don't overly saturate your website with affiliate links

A one of the tips that I am giving here are pretty much things that are common sense. If you focus on providing real value and helping out people, and you put in the work, then you more than likely are going to see success from this.... Assuming that you have done your keyword research correctly and are promoting relevant products.

Get PROVEN Affiliate Training and Tools for FREE

So obviously you are going to want some formal training when it comes to all of this. You don't want to go out and spend a bunch of time building out your website, creating content, only to find out that you have been doing it wrong.

And in addition to this you are also going to need tools, such as a platform to build your website on and a keyword research tool so that you can get ranked in Google.

My Suggestion: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is in affiliate marketing training platform that also provides all the tools necessary to get started, such as a website builder and keyword research tool as mentioned above.

Basically it is like an "all-inclusive" type of deal where you everything you need and don't have to go out elsewhere… Which makes it incredibly easy for beginners to get started.

And the awesome thing about it is that they have a free Starter Membership where you can get started without even entering your credit card information or anything.

  • Training
  • Tools
  • Community of experts
  • Support

... they provide it all.

And the reason I am recommending this place and like it so much is because this is actually where I started out back in 2015. And now I make a living doing this stuff and am very grateful for that.

You can create your free account at Wealthy Affiliate and get started here:

Or for more info:

At the very least you could create a free account and give it a "test drive" to see if you like it or not... and if not you can walk away no harm done.

Take care and I wish you the best of luck on your affiliate marketing journey. This can potentially be a lucrative opportunity but you must have patience and don't expect to "strike it rich" right from the start. 

There is lots to learn.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I'll get back to you soon 🙂

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How Long Does It Take to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate
Blog, Training

How Long Will It Take to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

A big question that comes up from newbies at Wealthy Affiliate, or before joining, is how long does it take to make money? It’s a good question that everyone should be asking and it’s something that I can give some good insight on.

I’ve been a member since 2015 and not only have I been through the whole experience myself, but I have also seen hundreds of others go through it as well. It can be a struggle early on and if you have false expectations or don’t really know what you are getting into, you are more likely to end up quitting and then this would all be a waste of time.

So how long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate you ask?

Well… in order to get to the best answer possible and really explain it all, lets first take about how WA works and some key factors that are going to effect the time it takes for you to start earning that money you have been dreaming about.

An Overview of What WA Is and How It Works

Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell is an online business platform that provides training for beginners looking to make money online. The main focus here is on affiliate marketing through your own website that you drive traffic to via SEO (through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

The awesome part of this entire business model is that it requires extremely little startup cost and has the potential to be very lucrative… the downside is that it TAKES TIME… and for those that are impatient and need cash now it may be a struggle.

Most people will tell you that it will take 3 months or so until you start seeing some money trickle in, but this really isn’t a good answer. You could potentially see money in less (although highly unlikely) but it also could take a while longer.

‘But I Need Money for Rent Next Week!’

Unfortunately WA isn’t going to cut it in this situation.

I often see people join who are in financial situations where they need money immediately. If you are someone like this then I don’t want to give you false hope.

Yes you can earn money with WA and yes you can earn a lot… but you sure as heck aren’t going to be earning an immediate income, or anything quickly.

Some people earn money faster than others… just like some people are promoted to higher positions within companies and some progress faster while working toward a fitness goal. Some reasons for this include the following…

6 Key Factors to Consider

1. Time Spent – It’s a given that most of the time when you put more time and work into things you get faster and better results. Now of course this doesn’t always work out perfectly and you don’t want to work so hard that you burn out, but generally speaking those who put in more time are going to see faster results.

That said, I actually would suggest starting off on the rather slow side of things rather than jumping in head first and spending 5+ hours a day on this stuff, reason being that it will likely be overwhelming if you jump in too fast and you will likely make more mistakes that just end up as wasted time.

2. Action Taken – Something else you have to think about and consider is the action taken. You can spend a bunch of time working but if that time isn’t being spent properly on real action, there isn’t much point of it.

Don’t spend 10 hours trying to tweak some simple thing on your site that might only take 5 minutes to do. Early on I always see people getting caught up on the small unimportant things that are just not worth the effort.

The best advice I can give is to simply follow the core training at WA and to not veer off from that too much.

Your site doesn’t need to look like some professionally designed masterpiece early on. No one is going to be trafficking it anyhow, so what’s the point?

You will learn a lot as you follow along with the training and things that might have taken you a long time early on will only take you a minuscule amount once you know what you are doing.

3. Quality of Work – This is also a big deal that certainly plays a major factor in the timing of success.

Are you creating good quality content? I know this is hard to judge early on as a beginner, but just give it your best shot. I also remember when I started and thinking that my posts were never good enough… don’t worry… you will get there with time. It’s amazing how far you will come with practice and just putting in the work.

Also, you don’t want to make your content “too good”. What I mean by this is that you don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to make each post perfect. Put out good quality content without being too nitpicky.

And DEFINITELY DO NOT duplicate content or use content spinners. Sure, you can publish lots of content very quickly this way but you are just going to be hurting yourself. Google will punish you for the duplicate content and content that has been spun always has problems in one way or another.

4. Keywords Targeted – It’s all about keywords… well… as lot of it has to do with this anyhow. If you are targeting good keywords and putting out good content then you are doing things right, at least as far as the quality of your work goes.

Early on I highly recommend that you target what are called “long tail keywords”. These are keywords that are a bit more lengthy and usually consist of 4+ words.

Things like…

  • “how to shoot a basketball from the free throw line” instead of just “how to shoot a basketball”
  • “best essential oil diffusers of 2019” instead of “essential oil diffusers”
  • “how to potty train a cat on the toilet” instead of just “potty train a cat”

… and so on.

These are much more targeted and because of this there is less competition among them.

Early on your site will be small and have little to no authority, so your best chances of success are by using keywords like this.

5. Competition in Your Chosen Niche – Competition from others websites also plays a big role. If you choose a niche that has little to no competition, then you are going to be able to really see your business grow relatively quickly without being beat down by larger authority sites.

But unfortunately you aren’t going to be able to find a niche with no competition. There is always competition… but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it.

There is a ton of opportunity out there… it’s just obviously the more desirable to go into a niche or micro-niche that doesn’t have insane amounts of competition.

6. Google Doesn’t Like New Sites – It’s true…. well… maybe not completely true, but for the most part it is.

Anyone that has created a website looking to rank on Google knows well that they don’t care for new sites. Or I guess it would be better stated that they don’t trust new sites, which is why they don’t get ranked well.

It really doesn’t matter how good of content you are putting out and how good your niche is… a new site is a new site, and Google won’t treat it very well.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people will tell you that it is around the 3-month mark when you can expect to start seeing some money come in. While there is no hard proof of this, it does seem to be true to some extent and Google plays a major part in it.

It just seems that around that time is when the trust factor starts to really develop with Google.

Time Is Money

When it comes to making money online it is going to cost you either time or money…. and time is money.

It doesn’t really matter what path you take… you could get instant traffic to your site by running paid ads.. but then you are going to have to spend money upfront and it is a lot more risky. I’ve blown through tons of money running ads and know this for myself.

Or… you can choose the path that Wealthy Affiliate sets in place for you… in which you can get free traffic from Google and other search engines… it’s a lot less risky but of course it takes time.

The Answer to This Is That There Is No Good Answer

Sadly, there is no set in stone answer that I can give for the time frame of making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

My best answer… if I had to give you numbers to go by… would be somewhere between 3-6 months I guess… but even that is just a very general statement that you have to take with a grain of salt.

Those Who Succeed vs Those Who Fail

It’s no secret that a lot of people fail with any sort of online business. But the reason for failure may not be what you expect… at least not for this business model.

There is no doubt that giving up too early is by far one of the biggest reasons for failure. It certainly is not the only reason but it is a big one.

And it makes perfect sense if you think about it.

Lots of people join with unrealistic expectations. They think making money online is some fairy-tale where you can “plug-in” and start raking in the dough. There are a lot of scams out there that suggest this type of thing is true… which is why many believe in it.

After working on things for a month or so with no money to show for it… they think it must be a scam or something and give up.


What if you’re the person who makes it close but quits just before hitting the diamond mine?

Get Free Expert Help from Me… Someone Who Makes a Living Doing This Stuff

If you aren’t already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and are looking to join, you can join through my link here and I’ll help you out along the way.

It’s a free mentor service if you want to think of it like that. It doesn’t cost you any extra… I’ll just answer questions, give you advice and my opinion of things, help you decide what direction to take your online business, etc.

It’s something I do for anyone who signs up through me as a way to help.

Leave any comments or questions below! I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Ways to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate
Blog, Training

8 Ways to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate – Plus Pro Tips!

Thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate? Or maybe you’ve already joined and are wondering in what ways you will be able to make money with it? Wondering is it even possible to make money?

Of course the purpose of becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate is to make money in the first place, so this is definitely something you should probably know early on or before hand.

I’ve been a member since late 2015 so I know my way around pretty well. In this post I’ll be going over 8 different ways to earn with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right…8!

It’s pretty obvious that affiliate marketing is going to be one of them, after all, the name of this place is Wealthy “Affiliate”… However, there are a handful of other ways as well, some of which you are probably aware of but others you may not think of.

Earning Money from WA and from Outside Sources

It’s important to know that there are two main ways that you will be able to make money… Earning money from the WA platform itself and earning money from outside sources. What I mean here is that you will be able to actually get paid from WA, as in money deposited into your PayPal account, as well as being able to get paid from various other places in a variety of other ways.

Don’t worry you will understand what I mean in a second…

The 8 Ways to Earn with Wealthy Affiliate

Lets first go over the different ways to earn from outside sources…

So first I will be going over the ways to earn “with” Wealthy Affiliate not “on” Wealthy Affiliate, meaning the different ways you will be able to earn money after going through the training and building your online business. Then after this I will discuss the different ways you can actually earn money “on” the platform itself.

All of the ways to earn in this section come from building an online business foundation, which is what you learn at WA. You first must have your website in place and you must be getting traffic in order to monetize it in any of these ways. This is what you are taught to do, mainly via SEO and keyword research. In the next section you will see that there is a way to actually start earning a little bit of money without this requirement of first having your online business in place (aka website).

But anyways… Let’s get to it…

1. Affiliate Programs

First up is earning with affiliate marketing through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are promotional programs set up by companies in which they pay people commissions to promote their products and help make sales. How it works is simple: you promote a product via affiliate links and you get paid a commission when you help make a sale.

Example: If you were to create a blog about dog training you could join the PetSmart affiliate program and promote a variety of different dog toys, treats, etc. Or of course you could always join the Amazon affiliate program and promote products in just about any niche imaginable.

There are lots of different affiliate programs out there, some very high-paying and some not so much. As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to diversify your earnings. Don’t just promote one single product from one single affiliate program. Promote various products from various affiliate programs so that your eggs are not all in one basket.

  • Great for Beginners – Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners to get started in the online world and is often the starting point for many online marketers. The reason… Because it is low cost and simple…
  • Low Cost – To get started doing this you need little to no money. In fact, if you get started on a platform like WA it is free. You don’t need any money to get started because they provide you with a free website and some free training to get going. But of course you will need to spend a bit of money at some point, which still is not much however.
  • Fairly Simple – The simplicity of affiliate marketing is also a big plus. All you do in this business model is promote other people’s products online. There is not much to it really.
2. Ads (Google Adsense, Mediavine, Monumetric, etc)

One you have traffic coming into your website another great opportunity to monetize it is with ads. Usually people start out with the popular Google AdSense, but there also better higher-paying options like Mediavine and Monumetric available once you have enough traffic. Google AdSense is the popular want to start out with because it is easy to get approved for. You don’t need much traffic.

With Adsense all you will have to do is insert a code into your site and the ads will be displayed automatically. Other ad services install the codes for you but it is easy to do yourself, so don’t worry.

People often think of ads as a distraction. Affiliate marketing is usually where the big money is made, so they don’t want to distract people from clicking on affiliate links with random ads being displayed. However, as long as your site isn’t overly saturated with ads I would say that it is definitely beneficial for making as much money as possible.

Ads are good..

The fact of the matter is that not everyone who comes to your website is going to click on affiliate links and purchase the product you’re promoting. Maybe they go read an article you wrote and the end up becoming disinterested or something (it happens). Ads are a great way to monetize these people because they present them with different things that are of interest.

If you are a good writer and good at incorporating relevant affiliate products into your blogs then I don’t think ads are really going to take away from that. They will simply allow you to earn money from the people who were not going to click on your affiliate links in the first place.

3. CPA Offers

Then of course there are CPA offers, a.k.a. Cost Per Action offers. These little guys might not earn you the big bucks, but can still be very lucrative opportunities. Small money adds up and CPA offers definitely should not be overlooked.

CPA offers pay you when you get people to do things like..

  • Sign up for an email list
  • Register an account
  • Sign up for a free trial

…and more. They are often easier to monetize because a lot of them are free for people to do, but they don’t pay as much as affiliate marketing opportunities.

Once you have traffic coming from the site you created with Wealthy Affiliate you should consider CPA offers. Sometimes they convert better than regular old affiliate offers.

4. Ecommerce

This is much less focused on at WA but you can still find training on it. So if you are looking to sell your own products or maybe do some dropshipping, this can be done.

The websites you create on the WA platform are run by WordPress so you would have to install a plugin like Woocommerce, which there are tutorials on. This will allow you to sell products directly, process payments, etc.

Most people who join WA probably have no products to sell and are more interested in affiliate marketing, but I do get quite a few questions from people asking if they can sell their own products, which of course the answer to is Yes.

You can definitely make good money via ecommerce but the downside to it, compared to affiliate marketing, is that it is more complicated. With ecommcerce you have to deal with customers, processing payments, etc.

Ways to earn within the platform

5. WA Affiliate Program

WA also has an affiliate program that you can make money with if you are interested in promoting WA to other people. Some people join this program right from the start but I would suggest going this route after you have already promoted other things… the reason being because if you promote it from the start you really don’t know what you are promoting. You will be promoting a way to make good money online without any proof that it works.

But anyways… their affiliate program can be very lucrative so I can see why so many people are attracted to it. You can earn recurring commissions since members pay for their memberships on a monthly or yearly basis (if they upgrade to Premium of course).

This affiliate program isn’t the only one out there with recurring payments but it is a darn good one. You only usually find these sorts of recurring payments with subscription services.

Earning “Cash Credits” & “Affiliate Credits”

Inside the WA platform you can also earn what are called Cash and Affiliate Credits. These don’t come from people joining WA for the first time or anything like that. They come from actions that members take inside the platform once they are already members.

These credits can be redeemed for real cash deposited to PayPal or can be used to do other things on the platform, like to pay for comments, buy domains, get feedback on your site, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate is basically creating an entire little micro-economy around this credit system. They aren’t just some stupid point system for fun. They do make things a little more fun but they also have some real value to them, obviously because they can be cashed out for real cash. Each credit you earn is worth $0.50, so 2 credits = $1.

Wealthy Affiliate credits

The different ways to earn cash credits include #6 and #7…

6. Create Training

Member created training is a big deal at WA and makes up much of the training provided on the platform. They have the core training created by Kyle (the owner of WA) and Jay (does live video training sessions weekly), but members can also create their own training. This is a great thing because there are many members on WA that are experts in their own way and can provide detailed training on anything they want that has to do with online marketing type stuff… which could be about anything from Pinterest Marketing to effective ad placement and traffic generation techniques.

Of course WA recognizes how important the member-created training is and because of this they reward you with cash credits when you create training.

You will be able to add video tutorials, screenshots, different steps of the training on different pages, etc. There is a lot you can do to make a very thorough and well laid out tutorial or whatever type of training you are looking to create.

The amount of cash credits you will earn depends on the amount of visits, likes, and engagement that your training gets. This gives incentive to actually create good training.

7. Domain Registrations

WA is also a domain registrar, as is the popular site GoDaddy. What this means is that you can buy domains (websites) directly through WA. This is nice and lots of people do it because it just makes things easier.

The cash credits come in when other people that you have referred to WA purchase domains. When a referral of yours buys or renews a domain at WA you earn 2 cash credits, or $1.

There really isn’t much you can do here to actually try to earn money this way. You just need to refer members in and many of them will end up purchasing domains through the platform. So obviously the WA affiliate program and this way of earning go hand in hand.

8. Account Setup

This is another way that you can earn credits but you will have to participate in the WA affiliate program and refer in new members as well.

When you refer in members they will be prompted to set up their account by adding a profile image and writing a description. When they do this you will earn $1 in Affiliate Credits, which is also 2 credits. Not everyone you refer in is going to take action and do this but you can also message them inside the platform and give them a nudge.

Not only can you make money when referrals set up their accounts like this, but it also helps them out as well. When they set up their profile they are more likely to interact and have interactions with others, which adds to the experience and increases chances of success.

In the future there are likely going to be other ways to earn as well within the credit system.

Making Money on The Platform vs Off The Platform

I already went over this but I think it’s important to touch upon it again just so that you really know what’s going on here.

Here are the different ways you can earn money inside WA (where you actually get paid from WA)

Inside WA

  • WA affiliate program
  • Create training
  • Domain registration
  • Account setup

And here are the many other ways you can earn from what WA provides you with, which is training that helps you build a website so that you can make money by…

Outside WA

  • Other affiiate programs
  • Ads
  • CPA offers
  • Ecommerce

How a 3+ Year Member Is Earning

So you might be wondering… what is the best way to earn? There are all these different paths to take, but what should you be focusing on?

Well… I’ve been a member for over 3 years and I’ll give you some info on how I’m earning as well as advice to new members. And by the way, I make a living doing this stuff.

  • Affiliate Marketing is #1 for Me – I earn most of my money, by far, from affiliate marketing. I do promote WA and I also have websites in other niches where I promote other things (such as health products). I earn over $6k a month and over 85% of that comes from affiliate marketing.
  • Next Comes Ads – Ads always provide some pretty consistent earnings as long as your website traffic is fairly consistent.
  • And CPA Offers Are Right Up There – There are times where I make quite good money with CPA offers. They are right up there with ads as far as my income goes.

My suggestion to new members is to focus mainly on affiliate marketing and ads. The good thing about this is that these are both the main focuses at WA. Affiliate marketing is number 1 and ads are number 2. Not only are they good ways to earn but they are also probably the easiest for beginners to get started with.

Pro Tips for Earning

#1 – Stick to the Training – Try not to get side tracked and waste time on small things like website design annoyances and such. You will learn a lot as you go and you don’t want to spend 10 hours on something that only will take you 2 minutes once you have experience.

#2 – Choose a Niche You Actually Like – Don’t focus entirely on the money. Choose a niche that you like when starting a website. If you don’t you will likely get burnt out and quite. I learned this myself… more than once!

#3 – Be Patient! – You have to be patient… that is for darn sure. The methods of making money online that WA teaches take a while to get going. That is just the way it is unfortunately… but it can be well worth it.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate in my full-on review here:

Or if you are ready create your free Starter Account here (no credit card needed):

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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Scam

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Scam? – What You Should Know

So it’s the end of November and I’m guessing that you probably have been seeing the promotion everywhere. Maybe you’ve seen it advertised online, maybe you have been bombarded with emails about it… But what the heck is going on here. Is this some sort of Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday scam?

After all, while Black Friday is well known for its incredible deals it is also well known for incredible scams. Is this just another one of them?

In the short post I want to go over what exactly is going on with this Black Friday special that Wealthy Affiliate is having and why it is being promoted so heavily. I’ll let you know what the upsides and downsides to it are and hopefully paying a more clear picture for you.

But first, what is Wealthy Affiliate? You probably already know this, but in case there’s anyone reading this that doesn’t, here’s a short summary of what this place is…


Wealthy Affiliate In a Nutshell..

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform that is mostly focused on affiliate marketing. The reason I call it a “platform” is because they are just your typical training program that provides the training and leaves you having to go out and buy the tools necessary. Wealthy Affiliate takes sort of a “holistic” approach and provides the tools needed to implement the training and be successful.

As a member you get access to the step-by-step tutorial training, tools like the website builder and more, technical support and access to the community where you can network with thousands of other like-minded individuals, some of which are veterans and have been making money doing this for years.

So you know what Wealthy Affiliate is, but what is the deal with this Black Friday sale? Why is it being promoted by everyone as the greatest thing ever?


What’s The Deal With the Black Friday Sale?

The Black Friday sale that Wealthy Affiliate is having doesn’t give you anything extra.


  • Don’t get additional training
  • Don’t get access to any new tools
  • Don’t get any special support
  • don’t get anything extra… At all

There is nothing that you are getting with the Black Friday special that other premium members of WA are not already getting. The Black Friday sale is all about a discount on the membership price… It’s all about saving money

and giving you something for less than you would normally have to pay



How much are you really saving?

So you probably know that there are two memberships available at Wealthy Affiliate… They have the free Starter Membership in the paid Premium Membership. The free membership is a great way to get started, but if you are serious about making money online then upgrading to premium is pretty much a necessity.

That said, the Premium Membership can cost you a pretty penny. The normal price for this membership is…

  • $49/mo
  • or $359/yr

You can save a good bit of money if you pay on a yearly basis, but that is still $359 a year. HOWEVER, with the Black Friday sale you can save even more and become an all-inclusive Premium Member for $299. In one of the nice things is that when this time rolls around next year, you can pay the same $299 for the following year, and every year after that. You always get to pay that discounted price and the money you save can really add up.

  • Black Friday sale = $299/yr (and discounted every year you are a member)


The 2 Types of People This Offer is For

Before I answered this question, let’s first take a look at the different type of people who may be interested in this Black Friday special offer. As far as I see there are two different types of people that can take advantage of this…

#1 – Complete Newbies Who Have Never Done This or Have Just Started

So maybe you or a complete newbie. Maybe you just joined Wealthy Affiliate and are still a free Starter Member or maybe you haven’t even joined yet and are just thinking about it.

If this is you then you can potentially save a lot of money right off the bat, because this opportunity only comes around once a year. HOWEVER, you also have to be careful. Since you are new to this you don’t really fully know what you are getting involved with and the last thing you want to do is spend $300 on something that you later find out isn’t a good fit for you.

So if you are a newbie looking at this offer… Be careful. If this is something you see yourself doing for a long time in the future, then go for it, but if not then it may be a better idea to just become or stay a free Starter Member and test out the waters more to get a better feel for the system.


#2 – Premium Members Looking to Save More Money

And then you have the people that are already paying Premium Members but are looking to save a little extra money. You would think this would be every Premium Member that exists, because he wouldn’t want to save some extra money, but I only recommending taking advantage of this Black Friday offer to certain premium members.

Similar to what I just said, I would only recommend taking up this offer if you are a Premium Member that can picture yourself doing this for a while in the future. If you’re still hesitant that you want to build an online business with Wealthy Affiliate long-term then it may be a smarter choice to just stay with the monthly payments so that you won’t lose as much money if you quit.

However, if you are someone that is serious about this and foresee yourself working from home in the future, then why not take advantage of the discount offer? Even if you are already a paying Premium Member you can still take advantage of this offer and in the future you will only have to pay the discounted $299 price every year.


But is it really worth it?

If you follow the training, but in the work, and eventually go on to make good money with this, potentially even making a living out of it, then is it worth it? I bet you would say Heck Yeah… But if you start the training and slowly fade away, losing focus and eventually giving up, is it worth it?

The answer just depends on the results that follow, which of course you will not know before-hand. That said, the potential that it gives you to make money online can definitely be worth the leap of faith and the initial investment.


It was worth it for me..

Now if you have never been to my blog before then you probably don’t know who I am or my story. And I guess I should’ve introduced myself earlier… My name is Kyle and I’ve been making money online since 2015.

To make an incredibly long story incredibly short, I started looking for ways to make money online back in 2015 and wasted a lot of time before coming across Wealthy Affiliate, which I decided to give a try because it seemed promising. And now I’m here making a living online, consistently over $6000 a month and often times much more than that which you can read more about here if interested.

So was it worth it? For me it was most definitely and I attribute much of my online success to having found this training program in the first place.


What You Need to Know Before-hand


So obviously this isn’t a scam. It is just a nice discount on the normal Premium Membership that is offered. And as you can see Wealthy Affiliate can definitely be worth the investment. I am just one of the many people I know that have been successful with the program and have been able to turn their online business into a sustainable money maker. You can definitely make money with Wealthy Affiliate. However, there are a lot of variables at play and there are definitely a lot of people that fail.

What you need to know before hand is that this definitely takes a lot of hard work and if you are not motivated and really focused, if you only “kinda sorta” want to make this work, then there’s a good chance you could fail as well.

The time and work… There is no substitute. There is no middle ground. It takes both time and real work. While we all want some a shortcut “push-button” system, one of the realities I have come to learn over the years is that systems like this don’t exist… They are called scams

But anyways… I hope this short post help to put everything into perspective a little better for you so that you now know what exactly this Black Friday special is and whether or not it is something you should take advantage of.

The advantages of the Black Friday special include…

  • Discounted price of $299 for a years membership
  • This works out to be just $0.81 per day
  • Recurring discount for every year you remain a member
  • Access to everything that normal Premium Members get
  • Satisfaction knowing that you just saved some money 🙂

The discounted price is great and all, but the last thing I want to leave you with here today is that this is not something you have to jump into. Only buy into the offer if you are serious about this and foresee yourself doing this for an extended period of time in the future.


>> Get the Discount… a Full Year of Wealthy Affiliate for Just $0.81 a Day! <<

Comments or questions? Please leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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